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Astounding Adventures in the Akroydiesel Age (AAAA) is the official Akroydiesel Age RPG Actual Play podcast, where 6 friends play AdA. Official wiki: ada-rpg.org/tiki-index.php


10 Episodes
AAAA EP10: Five Way Marriage
May 24, 20181:10:28
AAAA Ep9: Snakes & Sponges
May 18, 20181:00:26
AAAA Ep8: Descent
May 10, 20181:09:01
AAAA Ep7: Breakfast Time
May 3, 201857:20
AAAA Ep6: The Week Long Turnabout
Apr 25, 20181:06:47
AAAA Ep5: License Plate Blues
Apr 18, 201859:01
AAAA Ep4: Lynchburg Noir
Apr 11, 20181:01:14
AAAA Episode 3: For a Few Dollars More
Apr 3, 201859:18
AAAA Ep2: Back on the Mean Streets
Mar 28, 20181:15:48
Astounding Adventures of the Akroydiesel Age Ep1
Mar 20, 20181:10:54
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