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After Hours at the 12th House

After Hours at the 12th House

By Sarah and Carmen
We, Carmen and Sarah are friends, witches and sisters together in this business. We are ready to bring you all things witchy, hippie, handmade, LGBTQiA+ here in Grand Rapids, MI. Sarah owns The 12th House GR, which is a witchy, hippie, metaphysical store in GR. Carmen is the resident Tarot/Oracle reader. She offers tarot & oracle readings, as well as spell work & ceremonies. In the store, we have a large variety of items, from cauldrons, stickers, bath & body to handmade earrings and crystal towers. We will talk about tarot, astrology, witchy, hippie things on our podcast.
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All the Retrogrades Forever
Thank you for sticking around with us as we figure out our schedules. We are back after a short, much needed, break to bring you all things witchy and astrology, amongst other things. Sarah and Carmen talk about the up coming ArtPrize that is going to take over GR again. Cass is talking to us about planets, and comets and stars, oh my! 
August 31, 2022
(TW: Roe v Wade) Burn it All Down
Today, Sarah and I go over the recent turn of events in the world. Cass is currently taking a break but, she will be back before you know it. Please consider donating to Planned Parenthood or  We appreciate every single one of you and please remember, you have a voice, lets start using them!  Love, SJ and CK
June 28, 2022
Trying our Best during Another Damn Mercury Upgrade {Retrograde}
This week we talk about the struggles that are Mercury Retrograde. We also talk with Cass again about the month ahead in May 2022. Thank you for sticking with us, as three chaos witches try to figure out podcasting. We hope you enjoy the sounds of the city as we record in our store front at 8 Jefferson in GR, MI.
May 10, 2022
Spirtual Awakening...It's Time....
After multiple attempts at hitting our April 1st dead line we set for ourselves, we decided to listen to the universe and try again on the 5th. We are glad we waited. Join us as we talk about the somewhat crazy origins surrounding April Fool's day, and listen to Cass as she talks about our month ahead forecast highlighting this months major transits and how they are influencing a collective spiritual awakening. 
April 05, 2022
Ushering in the New
Fair warning, we are trying something new for our first episode, we are releasing this unedited. We are unedited in real life. People will get to know our sense of humor a little better this way as well. On today's episode, we have Cass with us taking about our month ahead for astrology. She also goes over each sign individually. Bear with us as we figure out this whole new world of podcasting. We are grateful you have taken the time to listen to us and join us for the beginning. We appreciate every single person that has been involved with our lives and all the fun and exciting things we have going on, and have coming up.  You can find us at our Patreons, also instagram, facebook and on different podcast platforms.
March 01, 2022
Who We Are and What We Do
Join us as we talk about who we are and what we do. We dig a little deeper, so you all can get to know us. Be warned, there are tears but also laughter. On coming episodes, we will have guests, and monthly astrology "look ahead" with Cass our in house astrologer. We encourage you to engage with us! Please look for us on social media platforms and join in the conversations. Thank you for all the support and encouragement we have received on this next step in our journey. We couldn't do any of this with out you all.  Peace*Love Sarah and Carmen
February 20, 2022
Sarah's Introduction
Just a little intro by Sarah. We hope it intrigues you and keeps you coming back for more. 
February 13, 2022
Carmen's Introduction
A simple little intro to get y'all intrigued. This is Carmen's version. Please excuse the dust as we are currently a work in progress. 
February 13, 2022