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The TWENTIES Podcast

The TWENTIES Podcast

By Aisha Williams
The TWENTIES Podcast gives you 20/20 vision to all life throws at you in your twenties: the good, the bad and the ugly. Join me, Aisha Williams as I navigate my twenties talking to real people about real topics/stories. Expect candid conversation on taboo topics such as loss & stories of the amazing things people do in their twenties. Were all finding our feet, let’s do it together. If you have a story to share/ would like to discuss a topic that’s affected you in your twenties, or for general enquiries or feedback, please email
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Ep 10: Anorexia ft. Sarah Loftus

The TWENTIES Podcast

Ep 19: TORA-LILY: The Brand That Blew Up ft. Tiger-Lily
Tiger-Lily only started her clothing brand, TORA-LILY, 9 months ago but already the bold prints and striking cuts have caught the attention of stars like Bella Hadid and demanded over 20k followers. Yesterday, Kourtney Kardashian posted a pic in a TORA-LILY bikini… hear us speak it into existence and learn all about Tiger’s journey to now. Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @tigerlilybooth @toralily_ Host: @aishhwilliams
November 22, 2021
Ep 18: Black Hair and Beauty Standards ft. Feya Mattis & Ebu Okpalugo
Feya Mattis, Ebu Okpalugo and I discuss all things to do with our hair - whether that’s in its natural Afro, braids, relaxed, shaved... you name it, we’ve done it. We share our hair struggs & loves… How comfortable are we with our hair out? Why is it such an effort? What even is having your hair ‘done’? We also discuss when we came into ourselves, whether we felt like an ideal of beauty in school and if we think beauty standards have changed now. Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guests: @bratlanice @ebubechi_o Host: @aishhwilliams
April 02, 2021
Ep 17: Are Romantic Relationships Essential for Growth? ft. Elijah Kellman
Join self professed lover of love & life coach, Elijah Kellman and I as we discuss love and relationships. Are romantic relationships essential for growth? Will we agree to disagree? Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: Host: @aishhwilliams
March 12, 2021
Ep 16: To Be, An Adoptee ft. Cece Búss
And were back! Cece Bûss chats with us about her life and experience of being an adoptee. Her perplexing story is one you’d never hear if you didn’t know to ask. Read Cece’s blog - Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @ceceldn Host: @aishhwilliams
February 19, 2021
Ep 15: New Year, New You (This Time) ft. Zoe Mallett
Happy New Year! We’re kick starting 2021 talking to the amazing certified life coach, Zoe Mallett. -Up to 23 minutes we discuss New Years Resolutions - can they sometimes be a negative thing? How do we positively and proactively set them? -Then from there we unpack 2 of your worries for 2021 (sent in by members of our community) Here’s to a better year for us all. Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @zm.l.c Host: @aishhwilliams
January 03, 2021
Ep 14: Food For Thought ft. Bonnie Robinson
The wonderfully talented food influencer, Bonnie Robinson aka @bonniedoesfood joins me on the pod. We sat by the fire with a glass of vino and chatted all about her page blowing up over lockdown, food, school, mental health, career paths and confidence! Once we started we couldn’t stop. Breakdown: -Up to 13:56 Bonnie tells the story of how her page started 😂 -Then from there she shares her strong beliefs on food -At 18:11 we discuss school, bullying, mental health & cooking for mindfulness -From 36:26 we chat about bad times in school veering you off a ‘career path’/ different definitions of success -Lastly at 46:11 Bonnie gives us some tips on growing your page & getting confident in the kitchen. Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @bonniedoesfood Host: @aishhwilliams
December 11, 2020
Ep 13: Start That Idea, Build That Brand! ft. Daisy Morris
Daisy Morris graces the Pod to share her knowledge with us! Daisy is a social media and digital marketing strategist & also runs The Selfhood - an Instagram platform where you can find lots of tips. Anyone sitting on an idea they want to start, anyone with a brand, freelancers and creatives - I would very much recommend listening to what she has to say as its free! -Up to 13:10 we chat about Daisy going freelance, clients, and the meaning of The Selfhood -Then from there, we talk about how to get an idea off the ground, brand direction, where to start on social media, tips for growth, posts and much more… -Then at 39:07 we talk struggles & keeping motivated/inspired Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @the_self_hood Host: @aishhwilliams
November 20, 2020
Ep 12: Performing Cats in Korea ft. Holly Willock
Holly Willock joins me all the way from Korea for episode 12. She fills me in on what it’s been like being on Cats The Musical’s International tour & we discuss how its all been possible despite not going to drama school… We touch on everything to do with trying to make it as an actress, living abroad for many months at a time and what life looks like for her over there. She even shares if she feels she missed out on being a teenager & if its true people in Korea think they’re real cats?! A great insight into the jazz hand world & a friendly reminder to support the Arts where you can. Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @hollywillock Host: @aishhwilliams
October 30, 2020
Ep 11: Influencer Life ft. Taylor Ward
Taylor Ward graces the podcast to chat to me about what its like to be an influencer with a large following in this Instagram crazed age. You’ll get to know the real life Taylor a bit more & get all the juicy info about what the rapidly growing industry is like to be a part of. I got an answer for absolutely everything so don’t worry, here’s a breakdown for you: -Up to 9:20 she explains how she got into influencing/ started growing her followers -Then from there we talk all things Real Housewives of Cheshire - fave housewife? Is it awkward when your mums fight? Is watching your mum get hate hard? -Then from 17:07 we chat about all things influencer - what’s the process when working with brands? is it bitchy? closest people in the industry? Do you google your captions? Money? -At 35:24 we talk Love island... -Finally from 40:16 we discuss all things that come with Instagram/being in the spotlight I.e. negative effects, surgery, editing & DMs This is not one to be missed. Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @taylorwardx Host: @aishhwilliams
September 25, 2020
Ep 10: Anorexia ft. Sarah Loftus
We’ve finally reached the 10th ep! Double figures bby! (we celebrate all wins) The lovely Sarah Loftus joins me all the way from Australia to tell me about her battle with the eating disorder, Anorexia. Sarah touched on how it all started, diagnosis, being a patient at The Priory, triggers, advice, exercise, orthorexia &more. I was so genuinely absorbed by this conversation & learnt that Anorexia has a lot more to it than you think. All thanks to Sarah who shared every part of her experience so well! Give it a listen! Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @str0ngnotskinnysarah Host: @aishhwilliams
August 30, 2020
Ep 9: Life After Uni, Mental Health & The Mind ft. HERD
Ep 9 is here and it’s time for an exciting collab! TTP x HERD. Join myself, Henry Duff and Oli Kriskinans, the founders of ‘HERD’ - a community-led news source, as we sit down for a chat about the dreaded transition from uni, job pressure, the different routes we’ve taken, mental health at uni/now, keeping the mind in check & more… What to expect: -Up to 26:50 we share the different routes we’ve taken (including going straight into a job, an internship & the creative route), things we now realise, our thoughts on interviews + more. -Then from there we chat about our mental health throughout and after uni, what we do to keep our minds in check (e.g. yoga, routine, headspace), and whether we need to be around others or alone to gather energy. This one is a relatable & reassuring chat for people who’ve already finished/are finishing uni in this weird, uncertain time. “Doors will open up for you… be open minded!” Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guests: @henryduf @olikriskinans from Host: @aishhwilliams
July 11, 2020
Ep 8: Let’s Talk About Racism: Family Monologues
A different episode in every use of the word. As the black community mourns another life taken unjustly by police brutality and racism in the US, a worldwide movement has been ignited and many of us are emotionally triggered. It is important not to forget that the UK is not innocent. Racism here is systematic and integrated; and subtle, covert racism is something we face everyday. This episode contains monologues of experiences of racism from some of my family members & myself. (In order of monologue) Lauren (33), Nathan (24), Jarryed (American, 30), Zoe (33), Kurtis (32), Aisha (21), Dionne (33) A very powerful episode. If you don’t see how racism is integrated into our society, this is definitely an ep for you. Listen & Learn. Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Host: @aishhwilliams
June 12, 2020
Ep 7: A Creative Centrepiece ft. Danny ‘Falz’ Fahey
Danny ‘Falz’ Fahey joins me on the pod via video call. Danny aka Fallacy chats to me about being a big hip-hop/ garage MC back in the day, signing an album deal at 21 with a major label and being in the game with the likes of MJ Cole, Roots Manuva, So Solid Crew and more. We also chat about how his twenties bought him to where he is today as the head of ‘Thirty Pound Gentleman’ (TPG) “a creative company with a social mission”, based in Manchester. What to expect... -In the first 23 minutes we chat about what initially got him into rap, his teens, how being a nightclub bouncer went hand in hand with music, what put him on the map in London & UK garage exploding. -Then at 23:24 we talk about signing with Virgin records, him knowing his career would be short lived, the impact of his album ‘Blackmarket Boy’, the success of Grime & racial profiling. -At 38:05 we talk about his perspective on his twenties and the problem with wanting success straight away in your twenties. -Finally, from 45:24 we talk about all things TPG- E.g. How he came to start it, the concept behind its name, the big difference between agencies and the work they do & projects. It’s a longer one than usual but that’s because Danny has LIVED – have a listen for some good stories! Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @thirtypoundgentleman Host: @aishhwilliams
May 24, 2020
Ep 5: A Depop Mogul ft. Yotti Wilkinson
Episode 5 has arrived and this time my mate Yotti Wilkinson picked up the phone. Yotti talks to me about her well-established & verified Depop, ‘Shop Yotts’ (Depop is an app for buying and selling clothes – it’s basically Instagram for clothes), which has over 36k followers that she hand-picks clothes for. As well as talking business, we chat about her big Instagram following, being signed to Wilhelmina models, and how she navigates life being born without one arm. We cover a lot, so here’s a slight breakdown: In the first 15 minutes we touch on whether she identifies as an influencer or a model and we chat about her experience with modelling. Then in the next 21 minutes we chat about all things Shop Yotts- She reveals how she built her following, where she gets the clothes from and how she keeps on top of everything. We also discuss how it was shooting a video for i-D. Finally, in the last 10 minutes we touch on how it’s been growing up with one arm, how she manages everyday tasks, and messages from “little shits”. Loved having this chat & I think you’ll love it too – give it a listen. Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @yottiwilkinson Host: @aishhwilliams
April 12, 2020
Ep 4: A Global Conservation Adventure ft. Billy Offland
The long-awaited episode 4 is here and were going on an adventure… This time I’m joined over facetime by Billy Offland; one of my friends trying to make a big difference in the world! Billy’s on a 2-year conservation journey travelling at breakneck speed around the globe, speaking to some of the best experts on the planet about the state of our planets biodiversity and witnessing what people are doing to help. He’s also documenting it all country by country via ‘Ramblings’ videos you can find on his Instagram page. There’s a lot we chat about so here’s a breakdown… In the first 28 minutes we cover everything to do with the journey he’s on, how he’s got to where he is and how people can make a difference. From there we talk about his experience with vlogging, editing and Instagram. Then from 38:30 we talk about travelling as a whole and he gives me some advice… ever wondered what 3 essential items are? Finally, at 45:40 we talk about the personal side of travelling alone and I ask, “do you ever get lonely?”     If this kind of stuff intimidates you or isn’t your usual listening pleasure, I get it, but give it a listen & learn about something you might skip over on a normal day. I feel so much better after this chat, and more motivated to save something I love! Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @billyoffland Host: @aishhwilliams
March 29, 2020
Ep 3: The Model World: A Real BTS ft. Freya Haworth
My model mate Freya Haworth graces the podcast to get real with us about what it’s really like to be a part of the highly idolized industry. Freya has been excelling in the model world so It’s a longer one than usual as I wanted to get answers to absolutely everything, but I’ll break it down for you… In the first half we cover her early days, rejection, agencies, jobs (Boohoo!), castings and Instagram control!!! Then in the second half we cover having to give up uni, a general day in the life, LA, working with other models & infuencers, body image, Victoria Beckham (shocking story), diversity, money and the best & worst thing about the industry. LISTEN PEOPLE She’s much more than just a pretty face our Freya ;) listen & find out for yourself! Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @freyahaworth Host: @aishhwilliams
February 16, 2020
Ep 2: Being Transgender ft. Oscar O’Sullivan
I’m joined by my very funny mate Oscar O’Sullivan who chats to me about being transgender and everything that comes with it. This is a conversation I’ve been excited to have for quite some time now and believe me it did not disappoint! It was such an engaging & interesting conversation and I was in stitches the whole way through. We touch on his life before transitioning, gender dysphoria, breaking the news, testosterone, surgery, relationships, why the name Oscar and SO MUCH MORE. Listen for a learn ‘n a laugh. *I now realise that I use the term body dysmorphia as opposed to gender dysphoria – body dysmorphia being very different to what we’re talking about, apologies. Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guest: @ozcarozullivan Host: @aishhwilliams
January 19, 2020
Ep 1: The Uplifting Topic of Loss ft. Eleanor Heath & Mimi Deas
I’m kicking off the series sitting down with two of my best mates Eleanor Heath and Mimi Deas who both lost a parent to cancer last year. Loss as the first episode you say? Depressing you say? Discussing loss doesn’t have to be all tears! And what better time to touch on it than Christmas time when people are reminded of their loved ones. This conversation is intended to break the awkward taboo around talking about loss and see what positives can be drawn from it. We touch on reactions to grief, how to get through something hard whilst away from home, learning curves and funny/awkward situations. I promise after listening you’ll feel more uplifted than depressed! Insta: @thetwentiespodcast Guests: @eleanorheath123 @mimideas Host: @aishhwilliams
December 23, 2019