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AGI SureTrack CoffeeTalk

AGI SureTrack CoffeeTalk

By AGI SureTrack
Grab a cup of coffee, and join us every week for an Ag education Podcast. Each week we'll dive into a different topic. Presented by AGI SureTrack.
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The Grand Farm: A Research and Education Initiative
Led by Emerging Prairie, an organization whose mission is rooted in connecting and celebrating the entrepreneurial ecosystem and energizing communities, Grand Farm is a collective effort to bring together the agriculture and technology industries in a “farm of the future” On this week’s CoffeeTalk, we’re sitting down with the Grand Farm team to learn what the “Farm of the Future” looks like and how the Grand Farm test site will help farmers solve challenges today, as well as in the future.
May 13, 2022
The Grain-Livestock Protein Relationship with USMEF Economist Erin Borror
In this episode of CoffeeTalk, we’re sitting down the US Meat Export Federation’s Erin Borror to learn more about the relationship between our US grown corn and soybeans’ role in global red meat exports. From shortages to the value exports add to corn and soybeans, this will be a conversation you won’t want to miss!
May 06, 2022
A Conversation with Global Farmer Network CEO, Mary Boote
The Global Farmer Network amplifies the farmers’ voice in promoting trade, technology, sustainable farming, economic growth and food security. On this week’s CoffeeTalk, we’re visiting with the organization’s CEO, Mary Boote, to learn how. We will learn how the Global Farmer Network (GFN®) identifies, engages, and supports strong farmer-leaders from around the world to help fill the world’s food and nutrition security gap in a sustainable manner. There couldn’t be a timelier conversation on the importance of agricultural leadership and networking.
April 29, 2022
A Mississippi Waterways Improvement Conversation
In January, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that an $829.1 million investment would be targeted for lock and dam improvements along the Upper Mississippi River. Of the total investment, $732 million will be allocated to the improvement of Lock and Dam 25, a significant priority for the soybean industry. In this week’s CoffeeTalk, Mike Steenhoek, Executive Director of the Soybean Transportation Coalition joins the program to discuss what the investment means for soybean farmers, as well as what the project will entail.
April 22, 2022
A 2022 Weather Outlook with Matt Makens
Weather an unknown wildcard for every agricultural operation. Matt Makens, Makens Weather has spent his career working to help farmers better plan for emerging weather patterns. Join us for this week’s CoffeeTalk where Matt will share more on the 2022 forecast, we can expect across the U.S. Grab your coffee and join us for a conversation to help you plan for the 2022 growing season.
April 08, 2022
#Plant22 Conversations with Farm Technology Manager, Leanne Marin
We’re sitting down with Farm Technology Manager, Leanne Marin to kick-off our #plant22 conversations! We’ll be talking technology and taking the guesswork out of the seed treatment application process on this week’s CoffeeTalk. Grab your coffee and join us!
April 01, 2022
Pan Canadian Smart Farm Network with Blake Weiseth
On this week’s CoffeeTalk we’re joined by Discovery Farm’s Blake Weiseth, Applied Research Lead, to learn more about the Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network. With $1.1 M from the Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN), the Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network is an $2.9M initiative, lead by the Olds College Smart Farm. We’ll be talking partnerships, technology and advancing agriculture in this episode that you won’t want to miss!
March 25, 2022
A Conversation with Grain Elevator and Processing Society’s Steve Records
We’re joined by Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Executive Director, Steve Records on this week’s CoffeeTalk. Steve joins us to share how the nearly-century old organization works to disseminate knowledge, safety information and help industry members network. In addition, we’ll also be covering the upcoming GEAPS Exchange, March 26-29 in Kansas City, Missouri. Join us on the 18th to learn more about GEAPS and March 26-29 to join the GEAPS family!
March 18, 2022
Farm Planning Systems with Compass
In the age of digitization, ever-rising input costs and increased financial scrutiny, has there ever been a better time to up your record-keeping and reporting game? AGI SureTrack Compass Business Solutions Specialist, Allan Hancock, joins this week’s CoffeeTalk to share how the Farm Planning Software (FPS) streamlines record keeping, analysis, and reporting for a more complete look at crops; soil management; field scouting; grain and lease contracts; and on- and off-farm stocks and inventory. If you’ve been on the fence or have questions about automating the next piece of your farm management, grab your coffee and join us to learn more!
March 11, 2022
From the Classroom to the Field, Sharing the Stories of Building Equity in Agriculture for Women in Africa
From the classrooms of Kansas State University to the fields of Africa, two women share their stories of how the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Sorghum and Millet laid the foundation for each of them to take their knowledge and skills back to their home countries of Ethiopia and Niger. On this week’s CoffeeTalk, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Don’t miss this conversation that intersects the impact of agricultural education for women and its lasting contribution for communities in Africa.
March 04, 2022
Grain Bin Safety Week Live from Peosta, Iowa
This week, host, Laura Handke and producer, Brian Folkers are on-site at the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety with executive director, Dan Neenan and Nationwide Insurance’s Paul Stevenson and Jade Rodemeyer. The crew will be talking about the importance of grain bin safety 24/7-365, and the training and extraction process that has saved entrapped farmers across the Midwest. While on-site, Brian will also experience a controlled grain entrapment and extraction. We say it every time we get the chance, take the time to join this webinar, or other grain bin safety educational events throughout the year. Stay safe.
February 25, 2022
National FFA Week Conversation
Each year, FFA chapters around the country celebrate National FFA Week. It’s a time to share what FFA is and the impact it has on members every day! To do that, this week, we’re sitting down with National FFA Organization’s Director of Marketing and Communications, to learn more about the mission of FFA and how the organization is working to reach both urban and rural youth, alike.
February 18, 2022
A Conversation with Welker Farms
On this week’s CoffeeTalk, we’re sitting down with Welker Family Farms’ Nick Welker, to discuss sharing the farming story on YouTube and becoming a BinManager customer – from install to operations integration. Sara Bailey, AGI SureTrack customer service representative, will also be joining the conversation with Nick, to talk about the onboarding process and troubleshooting from both CSR and customer perspectives. We’ll wrap the episode by learning about Welker Farms’ involvement in Grain Bin Safety Week. It will be a fun one!
February 11, 2022
Carbon Market Discussions with Agoro Carbon Alliance
Backed by Yara, the Agoro Carbon Alliance is taking action on a global scale to reverse the effects of climate change. This week, we’re joined by Agoro Carbon Alliance Agronomist, Matt Rellaford, to learn how! If you’ve had questions about how carbon markets are working, this will be a conversation you won’t want to miss. We’ll be talking contracts, data, measurement, permanence and additionality. Grab your coffee and your questions and join us!
February 04, 2022
National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF)
In this week’s CoffeeTalk, we’re sitting down with Katie Pawlosky, Communications Director for The National Bio and Agro-defense facility (NBAF), a new 574,000 square foot biocontainment laboratory facility that will provide state-of-the-art infrastructure for developing vaccines, performing diagnostics, and developing countermeasures against large animal foreign animal diseases and zoonotic diseases. We're also joined by Stephanie Jacques.   We’ll be having a one-of-a-kind conversation about a facility that is the first-of-its-kind. Don’t miss it! Grab your coffee and join us!   For more information, visit
January 28, 2022
P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA - Save a dog. Help a farmer. Make a difference.
When a purpose is driven by helping farmers and dogs, it’s hard not to get behind! This week we’re visiting with Jackie Allenbrand, founder of P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA, about the work that she and her team does in rescuing dogs who, in turn, rescue the quality of life for disabled farmers.   We’ll be exploring a dog’s role in helping farmers and farm family members with physical, cognitive and illness-related disabilities.   For more information, visit
January 21, 2022
Regenerative Agriculture Conversations with Jess Gnad
In this week’s AGI SureTrack CoffeeTalk, we sat down with regenerative agriculture educator and connector, Jessica Gnad to talk about the evolution of soil health, sustainability and building farmer and rancher engagement in regenerative farming practices. As the Executive Director for Great Plains Regeneration, content creator and connector for the regenerative agriculture Australia group, Regen Farming News and Top 10 Emerging Leaders in Food and Agriculture recipient, Jess has her finger on the pulse of the regenerative agriculture movement, the companies fueling it and the farmers implementing it.
January 14, 2022
Hemp Farming with Melissa Nelson
CoffeeTalk is kicking off 2022 with a conversation about a new opportunity for many farmers across the U.S.! Melissa Nelson, crop scientist, owner of Performance Crop Research and co-owner of South Bend Industrial Hemp. In this episode we’re talking entrepreneurship, diversifying the farm for profitability and breaking down the stigma barriers for a new crop opportunity!
January 07, 2022
Food Security Series - Microbes for a Better Tomorrow
Rounding out 2021 and our Food Security series, Ivan Baxter of the Danforth Plant Science Center will join the conversation to discuss how the organization is standing up a new “center of excellence” in an effort to reduce the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer by 12%...the equivalent of removing 10 million cars from the road. The announcement couldn’t come at a more pivotal time as the agriculture industry faces shortages of several macronutrient fertilizers. Join us for a discussion around the importance of fertilizer alternatives and the contribution they make in the reduction of the global food security crisis.
December 17, 2021
Food Security Series: Investing in a Food Secure Tomorrow
On this week’s CoffeeTalk, we’re sitting down with JJ Jones, executive director for the National Institute of Animal Agriculture. J.J. will share his team’s research on the investments being made in livestock technology, what those investments will mean for affordable protein and what a decline in livestock production could mean for the U.S. corn and soybean commodity sectors. Join us for an insightful conversation around the important role investment and research and the resulting technologies play in providing affordable protein around the world.
December 10, 2021
Food Security Series: From the Ground Up, Soil Talk with Dr. Kristine Nichols
Last week, we heard from the Feed the Future Innovation initiative to learn more about how food security is being addressed through research and collaboration. This week, we’re talking with Dr. Kris Nichols, a very familiar name and thought leader in the regenerative agriculture space, about the foundation of food security: the soil. Dr. Nichols will share her work in the regenerative agriculture movement, the connection between the soil microbiome and human gut microbiome, and what a new paradigm in production agriculture will mean for global food security. Grab your coffee and join us for a conversation around a universal common denominator of food security: soil health!
December 03, 2021
Food Security Series: A Conversation with Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Sorghum and Millet
This holiday season, we’re talking food security – where we are and how we need to get to where we need to be, globally. To kick off this series of discussions, we’re visiting with Feed the Future Innovation labs focused on collaborative research on sorghum and millet. This network of innovation labs, across the U.S., are part of the U.S. government’s global hunger and food security initiative – addressing the root causes of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition to transform lives around the world. We’ll dig into how research coming out of this U.S. initiative is helping partner countries develop their agriculture sectors and helping people feed themselves and creating important opportunities for a new generation of young people, while building a more stable world. This will be a discussion that hits home, not just through the holiday season but every day.
November 22, 2021
Farming's Family Tradition with Cole the Cornstar
On this week’s CoffeeTalk, we’re talking family tradition, and there’s no greater family tradition than farming. We will be joined by Cole…you may know him as the Pit Viper wearing farmer, Cole the Corn Star, for a conversation about lessons learned from the farm, sibling bonding and keeping the business in the family. Check out Cole the Cornstar on YouTube! See the video:
November 12, 2021
Measuring Success: A Conversation with Continuum Ag Founder, Mitchell Hora and SureTrack SVP Jason Tatge
Join Continuum Ag founder, Mitchell Hora and SureTrack SVP, Jason Tatge, for a conversation around “growing” out-of-the-box on November 5! Mitchell developed Continuum Ag initially as an ag consulting company, shifting to provide a more wholistic soil health assessment solution for farmers across the country…and today, around the world. We’ll be focusing our conversation on the soil…and the data needed to improve the soil. Grab your coffee and your questions and join us to learn how one Midwestern farmer is changing the way we think about soil health metrics while amassing one of the largest private collections of soil biological data!
November 05, 2021
LEARN – One-Stop-Shop for all things AGI SureTrack
New in 2021, the SureTrack training team has quickly become the go-to resource for all things learning, development and training. This Friday, we’ll discuss how the team is bringing resources together, in one location, to offer support and education anywhere, anytime. AGI SureTrack LEARN, the newest “member” of the team, is the online learning software just unveiled October 18. We’ll learn more about how LEARN will work to bridge the learning gaps between departments, facilitate efficient communication and serve as a new information hub.
October 29, 2021
Canada’s Discovery Farm: Unearthing Possibilities Through Farmer-Led Research
Owned by Glacier Farm Media, Discovery Farm, is an innovative agricultural event and demonstration site designed to connect Canadian farmers with industry and research partners in the quest for practical solutions to the most pressing ag challenges of today and tomorrow. We’re looking forward to the chance to visit with Farm Director of Research and Demonstration, Blake Weiseth and Business Development and Operations Specialist, Kaitlyn Kitzan to learn about current and upcoming projects, as well as the outreach and education Discovery Farm provides.
October 22, 2021
Soil Health Metrics for a Better Tomorrow
The Soil Health Institute (SHI) was established to serve as an umbrella for all individuals and organizations who desire to improve soil health by working together for the common good. With a core commitment to the current and future generations of agriculture, the education and collaboration facilitated by the SHI is working to promote and ensure clean water, climate stability and a plentiful supply of nutritious food. Join SHI Chief Scientific Officer, Cristine Morgan, for a CoffeeTalk conversation on the strategies SHI is using to assess soil health for farmers and ranchers across the U.S. We’ll be talking baselines, targets, scalability and results.
October 15, 2021
Leadership, Education and Engagement from the Voice of Agriculture
With most Americans 3 to 4 generations removed from agriculture, telling the story of food production from America’s farms and ranches has never been more important. On this week’s CoffeeTalk, we’re joined by American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) Vice President of Leadership, Education and Engagement to learn how the AFBF is facilitating storytelling and engagement to connect our farms and ranches with consumers. Farmer, rancher or consumer, this is a conversation we all need to be part of!
October 08, 2021
Global Soy Education Initiatives: A Focus on the Soy Excellence Center Model
With a mission to improve the health and nutrition of local communities in budding markets by building capacity and market potential of businesses in the food and agriculture supply chain, the Soy Excellence Centers is facilitating growth and use opportunities for soy in Egypt, Mexico, Nigeria and Thailand. In this week’s CoffeeTalk, we’re sitting down with Carlos Campabadal, Outreach Specialist in Feed Manufacturing and Grain Storage at the International Grains Program (IGP), Kansas State University to learn how the Soy Excellence Centers in these regions are meeting their goals in the facilitation of soy promotion.
October 01, 2021
Perspective and Insight on Connection, Communication and Brand Awareness
There are some savvy marketing minds behind the global AGI brand family. And on this week’s CoffeeTalk we’re sitting down with three of the women who work to tell the story of some of those brands. We’ll be joined by Tina Wood, marketing manager for AGI’s farm division, Robin Walters, marketing director for the SureTrack brand, and new AGI family member, Farmobile’s director of public relations and marketing, Agi Schafer-Kreiser. Join us for a conversation about pursuing your passion, contributing to agriculture, and staying connected with customers through a pandemic.
September 24, 2021
Food Security from Past to Present: A Conversation with Julie Borlaug
As the president of the Borlaug Foundation and granddaughter of the “father of modern agriculture”, Julie Borlaug’s roots run deep in the fight against global hunger and extreme poverty. Today, in her work with the Foundation, Julie works to combat both through education and boots-on-the-ground international agricultural development. Join us for a CoffeeTalk that discusses the history, the present and the future of agriculture and what our roles as agriculturalists can be to share the story of agriculture. Our third installment of our Women in Ag series!
September 20, 2021
Conversations with American Farmland Trust’s Women of the Land Program Director, Gabrielle Roesch-McNally
American Farmland Trust (AFT) believes that women are ideal partners in farmland protection and conservation of our working lands, and that we need to do more to reach them. We couldn’t agree more! Join CoffeeTalk this Friday for a conversation with Gabrielle Roesch-McNally, director of Women for the Land, the AFT initiative working to close the gaps for women facing gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation barriers. Groundbreaking. That’s the best word we could find for the work that this team is doing. Grab your coffee, bring your family. This is a conversation that we all need to be a part of.
September 10, 2021
Finding Your Passion in Agriculture
Kicking off our month-long women in agriculture series, we’re visiting with Zoe Schultz, a Kansas State University student who was recently honored as a 2021 30 under 30 Young People Impacting Agriculture Farm Progress feature. We’ll be talking internships, agriculture and finding your passion in this week’s CoffeeTalk. If you have a young person in your life, manage an internship experience or just want to know what is fueling the next generation of passionate agriculture leaders, join us!
September 03, 2021
Carbon Market Discussions
We’ve all heard the term “carbon market”, but how do they work, who is offering them and what opportunities currently exist for a farmer to capitalize on their carbon farming practices? Join us for a discussion on carbon markets with the National Agricultural Law Center’s Micah Brown and SureTrack Senior Vice President, Jason Tatge. Micah will boil down the facts, share the resources he is using to stay current on what’s happening in this ever-evolving space and provide an update on what is on the horizon in the space.
August 27, 2021
Pre-Harvest Safety
There’s never a shortage of hazards on the farm, and when the urgency of harvest arrives, those hazards can quickly become magnified. On this week’s CoffeeTalk, we’re joined by Carolyn Sheridan a registered nurse with specialized training in Ag health and safety, and executive director and founder of the Ag Health and Safety Alliance, a US and Canada registered nonprofit organization focused health and safety for the next generation of agriculture. Growing up on a dairy farm and continuing to farm with her husband in the same area, today, Carolyn knows and understands the hazards associated with farming and ranching. She also understands the farming and ranching communities, which is why she and her team work to develop educational trainings and resources that are specific to the audience they are addressing. View the Video Version:
August 20, 2021
A Conversation with SureTrack Senior Vice President, Jason Tatge
Join AGI SureTrack Senior Vice President and Farmobile CEO, Jason Tatge, Friday morning as he joins CoffeeTalk for a conversation on his new role in leading the SureTrack team, Farmobile integration and what the merger of these technologies means for the connected farm.
August 13, 2021
Harvest Help Solutions with AgButler
Harvest is right around the corner and finding help has never been more challenging. In this edition of CoffeeTalk, we’re visiting with AgButler founder, Kevin Johansen, to learn how the mobile service takes the work out of finding folks to work! This app solution helps to bridge on-farm and rural labor shortage issues with those looking for short-term employment opportunities.
August 06, 2021
Dealer Spotlight: Valley View Agri-Systems
Join Valley View Agri-Systems’ Midwest Division Manager, Jeff Fjelstul, to learn more about the communication, leadership and history that has helped to make Valley View one of the leading farm and commercial grain systems solutions. We’ll take a dive into the company’s relationship with AGI and how the Dealer Success program equips everyone in the value-chain to better serve the customer.
July 30, 2021
An Ecosystem Approach to Soil Health Monitoring
We’re joined by EcoLogical Ag Solutions principal and regenerative agriculture specialist, Jake Bevan, to learn about soil health monitoring from the perspective of an entire ecosystem. We’ll be talking indicators above and below the soil’s surface and what they mean to your soil’s water holding capacity, nutrient cycling ability and overall resilience.
July 23, 2021
FCC Precision Ag Task Force on Rural Connectivity: Year-One Update
Last June we had the opportunity to sit down with members of the newly formed Federal Communications Commission Precision Ag Task Force on Rural Connectivity to learn about the leadership driving the group and hear projected 2021 plans. One year later, we are revisiting the conversation with Task Force member, Andy Bater. Tune in to learn about the progress that has been made in the past year and where the group’s efforts are focused for 2022.
July 19, 2021
Watershed Cover Crop Project
Join Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy’s (WRAPS) Travis Sieve for a conversation around the creative approach Kansas Department of Health has taken to improve water quality through the integration of Hagie cover crop interseeders and unique partnerships throughout the state.
June 25, 2021
Succession Planning in the Absence of a Step-Up in Basis
There’s no shortage of tax changes on the horizon in 2021 and beyond, and each change will carry with it significant changes to the way a farm will best structure a succession plan. Iowa State Extension Specialist and Attorney, Melissa O’Rourke, joins this week’s CoffeeTalk to discuss the implications the proposed tax changes will have on the future of the family farm.
June 18, 2021
Roadmap to Safety
We’re talking all things safety with SureTrack/CMC’s Director of Commerical Sales, Bob Reis. On this CoffeeTalk episode, Bob shares the Roadmap to Safety, a project he has been passionate about implementing across the organizations. This safety-centric program conversation is a great update and reminder of the safety precautions all of our facilities should be mindful of.
June 11, 2021
Magnetic Ag Newsletter
We’re straying from our subject-pointed content this week to bring you the 5-minute ag news download you didn’t know you were missing in your life. As the host of CoffeeTalk, I subscribed to Magnetic Ag last fall, right after it kicked off, and for the past eight months have enjoyed the well summarized, multi-sector ag news content I get twice a week. It’s a fun “just what you need to know” read that keeps me up to date on what’s happening throughout the ag industry. Whether you’ve heard of it, or not, you’ll gain something from this conversation—we’re talking content sourcing, distribution and start-up on this episode of CoffeeTalk.
June 04, 2021
Redefining How Data is Collected and Used on the Farm
As new members of the AGI family of brands, the team at Farmobile has been shaking up and redefining data collection. This week we are joined by Farmobile’s Steve Cubbage and Bradford Warner to discuss the role that data plays on the farm and the importance of collecting live agronomic data and machine data from your fleet and custom applications. Steve and Bradford will also talk sustainability and how data collection provides the long-term solution your farm needs to capitalize on emerging market initiatives around stewardship and carbon.
May 28, 2021
The Making of Silo The Film - Key Learnings and Collaborations
As the first ever feature film solely focused on bringing awareness to grain bin safety, SILO follows the events that transpire after the entrapment of a teenage boy in a 50-foot-tall grain bin. On May 14, we sit down with SILO movie producer, Sam Goldberg, to discuss the collaboration with farmers, firefighters, first-responders, and trusted agriculture institutions that made the film an authentic education tool. Every year, grain bin entrapment deaths plague the pages of rural community newspapers throughout the grain belt. Join us for an opportunity to promote a mainstream awareness of the dangers of managing stored grain as Silo The Film is released in theaters nationwide. Like every week, we will take questions throughout to bring our participants into the conversation.
May 14, 2021
The Need for Agriculture Education and Advocacy
May is Beef Month and to kick off the celebration of a major contributor to corn and soybean utilization, we’re visiting with the Missouri Beef Industry Council’s Luella Gregory, Director of the Mo Beef Mo Kids Fit program that works to put more beef on the school lunch trays of Missouri students via beef producer donations.
May 07, 2021
Conversations with SureTrack Training Manager Randy Koch
Randy Koch joined AGI SureTrack’s Lenexa, Kansas team as Training Manager in 2021 and we’re excited to learn more about the training initiatives he has underway. He’ll be joined by SureTrack’s Director of Marketing, Robin Walters for a conversation on SureTrack training, marketing and communication initiatives in 2021.
April 30, 2021
Fertilizer’s Sustainable Path Forward
In honor of Earth Day, we’re talking with The Fertilizer Institute Director of Sustainability Communications Jennifer Martin, as well as AGI Fertilizer’s own Meg Steward, about how the fertilizer industry has moved the sustainability needle over the past decade.
April 23, 2021
Turning Red Acres Green
Troy Daniell, Minnesota State Conservationist and Tanner Bruse, Pheasants Forever’s Ag and Conservation Program’s Manager join us for this CoffeeTalk to share the importance of turning red acres green, for conservation, for ag production and for profitability. This conversation on the power of partnerships, the importance of precision agriculture in any on-farm conservation program and the opportunities that exist to incorporate both, will be one you won’t want to miss—Don’t let “Minnesota” fool you, the opportunities we’ll be discussing can be implemented throughout the Midwest.
April 16, 2021
21st Century Farm Conversations
On this week’s CoffeeTalk we are visiting with Kansas farmers Matt and Janna Splitter. Matt and Janna returned to the farm in 2011 and have continued to grow their operation through innovation and forward-thinking management. This morning we’re talking about the power of mentorships, the importance of becoming involved and balancing the demands of the farm with raising their two young girls.
April 09, 2021
SureTrack PR0 2.0 - Updates and Insights
Join the AGI SureTrack PRO 2.0 team to learn about the newest launch on the SureTrack  platform. We’ll be talking software, hardware, traceability, and much more!
March 26, 2021
Plant 2021 Insights with Agronomist, Chris Talley
Did you have a chance to catch our last SureTrack virtual clinic  webinar? If so, you heard agonomist, Chris Talley, share his agronomy  insights. This Friday, we’re giving you a chance to tap into Chris’  knowledge again for this #plant2021 agronomy edition.
March 12, 2021
2021 Farm Tax Updates You Should Know About
We’re joined by Kristine Tidgren, Executive Director of the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation to discuss changes and updates to individual and entity taxation. Kristine’s work focuses on studying and interpreting laws that impact the agriculture industry, with a central focus on agricultural taxation. She also regularly collaborates with other agriculture law and tax professionals throughout the country, including those form the Rural Tax Education Committee, the American Agriculture Law Association, and the Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation.
March 05, 2021
Grain Bin Safety Awareness Week Discussions with Nationwide’s Paul Stevenson
Since Nationwide Insurance founded National Grain Bin Safety Week in 2014, four farm families have been spared the heartache of the loss of a loved one to grain entrapment. In today’s CoffeeTalk, Nationwide’s Paul Stevenson joins the conversation to talk about the creation of National Grain Bin Safety Week and the advocacy and training that drive the initiative in saving lives.
February 26, 2021
Building an FFA Chapter: From the Ground Up
Join FFA advisor, Trenton Smedley, and Senior Software Engineering Manager David Duncan, for a conversation about building a new urban FFA program in Olathe, Kansas. Trenton shares his experience with FFA, what the organization is providing for his students and the FFA fit for urban students and rural students, alike. FFA is more than sows, cows and plows-- learn how it's helping to shape students for tomorrow's agricultural opportunities.
February 19, 2021
Food Security Beyond the Holidays
The Holidays have passed, but that doesn’t mean that food-security within the Kansas City Region has passed…in this week’s CoffeeTalk, we are visiting with Harvesters Chief Operating Officer, Steve Davis, to talk about the food security issues that exist for many Kansas City residents all year-round. Food is a fundamental that we should all have access to.
February 09, 2021
Farm Credit of the Virginias - Advocacy Training for Tomorrow's Ag Leaders
Centered around helping today’s farmers advocate for tomorrow, Farm Credit of the Virginia’s Knowledge Center not only helps small business ideas develop into business plans, but takes it a step further to keep those same entrepreneurs engaged as advocates both with consumers and at the legislative level. This past spring, the group took their work beyond Virginia and West Virginia and opened the opportunity up to the general public, nationwide.
January 29, 2021
CoffeeTalk with Tech Tony
If you’ve been to the SureTrack Community resource page, you’ve undoubtedly seen Tech Tony’s troubleshooting solutions to the SureTrack suite of products—now you can ask him live! Tech Tony will join CoffeeTalk to share what the technical service team has been hearing and field your questions.
January 28, 2021
Nutrients For Life: An Education for Students of All Ages
The Nutrients for Life Foundation was formed in 2004 by leaders in the fertilizer industry with the belief that developing solutions to sustainably feed the world begins with educating the next generation of innovators and decision makers. On this week’s CoffeeTalk, we are joined by Nutrients for Life Kansas, Iowa and Illinois state representatives to learn about the innovative fertilizer curriculum the Foundation is working to implement in classrooms around the country.
January 15, 2021
Welcome to the Team - A Conversation with Senior Product Manager Shane Rollins
We are kicking off CoffeeTalk's 2021 line-up with new SureTrack Senior Product Manager, Shane Rollins. Joining the SureTrack team in November 2020, Shane has quickly become an important part of the family. We'll be talking all things SureTrack, acclimating to a new role during COVID-19's new normal and what that means for reaching customers, both new and old.
January 11, 2021
Building a Farm Succession Plan
The goal of transitioning a family farm operation to future generations takes more than dreams – it requires concrete steps to build a succession plan. A succession plan can provide helpful guidance as individuals move into and out of the farm operation. Retirement doesn't need to be on your mind to start laying out a succession plan. Join Iowa State University's Melissa O'Rourke, Attorney and Farm and Agribusiness Specialist, to learn more on making important decisions today that will save your farm for future generations.
December 18, 2020
Learning to Do, Doing to Earn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve: The Road to a National FFA Office
As a Missouri FFA member, Paxton Dahmer, has served the members of the Missouri FFA Association. Today, Paxton finds himself prepared to embark on a new leadership role within the National FFA Association. As the newly elected Central Region Vice President, Paxton will share his love for communication and leadership with more than 760,000 FFA members. The National FFA Convention may have looked a little different this year, but the hard work, dedication and love for agriculture that its member possess remain the same.
December 11, 2020
The Farmlink Project - Connecting the Dots Between Food Waste and Hunger
This past year, in response to COVID-19 mandated shutdowns and the waves of turmoil those food chain disruptions sent through the US, college students James Kanoff and Aidan Reilly launched The Farmlink Project. The grassroots organization set out to connect farmers with surplus food and food banks with surplus patrons. Within the first two months, the organization relocated more than 7 million pounds of food, raised 1.5 million dollars in donations and on-boarded 185 full-time volunteers. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise and the questions of food supply chain stability linger, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss.
December 04, 2020
The Makings of a Soil Health Consultant
As the Director of Communications and Soil Health Content Consultant for Soil Health University, Jess Gnad has built a career in regenerative agriculture-- helping farmers, ranchers and even gardeners implement practices to build soil health and productivity. In this week's CoffeeTalk, we'll learn about the work that Jess does to help bridge the gap between soil health and those whose livelihoods depend on the soil!
November 20, 2020
AGI SureTrack-Compass Education
AGI Compass enterprise resource planning delivers both the "tool box" needed to manage farms of every size and the educational curriculum to help prepare tomorrow's farm managers today. Join Lead Business Solutions Specialist, Norman McLaughlin for a short-demo and conversation around Compass Education. If you're a high school ag teacher or college instructor, this is a conversation you won't want to miss. See the video version of this webinar on the AGI SureTrack Community Site.
November 13, 2020
National Farmer Veteran Coalition
As we gear up for Veteran's Day, join Farmer Veteran Coalition Executive Director, Jeanette Lombardo and SureTrack Field Services Manager, Rick Romano, in a salute to America's armed forces. We will be talking about how FVC is the nation’s largest nonprofit organization assisting veterans–and currently serving members–of the Armed Forces to embark on careers in agriculture and how SureTrack is helping to do its part. We will also discuss how FVC is working to mobilize veterans to feed America, veteran networking and securing resources.
November 06, 2020
Getting Started with BinManager with Brian's Farming Videos
Brian's Farming Videos' YouTube channel reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers each week with new footage and information directly from the farm. In this week's webinar, we're taking a look at what it means to be a new SureTrack customer and what set-up, installation and getting started with BinManager looks like.
October 30, 2020
US Grains Council: Strengthening Grain Prices through Global Market Development
By strengthening global relationships, the US Grains Council team helps to ensure that U.S. grains, co-products and ethanol are sold to buyers in more than 75 countries. These relationships help support U.S. agriculture and build industries that add value for overseas customers and consumers while strengthening the earning potential of the US farmers the organization supports.
October 23, 2020
Farm Safety 365
On today's CoffeeTalk, Education Content Specialist for the Progressive Agriculture Foundation joins us to talk all things farm safety. Jana shares the importance of keeping safety top-of-mind 365 days a year, both on and off the farm, and some of the practices and procedures we can all implement to stay safe. We'll also talk about the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days and what the education they provide means to our youth on the farm.
October 16, 2020
Saving Energy to Increase the Bottomline
As a Certified Energy Manager and a Technical Service Provider with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bruce Everly has helped farmers and rural small businesses explore grant funded energy saving solutions since 2002. Today, with more than $10,000,000 of secured grant funds under his belt, Bruce is an expert in helping farmers increase their bottom line through energy savings on the farm.  In this week's CoffeeTalk, we will take a look at the strategies and processes Bruce navigates and what funds are currently available for farmers looking to reduce their on-farm energy footprint.
October 02, 2020
Temporary Storage Solutions
With record harvests on the horizon, Rick McClelland, Senior Technical Support Specialist, and AGI SureTrack's Jeff Fjelstul, Director of Sales, Food Division, talk temporary storage and convenience in this #Harvest20 CoffeeTalk.  Learn about the pros and cons of different temporary storage solutions, and how PileManager delivers efficiency, convenience and accuracy to make this harvest's storage capacity issues manageable and affordable.
September 25, 2020
20/20 Perspectives in Ag Tech
As the Strategic Partnerships, Principle Program Manager Azure Global Engineering at Microsoft, AGI Board Member, Claudia Rössler knows the importance of global partnerships within agriculture and digital farming.  Listen in to learn how Claudia helps the agriculture ecosystem to achieve growth momentum enabled by AI/Cognitive computing, IOT, data & advanced analytics, social engagement and new customer experiences. This cutting-edge conversation will be a CoffeeTalk you won't want to miss. Grab your coffee, and join us!
September 18, 2020