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AI LITERACY - A Podcast about Artificial Intelligence

AI LITERACY - A Podcast about Artificial Intelligence

Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence with your host Anna-Regina Entus - founder and president of the AI in Management Association and fellow of the AI Research Center at emlyon business school in Paris. Together with guest speakers from around the globe, I am helping you make sense of AI and share insights on the latest innovations in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Episodes 1-6: Hosted by Anna-Regina Entus and Victoria Rugli
from Episode 7: Hosted by Anna-Regina Entus
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#3 How a Chatbot Knows What You Want with Robert Redmond (IBM Watson)

AI LITERACY - A Podcast about Artificial Intelligence

#8 How a self-driving car learns how do drive with Saquib Sarfraz (Mercedes Benz-Daimler)
“Autonomous vehicles is much like the switch from horses to vehicles” - is it really?  What is a neural network and what exactly happens in its layers? How can AI and computer vision enable a car to predict what is going to happen on the streets? And will all cars drive autonomously by 2040? Those and more questions we are going to discuss in our 8th episode with Saquib Sarfraz, Senior Scientist Computer Vision at Mercedes Benz-Daimler and Senior Research Scientist at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
January 31, 2022
#7 How AI will change the world by 2030 with Eric Redmond (Nike)
In this episode, Eric Redmond, Director of Nike’s Tech Innovation Office and Amazon best seller author of “Deep Tech” is telling us how artificial intelligence will change the world by 2030. Where will robots replace humans? Where will cobots assist us and even make our lives easier? How will supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement be reformed?
November 30, 2021
#6 How FlixBus predicts when you will travel next with Carlos Andrés Arias Robledo (FlixBus)
In this episode, Carlos Andrés Arias Robledo, Data Scientist at FlixBus & former Director of Data Science at AdmanIT & Algorythm is explaining how FlixBus is able to predict the demand of future travellers - which routes are they going to book and under which conditions - based on AI models for each possible scenario.
September 30, 2021
#5 AI & Mobility in Smart Cities - How we'll never search for parking spots again with François Hoehlinger (ParkNow)
Join us and François Hoehlinger, VP of Parkling at ParkNow Group in our discussion about the intelligent network of connected infrastructure that fuels a Smart City. We are talking about optimizing parking solutions through machine learning and how it can set the tone for more interconnectedness and efficiency in an AI fueled transportation industry. 
July 31, 2021
#4 How AI & AR are Changing the Face of Beauty with Sowmya Gottipati (Estée Lauder)
In this episode, we are going to talk to Sowmya Gottipati, VP of Global Brand Technology Leader at Estée Lauder about how Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are becoming a major part of the customer’s journey and purchasing experience in the beauty industry integrating virtual try-ons at home on our devices and in-store with smart mirrors.
May 31, 2021
#3 How a Chatbot Knows What You Want with Robert Redmond (IBM Watson)
How do chatbots know what you want? How sure of your intent does a bot have to be to give you an answer? And are chatbots the solution to personalized cookie-less advertisements?  In this episode of AI LITERACY Robert Redmond, Design Principle and Head of AI Ad Design at IBM Watson gives us an answer to these questions. We talk about how chatbots are built and what types of chatbots there are as well as how conversational marketing is taking the experience of an engaging advertisement to a new level. 
April 30, 2021
#2 Why Amazon's Alexa is Female with Noelle Silver (Amazon, Microsoft, Women in AI)
Why is Alexa female? Why are only 26% of the people working in the field of AI women? What are the consequences of the lack of representation?  In this episode of AI LITERACY, we talk to Noelle Silver, founder of Women in AI and Microsoft MVP in AI who has worked at Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. We are discussing how artificial intelligence is adopting stereotypes about the role of women and how a lack of diversity can have a tremendous impact on the success of AI technologies.
March 30, 2021
#1 Why Everyone Talks about AI with Seymour Duncker (Mindscale, MIT)
What is AI and how will it change our future? Seymour Duncker, Fellow of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Policy for the World, Founder of iCharts and CEO of gives us an Introduction to AI in this very first episode on AI LITERACY.
February 28, 2021
Anna-Regina Entus and Victoria Rugli invite you to join them on their journey to discovering the world of AI.
February 14, 2021