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Agents Secret. A Real Estate Podcast.

Agents Secret. A Real Estate Podcast.

By L and L Production
Real estate questions and answers from two full-time real estate agents. Every week we answer your questions with an interesting real-world perspective. If you are an agent, investor, buyer or seller, ask us a question and we'll give you an answer.
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Ways Coronavirus Could Change Real Estate
In this special episode created during the time of Social Distancing and a Countrywide toilet paper shortage, Lars and Luis share tips and ideas on conducting business during this time.  We give tips to help brokers and agents alike.  We also share some ideas we are working on to conduct business remotely.  This is more of a light-hearted look at Coronavirus and it's ramifications.  If you are looking for more factual information then be sure to check out these links. Above all, be safe! Global Virus Tracker CDC Cases Update Wired Magazine Coronavirus Resources Corona Virus Death Meter How contagious is Coronavirus
March 18, 2020
How to handle a low-ball offer.
J.J. From Florida asks us for tips on dealing with a lowball buyer when representing a seller.  Lars a Luis explore ideas on preparing a seller and a buyer for lowball offer scenarios.  Including tips on buyer psychology and on how to ask questions designed to save your time.  New and seasoned agents alike may benefit from this episode filled with real-world, actionable ideas.  If you are an agent, investor, buyer or seller, be sure to visit our site to ask your real estate related question.
March 8, 2020
The Best Way To Use Your Time As A New Agent.
In this episode, we answer a question from Tom in Georgia who asked us... As a new agent what is the best way to use my time?  Lars and Luis dive into the question and give real-world examples and ideas on how to spend your time.  New agents will benefit from this episode as we unpack ways to focus on the things that will help make you money.  Be sure to ask your question today and hear your answer on one of our next real estate podcasts.
March 2, 2020
Trailer - Agents Secret
A real estate podcast by L & L Productions
February 22, 2020