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Always been curious about mythologies, fictions or mysteries that the world contains from the very beginning of the universe? based on different cultures around the globe. Get to know more about Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Japanese folklore, Slavic fiction and Aztec of various cultures with Afro Emperor. Be part of this fun Journey that's going to be really enjoyable. Let's all listen to the stories that have been passed down for generations.
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Hathor - Egyptian Goddess Of Love, Beauty, Drunkenness And Sexuality | Egyptian Mythology
Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, celebrations, drunkenness and sexuality. Also known as the cow goddess, Hathor was a primordial Egyptian goddess who played a variety of roles. Hathor, the cow goddess was often depicted as a beautiful woman with the head of a cow wearing a sun or solar disc over her head surrounded by the horns of a cow. The cow goddess was associated in early myths to the lion goddess Sekhmet as mentioned in the story of the Legend of the Eye of Ra, in which she was sent to punish humanity, while in later she is associated with the goddess Isis who took over her characteristics and later became the most important goddess in Egypt.
July 18, 2021
Sobek - The Crocodile God Of The Nile - Egyptian Mythology Explained
Sobek, the crocodile god of the Nile river was a prominent figure in the history of ancient Egypt. The Egyptian god Sobek is most often depicted as a man with the head of a crocodile, wearing the symbolic crown of Amun. The god Sobek has been known in Egyptian mythology as to been the creator of the river Nile, by unleashing godly amount of his sweat onto the desert of Egypt. Sobek is the son of the archetypal goddess of war called Neith, in he was believed to have rose from the primordial dark waters of creation.  Sobek is often associated in Egyptian myth with chaos, but also played a role in establishing divine order in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian highly revered and feared Sobek because of the imagery of crocodile related to him. Some people believed that he was the son of Seth, the god of chaos, his wives were the goddesses Renenutet and Hathor, who never bore him any offspring.
July 7, 2021
Eshu - The Trickster Orisha Of The Yoruba Mythology
Eshu, the trickster orisha (Yoruba gods) of the Yoruba people of Western Africa, is the mischievous divinity well-known in Yoruba mythology as to be the messenger of the gods, and a mediator between opposites. The orisha also goes by the names Eleggua, Elegua, Exu in the Candomble in Brazil
June 26, 2021
Eros - God Of Love & The Full Story Of Eros And Psyche | Greek Mythology Explained
The story of Eros and Psyche is perhaps the most popular Greek tale of love. This story is also known as the story of Cupid and Psyche, with Cupid the Roman counterpart of the Greek god Eros. This mythology revolves around the love of the Greek god Eros, and the beautiful Psyche.
June 17, 2021
Shiva The God of Destruction - Absolute Stillness & Movement | Hindu Religion Explained
Lord Shiva, the destroyer is worshiped through many guises of his divine supremacy.  As the Yogi ascetic, the god Shiva is the omniscient guru & yogi, he is the great Adiyogi who is the origin of Yoga and meditation. In this guise Shiva restrains himself against the pleasure of the flesh, and finds a way to happiness through meditation and Yoga. As Nataraja, Shiva performs the exuberant dance of creation, while the Shiva lingam is the form in which Shiva is represented.  The Indian god Shiva is highly worship by Indians, and has many temples dedicated to him through the country and even beyond.
May 18, 2021
Anansi - The Trickster Spider Of The Ashanti (Kwaku Ananse) | West African Mythology
Anansi is highly regarded by the Ashanti people that they put a generic name Anansasem, or spider stories to this particular class of tales regarding the trickster spider and god Anansi. The folktales of Anansi grew really popular in West African, and because of the transatlantic slave trade, the spider stories and myths would eventually spread to the united states, where the spider trickster Anansi would be popularized among slaves in the Caribbean and Jamaica.
April 27, 2021
Shango The Yoruba Orisha Of Thunder & Lightning | Yoruba Mythology Explained
The Shango mythology is that of a man who, during his lifetime made a bunch of Achievements and had three wives OYA, OSHUN and OBA. At the end of his reign, shango left his kingdom then committed suicide (what it is told), then after his death became the powerful Orisha of Thunder and lightning of the Yoruba mythology.  The African mythology is indeed rich with so many stories counting notable variety of African gods and goddesses. Shango is one of these revered gods, or orisha appearing in the stories of Africa. Shango is as well a revered god of the religion of yoruba in Nigeria, Beni and Togo.
April 16, 2021
Ammit - The Great Devourer Of Hearts Of The Afterlife Judgement | Egyptian Mythology Explained
In the Egyptian mythology, Ammit or the demoness Ammut was really feared by the Ancient Egyptian, Ammit was a demon present in the afterlife judgement, during the trial of the feather,  and was in charge of eating the hearts of sinners, those who didn't live under the precepts of the goddess Ma'at. Ammit or Ammut was an entity believed to have been like the jackal god Anubis, but was forbidden entrance to the real world.  Ammit (A.k.a Ammut) also went by different names, just like many Egyptian gods. Ammit was called Amam, Amemet, Ahemait or simply as Ammut.  the goddess Ammit or Ammut also earned many epithets such as: the greatness of death, the eater of hearts, and the great devourer of Hearts.
April 10, 2021
The Morrigan - The Phantom Queen, Irish Goddess Of War And Fate | Celtic Mythology Explained
The Morrigan, was the phantom queen and Irish goddess of war and fate of Celtic mythology, the goddess morrigan was also known as the goddess morrigu, or morrighan and earned the epithet Phantom queen over the years. The goddess morrigan is often seen as the goddess of sexual desire and sex. The Morrigan was said to have been part of the tribe the tuatha de danann, a race living in Ireland thousand years ago, until the arrival of the Fomorians.1
March 22, 2021
Cernunnos - The Celtic Horned God Of The Wild Wood | Celtic Mythology Explained
Cernunnos, The Horned God of the wild wood of Celtic Mythology, is one of the most important Celtic gods, from Celtic mythology. The god Cernunnos is revered in Paganism as the horned god, the green man or just as Cernunnos the horned god. The Celtic god Cernunnos, being so heavily associated with nature earned the epithets: Celtic god of the forest, the green man or the horned god of the wild.  Among pagan gods, wiccan god and goddess, Cernunnos is the most popular, because of his horns, and he's known as the horned one.  The horned god Cernunnos is often associated to other horned figures like, the satyr Greek god Pan. The Baphomet, and sometimes with Satan in Christianity. The pagan god Cernunnos appears in modern culture. We will see in this video, who is the god horned god in wicca, who is the goddess of nature and who is the Celtic god Cernunnos.
March 13, 2021
Bastet - Cat Goddess Of Protection And Cats - Ancient Egypt | Egyptian Mythology Explained.
Bastet, the cat goddess of protection and cats, an Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess, Worshiped in ancient Egypt. Why was Bastet important to Egypt? Who is Bastet the Cat Goddess? who was Bastet the goddess Of?  Bastet or Bast was the Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess of fertility, motherhood, and protection. She was originally a lion goddess, like her counterpoint Sekhmet, but the goddess Bastet's depiction went from a lioness a cat.  Learn the Egyptian mythology story of how Bastet came into existence, under her father, Sun God Ra. The reason why Bastet, goddess of cats or elsewhere goddess Bast, transformed from a lion god to a majestic cat goddess.  Why did Egypt love cats so much? The rise in the popularity of cats in ancient Egypt is another fascinating subject. You will see why the perception of cats changed over the years, into Ancient Egypt's most beloved pet.  Bubastis Temple & Festival: Bastet's tomb and cult center Bubastis is also explored. See what Greek historian Herodotus had to say about his experience at the Bubastis temple and the Bubastis festival.
March 5, 2021
The Strix - The ill Omen & Man-eating Bird Of The Woods (Strzyga Striga) | Greek Mythology Explained
he Strix (Stryx) also known as Striga, Strigula and Strzyga was an evil bird of ill omen from Greek mythology. the evil strix was as well known in throughout Europe, as she is present in Roman mythology in which she was first mentioned as Strigula or striga in Latin. the story of The strix (stryx) was said to have originated in ancient Greek mythology where its name means 'Owl' and was from the tale of Polyphonte a woman who after despising the goddess Aphrodite, she would end up along with her sons Agrius and Oreius transformed into Vultures, the strix (stryx). the strix (stryx) man eating birth associated with witchcraft, witches, vampires and sometimes ghouls. the folklore and mythology of the evil bird, the strix (stryx) still has a place in today's culture as they are featured in movies related to vampires, evil witches, the witcher, dracula and vampires, the strix (stryx) or striga in the the originals, and vampire diaries.
February 25, 2021
AMUN-RE The Hidden One, God Creator Of The Universe (Amon, Amen) | Egyptian Mythology Explained
Amun Ra the hidden god, creator of the Egyptian mythology of the ancient Egypt. Amun was the original Egyptian god accountable for the origin of the Egyptians. Also known as Amon, Ammon, Amen and Amun Ra, this Egyptian creator god was considered to be the king of Egypt, and therefore father of each pharaoh of the land. The story of the hidden Amun ra, was believed to have populated the world through masturbation under the role of Amun-min the god of male sexuality and vigor, elsewhere as the god banebdjedet he was thought to spiritually impregnate the queen of Egypt so that they could give birth to the kings and pharaoh of egypt. In ancient history, the great pharaoh Tutankhamun, which means the image of Amun was the son of the pharaoh Amenhotep IV or Akhenaten who disliked the cult of Amun first named his son Tutankhaten, the living image of the solar disc Aten. the story of Amun ra is probably the most popular amon the Egyptian gods.
February 21, 2021
The Black Dogs - The Terrifying Hellhounds From British Legends (British Mythology Explained)
The terrifying hellhounds from the British Isles, commonly known as the black dogs, black shuck, gyrash and many other names were hellish dogs that haunted Churchyards, crossroads and dark forests for centuries in Great Britain. The hellhounds known in these stories were said to be portend of disaster or death to anyone who would lay eyes upon them. these black dogs caused troubles to anyone who encountered them especially the type of black dog named the Barghest which was a malevolent hellhound. As there were different types of hellhounds having different roles as well. The barghest, the Church Grim, Garm, The black chuck, the cŵn annwn, the gyras and many other. the supernatural hellhounds weren't all malevolent as some black dogs were benign, they protected travelers and women on the right path. these creatures are well known in the British mythology and could be found in all Europe as well. throughout centuries this legend of black dogs inspired novelist such as the renowned novelist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, In his book, The hound of Baskervilles.
February 13, 2021
APOPHIS (Apep) The Evil Egyptian God Of Destruction, Darkness & Chaos | Egyptian Mythology Explained
Apophis or Apep, the evil Egyptian god of destruction in the Egyptian mythology. He was the embodiment of Chaos and darkness, he represented everything the Egyptians feared the most. Apophis was the opponent of light, therefore the sworn enemy of the sun god Ra. 
February 8, 2021
ISIS Goddess Protector Of Kings, Queen Of Heaven & Divine Motherhood | Egyptian Mythology Explained
Isis goddess of Egypt was considered to be the mother of all gods and Nature, the Egyptian goddess Isis was the queen of heaven , divine motherhood and protector of the Egyptian kings. The goddess Isis belongs to the Egyptian gods pantheon, Isis was the daughter of Geb the earth god, and Nut the sky goddess, sister of Nephthys, Seth/Set and Osiris. Isis mother of Horus was also considered to be the mother of the Jackal god Anubis since the goddess Isis raised him as her own son. the story of Isis and Osiris basically revolves around the cycle of death and resurrection of the god Osiris, where the Egyptian goddess Isis occupies a major role. The Egyptian mythology of the Goddess Isis involves her role within the myth of Osiris the virgin birth of her son Horus.
February 6, 2021
VISHNU Hindu God (Deva) Of Preservation And Protector Of Good | Hindu Mythology Explained
Lord Vishnu, one of the main gods or Deva of the Hindu mythology, and member of the Trimurti, the holy trinity of Hinduism alongside Brahma and Shiva the god of Destruction. He is the god of preservation and protector of good. Through his ten incarnations known as Vishnu avatars or Dashavatara, Vishnu maintains the universal order.
January 27, 2021
DULLAHAN The Legend Of The Headless Horseman Of Celtic Mythology | Irish & Celtic Folklore Explained
The Dullahan, The headless horseman of the Irish and Celtic mythology and folklore is well known to be a harbinger of death. But unlike the banshee, which is a wailing fairy, the Dullahan doesn't warn people from a forthcoming death, the Dullahan harvests the souls of those  about to die. The myths and legends surrounding the Dullahan was known far all around Europe and was later involved in the American Culture, through The legend of Sleepy Hollow written by the American author Washington Irving.
January 27, 2021
ZEUS (Jupiter) - Almighty Thunder God, Father Of Gods & King Of Olympus | Greek Mythology Explained
Zeus, the almighty thunder God of the Greek mythology and considered to be the father of gods in Greek mythology was the son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea who escaped from an awful fate thanks to his mother Rhea who duped Chronos to save her son. Also known as Jupiter, in the Roman mythology, the king of Olympus, Zeus was the younger brother of the original six Olympians of the mythology who dethroned his father and released his siblings Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter and Hera upon the world.
January 27, 2021
PERSEUS The Myth Of A Culture Hero (His story with Andromeda & Medusa) | Greek Mythology Explained
Perseus was the famous greek hero of the greek mythology. the myth of the culture hero perseus is the myth that explains the beheading of the gorgon Medusa, and the rescue of the princess Andromeda. Son of Zeus, and Danae, unique daughter of the king Acrisius of Argos. Perseus is known in the greek mythology as the greek hero who successfully decapitated Medusa the popular gorgon of the mythology. the mythology explained how in order to get a wedding gift for the king Polydectes, Perseus was sent to retrieve the head of the gorgon Medusa. Fortunately the greek hero Perseus was helped by the gods Athena and Hermes.
November 10, 2020
BANSHEE - A Wailing Fairy Harbinger Of Death (Irish & Scottish Folklore) | Storytelling
In Irish folklore, a banshee is a Celtic mythological being, an attendant fairy that followed old, established families, and wails outside the door when one of them is meant to pass away. this spirit or ghost called banshee, is also known as the harbinger of death, because she was a wailing fairy foretelling doom. the banshee scream was meant to warn people about an upcoming death. the legend around the banshee is well-known in urban legend and storytelling.
November 5, 2020
THE UNDERWORLD - Hades Kingdom And Realm Of The Dead | Greek Mythology Explained
The Underworld, the realm ruled by Hades, one of the twelve great Olympians. the underworld or Hell in the Greek mythology is the kingdom of all the deceased go after their death where they would be judge by the 3 judges of the underworld and redirect to appropriate circles of hell. might be to Tartarus, Elysiun or the Asphodel meadows.
November 5, 2020
ATHENA (Minerva) Goddess Of Wisdom, Warfare And Crafts | Greek Mythology Explained
Athena, also known as Pallas or Minerva was referred in Greek Mythology as the Greek goddess of Wisdom, warfare and crafts. Athena was the daughter of Zeus the chief of the Gods and Metis. the birth of Athena happened under weird and rare conditions. Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom is well known in Greek mythology stories as a the goddess of great achievements and belongs to the best myths of the ancient Greece. Athena's best myths were probably the story of Athena and Medusa and  the story of Athena & Arachne.
November 5, 2020
IZANAGI AND IZANAMI - Creation Of The World, Shinto And Japan | Japanese Folklore Explained
The myth of Izanagi and Izanami the two Shinto Gods or Kami from the Shinto religion is well-known in Japanese mythology and folklore. They were the gods held accountable for the creation of the Shinto gods, the creation of the world, creation of the Shinto religion and the creation of Japan. the story of Izanagi & Izanami smite gods in Japanese Folklore were the fifth pair of the Shinto gods belonging to the second generation of Japanese Kami, just after the KOTOAMATSUKAMI. Despite being husband and wife, Izanagi and Izanami were brother and sister, but after giving birth to Kagutsushi, Izanami perished burned by the flames of Kagutsushi the god of fire, and went to Yomi and became the queen of the Yokai and demons of the underworld.
November 4, 2020
BABA YAGA - The Witch Of The Woods And The Wild (Slavic Folklore Explained) Storytelling
Baba Yaga is certainly one of the most popular figure in the Slavic folklore. Baba yaga is also known as the witch of the woods and wild, baba yaga was often depicted as a bony riding in the air with a mortar and a pestle. Baba is quite popular in legends told by the parents to get their children behave, Although the witch of the woods, baba yaga was known as a old hag who devoured anyone who would seek her out, she was also known as being a benefactress who help people in some occasions
November 4, 2020
ANUBIS The God Of The Dead, Mummification And The Afterlife | Egyptian Mythology Explained
Anubis the God of the dead, mummification, embalming, tombs and the afterlife from the Egyptian mythology is certainly one of the most recognizable and interesting god belonging to the Egyptian religion.  Well-known as a guide of souls to the afterlife, Anubis was the Egyptian god  of funerary. he is depicted as a human with the head of a black Jackal and was really worshiped across all Egypt because of his noble task.
November 4, 2020
OSIRIS - God Of Life, Resurrection, Vegetation and King Of The Dead | Egyptian Mythology Explained
Osiris, according to the Egyptian mythology, was the god of Life, Resurrection, vegetation and King of the Underworld who ruled over the dead after Anubis. Osiris was the son of the Egyptian gods Geb and Nut. Osiris was the elder brother of his consort the goddesses Isis, Nephthys and brother of The god Seth (Set). Osiris was the chief of the Egyptian god pantheon, he was depicted as having a green skin which meant Putrefaction of a corpse but also Fertility of the Egyptian ground. Osiris was also known as being the god of Agriculture and fertility. Osiris ruled over the underworld after his brother the god Seth killed him for the throne of Egypt. But Horus son of Osiris and Isis would avenge his father's death. Osiris was granted the role of king of the dead by Anubis and would be the one in charge of the final judgement of the dead
November 2, 2020
THE MYTH OF PANDORA'S BOX - The Story Of The First Woman & The Evil Box | Greek Mythology Explained
The Myth of Pandora's box basically explains the origin of humanity calamity. The Greek myth is about Pandora the first woman on earth according to Greek mythology, Pandora unleashed evil on humanity, she opened a box or  a Jar which access was forbidden by the gods and therefore cursed humanity forever. You must be wondering, what is the story of Pandora's Box or What is the story behind Pandora's Box. In Greek Mythology, Pandora's box was a way to counterbalance the good things that have been unfairly given to mankind by Prometheus, the titan author of the creation of men in the myth
November 1, 2020
HADES The Grim Lord Of The Underworld, God Of The Dead & Wealth (Pluto) | Greek Mythology Explained
Hades greek god of the dead is one of the most famous and well known greek gods in the Greek mythology, alongside with Zeus, Poseidon and  Athena. the god Hades was also known and  called the god Pluto in the roman period. The story of the greek god hades is as follows:  Hades, the grim lord of the underworld was the son of the titan Cronus and Rhea, hades was the greek god who drew for his share the greek underworld, the realm of the dead which was later named after him as Hades, the god of the dead. Hades lived apart from the other gods of Olympus. THE GOD Hades & Persephone his queen ruled the greek underworld together. Hades the king of the dead in greek mythology is often quite misunderstood, as the popular culture tend to portray him as the villain, but Hades WAS no enemy of the human race. hades was a terrible but not an evil God. Hades was often regarded as the god Dis, because of the wealth and precious treasures hidden deep underground.
November 1, 2020