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Africa Emerging with Tutu

Africa Emerging with Tutu

By Africa Emerging
Welcome to Africa Emerging, I am set to showcase success stories of influential Africans making indelible marks in their spheres of influence around the world and share positive narrative about the African Continent.
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Episode 002 - From Corporate America to leading conversation about trade in Africa. Toyin Umesiri CEO NAZARU LLC and convener Trade with Africa Business Summit

Africa Emerging with Tutu

Season 1 Finale - Africa Emerging Podcast with Tutu Ademola
Hello everyone, this is Tutu Ademola your host on the Africa Emerging podcast. We have now come to the end of Season 1. I would like to say a big thank you to our listeners for the positive feedback and taking out time to listen to inspirational stories of Africans making positive impact.
December 28, 2019
Episode 010 - Kemi Arosanyin: Director Africa Trade Expansion Program at World Trade Center Miami
Welcome to episode 10 the of Africa Emerging Podcast, my guest on the show today is Kemi Arosanyin she is an International trade development specialist working as the Director for Africa Trade Expansion programme World Trade Center Miami in charge of outreach to 48 countries in sub-Sahara Africa. The world trade center Miami is a member of WTC association with global headquarters in New York part of global network of the over 300 world trade centers across 90 countries globally, promoting 2 way trade between the west and other global market, facilitating market access, provide trade assistance, advocate for trade, support SME to come into the Americas market and SME within the US market. In this episode of the show we talked about her academic background, professional background, how to stand out in a team, getting into a role in corporate America, career progression. She also talked about how she overcame challenges encountered during the initial integration in corporate America. She gave a lot of insight about opportunities of trade in Africa, Africa trade expansion, talked about legislation such as AGOA – Africa Growth and Opportunity Act - The purpose of this legislation is to assist the economies of sub-Saharan Africa and to improve economic relations between the United States and the region. Talked about the initiative such as Intra-Africa trade fair and Africa Continental Free Trade area to promote regional trade on the Africa continent creating a platform and a market access instrument to maximise the opportunity. She was so passionate about this initiative. I really enjoyed this conversation and hope you enjoy it too
September 1, 2019
Episode 009 - Dr Dotun Olowoporoku : Associate Investment Director Novastar Ventures, Investing in early stage start-up in Africa
Hello everyone, welcome to episode 9 of the Africa Emerging Podcast. My guest on the show today is Dotun Olowoporoku. He is currently an Associate Investment Director at Novastar Ventures, a VC firm focused on investment in transformational early stage start-up business that enable access and provide economic opportunities for low-income and mass market population in Africa. On the show today we talked about his previous start up, journey from been an academic to entrepreneur and becoming an investor. He gave his thought about the African tech eco system where he sees the industry in another 5-10 years. He also gave advice on what entrepreneur should look out for before seeking funding ''don’t focus on raising money first, as much as money been a life line, focus should be on the customer first, the problem you are solving, how are you solving the problem and how quickly you validate the solution and getting the solution to them as quick as possible''. The conversation was quite informative and intellectual. I enjoyed it and I hope you do.
February 20, 2019
Episode 008 - Yemi Osunkoya -Director / Designer Kosibah : Bespoke Luxury Made to Measure Couture
Hello everyone, welcome to Episode 8 of the Africa Emerging Podcast. My guest on this Episode of the show is Yemi Osunkoya. He is the Director and Designer of Kosibah Couture In this episode of the show we talked about his natural passion for drawing, and how he was inspired by designers in the 50's from a very young age and the huge support from his Parents and family to follow his passion. We talked about reason why he decided to choose this niche area in the Fashion industry making bespoke, luxury made to measure Kosibah Couture. We talked about the power of collaboration with the right network. In his 28 years of been in business one key lesson Yemi shared is the need to ‘Stay in your own lane’ don’t feel obliged to keep up with the 'jones'. He gave snippets into some celebrities he has dressed in the past, though for Yemi, his focus is making each client feel special and memorable whether a celebrity or not. We also talked opportunity of sharing his knowledge by taking on interns. He also gave advice for up-coming in the Fashion industry. The conversation was such an interesting one, Yemi displaying a true passion for what he does. I hope you enjoy it too.  You can follow @yemikosibah on all social media platforms e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest 
January 13, 2019
Episode 007 Dr Femi Sanni Consultant Psychiatrist, Founder Steno Memorial Foundation: Touching Lives
Dr Sanni is a Consultant Psychiatrist here in the United Kingdom and also the CEO / Founder Steno Memorial Foundation. In this Episode of the show we talked about his Education background, relocating to the United Kingdom, working in the Medical profession. He gave an insight into the typical work day of a Medical Doctor with speciality in dealing with Psychiatrist issue, we talked about the importance of taking care of our mental health same way we take care of our physical well being, we also talked about the benefits of having an open and honest conversation about mental health issues. The conversation in this Episode showcase the great work himself and the team are doing at Steno Memorial Foundation. We deep dive into the story behind Steno Memorial and the many lives the foundation have touched providing free medical outreach, surgery and mentorship for schools. In addition to the charity work he is doing with Steno memorial we talked about the collaboration with other professionals to help this become reality. It was such an interesting conversation displaying genuine passion to touch lives in a positive way. I really enjoy the conversation, he is such an inspiration.
December 10, 2018
Episode 006 - Tommie Edwards Founder / CEO Eventbree : Part 2 Changing the Event Industry using Tech
Welcome to Episode 006 of the Africa Emerging Podcast with our guest Tommie Edwards. This is the Part 2 and concluding conversation of the interview with Tommie in Episode 005. In this Episode of the show she talked about the services offered by Eventbree and the type of vendors they work with. We also talked about the importance of having a mentor, creating a power list, how she is able to spend quality time with the family despite her busy schedule. She is such an inspiration. I really enjoyed the conversation
November 18, 2018
Episode 005 - Changing the Event Industry using Technology: Tommie Edwards Founder / CEO Eventbree
Welcome to Episode 005 of the Africa Emerging Podcast with our guest Tommie Edwards. She is the founder of Eventbree, a Tech start-up company in the event industry here in the UK and she is also the co-founder of Tedbree Digital. In this Episode of the show she shared her passion for entrepreneurship and how she managed her parents business from a young age. We also talked about various moments of her life journey through different careers and achieving her goals and a moment when she spotted the gap in the event industry, hence the reason why she started Eventbree to solve that pain point.
October 31, 2018
Episode 004 - Evaluating your Network to Build a Strategic Connection to accelerate your progression
Episode 004 of the Africa Emerging Podcast is the part 2 and concluding conversation with Toyin Umesiri in Episode 002 of the show. In this Episode, she shared her thoughts on where she sees trade in the African continent in the next 5 -10 years, we discussed how to build the right relationships and connection to help you accelerate and achieve your dreams. She also shared her views on the recent news about the China $60 Billion investment across Africa.
October 14, 2018
Episode 003 Leadership - Getting through the period of Norming, to Storming and achieving Mastering
Episode 003 of the Africa Emerging Podcast is the Part 2 and concluding conversation with Tunji Akintokun. In this Episode, we deep dived into making career choices, leadership skills, opportunity he had to be the touch bearer for Cisco at the 2016 Olympics, talk about when he received his nomination for an MBE and honoured by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to the community, he also gave his thought on African Tech Eco system and where he sees that space in the next 5-10 years. We also had a conversation about how the Africa continent is potentially the next economic boom.
October 14, 2018
Episode 002 - From Corporate America to leading conversation about trade in Africa. Toyin Umesiri CEO NAZARU LLC and convener Trade with Africa Business Summit
Toyin Umesiri is the founder and CEO of Nazaru LLC and the convener of Trade with Africa Business Summit in the United State. Interview with her on the show covered her education, working in corporate America, life transforming circumstances that lead her to start NAZARU LLC. She even shared in-depth insight about story behind the name 'NAZARU', how NAZARU hopes to lead conversation about trade in Africa. To learn more about Trade with Africa Business Summit events, visit
September 29, 2018
Episode 001 - Building a career in Software Engineering and Sales via Product Marketing - Tunji Akintokun MBE (Senior Vice President NSC Global)
Tunji Akintokun is currently the Senior Vice President at NSC Global. Previously he worked at Cisco for over 18 years where he held his last position as Director - Commercial and Partner Organisations - Africa. He sit on the Board of several companies and charities, he recently received an MBE from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II here in the United Kingdom. This part of the show, He shared story about growing up in London, the light bulb moment when he decided he will study a STEM subject. He gave an in-depth insight about the numerous charity work he is involved in, which includes the likes of 'Your Future Your Ambition, Aspire 2 Achieve programme, Ilesha Charitable Trust amongst many others.
September 29, 2018
Africa Emerging with Tutu - Season 1 Intro
Hello everyone. Welcome to Season 1 of the Africa Emerging Podcast. My name is Tutu Ademola. I am your host on the show. I am so excited you are here, its no news that Africans around the world are making positive impacts in their spheres of influence and are making huge contribution around the world. We have numerous Africans who live outside the Africa Continent that stand out in what they do. We have them in the Medical profession, Legal profession, Education, Entrepreneurs, Corporate world, Journalism, Sport personalities and many other sectors. On the show I will be showcasing their success story, getting direct insight on how they were able to stand out against all odds, in their own words share their personal journey and stories, the challenges they have encountered on their way to greatness and achieving dreams. I believe that there is something everyone can learn from these stories that would serve as a inspiration.
September 18, 2018