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Agents of Grace HQ

Agents of Grace HQ

By Lashondra Faines
Agents of Grace HQ Podcast is a business support suite talk show for those looking for holistic help running their #servicebased business. [Stay Turned! Beta Program launching May 2021!] About the Producer: Lashondra Faines is a: > Business Advocate > Business Connector > Business Consultant and Chief Collaborative Partner for Systems and Processes for Lashondra Faines Virtual Assistant Services. Lashondra specializes in providing holistic business support and has a heart for helping those who need help, help themselves; while leading you to the heart of Jesus.
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[EP6] Insight, Clarity, Strategy
Many people are trying to start or operate a business without insight or clarity so they are struggling with strategy. The topic of scarcity also came up in this episode. Listen now and BE ENCOURAGED!
January 20, 2021
[EP5] Your Business is the System
Do you have questions about what a system is and how service providers can help you setup yours? Listen to today’s episode for a brief breakdown of System and Subsystems.
December 8, 2020
[EP4] Team United or Team Divided? w/Special Guest Alex Suchman
The famous quote, "Team Work makes the Dream Work" cannot be overstated. When you are on the right team according to your personality and workplace cultural beliefs, growth occurs by leaps and bounds for individuals, team members, and organizations. So which team are you on? A team united or a team divided? Listen as Alex Suchman and I talk about it in today's episode! Alex Suchman, founder of AIS Collaborations, helps small businesses set up the systems and processes they need to maximize their impact. Her approach to organizing makes the day-to-day operations and management of a small business less painful and tedious, freeing up more time and energy to focus on making a difference in the world. Think of her like a closet organizer, tune-up mechanic, and personal trainer all-in-one, dedicated to helping your workplace overcome the recurring obstacles that can turn even the most interesting job into a series of tedious chores. Alex will help you uncover the root cause of the problem and identify the best way to solve it. So, if you’re ready to take your business operations from good to even better, contact Alex at or visit
November 24, 2020
[EP3] Lashondra Faines - Tech Virtual Assistant
Today’s episode is about yours truly... me! It’s uncomfortable to talk about myself, but I showed up and expressed what was in my heart to share with you about... me. I’m here to serve! Listen to learn more. 😉
November 10, 2020
[EP2] Part 2: Elijah’s Example
Still struggling with losing focus when there’s a challenge to God’s word spoken to you? Today, we continue to examine how to overcome challenges in Part 2: Elijah’s Example. Need to download the free journal that goes along with our episode? Go to:
October 27, 2020
[EP1] Part 1: Elijah’s Example
Do you find yourself hearing God, moving to respond, but losing focus when challenged? We will examine the following in this episode: 1) God’s word to Elijah 2) Elijah’s response to God’s word 3) Challenges to God’s word as Elijah responds 4) Elijah’s response to the challenges and 5) The outcome in this first episode: Elijah’s Example.
October 12, 2020