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Ep 01 Why Make Friends With Your Child's SN Professionals

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Aimée helps parents who, like her, have children with SEN. She helps them become empowered & their child’s most successful Advocate
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More places to listen

CEO Ep23 Talking Medical Cannabis with Hannah Deacon from Alfie’s Hope
Because of Hannah's heartbreak, determination and hope, she made it possible for her son, Alfie, to become the first person in the UK to be legally prescribed full spectrum medical cannabis to control his epilepsy and give him and his family back some quality of life. If it wasn't for Hannah, it's likely the outcome for Alfie would have been fatal.  You can contact her with any questions you might have on this topic and you can stay up to date on Alfie and her campaign work by following her on her Facebook page, Alfies Hope, on Twitter with the handle @Hanseizuremum and in instagram on alfies_hope
July 17, 2019
CEO Ep22 All Things Sensory Processing with expert OT Ann Huc
Todays episode is a great source of information on all things Sensory Processing. I am joined by Occupational Therapist, Ann Huc, Co-Director of Links Therapy in the UK.  Ann kindly answered questions from listeners of the Podcast and my online community. Check it out for topics such as proprioception, interception, sensory diets, sensory avoiders, getting the balance right and the connection between sensory processing and emotional regulation.  Check Ann and her team out at 
July 3, 2019
CEO Ep 21. Can Women Really Do It All?
This week has been totally manic and exhausting. For those of you who follow me on my Facebook Page, Aimee Mann Mentoring for Special Needs, you will know that Freddie has been to hospital for eye surgery so its been full on. He's recovering well now which is great. So, with that in mind, I knew I wouldn't have time to record a new Podcast episode but I really wanted to stay in touch and provide you with some new listening. I was recently invited to have a conversation with Clay Lowe on the Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast. With Clays permission, I'm going to share that conversation here because it is so relevant. Episode 137 of the Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast addresses the question, Can Women Really Do It All? This is a topic close to my heart and Clay hears me bang on about it all the time so he thought we should talk about it. It's even more important to me now that I have a child with SEND. It's so much harder to balance it all, appointments, hospital admissions, partner, children, after school clubs, finding time for me and for me and Ollie as a couple plus everything else life involves.  Being a SEND Parent adds so many extra challenges to your mental capacity dealing with the load and depletes your time even more. How do we have it all and is it possible?  Thanks for listening. Catch you next time.
June 28, 2019
CEO Ep 20 Advocacy Skills. How To Plan Well Formed Outcomes with Aimée and Clay Lowe
On this weeks podcast, I'm joined by my great friend and mentor Clay Lowe. He is an expert coach, advocate for social learning and a self confessed learning geek and performance hacker.  We go deeper into the skills of state and how to prepare yourself when going into meetings with your kiddos professionals and how to plan those all important well formed outcomes to help make every meeting or phone call a success.  You can find Clay at: on Facebook by searching Clay Lowe and Coach Clay, on Twitter using the handle @soulcruzer and you can sign up for his newsletter
June 19, 2019
CEO Ep 19 Aimée and Her Husband Ollie Talk About The Challenges Of Parenting A Child They Kind Of Didn't Expect
CEO Ep 19 Aimée and Her Husband Ollie Talk About The Challenges Of Parenting A Child They Kind Of Didn't Expect.  My special guest this week is Ollie, my Husband. I asked if he would be up for coming on the show to share his perspective on some of the challenges we have faced together since my 20 week scan all the way through to Freddie just turning 8 years old. How parenting a child with Special Needs and Disabilities has challenged us more that we ever expected and how we cope now.  We didn't pre-script the show so you'll have to take us as you find us - just as we are.  Hope you enjoy the show. Any feedback or questions are always welcome. Either drop me a line here at the podcast or by email at
June 12, 2019
CEO Ep 18 PTSD in SEND Parents.
CEO Ep 18 PTSD & Depression in SEND Parents. Don't feel guild or shame, this is a real thing for parents of children with needs.  My email: Link to book the live workshop on June 6th 2019 Link to enrol on my Get Your Voice Heard online learning course. Jolene Philo
June 5, 2019
CEO Ep 17 #SENDnationalcrisis
Here in the UK we are at crisis point with funding to help support and educate our children and young people. This Thursday in the UK, (thats May 30th 2019 if you’re listening in the future) thousands of parents, children, teaching staff and supporters will be marching or holding events to support the movement which is the SEND National Crisis. Some of the links I mention in this episode are:  SEND National Crisis Facebook Page Becoming by Michelle Obama Dan White on Twitter @Danwhite1972 My online learning course, Get Your Voice Heard,
May 29, 2019
CEO Ep 16 Holiday Interlude
CEO 16 Holiday Interlude. A quick message to you with some thoughts about our family holiday. Seeing my future, the challenges and fun.
May 23, 2019
CEO 15 SEND Dad's and Their Mental Health
“57% of men with mental health problems are parents” @wccpublichealth via twitter. I haven't found any research yet to tell me what percentage of those Dads have a child with disabilities but I'm guessing it's pretty high. Share with your male partners and any Dads out there caring for kiddos with special needs and disabilities.  
May 15, 2019
CEO Ep 14 How To Win Over Defensive Professionals
Many times, the people who you find it hard to build a good working relationship with are really defensive and don’t like to be criticised. They feel criticised even when what you’re saying to them isn’t personal to them or their performance. Find out how to win them over and achieve all you need to for your child. 
May 7, 2019
CEO Ep 13 Mine and Freddie's Story
I thought I should go back a little step or two and tell you a bit more about mine and Fredie's story and how I came to be doing the work I do in the world now. I hope you enjoy this little switch up from the weekly content you are used to. I'll record some more personal ones like this intermittently so keep an eye out. Take care until next week. Ax
April 30, 2019
CEO Ep 12 Telling Your Story: Getting Professionals To Buy Into Your Child‘s Story
CEO Ep 12 Telling Your Story: Getting Professionals To Buy Into Your Child‘s Story
April 12, 2019
CEO EP 11. Mindset - Finding The Courage for Parents of Children with SEND
CEO Ep 11 Mindset - Finding The Courage for Parents of Children with SEND. Mindset is the difference between allowing other people to disrupt and upset you and choosing to let go of the pain. Mindset is the difference between the fixed, pass or fail and the growth, yet or not yet. Understanding Mindset can give you strategies to protect yourself with the ever more demanding challenges of loving and raising a child with SEND. Check out the inspirational and enlightening book Mindset by Carol Dweck.
April 4, 2019
CEO Ep 10. Chronic Sorrow in Parents of Children with SEND. What it all means.
CEO Ep 10. “Chronic Sorrow is the presence of recurring intense feelings of grief in the lives of parents or caregivers with children who have chronic health conditions.” Health conditions, learning difficulties, any type of disability or additional needs
March 28, 2019
CEO Ep 09 Taking Back Precious Time: Getting Organised
With everything we as parents of children with additional needs have to do and be responsible for, it's no wonder we are often exhausted and overwhelmed. The to do lists are endless and the commitments never ending. In this episode, I'm sharing some of my strategies to getting organised and better prepared. When I manage my life in this way, it enables me to take back a little more time and not be stretched to the limit each and every day. Now it' your turn.  
March 21, 2019
CEO Ep 08 Parental Burnout: How To Cope As Parents of SEND Children
CEO Ep 08 Parental Burnout: How To Cope As Parents of SEND Children
March 14, 2019
CEO Ep 07 Anxiety, Self Care and Resilience for the SEND Parent.
CEO Ep 07 Anxiety, Self Care and Resilience. Self care is vital for parents of kiddos with SEND. Join me for top tips to help you.
March 7, 2019
CEO Ep 06 Living with a rare diagnosis, the uncertainty it brings and the joy of finding your tribe
CEO Ep 06. What it means when you are one of less than one in a million. Rare Disease Day 2019
February 27, 2019
CEO Ep 05 Building Our SEND Community
Special Needs Social Network Members Community
February 12, 2019
CEO Ep 04 How To Advocate Successfully For Your Child
My Top 5 Tips To Help You Advocate Successfully For Your Child’s Special Needs.
February 5, 2019
CEO Ep 03 How To Keep Your Relationship Strong
Ep 03 How to keep your relationship strong when caring for a child with Special Needs
January 28, 2019
CEO Ep 02 When You're In Hospital & Have To Leave Your Child
CEO Ep 02 When You're In Hospital And Have To Leave Your Child
January 22, 2019
Ep 01 Why Make Friends With Your Child's SN Professionals
Why You Should Make Friends With Your Child’s Special Needs Professionals.
January 15, 2019
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