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By Ahjayee
Ahjayee is a premium lifestyle brand with all natural men's grooming products and other topics like fitness, men's health, style and nutrition. Because looking good on the outside is as important as feeling good on the inside.

We shall be discussing all this on this podcast,

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8. Don't Use Soap To Wash Your Hair Or Beard Again!


8. Don't Use Soap To Wash Your Hair Or Beard Again!


8. Don't Use Soap To Wash Your Hair Or Beard Again!
Ever wondered why your afro hair or beard feels dry a couple of hours after your shower? Well, let's find out! #beardgang #blackmenskincare #afrohaircare
January 23, 2021
7. 3 Things I Learnt Walking 20,000 Steps A Day
Ever wondered what those extra steps could do for your health? Well, wonder no more! In this episode I talk about the 3 things I learnt walking a 20,000 steps a day. Stats For The Week: Total Steps - 147,019 Total Distance - 67.5 miles
January 17, 2021
6. Fashion Or Style?
Today we look at different styles and a look at fashion as well! What's your go to for clothing?
October 14, 2020
5. Getting Back Into Fitness
So this year has been tough and many people fell off the fitness wagon but that does not mean we need to stay at there. Let's see some simple steps to getting back on our fitness journey! #fitness #menshealth #mensfitness #healthylifestyle
September 26, 2020
4. Banish Razor Bumps!
Are you tired of those unsightly bumps you get after shaving? Unfortunately it seems black men are more prone to them, so the question is, how do you at least reduce their occurrence? Well, this is what we are talking about today.
July 5, 2020
3. What Has Fitness Done For Me Lately?
We often think about what we put on our skin and hair but what about internally? Let's look at men's health, specifically fitness or a fitter lifestyle and the benefits of consistent exercise.
June 20, 2020
2. Ultimate Afro/Curly Hair Care Guide
Often wondered why your hair feels dry even though you put a cream or an oil on it just a couple hours away? Or why you may see bald spot on certain parts of your head. Well, let's find out and get some tips along the way. 
June 5, 2020
1. Simple 3 Step Routine To Healthy Skin
Does your skin need a little extra care? You may be closer to it than you think. Did you know all you need is three little steps? Listen on to find out more!
May 24, 2020