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What Comes Next: Lawyers Building Tech

What Comes Next: Lawyers Building Tech

By Thomas Officer
How entrepreneurial lawyers are using technology to create new legal products and services, special focus on Access to Justice and the consumer legal marketplaces.
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Joseph Schieffer, Founder & CEO of A2J Tech

What Comes Next: Lawyers Building Tech

Jess Birken: Subscription legal services
Jess Birken shares her practical advice for any lawyer who is interested in building "digital information products" and subscription legal services. Her accomplishments include:  Owner of Birken Law, a law firm that serves non-profits.  Creator of the Founders Roadmap, an online course that takes non-profit founders from idea to actionable plan.   Creator of Hack Your Practice, an online resource for lawyers who want to improve their work/life balance.  🌟Creator of Mission Guardian, a subscription legal service for non-profits. 
June 09, 2021
Joseph Schieffer, Founder & CEO of A2J Tech
A2J Tech design and software development firm that specializes in legal technology that increases access to justice. Joseph has years of hands-on experience working with legal aids, law firms, and even other technology companies to research, design, build, and market a wide variety of legal tech projects. 
May 25, 2021
Jess Bednarz, Director of Innovation @ Chicago Bar Foundation
Jess was named to the 2020 Chicago Law Bulletin's 40 Under 40 for their work inspiring lawyers to think differently and create innovative law practices. In this episode, we discuss:  - How lawyer incubators help solo lawyers become entrepreneurs and leverage technology to create an innovative practice - Examples of law firms building their own technology to create hybrid services / products - How regulators are exploring changing the rules that govern the legal profession to allow for more consumer-friendly innovation
May 06, 2021
Kim Felton, Onward Immigration Law
What does it look like for a small immigration law to start building their own "legal apps" for self-help triage and intake? Kim Felton, cofounder of Onward Immigration Law, explains how a knack for tinkering and a desire to claw back time for a more balanced lifestyle led to dive into the world of DIY technology. 
April 09, 2021