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Mad Yogi Mindset Shifts

Mad Yogi Mindset Shifts

By Aileen David
In our Mad Yogi Mindset Shifts Podcast, we aim to deconstruct and demystify yoga, it's philosophies and preconceptions. We will shift from what are actually judgmental and cliquey mindsets to more open, kind and compassionate least, that's the invitation I extend to you.

We will also peel off all the airy-fairy and woowoo layers that tend to cover our rational, critical thinking that lend to the aforementioned cliquey mindset that pervades the yoga practice.

Join me on Wednesdays here on Anchor or on your favourite Podcast platform.

Enjoy #YogawithouttheWoo! 💙 Aileen
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On Ditching the New Year's Resolution
Welcome to the new year! Question: have you done your New Year’s Resolution yet? Here’s a wacky and radical idea: DON’T! In this episode, I offer you a mindset shift that will, hopefully, make reaching your goals (hint, that’s one of the key words in the podcast) more achievable…and if not, how you can manage the emotions and the thoughts that come with that. The podcasts are also available in the Listening Room on and you can send me your questions via the contact for (website) or as a comment on our Facebook page (Aileen David – Mad Yogi) & group (Mad Yogi Tribe). 🔎 #madyogi #onlineyogarooms #onlineyogaclasses #yogavideos #yogaondemand #freeyoga #deconstructingyoga #demystifyingyoga #yogamindset #nowoowooyoga #noairyfairyyoga #nofluffyoga #practicalyoga #practicalyogamindsets #relatableyoga #yogaatanyage #affordableyoga #modernyogi #practicalandrelatableyoga #atheistcommunity #yogaforatheists #yogaforagnostics #yogawithoutthespirituality #beliefneutralyogaspace #mindsetshift #mindsetpodcast #madyogipodcast
January 19, 2021
On the Gift of Boredom
In this episode, we talk about the opportunities that boredom can provide us if we are willing to shift our mindsets. A little late for the holiday season (relative to some of the copy/script), but the mindset shift is always relevant, and I hope will help you at any time of the year. We apply two of my favourite topics – growth and rest – and how we can use boredom for both. The podcasts are also available in the Listening Room on and you can send me your questions via the contact for (website) or as a comment on our Facebook page (Aileen David – Mad Yogi) & group (Mad Yogi Tribe). -- 🔎 #madyogi #onlineyogarooms #onlineyogaclasses #yogavideos #yogaondemand #freeyoga #deconstructingyoga #demystifyingyoga #yogamindset #nowoowooyoga #noairyfairyyoga #nofluffyoga #practicalyoga #practicalyogamindsets #relatableyoga #yogaatanyage #affordableyoga #modernyogi #practicalandrelatableyoga #atheistcommunity #yogaforatheists #yogaforagnostics #yogawithoutthespirituality #beliefneutralyogaspace #mindsetshift #mindsetpodcast #fridaylives #madyogipodcast
January 12, 2021
On Rediscovering Yourself in Supported Poses
Hello and a Happy New Year to all!  In this episode, we go through how we can rediscover ourselves when confronted with poses that challenge us.  Now, the "challenge" of a pose isn't always about how deep or how swanky we can go into them!  In my classes, I always remind my practitioners that yoga asana (pose) and vinyasa (flow) isn't all about the pose nor the flow!  Mostly, it is about what is happening in our psycho-emotional spaces.  And therein lies the deeper challenge, specially when our body asks for easier modifications. Enjoy!
January 5, 2021
On Enlightenment
It's Christmas at the time of uploading this episode and I thought the topic of ENLIGHTENMENT is so apt for the season and for the (hopefully) wake of Covid. Have a listen to the different, accessible and non-airy fairy paths to an achievable state of enlightenment.  My gift to you this holiday season.
December 23, 2020
On Mistakes & Rediscovering Ourselves
I wear my heart out on my sleeve in this podcast as I admit that I've made mistakes!  But I also share how I grew out of these mistakes and gave myself the opportunity for rediscovery; and this is what I invite you to do as well.  Let's shift our mindsets from self-judgement and wallowing in that mistake to use it as fertilizer for growth and revitalising our psycho-emotional state.
December 15, 2020
On Fear & Meditation
There are two kinds of fear – one that keeps you safe and one that hold you back.  We’ll also pare back what meditation is and how to use this to manage fear.  Explore fear and meditation with me in this episode of our Mindset Shifts. 💙 Enjoy! Aileen 💙 #madyogi #doshavinyasayoga #onlineyogarooms #onlineyogaathome #yogawithoutthewoo #madyogimindsetshifts #onlineyogaclasses #onlineyogavideos #freeyogaclassesonline #homeyoga #deconstructedyoga #demystifiedyoga #yogapractice #yogamindset #nowoowooyoga #noairyfairyyoga #practicalyoga #practicalyogamindsets #relatableyoga #metime #yogaatanyage #affordableyoga #modernyogi #practicalandrelatableyoga #fridaylives #fidaymadyogilives #fear #managingfears #fearandmeditation
December 8, 2020
On Gratitude
Gratitude is NOT a tick box!  Nor is it a meme, a post or a comment.  It is a way of thinking, an acceptance, and a thankfulness.  Have a listen to what I mean.
December 1, 2020
On Rest & Reconnecting
The idea of "just" being at home, specially in 2020 can be deceptive.  The home should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation; a sanctuary.  Covid-19, home-bound illness or any situation that hinders our ability to enjoy the home as a place of rest can trigger the opposite.  The home then becomes a place of stress for our psycho-emotional state as well as our physical state.  In this podcast, I offer some mindsets that will, hopefully, help us recognise when this happens and help us create a restful home by reconnecting with sources of joy.
November 25, 2020
On Recognising Your Value in the Small Stuff
In our first Mad Yogi Podcast, we're talking about finding our happiness, sense of being grounded and centered in the small, simple and everyday activities to help boots our emotions and positivity in trying times.
November 17, 2020