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The Liberated Leader Podcast

The Liberated Leader Podcast

By Bea Chan | BTYB AKITA Agency
✨Welcome to the Liberated Leader Podcast! 🙏 Together we’ll connect with leaders in the psychedelic space 🍄 & explore the creations they birthed into the world. All in hopes to bring the psychedelic renaissance into the 21st century & spread the message of inner healing...because when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. ❤️‍🩹So...let’s get liberated! 🔥 🎶Music by
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Season 1 - Wrap Up
Hey Everybody,  Thank you so much for tuning into season one of The Liberated Leaders Podcast!  I am so humbled by all the love, support and curiosity from friends, guests and the wider community out there. I hope I was able to bring to light a lot of things that people were interested in in regards to psychedelics medicine, mental health, therapy and more! On that note, we will be taking a little break as we iterate and prepare for season two. We’ll be taking it in a slightly different direction, and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as you did season one. Until then, take care! Bea
January 03, 2022
S1E9 - Ram Dass, Meditation, Psychedelic Preparation & Integration with Daniel Shankin
"You can either clean up your shit or smell like shit - it’s not going to go anywhere on its own. That’s what integration is sometimes too - is cleaning up that mess. Sometimes you come out of [a psychedelic trip] and there’s half a dozen people who you need to say sorry to." In this episode, we talk to Daniel ‘Sitaram Das’ Shankin Daniel is the founder of The Psilocybin Summit and Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration. After a deep awakening in 1998, Daniel dove deep into his yoga and meditation practice to stabilize his realization in his body and the world. As a yoga and meditation teacher for over 20 years, Daniel dedicated his life to the cultivation of clarity, resilience, and heart. Mt Tam is an organization that serves individuals with 1:1 integration coaching, who are exploring their consciousness for transformational evolution within a supportive community. He uses tools from a wide variety of traditions to help you develop powerful personal practices for psychedelic preparation and integration. Connect with Daniel Shankin:  Mt Tam Website | Instagram | Facebook | Discord | Psilocybin Summit Daniel's free gift to you:   Take this mini course on meditative preparation for a day of mushrooms Join a free sharing or integration circle here! Resource Links: Richard Alpert AKA Ram Dass Ram Dass, Going Home on Netflix - 2017 Documentary Book: Be Here Now by Ram Dass   Book: The Harvard Psychedelic Club by Don Lattin Poem: The Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski Paul Stamet - Author, Entrepreneur, Mycologist & Medical Researcher What is Psychosis vs Psychomimetic = "producing effects (as hallucinations or paranoid delusions) that resemble or are identical with psychotic symptoms" If you like this episode and want more, please support us by leaving a review on Apple Podcast :) To Your Liberation & Beyond!
December 27, 2021
S1E8 - Non-Psychoactive Kratom, Lucid Dreaming & Toxic Positivity with Brian Flasche
“Kratom is not FDA-approved, but neither are vitamins so it falls under this field of pseudo-pharmaceuticals. Big Pharma can’t monopolize it so the FDA doesn't approve them. That said, it doesn’t mean these medicines aren’t absolutely miraculous.” In this episode, we chat with Brian Flasche. Brian is the owner of Botanical Solutions, co-founder of the Las Vegas Psychedelic Society, and one of the Decriminalize Nature NV leaders. Through Botanical Solutions, he provides Kratom, dream enhancing plants, herbal remedies and integration coaching to help his clients improve their quality of life. The Las Vegas Psychedelic society is a non-profit organization focused on supporting and strengthening the local community with online and in person integration circles, classes, and events. With the team over at Decriminalize Nature NV, he advocates for drug policy reform through the decriminalization of natural psychedelic medicines like mushrooms, ayahuasca, iboga, and mescaline. Connect with Brian Flasche: Website | Botanical Solution Instagram |  Las Vegas Psychedelic Society | Decriminalize Nature Nevada ** Please sign the petition here to keep Kratom legal ** Resource Links: All About Kratom - the non-psychoactive plant Oneirogens - dream enhancing plants Lucid Dreaming Book: Liminal Dreaming: Exploring Consciousness at the Edges of Sleep by Jennifer Dumper What is Toxic Positivity Celebrities on Psychedelics: Elon Musk & Will Smith  Join your local psychedelic society Heroic Hearts Project - a non-profit that connects military veterans struggling with mental trauma to psychedelic therapy options Meetdelic - a psychedelic wellness conference If you like this episode, please support us by leaving a review on Apple Podcast To Your Liberation & Beyond!
December 20, 2021
S1E7 - Ayahuasca, Breathwork & Somatic Experiencing with Ayahuasca Kaur (Sarai Darbandi)
“Learning how to slow down [is] the biggest thing and the most challenging for most of us in the west...tap into breathing and realize that that is the doorway into our parasympathetic nervous system.”   In this episode, we chat with Ayahuasca Kaur (Birth Name: Sarai Darbandi). Ayahuasca Kaur is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Ayahuasca Preparation & Integration Coach. She specializes in childhood trauma, helping people optimize their Ayahuasca experiences and transformations. The Multidimensional Journey, her coaching practice, was created in 2018 and provides educational resources like podcasts, videos, and content dedicated to the Ayahuasca Preparation & Integration process as well as group breathwork experiences and individual coaching for deeper work. She is extremely passionate about upholding integrity and ethics as this wave of psychedelic therapy happens across the West. Connect with Ayahuasca Kaur: Instagram | Website | YouTube | Facebook | TikTok Join Ayahuasca Kaur in her next breathwork class here (first time free!) Resource Links: Somatic Experiencing by Dr. Peter Levine  Jon Kabat-Zinn, the Father of Zen Mindfulness Polyvagal Theory by Dr. Stephen Porges   Breathwork by David Elloitt   InnerEthics by Kylea Taylor  Transgenerational Trauma Dissociation, Derealization & Pendulation The Ayahuasca Foundation 12-Step for Adult Children of Alcoholics If you like this episode and want more, please support us by leaving a review on Apple Podcast To Your Liberation & Beyond!
December 13, 2021
S1E6 - Leaving Mormonism, Parents for Psychedelics & EMDR with Peter Gulka
“The imagery of the college kid who is looking to get high needs to be let go. Yes, college kids go out and get high, but I’m 43 yr old and I’m involved in these substances because they are helpful tools in my own healing.”  In this episode, we chat with Peter Gulka Peter began his journey of healing with plant medicine in 2017 after over 20 years of anxiety, depression, and OCD symptoms that began in adolescence.  After medication no longer served to manage those symptoms, he sought relief elsewhere.  Through deep personal experiences, Peter was empowered to continue the healing work with EMDR psychotherapy, and a variety of other modalities.  He coaches those seeking to prepare for and integrate from a psychedelic experience and is proud to work alongside mental health professionals collaboratively. And, also serves as a producer for the “Mormons on Mushrooms” podcast, working closely with the Mormon and ex-Mormon communities in which he was raised.  Connect with Peter Gulka:  Website | Instagram | Facebook Resource Links: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Mama Dragon - a non-profit that supports Moms of LGBT children The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Mormon Community Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy Internal Family System by Dr. Peter Schwartz Plant Parenthood - a community of parents who use psychedelics Dr. Viktor Frankl The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Vanderkolk If you like this episode and want more, please support us by leaving a review on Apple Podcast. To Your Liberation & Beyond!
December 06, 2021
S1E5 - Former C-Suite Executive, Psychedelic Effects on Women & Transformational Microdosing with Dana Harvey
"It's important to have people who are experiencing [the psychedelic effects on women's health to be] at that leadership level where they can bring it into the greater consciousness of all genders” In this episode, we chat with Dana Harvey She's an entrepreneur, non-profit leader, professional communicator, ex-C-suite executive, mom and recovering workaholic who knows the feeling first hand. Plant medicines helped Dana recover her love for life and the joy in her soul.  Now, as a Transformational Microdosing and Psychedelics Coach, as well as the founder of The Flourish Academy, Dana supports other high impact leaders in rebalancing their lives, changing their perspectives, and flourishing into authentically fulfilled versions of themselves. Dana’s approach combines 20+ years of experience coaching, mentoring entrepreneurs and executives with specific training around microdosing, tripsitting, somatic integration, mindfulness, questions-based thinking, and breathwork.  She has been honoured to apprentice under a highly experienced psychedelic therapist, trained in Compassionate Inquiry and Hakomi, and to gain firsthand indigenous wisdom through her personal relationships in these communities. Connect with Dana Harvey: Website | Instagram| Facebook | Clubhouse  Find Dana moderating The Flourish Academy Rooms on Clubhouse: Tuesday @ 8am PST = Chaia Moon’s Multiverse Wednesday @ 8am PST = Cannabis, Entheogens and Women’s Wellness Thursday @ 8am PST = Psychedelic Microdosing 101 Friday @ 8am PST = Psychedelic Tripsitting 101 Resource Links: Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu Vicky Sander, Founder of SheEO - Mantra = “This is who I am. It’s good that I’m like this. I can depend on what I know and what I do to take meaningful action in this world. I love my life” James Fadiman “Father of Microdosing” Psychedelic Promotes Neural Pathway & Plasticity Vancouver (BC) Women In Psychedelics & Entheogens Community Group - Come join a monthly in-person event when you're in town! If you like this episode and want more, please support us by leaving a review on Apple Podcast. To Your Liberation & Beyond!
November 29, 2021
S1E4 - Harm Reduction, Holding Space & MAPS Canada with Michael Oliver
"When you feel safe in your physical environment, then you feel a lot more safe to explore your internal environment. That’s the key thing!" In this episode, we chat with Michael Oliver He's a leader, community builder and psychedelic practitioner based in Vancouver, BC.  Michael is the co-founder of The Flying Sage, a psychedelic community of healers and educators, and is also the Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Assistant for MAPS Canada.  Through his own practice, Michael seeks to offer transformative experiences to leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who are seeking to self-actualize and step into their own leadership journey. Connect with Michael:  Website | Instagram Resource Links UBC Student Psychedelic Society  All About Tripsitting  Fantastic Fungi Documentary on Netflix  Volunteer with MAPS Canada - remote opportunities available!  All About Harm Reduction If you like this episode and want more, please support us by leaving a review on Apple Podcast.  To Your Liberation & Beyond!
November 22, 2021
S1E3 - Self-Acceptance, NLP & Integrative Life Coaching with Jamie Star Crawford
“The more specific the picture I see in my mind, it’s possibility. When i see the possibility, it’s believability. When it’s believability, then I can pursue readily.” In this episode, we chat with Jamie Star Crawford.    She's a dedicated Integrative Life Coach, mental and emotional wellness specialist, entheogenic integration coach, visionary mentor, and passionate creator.  After experiencing decades of multi-layer illness and mind-body dysfunction, she pursued a pathway of holistic healing that led her into dozens of modalities, teachings, and experiences that would shape her mission and purpose for others.  Today, she supports others with navigating life transitions, creating self mastery, and living on purpose through healthy mindsets, emotional wellness, physical vitality, and spiritual congruence.  Connect with Jamie:  Website | LinkedIn | Instagram  Jamie's 10-week virtual course - Truth Serum - is for women who want to create radical self-acceptance, self-expression and freedom. Starts Nov 16, 2021 with limited seating :)  "Self acceptance is when I accept everything that I am and everything that I’m not together...while knowing that I’m none of it." Resource Links The Third Wave's Microdosing Coaching Program Ed Mylette's Internal Thermostat Explanation Neuro-Linguistic Programming Studies on Psychedelic Medicine from MAPS, John Hopkins University & Imperial College London  If you like this episode and want more, please support us by leaving a review on Apple Podcast. To Your Liberation & Beyond!
November 15, 2021
S1E2 - Katukina Kambo, Satori Breathwork & TRE with Maxwell Honey
“If you don’t have any tools [to down regulate] going into a ceremony to deal with stress, it’s Russian Roulette. Psychedelic is an amplifier of whatever you’re carrying, so if you’re carrying a lot of stress going into ceremony, it could very likely just amplify that.” In this episode, we chat with Maxwell Honey.   He's a breathwork teacher, wellness coach, TRE provider, and Katukina Kambo practitioner. His approach to personal empowerment is based on a unique combination of modern science, shamanic spirituality, trauma integration, embodiment training and 15+ years' experience working with entheogenic medicines. Connect with Max: Website Satori Breathwork Group Instagram Resource Links David Wolfe & Raw Food Diet  Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) Katukina Tribe Bea's experience with Kambo All About Kambo If you like this episode and want more, please support us by leaving a review on Apple Podcast. To Your Liberation & Beyond!
November 09, 2021
S1E1 - Nomadism, Spiritual Journey & Failed Psychedelic Experiences with Bea Chan
In this inaugural solocast episode, Bea dives deep into her story of breaking away from societal norms and embarking on a spiritual journey that includes a 1-way flight to Thailand, failed psychedelic experiences and sacred medicine ceremonies including Kambo, 5-me0-DMT & Ayahuasca...that all led to starting AKITA "A Kick In The Ass" Agency & The Liberated Leader Podcast. Enjoy!  Resource Links:  Royal Conservatory of Music  Digital Nomad - My old travel blog, JohnnyFD - who I first heard this concept from, Nomad List Transformational Coaching Program by Jim Fortin To Your Liberation & Beyond! 
November 01, 2021