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AIM 101

AIM 101

By AIM101
This is the podcast on Aeronautical Information Management, Aeronautical Cartography and PANS OPS. Just starting out
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AIM for a Virtual Meetup - Global AIM 2021
"AIM for a Virtual Meetup - Global AIM 2021" that's the topic of this episode in the AIM 101 podcast "Bringing a different perspective about AIM" my name is Antonio Locandro and welcome to the show Website mentioned: IFAIMA Virtual Global AIM 2021 (
May 04, 2021
The 5 things I wished for better eAIP use
In this episode I just go over some things I wish were done with the eAIP to make it better and more useful not only for users but for publishing AIM staff, I talk about how I would like some changes in eAIP HTML structure to make it more responsive, AIM publishing datasets starting as complements not replacement of tables including the fact that it doesn't need to be AIXM 5.1+ to start but even a CSV will do, Digital downloads and embedded user feedback You can follow my personal website and blog where you can post comments and feedback Enjoy!
April 27, 2021
The Eternal NOTAM
In this episode I am talking about "The Eternal NOTAM", those NOTAM that seem to live forever or for more than they are supposed to be, continuing on what was started in the ICAO Global Campaign on NOTAM Improvement (NOTAM2021)
April 20, 2021
EPISODE 0004 20190202 Data Validation And Verification
Data Validation and Verification
February 02, 2019
EPISODE 0003 20180505 Random Thoughts On AIM
Just some random thoughts about Aeronautical Cartography and AIM
May 06, 2018
EPISODE 002 20180417 Practical Tips Transition AIXM
5 practical tips to migrate to AIXM 5.1+ from my perspective and experience
April 19, 2018
EPISODE 0001 20180407 The Beginning
Episode 1 of the AIM 101 Podcast, me just saying why this podcast was made, a little bit about IFAIMA and the Global AIM Santo Domingo forum and a few comments on AIM
April 07, 2018