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I Hope the Day Has a Good YOU!

I Hope the Day Has a Good YOU!

By John-Erik @ Adventure Social
I Hope the Day Has a Good You! -- is like bacon for your brain! At under five minutes an episode, start your day with a dose of inspiration and motivation and a dash of perspective. Hosted by creative entrepreneur John-Erik Moseler, takeaways will include success principles collected over the last 22+ years in the areas of business, leadership and most importantly, being a dad. You will hear stories from his adventures at culture-rich environments like Disney, Pixar, and NASA. John-Erik has a passion to help people tell their stories, launch their ideas, and attempt great things.
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The Struggle Produces Strength.
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October 15, 2019
If You Are Bored, You Are Boring.
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October 14, 2019
10,000 Bad Drawings!
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October 10, 2019
Cut Away the Bear!
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October 09, 2019
Are You a Thermostat or a Thermometer?
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October 08, 2019
Environment is More Compelling Than Willpower.
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October 07, 2019
17 Seconds
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October 06, 2019
Garbage In, Garbage Out
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October 05, 2019
Love People Even If You Don't Like Their Opinion.
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October 04, 2019
Obsessed with Zero
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October 03, 2019
Worry is a Misuse of the Imagination.
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October 02, 2019
Keep the Gate Closed.
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October 01, 2019
There is No Good News or Bad News. There is Just News.
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September 30, 2019
Your Attitude is Like Clothes. You Pick Them Out and Put Them On.
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September 29, 2019
Do It Afraid!
Don't let fear rob you from the good you are supposed to bring into the world! ☀️ 🧡 Discuss this episode in 🗣:
September 28, 2019
Stop Apologizing For How God Made You.
In 4th grade, I was told that I was stupid and then spent the next 20 years playing that song on loop. ☀️ 🧡 Discuss this episode in 🗣:
September 27, 2019
Add Life to Her Days!
😭 No matter what I did, I couldn't add one single day to her life, but I could add life to her days! 🙌 ☀️ 🧡 Discuss this episode in 🗣:
September 26, 2019
Leave a Room Better Than You Found it!
Most people are thermometers. They rise and fall to the temperature of a room. I want my kids to be thermostats. They change the temperature of the room.  Learn how to leave the world a better place visit ☀️ 🧡 Discuss this episode in 🗣:
September 25, 2019
Fight Dragons for People!
As you approached your day, are you waiting around to be rescued, or are you on a quest to vanquish a dragon? In this episode, I will tell you WHY we are all going to get matching dragon tattoos!  Learn how to help fight dragons for people visit ☀️ 🧡 Discuss this episode in 🗣:
September 24, 2019
Don't Die with Your Dreams!
On one of our Saturday adventures, my dad told me what the most valuable piece of property on the planet is and then encouraged me to never die with my dreams. Learn more how to support the dream of this podcast, visit ☀️ 🧡 Discuss this episode in 🗣:
September 23, 2019
I Hope the Day Has a Good YOU!
🎙 I do not tell my kids to -- have a good day. Instead, I tell my kids -- I Hope the Day Has a Good YOU!  ☀️  🧡 Discuss this episode in 🗣:
September 22, 2019