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A Goofy Movie Minute

A Goofy Movie Minute

By Blowing Up Media
1995's A Goofy Movie, covered one minute at a time.
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AGMM 48: Not That Kind of Blow Out
Max has been promoted to navigator. Diners could not be happier. The trip takes a turn for the funner. Also, magic map from an alternate universe.
February 10, 2019
AGMM 47: Eat Here, Get Gas
Eggs? eggs? eggs!! Goofy and Max finally end their camping trip and grab a bite to eat at a diner inside the most crowded truck stop on earth. What a feast for the eyes (and ears)!
January 17, 2019
AGMM 46 That Won't Hold Up In Court
It's the good, the bad, and the Goofy. Max is given the opportunity to make his Powerline dreams come true. But at what cost? It'll be least 3 1/2 cups of sugar perhaps all of his integrity.
November 23, 2018
AGMM 45: Pandora's Glovebox
Max can't sleep and decides to drop Roxanne a line. Will that line include a lie? Will the postcard even get to her? Is Max dead no-matter what he does? Tune in to hear more about Max's internal struggle with the truth.
October 15, 2018
AGMM 44: Large Car, Small Minute
Max and Goofy's relationship is on the mend thank to "Hi Dad Soup". Max is brought back to reality by Goofy and Bigfoot's thunderous snores. Max is not sleeping. What is he going to do?
October 04, 2018
AGMM 43: Cheese Whiz Fever Dreams (w/ Miles)
This minute is more of a tender moment. Goofy and Max finally get to bond and learn how to get by without a can opener. Let's all have some "Hi dad soup" fresh off of the cigarette lighter. This episode we have Miles providing his Goof expertise and voice acting talent. Stay tuned all the way until the end for a special performance.
September 06, 2018
AGMM 42: It's a Dog Thing
Bigfoot runs at the car but Goofy gets the can o' soup in just in time. THEN Bigfoot jams out to Stayin' Alive by the Beegees and the Goof boys heat up soup with a cigarette lighter.
August 14, 2018
AGMM 41: Sock Star Lifestyle
Apologies in advance. This episode is a little glitchy. That's ok. We are talking about a simpler time when all you needed for entertainment was 2 socks and a life threatening hostage situation.
August 01, 2018
AGMM 40: The Revenant... But More Lighthearted
This episode we have Goof expert, Miles joining us. He's here to throw some Goofy knowledge at you. We discuss Bigfoot imposters, domesticated vs. wild beefsteaks, the street value of priceless footage, and the bond between father and son when avoiding certain death.
July 05, 2018
AGMM 39: Swamp Squatch
Goofy shares the way to move for the perfect cast. We learn that steak may be the best bait for Big Foot fishing. We'll dive into some good old American folk lore.
June 06, 2018
AGMM 38: The Parrot Trap
Goofy shows Max his assertive side, life under the thumb, and the importance of a fishing move that has been in the family for over 300 years. Presented by Pura Leyda multilevel marketing and beauty regimen.
May 23, 2018
AGMM 37: Skymall bowling
In this short episode, Nathan recaps the minute since Brianne is on a secret assignment. It's bare bones...but we don't skip minutes!!
May 06, 2018
AGMM 36: You're a Pop Star, Peej! (W/ Miles)
It's a small wilderness. Max and PJ are reuinited. It takes work to maintain a dream RV and a set of sweet Powerline moves. You're just jealous, man. This episode we have special guest and Goofy Movie expert, Miles.
April 11, 2018
AGMM 35: Now That's Glamping!
Nothing breaks the tension between father and son like the noisy arrival of an RV that defies physics. We'll discuss all of the ammenities. You decide what defines camping.
March 27, 2018
AGMM 34: Stupid Magic Lake
This minute of A Goofy Movie slows waaaaay the heck down, as Max and Goofy leave Lester's and get to their camping spot. Roxanne appears in the water. Seriously, not much happens...enjoy!
March 07, 2018
AGMM 33: Perpetual Puddle Problems at the Possum Park
In this minute of A Goofy Movie: Max finally flees Lester's Possum Park only to find a locked car and a poorly-placed puddle. Goofy is finally confronted with the extend of his son's anguish as Max yells at him and tries to destroy his possum hat.
February 12, 2018
AGMM 32: Costumed Opossum Accoster
In this here minute of A Goofy Movie: Lester gets dragged away by kids, Goofy buys Max a hat, there's a whole photo shoot about to happen, and then everyone gathers around for the father-son dance!
January 22, 2018
AGMM 31: Mental Orthodontist
This is the one you've been waiting for (citation needed)! In this minute of A Goofy Movie, the possum posse band falls apart like it's an episode of VH1's Behind the Music, Goofy's got that camcorder out again, and an employee in a Lester costume takes it upon himself to sort out Max's psyche.
January 08, 2018
AGMM 30: Insane Clown Possum Posse Jamboree
A very low tech wood/robot Lester introduces his posse of misfit bandmembers. Goofy and Max arrive to find a seat (right in front!) of the rickety ol' theater and we begin the song. Everyone's gettin' in on the yodelin!
December 27, 2017
AGMM 29: Lester's Possum Park LLC
In this minute of A Goofy Movie: Goofy is so focused on the map that he almost gets them killed again. The first surprise on their road trip is Lester's Possum Park, which is (shockingly) even better than Goofy remembered. This one little girl is not so sure though, and neither is Max. NOTE: If you downloaded this episode first thing Sunday morning, you may have received completely unedited audio of the episode. Apologies for that. -N
December 17, 2017
AGMM 28: All That Glitters is Glove
It's pretty wild what happens in this minute. Goofy and Max are on the open road and they see...well it's hard to describe here in words. You should just listen to the podcast...or watch the movie! It's pretty good. It's called A Goofy Movie and it came out in 1995. This podcast is about that movie, and this episode is about the 28th minute. It's jam packed with peanut butter. Listen up!
November 29, 2017
AGMM 27: He Turned Me Into a Cloud
It's hard to say for sure why the sun is yellow. Some say it's because he's too scared to fight the moon, but that's not true. In this minute, Goofy and Max continue to sing On The Open Road while they pass a collection of weirdos...they also kill a couple of highway maintenance dudes.
November 07, 2017
AGMM 26: Poke 'em Until the Good Mood Happens
WARNING: This is a sillier episode than usual. In this minute of A Goofy Movie: the song On The Open Road begins in earnest. Goofy drives like such a klutz, bending his very reality in order to drive all over the freeway. Max's verses are about how he doesn't like the open there's that.
October 20, 2017
AGMM 25: It's Hard to Look Mad Without a Forehead.
Goofy plays an 8-track of beloved Frank Sinatra classic(?!) "High Hopes" and Max angrily air guitars a counter-proposition. Their failure to compromise means they'll have to entertain themselves from now on (don't worry!) :(
October 11, 2017
AGMM 24: The Most Boring Person on the Planet
In this minute of A Goofy Movie Minute: Goofy makes a video and finds road games to play while Max wilts by the window. We learn that Walt Disney is the obvious choice for 20 questions, and speculate who the rock band on the radio is.
October 03, 2017
AGMM 23: Speedball of kiss on the cheek
In this minute of A Goofy Movie, Max continues to inexplicably convince Roxanne about his big "Goofy and Powerline were in a band" lie. He feels pretty good about it, until he realizes he's in deep sludge.
September 26, 2017
AGMM 22: Pizza Delivery of Disappointment
In minute 22 of A Goofy Movie: Roxanne finally gets her dad to go away so she and Max can have a seat on the porch. Max comes up with a LIE about his dad being pals with Powerline, so now Max is leaving feeling like there's no way he won't disappoint her. Oh well, it worked for almost a minute there. Email us at if you've ever lied to someone you love!
September 21, 2017
AGMM 21 - Dog Dad Stereotypes (w/ Kristen)
Goofy says goodbye to the mailbox and stuff, but Max really needs to talk to Roxanne about missing their date in a month or so. We meet her bulldog of a dad, and Max wins the gold in the Lame-Olymics! With guest Kristen from the Blowing Up podcast!
September 12, 2017
AGMM 20: Door Games (w/Austin)
In this minute we discuss the unfortunate history of gloves on cartoon characters and the dangers of door games.
September 06, 2017
AGMM 19: What's Brown and Sticky? (w/Austin)
In this minute of a Goofy Movie Minute: Goofy (Goofey?) shows Max what's in the box while Max tries to explain how he's got this party to go to. Why when I was his age I'd never even been INVITED to a party, and look at me now! ...Where am I?
August 30, 2017
AGMM 18: "inside only" dressing policy
Max's dreams of patting himself on the back all summer are dashed when Goofy dresses him for their vacation.
August 16, 2017
AGMM 17: Do Well, Bud
On minute 17 of A Goofy Movie: Max proves he's not experienced at accepting compliments, and then Ferris Buellers his way home, saving the life of a child on the way.
August 08, 2017
AGMM 16: Part Beefcake, Part Pumpkin
Goofy quickly solves his child-rearing dilemma with the help of a blue light special in a dream sequence (?!!) and Max finally earns the approval of No More Mystery Meat.
August 03, 2017
AGMM 15: Principal Mazur's Paddle Caddy
In this thrilling minute: Max is dancing on top of a cloud with Miss Maples, but Goofy is getting a troubling call about his son!
July 26, 2017
AGMM 14: A Clumsy Dance of the Tongue
She said yes! Max finally makes his move; there's awkward language all around. Plus Max revisits a dance from like 11 minutes ago.
July 18, 2017
AGMM 13: The Stages of Meet-Cute
In this minute of A Goofy Movie, Bobby goes off to schmooze with the principal, Stacy plans her party, and Max and Roxanne interact yet again...but this time he talks!
July 12, 2017
AGMM 12: My Funeral Playlist
The dads continue to talk while they lay down plot points and neglect their jobs. Meanwhile, the "Powerline 3" await justice for their terrible crimes.
July 03, 2017
AGMM 11: The Woman with One Cankle
It's a K-Mart(?)-heavy portrait photography Minute as Pete asks Goofy to step aside so a pro can show him how it's done. A little monster kicks and runs while the men talk about vacations!
June 27, 2017
AGMM 10: Meddling Oldsters
Max is un-sunglassed by the principal so the jig is up! Meanwhile...Goofy takes photos of a baby and in doing so BECOMES the rubber ducky!
June 19, 2017
AGMM 09: Tips to Flirt with the Man of your Dreams
Max is ready to break the 4th wall on his faux Powerline performance. Bobby and Peej improvise, and Roxanne is so into all of it. A Goofy Movie Minute is just getting warmed up!
June 12, 2017
AGMM 08: (fixed) The Artist Formerly Known as Powerline
Minute 8 with more evenly mixed audio and a shiny new title! The assembly gets cool when Max begins to lip-sync to Powerline aka Tevin Campbell. Wake up kids - THIS is a science slumber party to remember!
June 08, 2017
AGMM 07: High School Jr.
In this like yay minute of a Goofy Movie: The ladies kick off their plan, Stacy talks to us talks to us talks to us baby, and Principal Mazer tells us how to not waste our super vacation.
May 29, 2017
AGMM 06: Paid in Surprises
On this week of a Goofy Movie Minute, Max finally gets to school, we see PJ in person, and we meet Paula Shore as AV "wiz" Bobby.
May 22, 2017
AGMM 05: Clutzy McClutzface
In this minute of A Goofy Movie we wrap up After Today, get a window into the bus driver's sad life, and fall right off the dang bleachers.
May 15, 2017
AGMM 04: Western Lowland Sea Gorilla
On minute 4 of A Goofy Movie: Max sings, others join in, mirror-images are everywhere and geeks read comics!
May 08, 2017
AGMM 03: The Mambo King
Max and Goofy discuss music, and then Max storms outside to make music of his own. A Goofy Movie begins it's first musical number in this minute!
May 01, 2017
AGMM 02: Exploring Maxie's Pad
Max has a mysterious plan and we're introduced to the Goofy.
April 24, 2017
AGMM 01: Floating Girls and Weird Adam's Apples
Someone pinch Max, I think he's dreaming! Max and Roxanne frolic in the field, and then Max goes through puberty really fast (insert noises).
April 18, 2017
AGMM 00: Field of Dream
The credits roll, the fanfare flares, the goofy yodels. In this first minute of A Goofy Movie we set up the podcast and talk about the surreal field.
April 18, 2017