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Follow Your Soul's Calling

Follow Your Soul's Calling

By Aimey G
You have a tugging deep inside telling you, you are meant for something bigger. Whether you know what the thing is or not, we work together to uncover it and get you taking inspired action.

Join me each week as my guest and I dig into and uncover relatable issues within their business and life.

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How to talk so your clients can find you

Follow Your Soul's Calling

My Content Just Isn't Landing
Today's guest Mary-Anne works with horse and is a bit of a horse whisperer.  She takes a holistic approach when it comes to them.   She puts out content consistently but feels like her content is not landing with her potential clients.   Listen in as we discuss her current strategy and how she can tweak small things to make the connection more solid for her clients.  
December 06, 2021
Self Worth in Business
We have all got caught up in a result whether it's for a client result or the result of sales calls. That is exactly what today's guest Leslie is experiencing.   She is allowing the results, of all the things, dictate her self worth especially when she is in a famine time in her business. Listen in as we discuss how she can look at her business and the results of clients differently so that she can thrive in her business.   
November 29, 2021
Standing out on social media
The story as old as time... How can I find my clients? We have to go back to what you are doing to show up and make sure your message is clear. Listen in as I talk with Tateisha about how to hone in her message so her clients can hear her over all the noise of the internet. If you feel this way you are not going to want to miss this.  The questions that Tateisha you can ask yourself about your business.
November 22, 2021
Leading In A Different Way
Today's guest Katie has been called to be a leader, however she can't see herself doing things the way all the big guys in the industry do them. She has experience without all the certification and wants to make a difference with individuals that don't understand money. Katie struggles with being her quirky self and not living up to the expectations other might put on her for not following the same as those who have come before her.   Listen in as we navigate what her vision is and how to work around the things that are ultimately her superpowers.
November 15, 2021
When showing up is causing stress
Danielle, Life Coach and Author of Rising Phoenix, has is feeling the pressure of feeling like she needs to be everywhere and on every platform.  This is causing stress in her business and not allowing her to show up in all her glory.  If you have ever felt the pressure to be in all the places you are not going to want to miss this episode. Listen in as we discuss way to solve this problem and how to show up more confidently in your business.
November 13, 2021
Gaining Clarity To Take Action
The ideas swimming around in your head are all over the place.  But where do you begin? Meet today's guest Amanda,  she has an animal therapy business and is expanding into business coaching and recently opened a co-working space. Even though she has a successful business, having someone help her sift through all the noise swimming around in her head is exactly what she needed. Sometimes to gain the clarity we need to move forward, we need someone who understands and can ask us the right questions.  That is exactly what we did. Listen in on the process I used with Amanda to cut through the clutter in her head and become clear on her vision so she could take inspired action.
November 08, 2021
Dream vs. Reality
Do you have an idea but it seems so big you don't even know where to begin? Or maybe it's so big you don't think it could be done. If so you are in good company with today's guest Nyree. She has been having a hard time distinguishing the "dream" of her business idea with what the "reality" can be. Listen in as we break down her dream and make it into more manageable steps so that she can see how her dream can become reality.
November 01, 2021
Multi-Passionate Without Structure
Today's guest Tricia is an Author of When Wishes Changes, among so many other things.   She has so much passion in her life but after leaving Corporate America she has struggled with being productive and carving out a structure that works for her.  After being in a structure environment she finds herself getting distracted easily with daily tasks around the house and getting everything she would like to get done, done. Listen in as we talk about all the amazing things she has going on and how she can balance them to be productive and fulfilled.
October 29, 2021
It Used To Give Me Life
Do you have something that you absolutely love about your business but feel like it gets pushed to the back burner for things that are harder and more stressful. Then when it's time to do the things you love you are drained and can't even think about what to do? This is exactly what I go into with my guest, Kerry on this weeks podcast. Listen in and hear the ideas we were able to come up with to help her overcome the drain and disappointment of not being able to do the things she enjoyed the most in her business.
October 25, 2021
Who Am I to lead others?
Have you ever felt like "who am I to start this business"? Who am I to guide/lead anyone? The feelings of being an imposter? That is exactly how Shelia felt. Ya'll when I say this is a powerful session, it definitely was.  Shelia is so relatable and the emotion and rawness that she shared is so inspiring.  She started her business years ago but had to take a step back.  The struggle to step back into her business was so real.  And there is no shortage of imposter syndrome. But baby steps.......
October 18, 2021
How to talk so your clients can find you
I can't find clients!! One of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST problems business owners have, is finding their clients.   What it really boils down to is finding your voice, so your clients can hear you. So what exactly does that mean and how do you find your voice? Listen in as I talk with today's guest Cheri. We dive into her struggle to find clients. How shifting her mindset has given her a rejuvenated outlook. Give her a model to use anytime her mindset tries to sabotage her business
August 23, 2021
Is your stategy working for or against you?
Join me on today's episode as I talk with Zoe.  Zoe is a new entrepreneur who is working through the all too common struggle of strategically promoting her business and building it in way that suits her.   Most of us have started our business by following the crowd in ways of promoting our business.  But this isn't necessarily the best way as our guest soon finds out.   Listen as we talk thought rethinking Zoe's strategy and even how she wants to grow her business. 
August 16, 2021
Commitment issues holding you back
Hannah has done several things in her life but hasn't found "the one". She has several great business ideas. The problem is she is having a hard time committing to any one idea because of the story she is telling herself. Listen in as I ask questions that allow her to; discover this story, change it, and discover exactly what she wants to do You are not going to want to miss this episode.
August 09, 2021
Mindset causing you to procrastination?
Why am I procrastinating so much in my business?   I'm not showing up like I want to, but I continue to put off the things I need to do.  If you have every thought this way then you can relate to today's guest Renate.  She finds herself procrastinating in her business and when she puts out an offer she does not receive the response she would like. Listen in and hear how Renate shifts her mindset throughout our conversation so that she can show up powerfully for herself, set boundaries and stop procrastinating.
August 02, 2021
I want to be on the big stage but how do I get there?
Do you have a desire to do something big but it feels so far away that the though of it keeps you paralyzed? Meet Michelle, she is a successful business strategist & coach and wants to bring her message to the big stage and become a speaker.  Listen in as we talk and I help Michelle shift her mindset of fear of success and wanting to be big but subconsciously playing small to ready to take the step to accomplish her goal. 
July 26, 2021
Traveling with Ease
Do you like to travel but hate planning your stops along the way. Maybe you want to travel off the beaten path. If so, today will be a treat for you. Listen as I help Taranjit unfold her business idea. Taranjit love you drive and love taking trips together. That's were their business idea was born.
July 20, 2021
From Confusion to Clarity
Do you know you are meant for so much more but haven't been able to shift through what that means for you?  That is exactly where today's guest Stephanie was when we started today's episode.  She knew she wanted to help people and by the end of the episode she had a plan and a date to launch her plan.   It's okay to know you were meant for more and not know exactly what it looks like for you.  What's not okay is sitting back and letting life pass you by.  So how are you going to step into who you are meant to be?  Get out of your own way, make a plan and take action.  
July 12, 2021
How social media can hurt
Have you ever looked at social media and instantly wondered why things weren't better for you?  Why is their business more successful than mine? Why does their life look so perfect? The truth is social media is the highlight reel to our lives.  Most people do not come to it sharing the real life dirty details.  Listen as I talk with Zali today about ways to change her mindset and live life how she has always imagined, instead of how we think we should according to other people's highlight reels. 
July 05, 2021
Say's Who?
Today I ask my guest Phoebe, "Say's Who"?   Are you passionate about something but think just because you're not an expert you can't do it?  Do you have the thought that you have to be perfect before anyone will take you seriously? That's what my guest, Phoebe and I talk about today on this episode of Turning Your Trash Into Treasure.  I want you to ask yourself a serious question.  Say's who? I mean really, who says you have to do it that way?  Listen in to find out how Phoebe and I work though this question in her life.
June 28, 2021
Setting Healthy Boundaries in Business
Have you let the needs of your clients trump your business and your own well being?  Or have you ever let the fear of failure hold you back from pivoting your business?  Listen as I talk, our guest today, Bri through these trials in her business.  Grab a pen, paper, something to drink and get ready for these gems that are being dropped. 
June 21, 2021
Sticks and Stones
Have you ever felt like no one ever understood you?  That everyone looks at you like a freak?  Have you ever been told just pretend to be a different person?  Or maybe you've been told, " What you're going through is just a phase".   That is exactly the case with todays guest Sasha.  Sasha has been told to change who she was for the comfort of other people and made to feel guilty by those closest to her.  Listen as we discuss what has unfolded in her life and some resolution she has gained from our conversation. 
June 14, 2021
When you are multi passionate
Join me this week as we talk with our guest Mary-Catherine.  She has been a registered dietician for over 6 years and had her own business coaching women for over a year but feels stuck and knows she has the ability to do bigger things in her business.  Listen as we discuss her vision and how she feels stuck in making that happen.  That's not all.... wait till she adds in her second which way should she go is a question she is plagued with.    
June 07, 2021
Current Profession Leaving You Unfulfilled
On today's episode our guest was beginning to feel the drain of her current profession as a pasty chef.  After putting her heart and soul into it she began to feel unfulfilled.  Then her grandmother got sick and hospice was called in.  The hospice nurses were so helpful and showed comfort and compassion to her and her family.....and a spark was lit. Listen as I talk with our guest about getting her spark back and thinking outside the box. 
June 01, 2021
Run if you want, but they will still find you
You can run as fast and as far away from you want, but those feelings are going to catch up to you.  Today's guest found that out the hard way.  After dealing with death, addiction and an elderly mother she felt like her only option was to run away.  Listen as we discuss different perspectives and how to handle life when it throws you curve balls.
May 25, 2021
From Paralyzing Anxiety to Actually Living
What if you woke up one day and had so much anxiety that couldn't even bare to answer the phone let alone go to work?  That's what happened to today's guest.  She always suffered from anxiety but one day she woke up realizing that things had spun so far out of control.  Listen as I talk to her about different coping strategies and how she was able to get her life back.  
May 17, 2021
Suppression Doesn't Mean Deletion
Join me on this weeks episode when we talk to our guest Melinda.  As a teacher, she didn't realize just how hard she would be hit by a book she was reading with her students this year.  During our talk we dig into the events from her past and how they are effecting her now.  We also talk about tips to change her mindset when she encounters resistance.   
May 10, 2021
When infidelity takes away your feelings of worthiness
When infidelity struck Ashley's marriage it left her feeling worthless.  Join us as we talked about how this effected her feelings of worthiness in marriage and her business.  As we discussed how she would set prices for services and then discount them having proof that the clients would pay her original fee.  
May 03, 2021
Are you dealing with imposter syndrome?
Join me as I talk with Nicole.  As her business has grown she can't help but feel like she is an imposter.  As we examine where this started, she realizes it's something she has dealt with most of her life.  Can you relate to the feelings of being an imposter in your business?  If so, have a listen and see if some of the things we talked about during our talk could help you.  
April 26, 2021