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Ai Nerd

Ai Nerd

By Thomas Helfrich
AI WITH ATTITUDE. Indeed. A fun podcast that replaces formality with humor, original thought, and just a sparkle of ADD.
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Chip Wagner, CEO ISG Automation, Breaks The Internet While Interviewing With Ai Nerd. Crushed It.

Ai Nerd

Datamatics Is An Intelligent Automation Leader WIth An Innovative Approach To Automating Complexity
In this interview with industry-leading Datamatics' SVP - Rajesh Agarwal, we discuss the Intelligent Automation industry, its challenges, and its innovative technology and approach to automating processes.  We also discuss how AI should be leveraged in process automation to both automate and augment humans to go faster and smarter.   #intelligentautomation #automation #rpa #roboticprocessautomation #idp #ocr #ia #ai #trubot #truai #datamatics #ainerd #aiwithattitude
December 3, 2020
Sudsy Monchik, Greatest Racquetball Player Ever? What's Next?
Sudsy Monchik discusses his rise to the top of the professional racquetball tour, the injuries that stopped his ascent, an triumphant rebound to win national doubles in 2018, and what's next in his life.  Also - how did he end up in Ecuador? #sudsymonchik #racquetball #IRT #ainerd #aiwithattitude Keep Racquetball Great
December 1, 2020
The Power of the Global, On-Demand Talent and Gig Economy - with Barry Matthews, Founder Re-Source
Barry Matthews discusses with Ai Nerd the way the future will work leveraging the global, on demand talent pool known.  Also known as the gig economy.
November 18, 2020
Chip Wagner, CEO ISG Automation, Breaks The Internet While Interviewing With Ai Nerd. Crushed It.
This is EXACTLY why ISG Automation is leading the intelligent automation wave. Chip Wagner, CEO ISG Automation, Interviews with Ai Nerd.  We talk about the intelligent automation market, RPA, and their strategic acquisition of Nueralify.  A few other fun topics get in there as well.  Enjoy
October 23, 2020
Why you should use an attorney to start a tech startup.
Ai Nerd interviews startup attorney, Mary Hodges of, to discuss the essentials of starting a tech company and why hiring an attorney is not only affordable, it will save you incredible time and money in the future.  Topics: Entity Structure (LLC vs C-Corp) Founder Equity Protecting IP Forms, Forms and More Forms Biggest mistakes to avoid
October 8, 2020