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The afroblush podcast explores fresh perspectives on Pan-African identity, culture and lifestyle. Hosted by Louisa Olafuyi.
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Dowry & Bride Price
Is bride price and dowry important or outdated? On this episode, we unpack the traditional custom of dowry and bride price, within contemporary Pan-African culture and discuss whether this African wedding custom is important, or outdated. Hosted by Louisa Olafuyi. 
February 6, 2019
African Masculinity
What do men talk about?  (Guest episode by Julian Obubo) On this episode of the AFROBLUSH podcast, our special guest Ade Bamgbala, Louisa and I discuss the construction and complexity around forms of masculinity, and more specifically, African masculinity. Popular culture will have you believe we (African men) don’t stray far beyond the topics of sports, sex and material things, and if we do, we keep it very superficial.  Whilst my lived experience has found this to be untrue, I can understand why this myth persists, and how we, African men, consciously and unconsciously maintain and propagate it. Listen now, and let us know your thoughts.  You're listening to: Louisa Kiwana (Creator & Host), Julian Obubo (Co-host), Ade Bamgbala, Creator of @Blacticulate (Guest).
October 22, 2018
Black Beauty
The Black British spend. The average British woman spends £1,352 a year on beauty (skincare, hair care and cosmetics), however, the Black British woman is estimated to spend a whopping 6 times more than this average. On this episode I talk to women at the epicentre of the industry for an explosive talk on trends, beauty hacks and to give an honest account of the challenges faced by brands and consumers. You're listening to: Louisa Kiwana, Creator and host, Agnes Cazin, Co-Host, Creative Director, Jo Gay, Patent Purple Life, Segun Garuba-Okelarin. Lotions Potions and Me Natalie Clue, Beauty Pulse London.
September 4, 2018
Third Culture Kids (Global)
How does where we come from shape how we see ourselves? On this episode I talk to third culture kids from across continents about the extent to which being connected to various cultures shapes our self identity. We speak candidly about how the current political, social and economic climate of our home and host countries, and how this has influenced how we see the world. You're listening to: Louisa Kiwana (Creator & Host), Julian Obubo (Co-host), Karen Foster (Guest), Julie Foster (Guest), Sherine Arafa (Guest), Jessica Kuan (Guest) and Taia Emilie Raffel (Guest).
September 4, 2018
Third Culture Kids (Pan-African)
A Third Culture Kid is a generic term used to describe a generation of people raised in a culture different from their parents or what’s on their passport. In this two-part series, I will be talking to other Third Culture Kids to explore the similarities and differences in our experiences and share what how it feels to be cultural confused, discovering your race and living everyday life tied to three cultures. This is Part 1, focusing on the Third Culture Kid from a Pan-African lens. You're listening to: Louisa Kiwana (Creator & Host), Tina Tama (Co-host), Juliet Segayi (Guest), Ruth Muthoni (Guest), Funmi Ogunlusi (Guest), and Ugochukwu Njoku (Guest).
September 4, 2018
Transcending Race
What does it mean to transcend race? I discuss what it means to go 'beyond' your race and whether this is a progressive or reductive aspiration for the Pan-African diaspora. Transcending race is a complicated topic that’s entangled in both systematic racism and the ability to overcome oppression. From the house negro, to O.J. Simpson and arguably even Fela Kuti and Beyoncé, the ability to transcend race is the dream for some and a nightmare for others. You're listening to: Louisa Kiwana (Creator of The Mix), Tina Tama (Co-host), Julian Obubo (Guest), Nanda Poleon (Guest). Carine Kazadi (Guest)
September 4, 2018