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A Kick in the Arts

A Kick in the Arts

By AKITA Podcast
This is a Kick in the Arts, a weekly podcast hosted by artists and entrepreneurs, Kelsey and Marisa Dzintars.... i.e. ... just a coupla’ comedic ARTISTS concentrating conversation on creativity to connect our continuing community of creative comedic ARTISTS.

They talk about the tits and pits of being creative hustlers, puns about everything from the Olympics to kitchen utensils, and taking back the ‘c’ word. Get ready to laugh and cry over topics such as authenticity, jealousy, and burnout.
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#205- Managing Expectations (& adjusting when things don't go as planned)
Sometimes, you have to drive back and forth from Wyoming for three straight days because of weather, pushing all your to-dos back.  Let's talk about addressing client needs, staying flexible, and managing our own expectations despite the curve balls that get thrown our way.  Plus, cats are mentioned at least twice and we have a super sweet pun run. Enjoy! Join the conversation!, @kdzintars_art, @marisadzintars @aKickintheArts
February 13, 2019
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January 31, 2019
#2-5 Origin Story
So how does anyone get into their art anyway? What sort of education is ideal for artists? How do you decide when to go freelance? Kelsey and Marisa start from the beginning with their journeys, from childhood through the start of their professional work life.   Plus as always, a T&P segment for their take on "New Year, New You!" propaganda (spoiler: it's for the birds), and a seasonal pun run.  Follow us! @marisadzintars, @kdzintars_art, @AKickintheArts *Note from Marisa- In this episode, I reference my awe of my mother juggling three kids in all of our extracurricular activities. I'm referring to the three older sisters as we were closer in age and overlapping activities; I didn't mean to omit that she also had Alexa, 6 years my junior, in tow as well. Busy lady! I just felt the need to clarify that there are indeed four kids. :) 
January 25, 2019
#2-4 Success!
Sometimes, we actually feel successful! And it can actually be awkward to talk about. So let's talk about that. Does your work life achievements or failures affect your self worth? Let's talk about that too. Plus, Kelsey is painting her face off, Marisa makes strides in stand up, and as always, a Fair-ly cringy pun run.
December 6, 2018
#2-3 Resistance during the Holidays
The holiday season can be a huge distraction from our goals, so let's make a game plan to balance spirited indulgence and creative flow. Plus, Kelsey updates us on her marketing plan, and Jane Fonda throws shade at Marisa. And as always, a pun run that has you saying, "Birch, please."
November 22, 2018
#2-2 Pushing Through Rejection
Artists and business owners ideally make big sales and achieve big results all the time, but how do you keep on it when you're lacking a "big win"? Sometimes you get flat out rejected, but should that stop you? Plus, Kelsey and Marisa celebrate Halloween, have a seasonal pun run, and check into their goals. Follow at @aKickintheArts, @Kdzintars_art, @marisadzintars
November 15, 2018
#2-1 - Shameless Marketing for Artists
Marketing is inevitable for any business, but let's approach it without feeling douchey. Catch up with Kelsey and Marisa as they get more specific with their artistic and business goals, hash out personal branding, and make fun of tech (and themselves) in this first episode of Season 2.
November 8, 2018
Social Responsibilities as Artists- Bonus Summer Episode!
As artists, how responsible are we for our audience? And do we have an obligation to use our talents for social change? Plus, updates on Kelsey's life as a river guide and Marisa's hustles. And it wouldn't be a Kick in the Arts without a "hand-y" pun run. (Body parts. The theme is body parts.)
August 3, 2018
#10 - Figure out your Life! How to Move Forward and Curate your Life
In the Season One Finale, K&M talk about how to curate your life and make big life choices to propel you forward, such as choosing a major or a career path. They tackle the dilemma of working in a "safe" corporate environment or taking risks on their own; a life that requires being comfortable with uncertainty. Also, how to find validation as artists, what they've gained from doing this podcast, and their goals for the summer. And it wouldn't be a Season Finale without a pun run! Stay tuned for update episodes throughout the summer! Thanks again to Bill Kates for taping the intro- for the record, the "C" word us 100% our writing and idea. :) Contact us at, @akickinthearts, @marisadzintars, and @Kdzintars_art
June 20, 2018
#9 - When to say "No."
How do you know when to say "No" to a project or opportunity? And how do you do it? And how do you respond if someone gives you a "No"? After some Olympic level punning around, K&M discuss people pleasing, rejection, and more. Let us know what you think!, @aKickintheArts, @kdzintars_art, @marisadzintars
June 15, 2018
#8 - Change! How to keep yor creative flow throughout life changes.
Change happens whether you like it or not. This episode is about dealing with change that is forced upon you, how to make life changes, and how your body changes during puberty. jkjkjkjk. Plus, Kelsey treats herself to a Mitchell Goosen reference, and Marisa takes a page from Britney Spears. And both K&M are 'down' with a pun run about birds. Follow @akickinthearts, @marisadzintars, and @KDzintars_art
June 6, 2018
#7 - How to get inspired
How to find inspiration, and translate it from an idea into a fruitful project, even if the universe doesn't seem to be sending you messages directly. Plus, Kelsey makes a life choice based on Instagram's "Van People" and Marisa is in stitches after another award winning pun run. Email us! Follow us! @AKickintheArts
May 30, 2018
Meditation Exerpt!
Ever feel like you're meditating "wrong" or "not enough"? Well, eff that. In this excerpt, K&M talk about how they meditate, journal, and practice gratitude. Tell us how you like to meditate at or @AKickintheArts on Instagram. Happy RPMing!
May 23, 2018
#6 - Faking it! (Confidence, that is.) And getting some! (Still referring to confidence.)
Confidence- where does it come from? How do we get more? K&M talk about overcoming insecurities and the wall of resistance that occurs in their art and in social situations. Also, how can we get an Eddie Murphy sidekick luck dragon when it's time to face our fears!? Plus, Kelsey gives us a pizza her mind about self care, and Marisa is powder fresh! Join the conversation @AKickintheArts or
May 16, 2018
#5 - Jealousy and Competition
Being jealous of another artist or person sucks, but it's real. Is competition crippling or motivating? Kelsey and Marisa get honest about their feelings of other artists' successes. Plus, Marisa names her memoir and Kelsey marches for our lives.
May 9, 2018
#4 - Focus & Get Back on Track!
Break me off a piece of that Kick in the Arts. And then get back to work. This episode focuses on getting your rear in gear after a weekend off or an extended hiatus. Plus, Kelsey teaches us about Pinterest and Marisa reveals the subject of her new paint-by-number as they sober up from a holiday weekend.
May 2, 2018
#3 - Money
How to live like a rich person, even if you're a starving artist! In ep. 3, Kelsey and Marisa dig deep into their penniless pockets for a vulnerable conversation about money. Plus, technology fails and alcohol ails.
April 18, 2018
#2- Authenticity
Authenticity- what does it mean, and what does it feel like? How do we be authentic in our artistic work? Plus, Marisa gets harassed on set and Kelsey gets honest with her Tinder date.
April 11, 2018
#1- Start by Finishing
The very first full length episode of A Kick in the Arts! Kelsey and Marisa discuss the psychology of finishing projects, regrouping after a break, and badass money making. Mild language. Originally recorded 3/5/2018. Special thanks to Bill Kates for all the grumpy pants help!
April 4, 2018
This is the introduction to A Kick in the Arts! Meet Kelsey and Marisa Dzintars, two sisters with different creative backgrounds discuss the tits and pits of living life as artists. New episodes coming every Wednesday! Follow @akickinthearts, @kdzintars_art, @marisadzintars Contact at
April 3, 2018