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Aik Kahani | Ahmed Nay Jub Sochna Seekha.

Aik Kahani | Ahmed Nay Jub Sochna Seekha.

By Aik Kahani
Become a Paid Subscriber: Welcome to Aik Kahani, here you will find Urdu audio stories developed for all ages but especially for children from ages 7 to 12, one of the most important stages of our lives where what we learn, do and act upon stays with us until the end, so it's much better to learn the good things earlier. Aik Kahani can help kids differentiate between the useful and the useless that can affect the growth of a child and help them learn values through mental activities that will make them smart, productive and helpful individuals and adults. "Ahmed Nay Jub Sochna Seekha" is a first step from Aik Kahani.
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Ahmed Nay Jub Sochana Seekha | Trailer
When Ahmed learned to think, everything changed. Ahmed Nay Jub Sochna Seekha or Anjss is an Urdu audio series that explores the life of a 7 year old boy living with his mother and father in Karachi Pakistan. The series aims to provide a fresh approach for the younger generation to live purposeful lives. Check out more at
September 26, 2021