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Airport Wild!

Airport Wild!

By Loomacres Wildlife Management
Welcome to Airport Wild! Brought to you by Loomacres Wildlife Management. Join us as we discuss tips, tactics and do a few gear reviews to help you bring your Wildlife Management to a Higher Level.

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Episode 015 - The Tech and Technique behind Binoculars with Vortex Optics
We sit down with Jimmy Hamilton of Vortex Optics. A 12 year veteran of the company and optics, Jimmy is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of Binoculars. Jimmy and I discuss what makes a binocular tic, and what you should be thinking about the next time you check out some Binos online or at your local optics counter
September 11, 2020
Episode 014: Talking Grace and Working Dogs with Wildlife Biologist Brooke Morgan and Brett Jacobson
We were able to sit and talk dog work on an airfield with Loomacres employees Brooke Morgan and Brett Jacobson. We talk Idaho fisheries, Golden Retrievers for airport work and just have a great conversation overall
August 26, 2020
Episode 013: Trail Cameras with Janet Pesaturo
Today, Cody and I are able to sit down with Janet Pesaturo as she shares her knowledge of trail cameras and their usage. We swap tips, tricks and insights to help you gain more knowledge and more usage out of your trail cameras at your home or airport.   For a copy of Janet's book, check out the link below:
August 12, 2020
Episode 012 - Margo Supplies with Jared Marley
Today we were able to catch up with Jared Marley at Margo Supplies. Vendors of pyrotechnics and other wildlife management supplies. You can find them at
July 29, 2020
Episode 011 - Coyote Control with Josh Hite, Clint Johnson and Cody Basiuska
Josh, Clint and Cody join us in a round table discussion about coyote control on an airfield environment. Between lethal immediate removal trapping and habitat management, we skim the surface of coyote behavior and control while sharing insights and more than a few laughs
June 30, 2020
Episode 010 - Wildlife Hazard Management Risk Assessment Tool aka WHaMRAT with Russ DeFusco
In this episode, we discuss WHaMRAT with one of its contributors, Mr. Russ DeFusco. Russ sits with us and goes over the program in detail and we discuss it's merits in helping the aviation community to better their understanding of the wildlife hazards and risks surrounding their airfields.   A link to the ACRP 145 PDF file:
June 10, 2020
Episode 009 - Pyrotechnics with Barthell Joseph of Reed Joseph International
Today we sit down with Barthell Joseph of the Reed-Joseph International company, importers and distributors of Pyrotechnics in the United States and discuss pyrotechnics in an aviation setting. We also are giving away our first piece of Review Swag! Make sure and give us a review and you can get a chance for your own!
May 27, 2020
Episode 008: Advisory Circular 150/5200-33C with Amy Anderson
Sit down with us as we finish our discussion about Advisory Circular 150/5200-33C with FAA Wildlife Biologist Amy Anderson
April 2, 2020
Episode 007: Advisory Circular 150/5200-38 with Amy Anderson, FAA Airport Biologist
Listen in as we sit down with Amy Anderson, a Wildlife Biologist with the FAA as we go over Advisory Circular 150/5200-38. This is a two-parter as we also discussed AC-33C, but that episode will come out in a couple days. 
March 31, 2020
Episode 006: PCP Air Rifles with Jim Walton
Join us as we discuss PCP Air Rifles with Jim Walton, an expert in the field who gets more trigger time in a days work than most of use get in a year
March 17, 2020
Episode 005: Getting Buzzy About Drones with Brandon Guillot
In this episode, we go over drones with Brandon Guillot in Little Rock Arkansas. Laughs are had as we discuss drones and how to fly them, and dive into some of the legal hoops we have to fly through and other punny jargon associated with these plastic psuedo-fowl
March 3, 2020
Episode 004: Habitat Management with Bill Antonides
 Hello Everyone And welcome to today’s episode of the Airport Wild! Podcast As always, I’m your host Jesse Warner In Today’s episode, we recently got the chance  to sit down and talk with Bill Antonides of Gander Island Consulting Services, And discuss  habitat management in an Airport Setting We cover topics such as: Why Habitat Management is Important on an Airport as well as cover Some of the Nuances of Habitat Management, such as Edge and Synergistic Effects, and why you should be mindful of them in your management This info and More on Today’s Airport Wild!  
July 31, 2019
Episode 003: Snarge and Snarge Collection
In Episode 3, we go over what Snarge is, what it means and what to do with it! Watch the video here: Follow us on facebook;
July 3, 2019
Episode 002: Resources for Bird ID'ing
An Introductory episode into some of the resources available to help Identify bird species around you! We touch on using Old School guide books, and like everything, we show that there's an app for that!
July 3, 2019
Episode 001: Binoculars and Bird Guides
In this, the inaugural episode of the Airport Wild! Podcast, we will be discussing and breaking down binoculars so that you, the listener can make an informed choice about what binoculars can best suit your needs. We will also be discussing Bird Identification tools in brief, and a couple others things that everyone should have in their bare bones bird bag to start bringing Wildlife Management to a Higher Level.
December 27, 2018