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Age Sister

Age Sister

By Kate Milne
Just like a talk with your sister - conversations about what it takes to live your best life over 50.
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Episode 2: Kay Newton

Age Sister

Episode 8: Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth's Sanchez is the CEO & Founder of the Magnificent Mamas Collective. Her true passion is to inspire, empower and encourage women to live a life they love. For over 28 years she has enjoyed seeing life transformations with individuals seeking inner peace, confidence, health, and wellness. As a holistic life coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Business Consultant Elizabeth helps individuals identify the best tools and techniques to unlock the life they most desire.  She offers her private clients and members of the Magnificent Mamas Collective the tools to implement into everyday lives to attract great experiences, build strong healthy relationships, find more joy, health, and happiness with a renewed passion for life by shifting the focus on desires rather than on what they don't want.
May 7, 2021
Episode 7: Larissa Russell
Larissa Russell is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Artist, Coach and Healer, she is the Founder of ‘Creative U Healing’, an online coaching and learning platform that helps women step into their authenticity with the help of creativity.  Larissa also hosts the ‘Creative Soul Healing Podcast’ where every week she has amazing conversations with creatives, healers, and people who have healed with the help of creativity. Due to a need that she saw and felt passionate about, Larissa founded Queer Voicez, a not for profit that shares stories of the LGBT+ community, as well as sharing resources to help LGBT+ youth understand that they are not alone. The suicide rate of the LGBT+ youth is as much as 8x higher than hetero youth. Larissa also hosts their podcast of the same name. Larissa is blessed to work with women who are ready to make change in their lives. As a master of change that she has developed through her life adventures, Larissa has a unique perspective that  helps women learn and feel comfortable with their boundaries, as well as find what they really want from their lives.
May 3, 2021
Episode 6: Teresa Isabel Dias
Teresa Isabel Dias is a pharmacist with 25 years of professional experience. She’s in post menopause now but during her perimenopause her mood swings were so intense her son asked her if she was bipolar. She became a Menopause Practitioner (NCMP) certified by the North American Menopause Society and founded MenopausED, a virtual women’s health practice, to help women navigate the stages of menopause and live a vibrant and productive life. Teresa is breaking the last health taboo in the work place- menopause, and she’s delivered education and training to the Universities of Waterloo, Toronto, and Brock, Maple Leaf Foods, Stantec, and other major employers. She also has written and presented to several pharmacy associations.
April 26, 2021
Episode 5: April Terreau
April lives to empower women and has been doing so for over two decades.  As a midwife, she has empowered women through one of the biggest transformations of their lives, their transition to motherhood. April is also an experienced coach and large group facilitator who inspires her community. She's committed to a continuous process of levelling up, and she's built her entire life around this principle. April has embraced and studied extensively the magical side of her sexuality for over 20 years and is now combining all of her talents into the Sacred Sisterhood of Sexuality, an online community of female-identified people to witness and encourage each other to embrace their authentic sexual selves. Join April in the Empowered Sexuality Summit April 26 - May 1 
April 19, 2021
Episode 4: Caroline MacGillivray
Caroline creates wellness workshops and classes for individuals, corporations, and not for profits. Using modalities such as qi gong, yoga, personal training and group fitness, she believes breath work, movement and mindset can be healing and healthy for ones’ health journey. Using play and fun in workouts has her encouraging clients to explore their surroundings and what feels good. This includes barre, pole dance, aerial yoga and ballet body and play ground workouts. Caroline has been part of community initiatives including serving on the steering committee Carnegie Alley Health Fair in Vancouver’s DTES, teaching bunny yoga classes for Small Animal Rescue, co-founding Qi Day - free Qi Gong treatments and classes for seniors, and Beauty Night Society.
April 12, 2021
Episode 3: Jane Ordaz Stubbs
Jane is British married to a Mexican living in Mexico. She is also proudly menopausal. A qualified Coach and Mentor with 30+ years of supporting others to fulfil their potential, and an Intercultural Dialogue Facilitator. She's spent many years working in the UK in the arts and not for profit sector, in roles that enabled her to support marginalised and underrepresented groups to get a seat at the table. In 2020 she founded The Menopausal Expat to support women living an international life with menopause. She's all about finding the "thing" that rocks your boat and creating this next phase of your life as one to be the best you can. You can find more about Jane’s work at:
April 6, 2021
Episode 2: Kay Newton
Kay is an award-winning International Speaker, enthusiastic author and Midlife Strategist, whose clients love her straight-talking and no-nonsense practical holistic guidance in dealing with life at 50+. Kay’s books include: ‘The art of Midlife Stress Busting - Seven Steps to Declutter Your Mind Without Pills or Potions’ ‘How to Clean Your Home Organically - De-Stress Your Surroundings’ ‘Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Downsizing - A Step by Step Guide to Moving On’ Kay is also a co-author of the six Kindle books in the ‘Quick Fix For’ series, and a contributing author to ‘Hot Women Rock’ and ‘A Journey of Riches’. Originally from Leeds, Yorkshire, the UK in her early 20’s she jumped on board a private yacht leaving Hull marina for sunnier shores in Spain. She refused to swim back. Kay lives a simple, stress-free life by the beach in Mallorca. You can get Kay’s free Table of Life Guide at
April 6, 2021
Episode 1: Janey Lee Grace
Janey is a BBC radio presenter, author of five books including most recently, Happy Healthy Sober - Ditch the Booze and Take Control of Your Life. She runs The Sober Club, a community for the sober and sober curious focusing on optimum health and wellbeing. Janey is over three years sober which she talks about in her TEDx talk, Sobriety Rocks - Who Knew! I talk with Janey about a non-judgemental approach to challenging your relationship with alcohol, the link with anxiety and depression, and why it's best not to wait till you're at rock bottom to ditch the booze and live your best life. You can find out more about Janey’s work at
April 6, 2021
An Introduction to Age Sister
Here's a little bit of information to let you know about the Age Sister podcast, launching in February 2021.
January 21, 2021