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The AJ Roberts Show

The AJ Roberts Show

By AJ Roberts
Welcome to The AJ Roberts Show with British Army veteran, Executive Coach and Speaker, AJ Roberts. A personal and business development podcast where each week AJ brings you an inspiring guest, and message to help you unlock your true potential to help you and your business thrive.
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Ep 051 - EXCLUSIVE LIVE What does it mean to be THE BEST VERSION OF YOU

The AJ Roberts Show

Defining the art of self-discovery with inspirational speaker and endurance athlete - Enda O'Doherty
Enda O’Doherty, an inspirational speaker and endurance athlete who has taken on some of the worlds toughest challenges. His endurance, drive and passion and ability to convey a message have made him a much sought-after speaker who inspires other daily around the world. Enda’s endurance C.V. is astounding. He has pushed his physical and mental limits far beyond marathon running. He has completed Iron Man Sweden and Iron Man UK, one of the world’s toughest endurance races, with a 4 km swim, followed immediately by a 180 km bike ride, followed by a full marathon. An incredible endurance athlete whose mindset and mental toughness sets him apart, completing 9 marathons in 8 days, an incredible feat while carrying a washing machine on his back makes it an incredible achievement. Constant change, progression and growth have seen him attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, 19,000 feet with a washing machine on his back! Tune in for yet another fantastic, inspirational episode on The AJ Roberts Show!
May 6, 2021
From Cancer Survivor to Published Author and Female Visionary - With Danielle McDermott
From Cancer Survivor to Published Author and Female Visionary - With Danielle McDermott   About today's guest:  Danielle, an inspirational hospital worker who won the prestigious title of 'Employee of the Year' was left rocked just days later following news of a breast cancer diagnosis aged just 35.   Danielle, a mother of one then went through months of chemotherapy, a mastectomy, and long sessions of recovery and rehab.  Being Danielle's coach, and close friend since she was going through chemotherapy, I have personally witnessed her determination to not only recover from breast cancer, but to continually pursue better things for her and her family.   This sheer determination has resulted in her new book being launched - "Bald, Brave, and Bloody Beautiful", which will bring help and inspiration to millions of people who have suffered serious illnesses.  Prepare to be massively inspired ladies and gents!   Mr AJ Roberts Show; Become The Best Version of You.   To Book your FREE Clarity Call and for more information simply visit or email me via   Want to follow me on Social Media?    INSTAGRAM:​  LINKEDIN:​  FACEBOOK:
May 3, 2021
Becoming a High Performing Entrepreneur after the Military with former British Soldier Stefan Wesley
Stefan Wesley "The Digital Commando", is a former British Armed Forces Communications Specialist, turned Tech Mogul. Currently located in Dubai, Stefan is the CEO of Sigma Digital and Founder of The Digital Commando Academy, where he empowers Freelancera and Digital Agencies with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to create highly-effective marketing strategies and campaigns that turn Startups into 7-figures Businesses. I invited Stefan onto the show as through my own experience it takes a special inner- character to leave the forces and not only start your own business, but one that becomes extremely successful in a short space of time. Tune in for some epic lessons on entrepreneurship! If you want to find out more and expand on these lessons further make sure you visit my website or book a free clarity call with me to help build you strategies for your business on   Want to follow me on Social Media?   INSTAGRAM:  LINKEDIN:  FACEBOOK:
April 26, 2021
Becoming the first Parkinson's Disease sufferer to climb Mount Everest with Extreme Adventurer Alex Flynn.
Becoming the first Parkinson's Disease sufferer to climb Mount Everest with Extreme Adventurer Alex Flynn.   Today on The AJ Roberts Show we are extremely privileged to be joined by Alex Flynn.   I first met Alex recently on Clubhouse, listening to his incredible story about the events he has achieved as a Parkinson's Disease sufferer. A disease that was the catalyst to my Grandmother passing away, so I was extremely keen to ask Alex on to the show.  His message of true grit, self discipline and determination can be used in ALL walks of life in today's society and within our current circumstances.  I guarantee you WILL learn some incredible lessons to implement into your own life to create High-Performance!    Mr AJ Roberts; Become The Best Version of You.   To Book your FREE Clarity Call and for more information simply visit or email me via   Want to follow me on Social Media?  INSTAGRAM: ​LINKEDIN: ​FACEBOOK:​
April 19, 2021
Why the UK Government must act NOW to take us out of lockdown - with Sir Graham Brady MP
Sir Graham Brady, Conservative MP joins us on the AJ Roberts Show to discuss the fundamental issues and challenges that the British Public currently face in the wake of the so-called pandemic.   Sir Graham irons out a whole barrage of flaws in the UK Government's current policies and shares his frustrations of how the government are only using the 'advice' of SAGE group without realising the detrimental effects it's really having on the UK population.   As a member of the public it was refreshing to hear so many words of wisdom and normality from a member of parliament who continues daily to fight the good fight as part of the COVID-recovery group.   Note: - Please excuse the occasional bells from the house of commons in the background, this couldn't be helped. Want to follow me on Social Media?   INSTAGRAM:​ LINKEDIN: ​FACEBOOK:
March 28, 2021
Finding your inner gold for high-performance with Olympic Champion Karen Darke MBE
Today we are joined by the sensational Karen Darke MBE on The AJ Roberts Show.   Karen is the founder of Quest79: Find your inner gold and also:  🥇 Paralympic Champion  🎙 Speaker  🌏 Explorer  📈 Performance Coach  🗞 Guiness World Record holder for landspeed on a handbike  📻 BBC radio 4 presenter of the One to One show  📚 Author of 3 books  💃 and Cosmo Woman of the year among many other accolades.   We want to spend this time to teach YOU how you can find YOUR inner gold, especially through these difficult times and aim for high-performance. To Book your FREE Clarity Call and for more information simply visit or email me via   Want to follow me on Social Media?   INSTAGRAM:​ LINKEDIN: ​FACEBOOK:​ TWITTER:
March 9, 2021
Fighting Bin Laden one week to fighting poverty the next, with Former CIA asset and British Soldier - Anthony Stephen Malone.
Anthony Stephen Malone, a prolific former CIA asset and British Soldier joins us today on The AJ Roberts Show to share with us some amazing lessons from his time in the British Army, being attached to 101st Airborne in Iraq and hunting Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Anthony now spends his time working alongside Melqosh Mission International, helping amputees in Sierra Leone who suffered massively from the blood diamond civil war. Today he shares the gripping stories of his time under cover as a CIA asset as a Brit, and how he and his colleagues found Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. Tune in to be truly gripped from start to finish from a true British warrior, and great friend!
January 29, 2021
Breaking down the REAL issues of the PANDEMIC and providing solutions with Sir Desmond Swayne MP
Breaking down the REAL issues of the coronavirus PANDEMIC and providing solutions to problems created by Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock's policies - with Sir Desmond Swayne MP   Today on The AJ Roberts Show we are joined by none other than conservative MP Sir Desmond Swayne.   Desmond, a former Major in the British Army in the Iraq war, has been extremely vocal in the House of Commons, and to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson about the sheer severity of the lockdown and the needless pressures it's putting on the UK's economy and overall physical and mental health of everyone, including children.   We wanted to talk about the FACTS that we're presented with and provide solutions and perhaps some glimmer of hope in the dullest of days so that hopefully, people can slowly start to get back on their feet and work together to get out of this awful mess.    To Book your FREE Clarity Call and for more information simply visit or email me via
January 21, 2021
Talking REAL data, science and solutions to the current pandemic with Dan J. Gregory.
Today on The AJ Roberts Show we talk REAL data, science and offer solutions to help millions who have been so badly affected from the current Covid-19 pandemic with Dan J Gregory Dan J. Gregory is an entrepreneur, strategist and sought after entrepreneurial thought leader. Over the past decade Dan has directly impacted the lives of more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders from over 90 different countries with his work in human potential, leadership and business strategy. He is also the host of the new and very popular Pandemic Podcast, which is blowing up across the nation and the globe. Since the start of the pandemic here in the UK, Dan has been reporting on almost a daily basis, the real impact on everything surrounding the virus itself and working alongside some of the most senior and experienced scientists, medical professionals and data analysts in the country and the world to identify the true data and picture of what is really happening. Not what the main stream media portray. If like me you're sick and tired of seeing people bickering and the excessive blame culture that's being created in our country then you will definitely enjoy this episode which not only sheds some light on factual information that the news doesn't share, but we also offer you some solutions to many problems you may currently be facing. If you feel this episode may help your friends and family currently having a hard time then please SHARE.
January 14, 2021
Mental health in children and adults being destroyed in the masses by this pandemic and lockdowns with TV Presenter - Emma Kenny.
As we go in to Lockdown 3.0 the alarming rate of serious mental health problems in children and adults is becoming an all time high - EVERYDAY!   What is causing these major problems?  Who is responsible for the way the country is approaching this pandemic?  How can the main stream media blatantly lie everyday and scaremonger the masses? What does the future look like?   Today on the AJ Roberts Show we are joined by Emma Kenny - Psychologist and TV Presenter from the popular daytime show This Morning.  Emma shares with us the facts, and the science that is starring us right in the face here in the UK and being clearly ignored by the government. But WHY?    Tune in and listen to some massive TRUTH BOMBS!
January 6, 2021
S02 E03 - A state of mind with former Royal Marine and Adventurer Chris Thrall
A huge welcome back to Chris Thrall to the show after he shared with us last year about his amazingly, crazy life as he described his time in the Royal Marines, getting hunted by Triads in Hong Kong, and his addiction to crystal meth. All of the above has made him the man he is today and why I was eager to get him on the show to talk about his latest adventure - to run 200 miles non-stop around a running track to raise money, and awareness for homeless veterans and those suffering with mental health. Chris's mindset has been formed from years of addiction, hardships, travel and from being curious. A mind I've found fascinating for as long as I've know him, so it was fantastic to have join us to share his views on current affairs, and a few tips how we can all put down the Xbox controllers and devices and get out and train our minds the way we're supposed to. Not by following ' The Agenda'. A fascinating episode where you will learn about the mind of a man who has done more than several generations in one family in just his life alone. Please be sure to follow Chris's amazing event at and catch him on all platforms @christhrall.
December 13, 2020
S02 E02 - Taking your mindset to the highest levels with former British Army Soldier and world record holder Steven Green
Steven Green teaches us in todays episode what it really takes to lift your mindset to levels that are almost unheard of. But this is exactly what it took to set a world record of back to back Ironman events with no rest at all. Steve a former Royal Engineer in the British Army and currently one of the biggest property trainers in the UK shares with us the walls he hit during the event, the sheer grit he had to input to get himself over the line and set a world record. His words were ' I can quit now, and wake up a quitter. Or I can keep moving, inspire all of these people watching and set a world record '. If you're looking for some inspiration during these uncertain times then this episode is absolutely for you. Be sure to visit to check out Steve's previous episode and sign up to receive my free newsletter where I am sharing top tips to create a more robust mindset like Steve's.
December 3, 2020
S02Ep01 Becoming an elite professional footballer and battling alcohol addiction with Welsh International and Mental Health Advocate - David Cotterill
Welcome to the first episode of the newly rebranded podcast - The AJ Roberts Show. Today we are joined by former Welsh international and Premier League football star David Cotterill. David enjoyed a lavish an illustrious career both in the Premier League and representing his country Wales. Notably in the qualifying stages for Euro 2016. David share the sheer effort and determination he put in as a young child all the way through to being signed professionally and just what it takes out on you to stay at the elite level. Something we as supporters often take for granted. David's troubles off the field lead him down a slippery slope of alcohol addiction and soon started to take over his life in a bad way, until one day he checked himself into rehab and began this phenomenal journey into sobriety and making a huge difference in his own life and many others. David is now a proud mental health advocate and founder of the David Cotterill foundation and the Crystal Matrix which focuses on helping people battling addiction.. David shares some fantastic insights into 'the need to sometimes hit rock bottom' to truly see what's in front of you by looking up. 
November 26, 2020
Ep 053 - 5 ways to massively improve your productivity and efficiency with AJ Roberts
5 ways to improve your productivity & a huge FREEBIE from me to you Today I'm sharing my 5 best ways to be productive which will help you in your personal and professional lives. I implemented these tactics months ago and the results in my business and personal life have been phenomenal. I'm also giving away 2 weeks of FREE coaching to all business owners / start ups / network marketers who need help with their business, branding and engagement! Simply follow me on instagram @mr_ajroberts and send a DM.
September 30, 2020
Ep 052 - AJ's top tips for increased performance in Health, Business and Life!
Performance is a big word, so often overlooked and underrated yet the levels of our performance effects every single thing we do in life, business and towards our health. Today I want to share with you my top tips that I use to keep an increased level of performance in all areas of my life and exactly what my coaching clients have implemented into theirs. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @mr_ajroberts and on Youtube for more of my top tips.
September 8, 2020
Ep 051 - EXCLUSIVE LIVE What does it mean to be THE BEST VERSION OF YOU
Ep 051 - What does it mean to be THE BEST VERSION OF YOU (LIVE RECORDING) In this episode I look back on the last 50 episodes of the Best Version Of You podcast and what that really means to me and has meant to all my guests.  I work as a coach to change lives helping people to gain confidence and improve their business and cashflow. All of that is about helping each person I work with to become the best version of themselves whatever that may look like. TBVOY Podcast has been a journey for me and you, which I explore in this episode.  Personal growth is an endless pursuit; if you aren't listening, then you aren't learning. So if you are looking to become more then get in touch. Or if you know anyone including yourself who would be a great guest to the show then get in touch via and let me know. As always, dropping a 5 star review on iTunes is greatly appreciated too.  But to round up the 51st episode there is one thing left to say... Be the best version of you. Until next time, AJ Roberts.
July 29, 2020
Ep 050 - Turning dreams into a reality with Liverpool Legend Terry McDermott
Ep 050 - Turning dreams into a reality with Liverpool Legend Terry McDermott "Give and Go, thats all you have to do."  This podcast shares Terry's career in football from Liverpool to Newcastle as he played and fulfilled his childhood dreams turning his wishes into a reality. Terry McDermott scored arguably one of the best goals in football over the years in 1978 and made hundreds of appearances over the years including  many League matches and some FA Cup finals too of course.  In the episode he reminisce's as most recently Liverpool took their first League in 30 years with them lifting the trophy this week bringing back a lot of great memories for him.  The journey to success was not the easiest or quickest too as he spent years playing games on and off and contemplating walking away from his dreams. After being patient and allowing himself the time to grow and progress Terry then found himself collecting the accolades and becoming a well known name in the history of not only Liverpool players but football too.  Keep being the best version of you. - AJ As always, if you enjoyed today's show, please leave a 5* review and don't forget to subscribe to hear the latest episodes on The Best Version Of You first!
July 20, 2020
Ep 049 - Overcoming adversity, paralysis doesn't mean you can't walk with Keith & Riona
Ep 049 - Overcoming adversity, the couple who beat the odds and prove that pain doesn't have to be a downard spiral with Keith & Riona. "One day I will run a marathon paralyzed, and I can't run yet..." Keith and Riona tell their story of falling in love and overcoming adversity in almost all forms. Teaching those they reach that what could break you can instead make you.  Keith Mason is an ex Rugby League player who now works as an actor and entrepreneur. Riona Kelly is a survivor of 2 strokes resulting in paralysis who has overcome adversity showing that the odds of your future are for you to create.  The couple have shown that paralysis doesn't mean you can't walk. They prove that nothing is impossible as they navigate love, parenting, pain and the rollercoaster of life.  "What's your excuse?"  To check out more from Keith & Riona then check out the links below, and as always remember to keep working to be the best version of you.  TikTok: Instagram Keith: Instagram Riona: Socks & Sleeves Discussed: Rugby Blood:
July 6, 2020
Ep 048 -Overcoming the perfect storm, with former Royal Engineer and Crisis Negotiator - Steve Hardy
Ep 048 -Overcoming the perfect storm, with former Royal Engineer and Crisis Negotiator - Steve Hardy “The best version of me is realizing that after 46 years, the only person I need to please is myself. To just believe 100% in your vision, you don't need to know everything, you don't need to be an expert- you just need to start.” Steve Hardy began his career as a Royal Engineer following in the footsteps of his brother and even joining him on base. After he served as a Royal Engineer he joined the police and had a spent 22 years within the police working his way up the ranks.  Steve was promoted after just 5 years and developed his skills and experiences finally become a crisis negotiator in the force working in some of the most pressured and sensitive situations.  As a crisis negotiator he saved the lives of many communicating with people at their times of greatest vulnerability mastering the art of communication.  Unfortunately sometimes there is not a right thing to say and in 2018 amongst a collection of personal and work related stresses Steve broke his hypothetical camels back.  He found himself on a cliff and wasn't able to save the women who stood in front of him which created the perfect storm.  Following a fight with PTSD overcoming his demons Steve now has created Elite Level Comms. Through this he works to help transform more lives and share his story with even more people.  Tune in to hear more on his story and what Steve is doing now. You can also follow him on instagram @EliteLevelComms.  Keep being the best version of you. - AJ As always, if you enjoyed today's show, please leave a 5* review and don't forget to subscribe to hear the latest episodes on The Best Version Of You first!
June 29, 2020
Ep 047 - You'll never walk alone, with former Royal Marine Commando - Andy Grant
Ep 047 - You’ll never walk alone - with former Royal Marine Commando Andy Grant “The way I view it now, as I look back is life’s a roller coaster. It’s full of highs, and it’s full of lows. The highs don’t last forever, but neither do the lows. The one thing to remember is to enjoy it because you only get to ride it once.” It was February 2009 on a routine foot patrol when Andy, from Liverpool, was hit by an IED (improvised explosive device) while serving with the formidable Royal Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Andy has braved the heaviest of storms, from losing his mother to leukaemia at just 12, to being hit by a bomb at just 20, and subsequently having his right leg amputated. It’s easy to highlight the debilitating hardships he’s had to endure. But the story this former royal marine carries with him, and more importantly, what he’s done in response to everything he’s been through, would leave anyone thankful for what they have today. Andy’s tale isn’t just one to glance at with respect for what he’s been through – there’s inspiration for anyone, even the mere lazy. And one that says there really is hope in facing a life of disability, to see the things you can do, rather than what you can’t. Andy is now a best selling author, an Invictus game gold medalist, world record holder, sought-after public speak and host of the popular Leg It podcast. He shows us once again, even in the harshest of times, that everyone of us can turn a negative into a positive and be the very best versions of ourselves. If you enjoyed today's show, please leave a 5* review and don't forget to subscribe to hear the latest episodes on The Best Version Of You first!
June 12, 2020
Ep 046 - Stabbed, blown up by a terrorist bomb and shot. All in a days work, with former SO19 police officer Helen Barnett.
" Stabbed, caught up in an IRA bomb,  and shot in a firearms siege, all whilst being the first ever mother to join the elite SO19 Armed Response Unit in the Metropolitan Police. " Former Police Officer, Helen Barnett has one hell of an incredible story to tell.  These incidents however, resulted in her being medically discharged with a diagnosis of PTSD. Today on The Best Version Of You, Helen talks about how she felt she lost her identity and sense of purpose, but how fitness became her coping mechanism. Helen has had a long road to recovery and this continues to this day. Helen joined the Met Police in 1984, and immediately set the standards for her career after being awarded the Baton of Honour for top student during training. In a fast-paced and action-packed career Helen was stabbed multiple times, caught up in an IRA bomb in London and also shot in a firearms siege. For her bravery on more than one occasion she was awarded the Queens Commendation for Bravery - thoroughly deserved. After being diagnosed with PTSD and subsequently discharged from the force, Helen takes great pride in helping others by working with great charities like Woodland Warriors and Rock to Recovery, which lead to her recently breaking a world record in deadlifting with a group of veterans. A credit to the lady who always put herself in harms way to protect others.
May 28, 2020
Ep 045 - From a 5% chance of living, learning to walk again through cancer and breaking a cycling world record - with James Golding
" In February 2009, as I was being rushed into emergency surgery, doctors told my family I wouldn’t make it through the night. Eight years later, in June 2017, I became a cycling world record holder " At the age of 28, James's life was mapped out, when suddenly, in November 2008,  he was diagnosed with an 11.5cm tumour lodged between his bowel, kidney and spine. By the time he had surgery, he’d gone from 14 stone (196) to just 6 stone (84lbs). He was given less than 5% chance of survival.  After doctors worked a miracle with his operation, and two weeks in an induced coma, James started the long road to recovery. Having rebuilt his body and relearnt how to walk, James has gone on to cycle many of the world’s toughest events but suffered countless setbacks. Whilst riding across America in 2010, he was hit by a truck. In 2011, after riding across America again, his cancer returned. Since surviving cancer for a second time, James continues to challenge himself and In June 2017, he set a new world record for the most distance cycled in seven days. Described by The Mirror as ‘the man who refuses to die’, James now works with professional sporting teams, leading organisations and businesses, charities, universities and schools, using his experiences to help anybody, of any age, set goals and overcome the challenges that life puts in their path. James travels to world delivering his ' One Step At a Time' presentations where he focuses on the power of a positive mind and mental resilience to overcome adversity, deal with change and thrive in the most difficult of circumstances. James's story is living proof that anything is possible, you just need to take it one step at a time! Contact James on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to leave a 5* review on Apple podcasts and share this episodes to your friends and family who may need some inspiration at this tough time.
May 17, 2020
Ep 044 - Defying death in Afghanistan and overcoming the upmost of adversity with former Royal Marines Commando, Mark Ormrod
In the early hours of Christmas Eve 2007, Royal Marines Commando Mark Ormrod was out on a routine foot patrol in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan when he stepped on and triggered an Improvised Explosive Device. Thanks to the swift action of the men around him and the intervention of the Medical Emergency Response Team he was airlifted via helicopter to an emergency field hospital in a desperate attempt to try and save his life. An innovative and dangerous procedure carried out onboard a Chinook helicopter en route to the hospital did save his life. He woke 3 days later in the UK in Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham: Both legs amputated above the knee and his right arm amputated above the elbow. He was the UK’s first triple amputee to survive the Afghanistan conflict. Today on The Best Version Of You show, Mark shares that his situation and circumstances don’t define his life, what defines his life is the meaning he has chosen to attach to what happened to him, and to the positive lessons he’s learned along the way. Mark is now an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, a peak performance coach, and the author of the award winning auto-biography Man Down. He is a source of daily inspiration for the thousands of people who follow him on social media around the world as he shares how he’s turned his personal tragedy into an on going story of personal success. His story continues to help others who have suffered setbacks to take charge of their lives, unleash their personal power and live a life with no limits. You can reach out to Mark on social media @markormrod across all platforms and via his website
May 3, 2020
Ep 043 - Reinventing yourself in the current climate with international speaking sensation Jean-Pierre De Villiers.
Jean-Pierre De Villiers is a Peak Performance Coach, International Speaker and best selling Author. Jean-Pierre, or JP as he is known, teaches people how to become the best version of themselves so they can have more energy, confidence, freedom and success to genuinely live an extraordinary life. With almost two decades of experience in peak performance and personal coaching, JP is renowned for running transformational events, seminars and challenges globally, stretching people to be their absolute best. Today on The Best Version Of You, JP shares with us how a tragic, near death accident almost a year ago whilst raising money for charity, caused him to reinvent himself. He dives deep into how he coped with being sedentary and in isolation during his rehab, and how it is so relevant to what people are going through today and how his experience can help them during this Covid-19 pandemic. Tune in to gain some fantastic words of wisdom from one of the most sought after coaches and speakers on the planet! To reach out to JP visit his website - and on all social media platforms @jean_pierre_de_villiers.
April 24, 2020
Ep 042 - COVID-19 Special with Richard Sharp, CEO of Team Rubicon UK and the fight against Coronavirus
' Our country is in the middle of something never before seen since World War 2, and we are in the thick of it helping save lives '  Richard Sharp, former Royal Marine Captain, knows a thing or two when it comes to planning and executing operations from his time in the formidable Royal Marine Commandos. Now he is putting all his skills, values and standards to the test as the CEO of one of the finest operational relief charity organisations in our country - Team Rubicon UK, and they are working day and night in the fight against COVID-19 on our very shores. Today, on the Best Version Of You, Richard shares how Team Rubicon is by and large an international aid organisation made up of hundreds of volunteers, mainly British Forces Veterans, who at the drop of a hat fly out to remote areas around the world that have been struck by natural disasters. These missions are run like a military operation and it's because of this that they always have such a huge success rate wherever they fly in to. Right now we are facing a battle on our own shores - the vicious Coronavirus and Team Rubicon UK is asking for Veterans around the country to come together with their values and standards that we all uphold and unite with Team Rubicon to save as many lives as possible. To volunteer, simply head to the website at and fill in the online forms. Likewise feel free to get in touch with Richard direct on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you ever wanted to make a difference, the time is NOW!
April 7, 2020
Ep 041 - Saving lives and building an army to do the same with All Call Signs founders Dan Arnold & SJ James
' If we save the life of just one person then we're doing our job!' Former British Soldiers Dan Arnold and SJ James, both from 2nd Battalion Prince of Wales Royal Regiment, suffered mental health problems individually through their army careers. Not just through ugly combat experiences but problems joining the military can fuel. It's a hidden, underlying problem that often goes unnoticed or is kept quiet to avoid denting pride. After both going through terrible bouts of PTSD the lads came together and formed an unbelievable business called All Call Signs, a peer-to-peer chat app for in need servicemen, women and veterans, where if life, in or out of the uniform has got you down and you need someone to talk to, your brothers and sisters in arms are here. Today on The Best Version Of You, the guys tell the amazing story of how they battled their own issues, used their experiences to start this formidable business which to date has saved the lives of an incredible amount of people, and how they deservedly won a recent Millies Award for their efforts. All Call Signs continues to build a huge following around the UK and volunteers eager to help at the drop of a hat as collectively they make the welfare of all our service personnel and veterans paramount. Please join their ranks by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @allcallsigns and help support the amazing work they do on a daily basis.
March 26, 2020
Ep 040 - From alcohol, drug abuse and attempted suicide to surviving certain death while cycling around the world - with Josh Quigley.
" One minute I am pedalling away on the highway in Texas and the next thing I know I wake up in hospital after being hit from behind by a car at 70mph! " Josh Quigley, from Livingston in Scotland was cycling during the evening along the highway in Texas as part of his quest to cycle around the world when he was struck at full force by a car, from behind at 70mph. The collision, which in theory should have killed him, landed him in a hospital in the US and being treated for breaks, dislocations and severe bruising from pretty much head to toe. The sport which saved his life, almost resulted in him losing it that night in Texas. Josh, however feels that his deeply rooted beliefs and the great care he received resulted in his extremely fast recovery. Something the doctors had Neve witness in their hospital before. Josh's life hasn't always revolved around cycling. In fact quite the opposite. As a promising young footballer, Josh unfortunately did what many young lads get caught up in...... drink, drugs and girls. In fact things got so bad for Josh at one point, he couldn't see a way out and attempted suicide. Not long after this Josh witnessed a talk by Sir Chris Hoy, the olympic and world cycling legend. Josh immediately found himself absorbed in the cycling world. This helped him with his mental health and helped get away from the crippling lifestyle of drink and drugs. Josh's new found love lead him to attempt to cycle around the world. He returned early has he suddenly felt happy with his life and turned. leaf from his once troubled self. A few attempts later and being 100% committed to the challenge Josh was at the tail end of his world trip when he was badly injured in Texas. Now back in the UK, Josh is recovering well and in training to finish off his challenge. This is only the beginning of his quest to WIN the Tour De France. Something that he is adamant about as he quotes " If you're not believing in yourself then what is the alternative?". With his sheer determination to succeed and never be beaten, Josh really shows us what it means to be The Best Version Of You. To get in touch with Josh, you can reach him on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.
March 2, 2020
Ep 039 - From losing his legs to a Taliban bomb to climbing the worlds highest peaks with former British Soldier Justin Davis
" Suddenly I heard those two dreaded words...... MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN. After wiping the dust from my eyes and mouth, I looked around to see who it was, then suddenly realised...... IT WAS ME! " It was December 2011 and Justin was serving in Afghanistan on Op Herrick 15 with his unit 2nd Battalion The Rifles. His team was crashed out to help evacuate another platoon who had a casualty and needed extracting. Justin was one of the teams search operatives where he would often search areas that the Taliban would likely plant roadside bombs or improvised explosive devices (IED's). During the extraction Justin broke into a tree line to clear a route for his team to follow. His next step would change his life forever........... BANG! Justin, laid on his back, came to his senses after the blast and suddenly realised he had lost both legs, and the ends of two fingers on his right hand. His team administered first aid extremely quickly and the next thing he remembers was waking up in the QE hospital in Birmingham, UK. This was the beginning of a long journey ahead in recovery. Today on the Best Version Of You, Justin shares with us how he has forged a robust and resilient mindset since day one of waking up in hospital. Something that has helped him achieve many things he previously thought he couldn't. He has gone on to test his body and mind to it's limits by setting goals and achieving them. Since his recovery he has climbed Mont Blanc, the highest point in Europe, and more recently scaled Mount Kilimanjaro....... with no legs! Justin is now starting to share his story through public speaking. Something I have no doubt he'll succeed in. His story of sheer determination and discipline to become the best version of himself, despite his injuries is phenomenal, and one so many of us can learn from. This is one episode you truly don't want to miss! To contact Justin, you can reach him on Facebook and Instagram @justin_oliver_davis.
February 24, 2020
Ep 038 - Surviving civil war in the Balkans, working as a stunt woman on Dwayne Johnson movies, and becoming a successful entrepreneur with Deana Durisic
Deana Durisic didn't follow the normal path of every other school kid upon graduating high school in Brisbane, Australia. The majority of her year group got drunk for a week. Deana decided to move to the Balkans where her Father was from and explore some of the world. Unfortunately this decision didn't go as expected and Deana soon found herself caught up in the gruesome civil war, surrounded by shelling and genocide on every corner.  After 18 months, Deana made it back to Australia. It was upon her return, she used her bad life experiences to her advantage. She quickly became a professional Salsa dancer, learned martial arts, participated in various sports, and soon found herself being employed as a stunt woman. Something she never dreamed she'd end up doing. This role gave her the opportunity to work with some of the finest actors and film crews around and she has been fortunate to work alongside Dwayne Johnson among many. After being in the film industry for several years Deana decided to go all-in on her own production company - Apollo films. A company she has built from the ground up and is ever expanding. As well as offices in Brisbane, newly opening in Sydney, Apollo films also aims to reach Europe in the not so distant future. As well as making waves in the film industry Deana runs her own coaching business where she works with people all over the world to help them find their purpose and has an impressive track record of success with her clients that matches the success she's had with her own accolades. Deana's key message is that in order to live a happy and fulfilled life you MUST find your purpose and do what your'e passionate about. Do not get caught up in what society 'says' you should do, and refuse to listen to the nay-sayers. - Be the best version of you, and you WILL succeed. To reach out to Deana please contact her on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn @deanadurisic.
February 16, 2020
Ep 037 - Inspiring and empowering people to overcome adversity and achieve more with Olympic Champion Danielle Brown MBE
After becoming disabled as a teenager with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Danielle realised very quickly that even during adversity we all have a choice. You can either choose to let things outside of your control defeat you, or choose to control how you respond to it. Today on The Best Version Of You show, Danielle shares how she discovered archery at 15 years old and how three years later she was representing Team GB - jumping straight to number one in the world. Danielle managed to maintain her title as the world's best throughout her entire career whilst winning gold in Beijing and again in London in 2012 on home soil. She also became the first disabled person in history to represent England as an able-bodied competitor in the 2010 Commonwealth games. Nowadays, Danielle works as a keynote speaker, trainer and coach. She focuses on helping others unlock their true potential and break down barriers. Something she is extremely passionate about and is a reflection on the large number of people she has helped. Especially the younger generation, empowering them to develop strong foundations for success through her online program 'Your Journey To Success' which helps young people develop stronger mental health and perform better in exams.  Danielle's latest achievement is publishing a book she co-authored called 'Be Your Best Self: Life skills for unstoppable kids'. A children's self-development book released in Oct 2019 with a 9 year old Nathan Kye. Today Danielle shares with us what it really means to be The Best Version Of You and how any of us can overcome adversity by not letting it defeat you! ** DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE TODAY'S MONDAY MOTIVATION EPISODE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND MAKE SOMEONE SMILE! **
February 10, 2020
Ep 036 - How to create the mindset of a champion with multiple Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion Swimmer - Ollie Hynd MBE
What does it take to create the mindset of a champion?  What sacrifices must one make in order to stand on the podium and win that gold medal? Today on Motivation Monday on The Best Version Of You show, Ollie Hynd MBE shares with us his story of how he has overcome physical and mental adversity to be one the brightest young stars in British and world sport by winning multiple gold medals and world titles all whilst living with neuromuscular myopathy and associated limb deformities. In 2008, Ollie got to witness his brother win gold in Beijing. Already spending hours in the pool, this spurred Ollie on and forged a dream to stand on the podium himself at the London games in 2012. Many hours of sweat, pain and discipline lead to Ollie achieving his goal and dream, not only representing his country but by standing tall on the podium, in London and taking gold. This was the catalyst to multiple world titles and future gold medals including Rio 2016 and the training camps to come gearing up for this years Tokyo games. Ollie shares with us today what it really takes to build a solid mindset, the importance of surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people, and what any of us can do if we have a dream and vision we truly believe in. To reach out to Ollie, you can find him on Instagram @olliehyndgb on Twitter @olliehyndgb and his website for any enquiries -
January 27, 2020
Ep 035 - Lessons from Sierra Leone and how we can all do something good in 2020. With AJ Roberts
On 4 Jan I embarked on a trip of a lifetime. I travelled to Sierra Leone, to the capital - Freetown to help hundreds of amputees and rape victims of the barbaric war that plagued the country between 1991 and 2002. My mission was to deliver as much desperately need medical supplies, vaccines and medical checks to as many amputees and war victims as possible in one of the villages and empower them to try and improve their lives. I set myself personal goals in the hope I would have maximum impact on the people and the mission and it would on me. I can safely say I smashed all those goals ten-fold!  The love, and welcoming I received from the people was something I've never experienced from a community or individuals in my life and I've been to a lot of countries around the globe. The people were extremely open-minded and curious and wanted to be the best hosts they could be a to a former British Army soldier and person from the western society.  I went into the villages myself completely open minded and curious with no guard up what so ever. I didn't need it but it instantly gave everyone there the message that I was their friend. I was there to help them, to guide them, to make them understand they can be anything they want to be. They just need to believe in themselves and as a community help each either rise up against the daily struggles. My visit was as a result of partnering with Melqosh Mission. A non-profit charity run solely by Faith Okrafo-Smart for the last 12 years. Her love and ambition for the amputees and war victims of Sierra Leone is nothing short of phenomenal and I am extremely honoured to be a part of it and will be for the foreseeable future. In today's episode on The Best Version Of You, I dive deep into the mission, the cause and give you a much broader insight into our work there, the country itself, and the people who will forever leave an impression on anyone who meets them. My message is clear. If you have a dream, a goal, an aspiration, then please follow it and don't let ANYTHING or ANYONE stand in your way of achieving it. You owe it to yourself to be the very best of version of you. We get one chance, one journey to make the best life possible. Please go out there and do it! If you'd like to talk about joining me and Melqosh Mission on future trips each year then please get in touch. There is so much opportunity for you to do so much good for the people and yourself, so please reach out!. Facebook: @ajrobertscoaching Instagram: @bestversionofyou_podcast Twitter: @TBVOYpodcast
January 24, 2020
Ep 034 - Taking your body to it's extremities, and creating the rock solid mindset to do it with multiple world record holder Damien Rider.
Damien Rider is an Author, Multiple World Record Ultra Adventure Athlete, Creator of One Breath Meditation – Cold Immersion Meditation and a Global Motivational Speaker.  Recognised for his global daring challenges, his International humanitarian work and physical feats as a speaker in TED talk Asia and US, plus  featured baton barer during the 2018 Commonwealth Games and as a keynote speaker in Australia for the Royal Commission responses into Institutionalised Sexual Child Abuse.  His work and dedication has lead him to become one of the most respected Wellness and Mindset Coach and Expert globally.  Always finding the positive in everything in life, he has an undeniable resilience to keep moving forward.  He continues to test and challenge himself to discover what is possible mentally and physically sharing his discoveries with others. Imagine paddling solo, 800km for 17 days, in the most shark-infested summer Australia has ever seen. Skateboarding 4000km for 56 days along the length of Route 66, through the scorching Mojave Desert (at 55 degree heat) for 24 hours non-stop. Both being made into movies - The Heart Of The Sea, and Rise Above.  Completing all of these challenges after being told it was impossible.  Damien shares with us how one can get to a point where your body shuts down before your mind is ready to stop, and all for a reason much bigger than the challenges themselves. Other 'World Firsts' and World Records include, running a marathon carrying a 36lbs mattress, Live streaming his entire marathon run and even riding a 1950s rickshaw 180 miles. All to show the world why you should never give up, why you should never give in! If you are looking for some inspiration and some insane value then DO NOT MISS this episode. To reach out to Damien you can find him on Instagram @damienrider, Facebook @damienriderspeaker and via his website -
January 13, 2020
Ep 033 - From the NFL to Mountaineering, Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy - Hear Mark Pattison's story!
Today on The Best Version Of You, we are joined by none other than former NFL and LA Raiders legend Mark Pattison. Mark, a former LA Raiders wide receiver,  has played in the NFL, founded several multi-million dollar companies, raised money to build wells in Tanzania, is a key Executive at the world famous Sports Illustrated magazine, and is well on his way to becoming the first NFL player to climb the Seven Summits.  As well as all of this he still finds time to inspire and motivate people and organisations around the world with his sensational talks and via his awesome podcast - Finding Your Summit. Mark is clearly a very driven individual and in todays episode he shows a mountain of inspiration that will help just about anybody out there who has set their sights on future goals and just what you can achieve. I truly believe this episode is perfect timing for anyone realigning their goals for 2020 and I couldn't think of anyone better than Mark Pattison to share is amazing experience and wisdom with everyone. He really does show us how to be the Best Version Of You! To reach out to Mark you can find him on @markpattisonnfl,  on Facebook @NFL2SevenSummits and via his website. Guys, if you enjoyed today's episode, please be sure to hit SUBSCRIBE and to leave a 5* REVIEW. It means a huge deal to the show. Thank you as always and a massive HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my fantastic audience.
December 30, 2019
Ep 032 - Giving away a £1m company and running a global campaign to recognise 'Jedi Knight' as a religion - with Simon Cohen
Social visionary, multi-award winning entrepreneur and thought leader Simon Cohen strives to make the world a happier and more fulfilled place. He is widely recognised as the unique individual who gave away his £1m PR agency, Global Tolerance. to follow his heart and focus on what he valued the most – his family. Today, on The Best Version Of You, Simon shares his views on the power of the media, and how he leveraged it on a mass scale, citing the campaign to see ‘Jedi’ listed as a religion, something that got global coverage around the world. The 2001 census, which saw 390,000 people catagorise their religion as ‘Jedi ‘, sparked an idea for a ​​campaign to create debate around tolerance. ​Global Tolerance, his then agency, arranged for two ‘Jedi Knights’, Umada and Yunyun, to deliver a letter to the United Nations Association on 16 November (the UN’s International Day of Tolerance), requesting the day be marked as the Interstellar Day of Tolerance. All it cost the agency was the price of the costumes, £70. This campaign famously reached nearly 700,000,000 people. Simon, also an inspirational speaker shares his words of wisdom and inspiration with the entrepreneurs of the future: “Every single one of us can design and define what success looks like in our own terms. The only limit is your imagination.” As well as business, he applies his strategies in the wisdom field, representing world leaders and thinkers including the Dalai Lama and Gandhi’s grandson, and has a regular non-religious Pause For Thought segment on Chris Evans’ BBC Radio 2 show. A regular commentator in the international media, he has written for Newsweek, Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Times, and The Guardian. To reach out to Simon you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @mrsimoncohen - especially if you identify as a Jedi Knight!
December 22, 2019
Ep 031 Giving Love, Joy and Hope to the blood diamond war victims of Sierra Leone - with Faith Okrafo-Smart.
During the civil war in Sierra Leone from 1991-2002 almost 30,000 people who weren't killed were left with amputated limbs for the rest of their lives after being butchered by the rebels. The RUF tried to cut the hands and limbs off as many people as possible so they couldn't mine diamonds which would fund the government. This was their way of trying to overthrow the government, but in some of the most in-humane ways known to man. Today on The Best Version Of You I am joined by Faith Okrafo-Smart. An award wining fundraiser and founder of the charity Melqosh Mission International. A non-profit charity that focuses on helping the amputees of Sierra Leone. Faith, originally born in Russia, moved to Sierra Leone with her parents when she was only 5. Her mother was a doctor who desperately wanted to help people and her father was a man of the people and for the people. She tells us harrowing stories of what happened to men, women and children during the war and more explicably what happened to her father. Faith rose to be a high ranking officer within British Government after fleeing the country with her mother to UK. It was later that she felt she needed to fulfil her purpose and sacrifice everything she had built to help he people of Sierra Leone. It was in her blood. It was something that she could not shy away from. Faith founded Melqosh Mission International and has since raised funds from al around the globe and helped thousands of people in Sierra Leone who have nothing. She has brought love, joy and hope to thousands who thought their lives were over, and she has given so many people who have been butchered by war, raped, beaten and tortured, faith in humanity once again. I am so honoured to be partnering with Faith on the next mission in January and doing my bit to help hundreds of amputees and orphans of war and will do my best to show the world just how bad life is there for so many but hopefully bring positivity and hope to this I meet. If you would like to donate to our amazing mission the please do so via the fundraising page here: Every single penny goes direct to the amputees of Sierra Leone via desperately needed medicines, vaccines, mobility aids and food. Thank you for tuning in and all the donations so far. They will be forever appreciated.
December 16, 2019
Ep 030 - Bald, Brave and Bloody Beautiful, with cancer survivor Danielle McDermott
Currently, one in two people will unfortunately suffer from some form of cancer in their lives. Today on The Best Version Of You show, I am joined by one of my coaching mentees, the amazing Danielle McDermott. Danielle shares her story to show that there really is light at the end of the tunnel and that you really can enjoy a fulfilled future. Danielle, originally from Liverpool in England and mother to a beautiful daughter was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2018. She then went on to have a mastectomy, losing one of her breasts before enduring five months of intense chemotherapy. To everyone's joy, and excitement, Danielle was given the 'All Clear' by her specialists later that year. On today's show Danielle shares her story of how she felt in the early stages of her cancer and her treatment. What steps she took to create a robust mindset and to take the positives out of everything. What methods she used to explain what she was going through to her beautiful girl and in typical fashion, what she did to lift up everyone around her. As her coach it's been immense to work with her and see her go through this fantastic journey of personal growth. While she was in hospital having chemotherapy, she became hooked on the hit TV series 'SAS Who Dares Wins'. She admired the athleticism and tenacity of the women on there and wanted some of the same, so her goal was set. To train as hard as possible and to apply and compete on the TV show as a contestant for the 2020 series, and that's exactly what we will do. Danielle's message shows you that your mindset really is the key to the best life and even in the darkest of times, if you can take positives out of every situation you can move forward in a much better place and she shares all of this in her new book being release in spring 2020 - Bald, Brave and Bloody Beautiful. A book not to be missed! To reach out to Danielle please follow her on Instagram @chemotips2019 and via LinkedIn.
November 20, 2019
Ep 029 - 'Relentless' - A glimpse of the mindset of UK Special Forces operator and double World Record holder Dean Stott.
Dean Stott is a former British Special Forces Soldier who left the military after suffering a severe knee injury in a parachuting accident in 2011. He then established a distinguished career in the private security sector; he was renowned for his willing to take on any job, no matter how dangerous.   However, in 2016 Dean was ready for a new project and wanted to use this to help other people in need. He began training to cycle the longest motorable road in the world – The Pan American Highway. Dean completed the 14,000 mile route from Argentina to Alaska in May 2018, gaining two world records and raising an incredible amount of money for charity in the process.   After making it through the Special Forces gruelling 6 month selection process, Dean became one of the very first army members to join the SBS (Special Boat Service). Throughout his esteemed military career he has conducted deployments to overseas hostile environments and been involved in Counter Terrorism operations; he has travelled to some of the toughest places in the world.  Dean left the military in 2011, after 16 honourable years of service but continues to live by the Special Forces’ ethos of ‘the unrelenting pursuit of excellence'. The determination required throughout his career has become an integral part of Dean’s character. In October 2019 Dean released his first book 'Relentless' which covers his journey through the UK Special Forces, the private security sector and breaking such big world records. Each section covers the 'RELENTLESS' pursuit of excellence in everything you apply to life, and it's this message that I'm so desperate to share with you. It's this mindset that can truly help you become the best version of you! ** You can follow Dean's journey on Facebook, on Instagram @deanstott or via his website:
November 14, 2019
Ep 028 - Wrongly imprisoned in Chennai, India, and living a life of hell in a corrupt country with Ex British Soldier Nick Dunn
Nick's story began in October 2013 when the so-called ‘Chennai Six’ – Billy Irving, Nick Dunn, Ray Tindall, Paul Towers, John Armstrong and Nicholas Simpson were working as security guards on the US-owned anti-piracy vessel, MV Seaman Guard Ohio in the Indian Ocean. They were part of a 35-strong security team that also included three Ukrainians, 14 Estonians and 12 Indians, when suddenly Indian police boarded the vessel and discovered 35 automatic weapons and almost 5,700 rounds of ammunition. It was later confirmed the men had been granted permits by the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to possess the weapons. However, they were all charged by the Indian authorities with carrying unlicensed firearms and ammunition. They were all initially cleared of any wrongdoing by the Indian High Court but were unable to leave India until the charges were formally dropped, Then, a lower magistrates court did not accept they were on anti-piracy duties and in January 2016 they were sentenced to five years in prison. And so began a campaign started by their families and supported by people from all walks of life from the UK and around the world. The campaign finally achieved its goal in November 2017 when the conviction was overturned by the Indian High Court and the men were finally able to come home. Today on The Best Version Of You, Nick Dunn shares with us the 'Life of Hell' he went through whilst locked up in Chennai. How he learned about his mother falling seriously ill and feeling absolutely helpless. Nick expresses just what it takes to build a robust mindset when you are locked up on the other side of the world, in a jail of a corrupt country, helpless with no communication to the outside world and more importantly when you're INNOCENT! ** If you enjoyed today's show please spare a minute to leave a 5* review on iTunes as it really helps the show to reach more and more people in need of inspiration. Thank you **
October 31, 2019
Ep 027 - Outnumbered and facing death in the jungle to empowering school children to be leaders. With Steve Heaney MC
It's May 2000, Sierra Leone - Just 26 Pathfinder soldiers were dropped into a remote jungle village, expected to be a simple 48-hour operation. This wasn't to be the case and very soon became a fierce 16-day siege against 2000 rebel attackers and facing certain death! For his leadership and actions during the battle, Steve Heaney MC was awarded the Military Cross, becoming the first Non Commissioned Officer in the unit’s history to receive this decoration and at just twenty he was the youngest ever member of X-Platoon. Today on The Best Version Of You show, Steve recalls what he was feeling leading up to this infamous battle and how he fought tooth and nail to get him and his colleagues out of it........ when help was not coming! This battle lead to Steve's first book Operation Mayhem and his subsequent book; X Platoon. Nowadays Steve travels the UK running leadership and management sessions varying from large schools to elite sports teams including national level. Steve teaches what it really means to be the best version of yourself and why the pursuit of personal development is so important in which ever walk of life you may live. You can find Steve mainly on Linkedin: and via his website for enquiries: ** If you enjoyed today's episode please take the time to leave a 5* review. It really helps the show reach more and more people each week and the inspirational messages our fantastic guests have to share. Thank you! **
October 10, 2019
Ep 027 - From Amputee to Mindset Athlete and Paralympian with James Roberts.
Today on The Best Version Of You show we are joined by Paralympian sensation James Roberts. James was born with a congenital disability called femoral dysplasia and a floating hip of the left leg as well as scoliosis of the spine. He grew up on a NATO base in S.H.A.P.E (Casteau), Belgium but now resides back in Prestatyn, North Wales. Currently he is an online training and nutrition coach by trade, but before he took up his passion for coaching he was an elite Paralympic athlete for just over a decade and has represented Great Britain at countless World Championships and 2 Paralympics Games (Beijing 2008 and London 2012) to just name a few. He started out his sporting career in swimming and was part of British Swimming's Potential Squad from 2003-05. During that time he held the SB8 200m breaststroke and 50m breaststroke national records. After great success in the GB swimming programme he moved on to rowing in 2006. The transition happened fairly quickly as he made his first senior international competition that summer at the 2006 World Championships in Dorney Lake, Great Britain and made the final finishing 6th. 2007 World Championships Semi-Finalist, 2008 Paralympic Finalist (5th) and 2009 World Championships Finalist (5th). If rowing wasn't enough he made another transition of sport, this time to sitting volleyball. From 2010 until 2012, he amassed 56 caps for Great Britain. His first international was a surprise selection to compete at the 2010 World Championships in Edmund, Oklahoma, USA. James was lucky enough that his time with the squad, to have competed for Great Britain at his only European Championships in his repertoire as well as a Continental and Intercontinental Cup.  Finally, his career calumniated at the London 2012 Paralympics were the GB sitting volleyball squad lost in the quarter-final to eventual silver medallist Iran. Today, James helps people all over the world with similar disabilities by coaching them online. He knows what it takes to build a strong character and a solid mindset to be the best version of himself. Something he spends his time doing to coach other people to do the same. I'm sure you'll agree, athletes and people like James, really are what makes Britain GREAT! ** If you enjoyed today's show please don't forget to leave it a 5* review on iTunes. It really does help the show reach so many more people the more positive reviews it gets, thank you! **
September 30, 2019
Ep 025 - Transitioning out of the military, being broke, and becoming a fitness business sensation - with Andreas Beirne.
Former British Soldier Andreas Beirne isn't your run of the mill personal trainer. He's become one of the most successful fitness business owners in the south of England. Today on The Best Version Of You, Andreas shares with us that it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows. After joining the British Army at 18, completing tours of Afghanistan, often being attacked every time they left their compounds, Andreas decided that the Army wasn't for him. After missing out on promotion by one place, he rightly thought his ambitions to be successful lie elsewhere and thus left the army to pursue bigger things.  This big plan was short lived. Like many people transitioning out of the military, Andreas hit a bad spell at the wrong time and left him with £30 in the bank and a divorce on route. Andreas had no choice but to step back, assess the situation, and make a plan! Without any procrastination, Andreas begin contacting old PT clients and coaching one on one. This raised enough cash to invest into his first franchise business in Bootcamp UK with more and more members joining each week.  Today, Andreas is the proud owner of 5 different Bootcamp UK businesses in 5 different locations, with a sixth to follow shortly, resulting in training over 500 people across the south of England and helping so many people becoming the best versions of themselves. Andreas's passion for helping others has lead him to completing seriously arduous charity events to raise a substantial amount of money for Combat Stress UK and has raised over £35K. A credit to the man who's love for helping people is clear for everyone to see. If you'd like to join in on one of Andreas's popular fitness classes then you can reach him on Instagram @Andreas_bootcamp_uk and on Facebook: ** Guys if you enjoyed the show it would mean the world to the show if you left a 5* review on iTunes. My aim is to bring you inspiring guests each week to help you become the best version of yourself. Greater ratings means I can help more people so your feedback is vital. Thank you!**
September 15, 2019
Ep 024 - Fighting pirates, climbing mountains barefoot and hunting celebrities with Jordan Wylie
If you enjoy todays episode please leave a 5* review. It really does help the show massively to get positive messages to more and more people who are in great need! Today on The Best Version Of You, we are joined by Jordan Wylie - A former soldier, bestselling author, extreme adventurer and also one of the stars of Channel 4’s BAFTA nominated shows Hunted and Celebrity Hunted. Jordan grew up on the largest council estate in the UK and in the end joined the British Army after leaving school early with no qualifications. He served for ten years and saw Operational Service in Northern Ireland and Iraq where he specialised in military intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance operations. On leaving the Army, Jordan entered the world of Maritime Security, making headlines after armed Somali pirates boarded a ship that he was protecting and Jordan found himself in charge and forced to make critical decisions for the safety of his crew. It was this experience that led Jordan to write “Citadel: The True Story of One Man’s War Against the Pirates of Somalia”, which became a bestseller on publication in 2017. Jordan has since gone on to successfully complete numerous major charity expeditions, including the highly publicised 'Running Dangerously', which saw him run through Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, and 'Barefoot Warrior' which involved climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, completely barefoot!  He has so far raised over a million pounds for charity and some of his expeditions have been made into documentaries on Sky TV. In recent years, Jordan has also returned to education, proving it doesn’t matter where you start in life, there is always the opportunity to assert yourself and try again, he now holds a BA (Hons) and MA in the field of Security and Risk Management where he is an industry thought leader and commentator in the mainstream media with regular appearances on Sky News and the BBC. You can follow Jordan on all social media platforms @mrjordanwylie and via his website 
August 28, 2019
Ep 023 - Breaking down mental health barriers and teaching others to do the same with Darren Hardy - Fortitude Front.
Today on The Best Version of You podcast we are joined by Darren Hardy, a former British Army Officer and now the CEO of Fortitude Front . A leadership training company, which specialises in Mental Resilience. Darren Hardy was developed as a leader during his 15 years’ Service in the British Army, where from joining as a Soldier in 2003, Darren stood out as a natural leader. As an athlete he became a Physical Training Instructor and it was from here he was selected to go through Officer training at the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. On completion of the 44 week arduous leadership course, Darren received the Queen's Commission and, as an Officer, took his troops all over the world, developing himself and others in a leadership capacity - often in life threatening and extremely testing environments. At the age of 31 Darren's career was brought to an end through suffering physical and mental injuries during the Iraq war. His PTSD was dormant and came about totally unexpectedly whilst dealing with a severely burnt casualty on exercise in Canada. On the road to recovery Darren had to focus on becoming mentally resilient to match his physical prowess and it is the fusion of the two (mental and physical) that sets Darren's leadership apart – he went on to become a Gold Medallist and record breaker representing Team UK in the Warrior Games 2018 in the 100m and 200m sprint. As Darren was focusing on his own recovery he was troubled to learn of the 71 Veteran suicides in 2018. Although Darren recovered successfully, the system was failing so many. Why were so many being failed? Where was the system letting people down? Darren's research identified that where this challenge was faced by the British Military, there was a greater, shared challenge for corporate industries. Darren created Fortitude Front to fill these gaps. His desire to change lives in all industries came from his own personal experiences overcoming physical and mental injuries through multiple coping strategies. Darren is a widely celebrated expert in Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). Mission Statement: To CHANGE negative organisational cultures surrounding mental health and INSPIRE others to speak out by DEVELOPING leaders and communication strategy with partners in industry. To contact Darren about his fantastic leadership training company contact him via his website - and follow him on social media for daily inspiration and guidance!
August 22, 2019
Ep 022 - Fighting the war with PTSD and the battle within with Sean Jones MC
Sean Jones MC left the army after 16 years as a Colour Sergeant in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. He was awarded the Military Cross for his actions after a complex ambush on his patrol in Afghanistan in 2011.  Part of his citation read: He “epitomised the best qualities of the British infantry: gritty determination, controlled aggression, tactical cunning and complete disregard for his own safety”. Sean’s career unfortunately came to an abrupt end after a diagnoses of PTSD in 2018 which led him through a period of huge anxiety, depression, suicidal thought processes and an admission to a psychiatric unit.  Today on The Best Version Of You, Sean shares that after a long period of therapy and reflection came growth. With the growth he has experienced through positive life changes and interactions with the Declassified network he has been able to start over again and is now on a journey to help others through the lessons he has learned. He began by doing what so many fear..... by speaking out and explains how he managed his mental health and his transition from the military over social media and will soon be offering professional talks about his journey and how he can help others who may also be suffering in silence. To reach out to Sean you can find him on Instagram: seanjones_mc and on Twitter: @SeanJonesMC. Please remember IT'S NOT WEAK TO SPEAK! Note: Guys and Girls, if you enjoyed this episode please kindly leave the show a review on iTunes. It really does help the show but more importantly it helps more and more people in need. Thank you. To register for my FREE 30 Day online body transformation starting 02 Sept please click HERE NOW! 
August 15, 2019
Ep 021 - From Crystal Meth, Triads and being homeless to motivational speaker, pilot and author with former Royal Marine Chris Thrall
Chris Thrall, at aged eighteen, joined the Royal Marines Commandos. Following active service in the Northern Ireland Conflict and training in Arctic warfare and survival, he earned his parachutist’s ‘wings’ and operated as part of a high-security detachment on board an aircraft carrier. In 1995, Chris moved to Hong Kong to oversee the Asia-Pacific expansion of a million-dollar marketing operation he’d built part-time while serving in the forces. Six months later, he was homeless, in psychosis from crystal meth addiction and working as a nightclub doorman for the 14K, Hong Kong’s most ruthless triad brotherhood, many of who were assassins. In 2011, Chris wrote the internationally bestselling memoir Eating Smoke, a frank, disturbing yet often hilarious account of his experience. He has spoken on numerous podcasts, radio and television programs and has co-produced two award-wining radio plays on his life and memoir. Forty Nights, Chris’s 2019 follow-up, details how he used chronic addiction as a springboard to achieve all of his life’s goals. Today on The Best Version Of You Chris tells us how he's now a qualified pilot and skydiver, snowboarder and ultra-runner, Chris has travelled across eighty countries on seven continents, including backpacking through all of North, Central and South America. He also ran an ultra-marathon every day for 37 days, 999 miles from John O’Groats to Land’s End, solo, unsupported and carrying 14kgs of camping equipment, to raise awareness of veterans’ suicide. For his humanitarian approach to life, Chris was awarded the Second Level Commendation of the Finnish Nation on the grounds of human generosity. He has a degree in youth and community work, is a substance-misuse and addiction specialist and now, a life-changing speaker! To get in touch with Chris you can reach him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin @chrisjthrall. Guys please leave the show a review on iTunes if you enjoyed the show, it means the world to hear your feedback. Thanks
August 1, 2019
Ep 020 - Rising to the top from a British Soldier to a Property Millionaire with Steven Green
Steven Green - a former Sergeant in the Royal Engineers isn't your run of the mill veteran. He's what most would class as a sensational entrepreneur. Born and raised in Redcar in the Northeast of England, Steve had a particularly difficult upbringing which resulted in him later following his friends and joining the British Army and the Royal Engineers where he served in many arduous countries around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman. During Steve's successful military career he found a real thirst for personal development, often getting himself on education courses, learning new skills and improving his financial intellect. As a result Steve bought his first investment property in 2006. He left the army in 2010 to focus fully on property and now has over 50 properties. Today on The Best Version Of You, Steve shares with us his amazing story and also greatest passion - To help others by showing them how to create the lifestyle he has made for himself. He does this through multiple training courses and seminars around the country, and today is marked as one of the greatest property investing coaches in the UK. To date Steve has helped thousands of people create a far better lifestyle for themselves, but has also changed the lives of many by coaching them to improve their mindset. Something he goes into great detail about in his seminars and courses. It really is something to behold, and the same can be said for Steve's latest project! - To live on the streets with no contacts, help or guidance - completely homeless, with no food or money. Steve's aim is to prove to people that even as a homeless person you can still get out of the darkest hole, find a paying job, then find accommodation. This will hopefully inspire many homeless people in his home town of Redcar and around the UK. Check out the full article HERE To contact Steve you can find him on Facebook @Propertyinvestmentacademy  Guys and girls. If you enjoyed this amazing episode and took away some amazing value, please leave the show a review. It means the world to me and gets my message out there to more and more people. Thank you!
July 21, 2019
Ep 019 - Transitioning from the military into politics to improve care for veterans with Johnny Mercer MP
Johnny Mercer, once a Captain at 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery and a veteran on three arduous tours of Afghanistan decided, upon leaving to run to become a Member of Parliament of his local constituency in Plymouth because he felt it would be the perfect opportunity to use his position as a 'vehicle for change', to help veterans no longer serving receive far better after care for physical and mental conditions. Believe it or not, Johnny had never voted in his life prior to running for his position. In fact, the first person he ever voted for was himself! Today, on the Best Version of You, Johnny explains what his life was like in the British Army. He goes deep into how things have been since leaving and becoming a full time MP and the effect it's had on his life, good and bad. And he explains what needs to be done within the British Government to protect veterans who are targets of historic allegations, especially in Iraq and Northern Ireland. From a personal perspective, and as a veteran myself, it was truly humbling to sit in front of a man taking action and not just talking about change. Johnny is the real deal and this has become apparent this last week with the hugely positive events in the government where they have agreed to set up a Veterans Affairs office, leading to the protection of our troops over the years to come. If you wish to follow Johnny and all his hard work, you can 'LIKE his Facebook page by clicking HERE. You can also follow him on Twitter - @JohnnyMercerUK. Guys if you enjoyed today's show PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW. Your feedback genuinely helps the show reach more and more people, which means more people around the world can be helped if they are in need,
July 15, 2019
Ep 018 - The remarkable story from attempted suicide to becoming a mental health advocate with Mr Andy Bishop
Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people every year and no one should feel ashamed. In fact, by sharing our experiences, together we can end the stigma. Everyone has mental health. We all know some days are good and some days are bad. Negative thoughts, intrusive thoughts, our minds confused and not coping day-to-day.  Stress, anxiety, and depression lead to other mental health problems if they are not recognised, diagnosed or treated in time. Speaking up and seeking help, and receiving it from people who care, is key to a better future. Today on the Best Version of You show, I am joined by former Royal Engineer, turned Mental Health Advocate - Mr Andy Bishop, who shares with us his deep and meaningful insight of how he realised just how bad his mental health was, whilst serving and while out as a civilian, which unfortunately lead to a number of suicide attempts.  Andy's biggest problem was ignoring and avoiding the issue and not speaking out. Over time the issue got worse and worse - until he went to seek help. Today that is Andy's big message - ' It's not weak to speak'. And if Andy can help just one person listening to the show by sharing his story and his advice then that's going a long way to helping more and more people that need it every day. To reach out to andy you can contact him via email:, also on Twitter @baldygreybeard and via LinkedIn by clicking this link: ** PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW IF YOU ENJOYED THE SHOW, YOUR FEEDBACK IS GRATEFULLY RECEIVED **
July 8, 2019
Ep 017 From a corporate director to a mental health advocate with Michelle Dickinson
Only one-third of those suffering from mental illness worldwide receive treatment. That's pretty staggering! My special guest today Michelle Dickinson knows firsthand just how hard it is to cope with this condition. She spent her childhood loving a mother who suffered from bipolar disorder and who at times lived with it untreated. Her illness not only compromised her life, it compromised her family members’ lives as well. And Michelle is far from being alone. A whopping 14 million Americans and 450 million people across the globe suffer from mental illness. And most of those folks have loved ones who must help care for them. This lead Michelle to write her best selling book - Breaking Into My Life to help myself—along with the rest of us—better understand the world of mental illness.  Michelle stepped down as a Director at pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to help people all over the globe fight their mental battles and hopes her story of perseverance and triumph helps challenge and transform the “suffer in silence” dynamic, and makes mental illness more understood, treated and accepted. You can purchase Michelle's ground breaking book by clicking HERE and reach out to her if you just need someone to talk to! Remember ' It's OK to not be OK!" If you liked today's episode I'd love for you to leave me a review. Your feedback is truly welcomed. Please sit back and enjoy the content.
July 4, 2019
Ep 016 D-Day 75 - Living a life worth remembering
D-DAY heroes today wept for their mates gunned down on the beaches of Normandy as the world paid tribute 75 years on from the Allied invasion of France. Some of the last surviving veterans from Operational Overlord shed heartbroken tears at memorial services on both sides of the English Channel for comrades who fell on June 6, 1944. Yesterday at the D-Day 75 commemorations was a day me and my family who attended will never forget. I can never imagine myself being surrounded by so many legends and heroes in one place ever again in my lifetime. We owe them so much. The men and women who rid Europe of tyranny and those who lived to tell the tale.  We are so blessed to have our Grandfather still with us, as too the many veterans who were there yesterday and shared amazing accounts of heroism and camaraderie. Something each and every one of us can take away and implement in our own lives. Our lives that are only as of existence as a result of the millions of allied troops and civilians efforts on D Day and the months thereafter.  We owe them the deepest amount of gratitude and will do forever more. In today's episode I share with you accounts of the day at Southsea common in Portsmouth where hundreds of thousands of troops set sail on the 5th June 1944, genuine stories from my grandfather himself and how so many values and standards from that generation can be implemented into our own lives today to live a life worth remembering. ** IF YOU ENJOYED TODAY'S EPISODE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE ME A REVIEW - IT REALLY DOES HELP THE SHOW - THANK YOU **
June 7, 2019
Ep 015 - How to take your Personal Branding to the next level with branding coach Candis Hickman
** IF YOU LOVED TODAY'S EPISODE PLEASE LEAVE THE SHOW A 5* REVIEW AND LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS ** Candis Hickman is a Personal Brand Coach and the Producer and Host of Becoming Known Productions, a media company anchored by both a podcast and talk show that highlight the highs and lows along the road to recognition by sharing the stories of inspiring entrepreneurs, entertainers, and creators.   Early on in her career, Candis was a TV host for WJYS’ Urban Access TV in Chicago, covering music concerts, fashion shows and celebrity interviews. In 2017 Candis relocated to Miami, Florida where she launched her coaching business teaching entrepreneurs how to build their stand-out personal brand. Candis’ work has been featured in Time Out Miami magazine, Fete Lifestyle Magazine, Voyage MIA Magazine and the popular Chicago-based video magazine Glossed & Found. Today on The Best Version Of You show, Candis shares with us an unbelievable amount of great tips and nuggets for anyone looking to improve their personal branding and take it to the next level. Whether your'e a Coach, Personal Trainer, Speaker, Author, Celebrity or Sportsperson - This show is for you! So sit back, make some notes, and enjoy the content! To connect with Candis follow her here: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Podcast:
May 31, 2019
Ep 014 - Helping online coaches leverage and scale their business with Brian Mark
Brian Mark is a former WBFF pro fitness model who now owns two online fitness businesses whilst he  travels the world as a full time entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Calgary Alberta into a lower income home and this gave him the drive to do more, have more, and be more! He believes in growth, vision, never settling and always pushing the limit  In 2013 Brian worked in a gym 10-12 hours a day and hated it and the thought of working full time for someone else. He dramatically quit his job to become a cleaner at a summer camp. The idea behind it - to spend more time focusing on his vision and his game plan. He envisioned owning a multi-million dollar business with multiple employees working for him in a successful online empire. Fast forward a few years and he has done exactly that! As the CEO of Aesthetic Nation he's made a massive , positive impact on thousands of lives worldwide and helped countless amounts of people quit their 9-5 jobs and take their own business online using his successful and proven strategies and methods. So sit back, take as many golden nuggets as you can from his fantastic content! Connect with Brian Mark: Facebook: Instagram:
May 27, 2019
Ep 013 - Hip-Hop, Motivation and Fatherhood with legendary Freddy Fri.
** PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A REVIEW ** Freddy Fri – Your Pushaman, is a real-life champion. No matter what the arena is, he has one mission – to WIN that day and ultimately win in life. Freddy Fri’s messages are designed to bring out the champion in you! His story is one of tragedy to triumph. He overcame his mother passing away when he was four years of age, mental abuse from his step mom, being bullied in middle school, selling crack cocaine, being a single dad of four children and dropping out of college to the transformation of successful business owner, world renowned hip hop artist/motivational speaker, top AAU basketball coach and college graduate. Freddy is a leading expert, and one of very few authentic hip hop motivational speakers in the education and life wellness arenas. Freddy has made it his ultimate goal in life to help students, educators, and every day people win and become champions in all aspects of their lives. The energy, passion and purpose of Freddy's presentation is second to none and no more obvious as the voice over on many of the Fearless Motivation video soundtracks. Today on The Best Version Of You, Freddie shares that energy and passion with us in a truly inspiring episode. So sit back and really take in the amazing content! Connect with Freddie Fri Facebook: Web: Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: @realplaya1000
May 21, 2019
Episode 012 - Making huge career transitions with Lee Hackett
Please subscribe and leave a review for this amazing episode with legendary ex-footballer turned serial entrepreneur -Lee Hackett,    Lee, once the star striker for Wigan Athletic is now the CEO of BluprintX, responsible for their strategic growth. He specialises in straight-talking consultancy for C-Level on how to drive revenue and improve scalability through the power of data and technology. Lee has played a leading role in the creation and scaling of 7 startups in 4 continents over the last 10 years. Several of these startups became market leaders within 1-3 years, leading to trade sales to FTSE 200 organisations and global companies.   Today on The Best Version of You Show, Lee tells us what life was like as a professional footballer with Wigan Athletic FC before turning to the world of business and the massive transition that lay ahead as his football career ended. In 2013, Lee set up BluprintX which is now a global agency, advising some of the world’s biggest organisations on how to drive revenue through their use of technology.  Lee also hosts a podcast series called Level Up which documents a raw insight into real business issues and invites insight and hot topic discussion from industry leaders.   Where to find Lee:
May 17, 2019
Episode 011 - Overcoming fears and phobias with Fear Strategist Keith Blakemore-Noble
If you enjoy today's episode with Keith then please make sure you subscribe guys so you're the first to get notified of amazing new content, and likewise please leave a review. The more reviews the podcast receives the more people can be reached and helped all round the world. As for the Fear Strategist, Keith Blakemore-Noble helps people to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths, and has helped over 5,000 people to transform their lives since 2010.   For some, it's all about conquering their phobias; for other's, it's overcoming that nagging voice in their head filling them with self-doubt or imposter syndrome; for yet others it's conquering fears around playing a bigger game and stepping up to the next level; and for yet other's it's all about overcoming stage fright or audition anxiety, etc.  He knows a thing of two about conquering fears and phobias himself – for far too many years he himself he suffered from chronic social anxiety which made him painfully shy, crushingly lonely as a result, and his career hit its limits because of this. He started studying cutting edge neurosciences, conquered his “stuff”, and then left a 20 year career in IT to take up the much more rewarding path of helping others to conquer their fears.  This has lead Keith to speak to groups small and very large crowds in multiple countries across 3 different continents, as well as bringing his unique blend of hypnosis and magic to the stage to both entertain and educate he also has several 1-on-1 private work with clients literally around the world via the wonders of the internet.   He has compiled and published several books and is in the process of writing his own book on phobias during 2019. To check out Keith's remarkable work and case studies please check him out on social media via  Website - Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn - Instagram -
May 14, 2019
Craig Spicer - From Cancer Survivor to World Champion
Craig Spicer was at the peak of his fitness, playing football at a high level and a weapon in the gym. Suddenly at the young age of just 24 her found some lumps on his collar bone. These turned out to be cancerous and subsequently was diagnosed with Cancer.   Craig underwent aggressive chemotherapy, and whilst doing so his wife gave birth to their miracle son Alfie - 12 1/2 weeks premature! At just 2lbs and 2oz Alfie was in SCABU for several weeks at a time when Craig was at his weakest.   On this weeks special episode of The Best Version of You, Craig shares his truly inspiring story with us of how he overcome cancer and lives to spend every day with his miracle born son all while making a name for himself as one of the best powerlifters in the country and one of the best coaches around.  To follow Craig and his remarkable story check him out on Instagram and also on Twitter @CraigJSpicer. If you're serious about progressing in the gym and hitting some big numbers it would definitely be wise to reach oout and give Craig a shout!.
April 15, 2019
Episode 009 - From amputee to high performance athlete - with Steve Arnold
It was another routine day in Afghanistan in 2011, when suddenly, Steve Arnold, a former Staff Sergeant of a search team in the Royal Engineers' life was turned upside down in an instant when he stepped on an IED. The blast left Steve with multiple horrific injuries, with the main injury being the loss of both legs, leaving him a double amputee. Instead of letting this horrendous incident and life get the better of him, Steve has worked extremely hard with the help of the fantastic rehabilitation team at Hedley Court to not only take up hand cycling as a hobby, but represent his country in it on the world stage taking home multiple medals. Steve's passion for sport hasn't stopped there. As he explains in today's inspiring episode, hand cycling has been removed from the Paralympic games so has instead taken up Biathlon with the aim to reach the Paralympic games in 2022. On top of several Invictus Games medals Steve has represented Great Britain on the world stage in Biathlon and he shares with us the dedication, endless hours of training, the sacrifices he has made over the last few months - All in order to be the best version of himself whilst representing his country. Not only was it a humbling experience to interview a great friend and high performing athlete. It was tremendously inspiring to hear Steve's message to those who have been badly injured in the past and how they can motivate themselves to achieve great things. Regardless of the injuries Steve has sustained, he has no regrets and wouldn't change a thing, which says a lot about the man and his outstanding attitude. It sends home the message that if you apply yourself to your goals, you dream big and you work your ass off. Every single one of you can achieve great things! To  follow Steve and his remarkable journey, follow him on Instagram @stevearnold79 and on Twitter also @stevearnold79. Likewise if you loved today's episode please remember to SUBSCRIBE and I'd really appreciate it if you would leave me a review on iTunes. Your Coach AJ Roberts 
March 26, 2019
Episode 008 - Overcoming adversity and refusing to play the victim with Spencer Whiteley
Spencer Whiteley, a former British Soldier was walking along a vehicle park just outside of Basra, Iraq in 2007 when suddenly an enemy mortar landed right beside him. The blast shattered his femur, blew away most of his inner leg, amputated his right thumb and also caused multiple internal wounds just to mention a few. His injuries caused Spencer to also die TWICE during evacuation to the field hospital. Spencer shares with us today the importance of not playing the victim during his recovery as he reveals just how grateful he is just to be alive to tell his story. In fact he's gone on to do things beyond what any of his medical staff thought he would. Spencer is the proud owner of CrossFit Blockhouse in Andover, England with his wife and fell just short of qualifying for the 2018 CrossFit games. All whilst competing with the disadvantage of his previous injuries. Spencer truly shows us how your mindset is the key to overcoming adversity. You can either live your life to the fullest as your best and healthiest self, or you can let life dictate your journey. If you want to learn more about Spencer you can follow him on Instagram @spencer_whiteley and if you want to train at his awesome facility CrossFit Blockhouse, check out his website - If you liked today's episode please, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and leave a review. Sit back and enjoy the content!
March 9, 2019
Episode 007 - How committed are you?
We all have different levels of commitment when it comes to all areas of your life, but HOW committed are you to achieve your main goals? In today's episode I dive deep into levels of commitment and give you some really effective guidelines to help you persevere with your goals - no matter what life throws at you. Most of the guys in my current 30 Day Shred program are showing some amazing levels of commitment where as some are fighting inner challenges which is affecting their level of commitment to their health and fitness goals and achieving them, which in turn has inspired me to cover this topic in today's episode. Commitment is a big part of your mindset. If your mindset is something you struggle with and want to drastically improve it then please jump on to me FREE webinar on Thursday 7 March at 8pm GMT. Simply click the link and you're in. Change you Mindset - Change your life!  Likewise if you just want to reach out please do so via 
March 3, 2019
Episode 006 - Your Fitness Goals
 Fitness goals are important on several counts. They hold us accountable, expand our definition of possible, and encourage us to push through temporary discomfort for longer-lasting change. But figuring out how to set fitness goals you'll actually want to attain can be part art, part science.   A good fitness goal can be “your North Star when you have bad days,”. In other words, a goal, if thoughtful and well structured, can give you the extra incentive to keep going when motivation wanes, or when life otherwise gets in the way.  In today's episode I share a number of ways you can make life changing fitness goals. What NOT to do when making your goals and also a number of ways to 'fix' your current goals. This episode is great timing for all of the fabulous people who have registered for my FREE 30 Day Shred. During the 30 days all the members will receive daily workouts, recipes, meal prepping advice and much more. Starting the 30 days with solid fitness goals will only help increase their results. If you want to join hundreds of people form around the globe, lose weight, build muscle and generally feel far greater after 30 days then register for FREE by clicking HERE. I hope you enjoy the episode and as always I'd love it if my listeners would leave me a review and if you have any questions about anything I've talked about please contact me at
February 17, 2019
Episode 005 - Social Media is killing your time!
  Social media was created to help people be in touch with those who lived far away to meet personally. Nowadays, Facebook, Instagram and other social media is becoming overused and 'killing your time'!  Sometimes, you don’t even realise it. Take a look at this checklist: You constantly open Facebook (even during your family dinner) to check out new posts. You need to upload photos of your happy life events to Instagram. You wake up at the night to check out new likes.  You are constantly waiting for new likes and shares of your posts.  You want to impress people.  You scroll your newsfeed mindlessly.  You constantly check out particular Instagram accounts. You compare yourself to other people. Is something familiar to you? If yes, I have bad news for you — you’re a social networking addict and you're killing the one thing you can't take back - YOUR TIME. In today's episode I cover the problems facing so many of today's people with social media but also give you some interesting ways to improve your usage of social media to create lasting positive outcomes. Feel free to comment or discuss any of my episodes by visiting my website -  iTunes:  466493 
February 10, 2019
Episode 004 - Never giving up - with Micky Yule
Micky Yule was a Staff Sergeant in the British Army as a team leader within a Royal Engineers search team who specialised in defusing high risk IED's in Afghanistan. Micky's time in Afghanistan in 2010 was sadly cut short as on 1st July he unfortunately stood on a pressure plate which detonated an explosive device, leaving Micky becoming a double amputee above the knee and with an extremely long road to recovery. In this episode Micky shares with us many lessons about overcoming adversity and no matter how dark your days may seem - You NEVER give up. As a result of this amazing attitude Micky now represents team GB in the Paralympics in the power lifting event competing in bench press. He has represented UK in the Invictus games claiming gold each time and even found time to challenge the fastest able bodied man at the Skeleton downhill race last year. If you think your life could be better. If you think that you have it bad, then I encourage you to sit down, tune in, and listen to one of the most inspirational people I have ever known. ** If you love the content of today's show I'd be extremely grateful if you would leave a review on iTunes or the platform you are listening from. It really helps project my content to more and more people. Please help me help you! Thank you in abundance ** Itunes code:  466493 
February 2, 2019
Episode 003 - If you're not happy....... change your story!
Far too often do I see so many people who are unhappy with their lives, however anyone can change their life if they change the stories they tell themselves. Whether you're looking to transform your personal life or your professional life, no matter how old you are or how much you've experienced you can simply identify the mental blocks that are keeping you stuck - and release them! Whether it is your university course or your career path, or your business direction – whatever path it is that you’re taking right now, if it reeks strong discontentment, then it’s the perfect time to take a pause and redirect yourself. If you’re taking a course you don’t like, shift.  Trust me when I say, you don’t want to waste years, effort and money on something you never even loved in the first place. It will only teach you to settle. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t embolden you, you’ll still feel devoid and exhausted. So it doesn’t really matter if you’re graduating next year, you better decide before you find yourself trapped in an office chair with loads of shitty work you don’t even understand and doesn’t enrich your passion.  If you’re investing years of your precious time and expertise in a career path you’re not even appeased with, shift. If you don’t see yourself on the same path in the years to come, what’s the point? There is no right time to shift and leave, you do it when you feel like it. You do it when you’re unhappy. You do it now! Take on a new path, embrace diversity and development. Whatever path it is you’re in right now, if you’re unhappy, take a turn. Whether it is left or right, as long as you’re happy, you will not lose yourself.  If you liked today's episode and want to reach out and further your personal and professional development with me, simply email at and head over to my website where you'll find more about me and my services to serve you!
January 24, 2019
Episode 002 - The other side of your comfort zone
 When was the last time that you jumped out of your comfort zone? Stepping out of our comfort zone every now and again can be essential for helping us to grow as individuals and be happy. It gets us out there into the big wide world. In addition, it tests our limits, ignites our senses, and helps us to form deeper connections with others. With world experience comes a sense of achievement and greater confidence. Consequently, with improved confidence comes the drive to continue living as big and bold a life as possible.  In today's episode I share with you what I believe is on the other side of your comfort zone, and once there you will find The Best Version Of You!
January 19, 2019
Episode 001 - The Best Version Of You Intro
Hello! And a huge welcome to my first ever episode of The Best Version Of You. This podcast has been several months in the making. It's something I'm hugely passionate about and something that I hope you will get huge amounts of value from to help you become the best version of YOU!. This episode is purely an introduction into me, your host, so you understand my background and how I've used all my experiences to become a high-performance coach.  You will also get an idea of the great topics we will cover in future episodes. I'm extremely proud to say that this podcast is one of most exciting things I have done and the opportunity to get my message out there and help others pursue their own personal development by bringing them the best content through my experiences and those of the super guests I have lined up. I'd love for you to subscribe to the podcast and support me in supporting you.  Let's help you become The Best Version Of You in 2019!
January 12, 2019