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Wynnstay Agri-Hub Podcast

Wynnstay Agri-Hub Podcast

By Wynnstay (Agricultural Supplies) Ltd
Wynnstay Agri-Hub Podcast - Talking Agriculture

Arable, Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry; are you looking for the best agri-advice from the real specialists?
The Wynnstay Agri-Hub podcast is the home of talking agriculture – keeping you in the know, and your farm in the best health.

Join us each month as our Animal Health Specialist and Agronomist, Tony Morris, discusses everything from livestock matters to crop health with the Wynnstay Team; sharing news and practical tips to support the profitability of your business.
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S2:E3 - Getting Ready For Lambing
In this month’s episode, Tony is joined by National Sheep & Beef Specialist, Bryn Hughes and Calf & Youngstock Specialist, Laura Monk as they take a whistle-stop tour of all things lambing; starting with how to set ewes up for a successful lambing season, right through to lamb nutrition in the first few weeks. - Music by Joseph McDade -
December 27, 2021
S2:E2 - Mental Wellbeing On Farm
We’re taking a step away from our usual topics on crops and livestock this month, as Tony opens a conversation about mental wellbeing on farm with Commercial Sales & Marketing Director, Paul Jackson and RABI’S CEO, Alicia Chivers. - Music by Joseph McDade -
November 29, 2021
S2:E1 - Getting The Right Advice On Animal Medicines
In the first episode of our second season, we’re asking the questions you may not have asked before about what it means to be AMTRA qualified, with Agri Product Campaign Manager, Sarah Brooks. We’ll also be delving into seasonal animal health issues including cattle housing, sheep scab and parasite control with Regional Trade Manager, Chris Thomas; who has been nominated as Store Manager of the Year in the 2021 National SQP Awards. - Music by Joseph McDade -
October 25, 2021
S1:E11 - Maximising Milk Solids
In this episode we’re keeping our finger on the pulse of the dairy industry’s most important issue – milk quality. Tony is joined by our Technical Product Development Manager, Beth Parry and Technical Ruminant Manager from UFAC-UK, Mike Chown as they consider everything from first cut silage to the five main points on butter fats for farmers to check. - Music by Joseph McDade -
August 30, 2021
S1:E10 - What Are You Sowing This Autumn?
This month, Tony is looking ahead to Autumn and talking seed with Head of Seed, Toby Reich; Seed Sales Specialist, Joe Wood and Environmental Seed Product Manager, Amy Watts. Together, they’ll be discussing the best combinables, what’s new, disease and treatment, cropping options and regenerative agriculture. - Music by Joseph McDade -
July 26, 2021
S1:E9 - Beef: From Field to Fork
We’re back with another episode, as Tony Morris discusses all things beef with Calf & Youngstock Specialist, Millie Hendy; Regional Animal Health Manager, Luke Derrett and guest, Simon Crabtree, to cover everything from calf selection to rearing animals, genetics and even practicalities on farm. - Music by Joseph McDade -
June 29, 2021
S1:E8 - Spring 2021 Lambing Lessons
In this month’s episode, Tony Morris is talking sheep with National Sheep & Beef Manager, Bryn Hughes; Grass & Roots Manager, Colin Jones and Independent Sheep & Beef Adviser, Liz Genever. Lambing for the majority has finished, or is coming to a close, and thoughts are turning to weaning strategies and getting lambs to their target weight in the most efficient way. However, with one of the driest and coldest April’s recorded since the 1980’s, the other topic on everyone’s mind is: what do we do about the grass? - Music by Joseph McDade -
May 31, 2021
S1:E7 - Looking To The Future: Environmental Land Management
Listen to this month’s episode as Tony Morris gets the latest Seed Division business developments from Head of Seeds, Toby Reich, and introduces us to our newly appointed Environmental Seeds Product Manager, Amy Watts, who discusses the future of environmental land management. With global attention on environmental policy growing year-on-year and the impact of farming on our planet at the forefront of farming policy post-Brexit, Wynnstay has it’s sights firmly set on the future. - Music by Joseph McDade -
April 26, 2021
S1:E6 - Dairy Robotics
This month, Tony Morris discusses dairy robotics with Wynnstay’s Head of Dairy Services, David Howard and Izzy Lester, Farm Management Specialist from Lely, the robotics specialists. The 21st century has seen the introduction and rapid rise of robotic milking systems across the country, and Wynnstay has been at the forefront of this revolution over the last two decades. David and Izzy fill us in on their robotics backgrounds and delve into key considerations before choosing robots, as well as how they can help improve cow welfare and cow health. - Music by Joseph McDade -
March 29, 2021
S1:E5 - Dairy Heifers: Make Every Stage Count
Joining Tony in this month’s podcast is Sammy Howorth, our Lancashire and Cumbria Calf & Youngstock Specialist and Mike Van Amburgh, a Professor in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University. We delve into the subject of post-weaning heifers and how we can ensure they’re achieving their potential through targeted nutrition plans and looking into the data behind our advice. - Music by Joseph McDade -
February 22, 2021
S1:E4 - Pursuing Poultry
This month, Tony Morris is joined by Poultry Product Manager, Jim Turner and Poultry Specialist, Fred Liddell, as they focus on free-range egg production, and how satisfying it is to diversify into this exciting industry. As well as sharing a success story, the team discuss everything from planning and finance, to reducing the risk of spreading Avian Influenza. - Music by Joseph McDade -
January 25, 2021
S1:E3 - Early Lambing and Beef Calf Rearing
In our latest episode, our host Tony Morris is joined by National Sheep and Beef Specialist, Bryn Hughes and Youngstock Specialist for Cornwall, Laura Monk. Focusing on two of winter’s toughest challenges in the youngstock world; early lambing and calf rearing, our specialists will discuss how farmers can prepare themselves, and share their top tips. - Music by Joseph McDade -
December 29, 2020
S1:E2 - All Things Seed
Welcome back to the home of talking agriculture.  In our second episode, we’re turning our attention to seed with our Head of Seeds, Toby Reich, and our Crop Protection Manager, Dr Simon Pope. Alongside our host, Tony Morris, our panel will be reflecting on what has been a difficult year and looking ahead to 2021, sharing all their expert advice and tips for farming businesses during what is sure to be a period of global change. - Music by Joseph McDade -
November 30, 2020
S1:E1 - Lameness
An Englishman, an Irishman and a Welshman discussing lameness – what could go wrong? In our first episode, we delve into the world of lameness in dairy herds with our Head of Dairy Services, David Howard, and look into what’s hot (or not) in the world of housing with our National Hardware Sales Manager, Tomi Jones. They explore the inextricable link between nutrition and lameness, as well as sharing how to ensure your farm is ready pre-housing. Finally, they each give us a take-home message (or three) providing actions to reduce lameness and ensure your cows are performing to their potential this winter. - Music by Joseph McDade -
September 28, 2020