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The Believers Hangout

The Believers Hangout

By Akobe-Ajibolu Victor
The believers hangout hosted by Akobe-Ajibolu Victor is Aimed at building a community of believers who are conformed to the character of Christ, while growing in faith through an expository teaching of the Bible.
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Today's super heroes
There is a great need of God. A need for men who will establish the counsel and purpose of the Lord on the earth and also a need from the world for the manifestation of those who carry the solution to problems faced by the world. People who understands the heart of the father and can bring to reality the precepts of the father.
June 02, 2021
Offence of The Cross
Often times, when we hear the word "offence of the Cross" we wonder how it's possible that we be offended by the cross. In this episode we look at what the offence of the Cross is and how we can avoid this.
October 12, 2020
Understanding God's will
We're so fast to tag things in our lives which seem out of our control as the will of God for us, when He has something entirely different in mind for us. But because we depend on our emotions or what we can get hold of through our own understanding. In this episode we dug into the word of God to know and understand what the will of God looks like
May 26, 2020
The contemporary church
We are in a time where the church wants to be one and not different from the world deferring on all that God has called us to be. Although the world is naturally in the present, but it as believers we have not been called to live in uncertainty as the world does but to live in the hope of the promise which the lord has given us through His son Jesus Christ.
April 10, 2020
The cross (Jesus and the two Theives on the cross)
The cross has always been the foundation of the Christian faith and the most important event in human history, and the even in the cross was never a random event but was divinely orchestrated to show the fallen nature of man and what Christ did to restore man to Himself.
February 06, 2020