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Ep: 001 Halifax: an Animation Industry Destination?

An episode of Banana Fish-The Official Podcast Of The Animation Festival Of Halifax

Welcome to AFX, The Animation Festival of Halifax!
An annual gathering that celebrates all things animation from Halifax and beyond.
The festival showcases the best of what the Halifax animation scene has to offer: innovative artistic achievements, friendly local industry events, thoughtful discussions, and chances for everyone to get creative. The festival is proud to be growing while remaining true to the collective resourcefulness and hospitality of the region.
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More places to listen

Episode 5 - Bunnicula Creator Jessica Borutski
Jessica Borutski began her animation career between Ottawa and Halifax, making the leap to Los Angeles when Warner Brothers came calling. After redesigning the Looney Tunes, she began directing, producing, and writing her own series, Bunnicula, which is now loved by millions of kids and parents alike. In this conversation with Copernicus Studios’ Head of Development Dylan Edwards and AFX Artistic Director Siloën Daley, Borutski reflects on the challenges of creative work within industry parameters. Here is some info: Tickets: Instagram: afx_fest Festival: May 9-11 2019
May 8, 2019
Episode 4 - Direct Cinema with Steven Woloshen
This year’s AFX includes a retrospective screening from one of Canada’s most celebrated contemporary experimental animators, Steven Woloshen. In today’s episode, Becka Barker, curator of this retrospective screening, talks with Steven live from the National Film Board in Montreal about his work and what he’s seen change (or not!) with analogue film over the past 30 years. Tickets: Instagram: afx_fest
May 6, 2019
EP: 003 Labour and Animation: Out from Under the Rug
Today, Becka Barker from our festival organizing team talks in the studio with festival installation curator (and award-winning animator) Sam Decoste and fine artist/playwright (and co-founder of the Emerging Lens Cultural Film Festival) Tara Taylor about Under the Rug, AFX’s first foray into programming gallery-oriented, installation-based animated works for this year’s festival. Shannon Brownlee, Associate Director Cinema & Media Studies at Dalhousie University’s Fountain School of Performing Arts, is also in the studio to talk about moderating this year’s Big Picture Panel, focusing on the issue of animation production and labour issues. 
May 4, 2019
EP: 002 Dots and Loops and Food and Music
In this episode, Becka talks with the AFX Artistic Director, Siloën Daley, and Wonder’neath Art Society Chair Jessica Winton to learn more about the importance of connecting local animation creation to broader creative communities in Halifax. We hear more about how AFX started as an animated film tour and how Siloën and Jessica have been involved in our local animation art and industry scenes for nearly 20 years. Tickets: Instagram: afx_fest
May 2, 2019
Ep: 001 Halifax: an Animation Industry Destination?
This episode, hosted by Becka Barker of the AFX organizing team, features a conversation with Phillip Stamp (Creative Director) and Linda Craigmyle (Animation Producer) at Island of Misfits, a new local production studio that has taken up the local production mantle from DHX. The discussion ranges from nostalgic love of Saturday morning cartoons, to new platform development in the animation industry. Tickets: Instagram: afx_fest
April 30, 2019
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