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Subversive w/Alex Kaschuta

Subversive w/Alex Kaschuta

By Alexandra Kaschuta
Subversive is a podcast by Alex Kaschuta about ideas that may not fit neatly into the Overton window and could use a nudge, or a sledgehammer. Alex chats to thinkers across the spectrum from iconoclast philosophers, rogue scientists, *real* journalists, and our true intellectual elite, Twitter anons.

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Aimee Terese - The Regime Of Compulsory Love

Subversive w/Alex Kaschuta

Aimee Terese - The Regime Of Compulsory Love

Subversive w/Alex Kaschuta

Helen Joyce - The Trans Takeover
I speak to Helen about the fast-developing topic of Transgenderism. About self-identification, trans medicine from John Money to the tragic case of David Reimer, how the UK ended up as TERF island, Trans Widows, Autogynephilia & the work of Ray Blanchard, gender as performance and *essential quality of the soul*, the huge difference between mtf and ftm transgender, and how liberal individualism & transhumanism play into this new booming field of identity. Helen Joyce is a journalist and writer, the is executive editor for the events business of The Economist, and the author of the newly released "Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality".
October 20, 2021
Razib Khan - Saying The Unsayable
You can support this podcast and get early releases and bonus content at  Or check out my writing and the early releases on Substack at I chat to Razib about multiracial whiteness, the importance of genetics, the role of IQ in life outcomes and why it's a thorny subject, meritocracy, free love, and its discontents, dating and the relief of not dating (anymore), brown privilege, ultra woke brahmin ladies and why he volunteers to say the unsayable. Razib is a population geneticist, a writer, a Substack owner/operator, and host of the Unsupervised Learning podcast. You can find his work on Twitter @razibkhan and on his very popular genetics substack.
October 13, 2021
Jack Murphy - Love, Exile & Exit
I chat to Jack about finding love in troubled times, marriage, having children, his adventures in polyamory, finding religion, his past as a libertarian, and opportunities for exit. His recommended subversive is Jordan Hall. Jack is a writer, podcaster, and host of the Jack Murphy Live show, founder of the Liminal Order, and author of “Democrat to Deplorable.” You can find his work via his Twitter @jackmurphylive
October 6, 2021
Apex - Autonomy is not enough
I chat to anonymous poster (by night) and Wall Street analyst (by day), Apex, about the values and assumptions that are at the base of our current order. We talk about: liberalism's love affair with autonomy, oversocialization as a useful lens borrowed from uncle Ted himself, "the marketplace of ideas" and the expert class, libertarianism and its discontents, and much more. His recommended subversive is John Safranek with his book "The myth of Liberalism" You can find Apex's latest work on his prolific Substack: and on Twitter @apex_simmaps
September 29, 2021
Charles Haywood - Post-Liberal Doomer Optimism
I talk to Charles about finding ourselves at a very generative intersection of political ideas, in what feels to be a pivotal moment & in great company - post-liberalism is here and it is up to us to feel out the contours of the future, to at least not let it surprise us, and at best have a part in creating it. We speak about: The three strands of post-liberal thought - what does the territory look like? Gatekeeping on our side: "no friends to the right" The Enlightenment and its discontents "The regime is extremely fragile" Neoreaction and his take on Curtis Yarvin What does the new online right look like and why is it so generative? Seeing tech as a tool, not a savior and space, the final frontier Why you should read "The Demon in Democracy" by Legutko Charles' recommended subversives are Carl Schmitt and Ernst Junger. Charles is a successful entrepreneur, an ex-lawyer, and the maximum leader of the Worthy House, a blog and podcast where he reviews a variety of books from a right-wing, post-liberal perspective.
September 22, 2021
Michael Millerman - Post-Liberalism as a Reality
You can support this podcast and get early releases and bonus content at Or check out my writing and the early releases on Substack at I chat to rogue scholar Michael Millerman about what political philosophy can teach us in a post-liberal age. We also talk about: Having roots in Eastern Europe as a motivation for learning political philosophy Post-liberalism as a reality beyond liberalism, communism, and fascism What does Alexander Dugin add to the conversation? Questioning the Individual and replacing him with different other subjectivities. “Freedom means the freedom to reject liberalism” Going back to the roots of our tradition to understand the fruits of it Each Ethnos and the possibility of universal political principles - does Ango-Saxon politics work in Eastern Europe? Can everyone get a liberal education? Infohazards in understanding political philosophy. The Marketplace of Ideas as a filter for truth. Eastern Mysticism and how it helps us see nuance in “the self” Being embodied vs. being in your body - Gnosticism as a fundamental imbalance. Michael's recommended subversives are Leo Strauss, Alexander Dugin, and Martin Heidegger. You can find his latest projects at @M_Millerman on Twitter and his excellent political philosophy courses on Teachable at:
September 15, 2021
Bo Winegard - Human Diversity & The End of History
I chat to exiled academic Bo Winegard about how what we've learned about human diversity affects how we can live together under liberalism and beyond. We also speak about: His love for Western Civilization and what that means Controlling for genetics and the fate of social explanations for disparity across both the Left & Right What the Post-Liberals miss about diversity His Trump regrets The Enlightenment and its aftermath Science as the model for "continual progress" in every domain His recommended subversive thinker is J. Phillippe Rushton. You can find Bo's latest work via his Twitter and support his projects via his Patreon. 
September 8, 2021
Aimee Terese - The Regime Of Compulsory Love
You can support this podcast and get early releases and bonus content at Or check out my writing and the early releases on Substack at I speak to the bête noire of Marxist commentary & nemesis of the dirtbag left, Aimee Terese about: Leaving the Left. Being "post-left" & the tyranny of political labels. Love for the little guy & the genius of small accounts. Being honest under weaponized dishonesty. Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker & liberal "progress porn." "There are no more nazis or communists." Covert authoritarianism and the Right adopting enemy framing by default. Compulsory enjoyment & loving everyone (or else). Turning social dysfunction into GDP go BRRRRR. Climate change freaks & "the world will end in 12 years" millenarianism. Who is "the worker" in 2021? No real difference between market & state: State Capitalism gone global. Using individualism as a shield to ignore collective problems and reneging on our responsibility to each other. Indigenous rights in Australia and the tyranny of empty gestures. Her recommended subversive thinker is Rosa Luxemburg. Aimee is the co-host of the What's Left Podcast and can be found on Twitter @aimeeterese
September 1, 2021
Bennett's Phylactery - Based Mormonism And Rebuilding The Faith
You can support this podcast and get early releases and bonus content at   Or check out my writing and the early releases on Substack at I speak to brilliant Twitter anon @extradeadjcb about Mormonism, Family, and Faith. We also speak about: - The elevator pitch for Mormonism - Missionary religions and how they work - Can you resurrect faith "because we need it"? - Teenage rebellion is not a human universal - Travel as a psyop and other cultural messages to women - Making decisions in life and moral universals - "Trad" what it means and what it can't mean - Cthulhu doesn't always swim left - Anti-natalism and demographic collapse - Polygamy vs. Polyamory - Anxiety about the future of the church JCB's recommended subversive is Brigham Young, who "wrote about a lot of things and was right about most things". You can find JCB's insights on Twitter @extradeadjcb.
August 25, 2021
Malcom Kyeyune - Good Riddance To The Left
You can support this podcast and get early releases and bonus content at    Or check out my writing and the early releases on Substack at I speak to Malcom about the future of the left and cutting ties with it. We also talk about: - Who is the working class in the contemporary West? - Elite overproduction and the real class project of the current left: Saving the Professional Middle Class from their own uselessness. - Commie techno-utopianism and its Experts need to be destroyed - Poor immigrant women voting for racist parties in enlightened Sweden - A new breed of right-wingers thirsty for insights from the old school left, from class analysis to cliodynamics. - The app economy as a new form of tax farming - The left's never-ending war on the Kulaks - What happened to Anti-Globalization as the core of the dissident left? His recommended subversive is John Michael Greer, the very prescient writer of Malcom Kyeyune is a writer based in Sweden. He is also on the steering council of the Swedish think tank Oikos, a gray eminence behind the infamous Sweden Democrats and a shitposting virtuoso @tinkzorg.
August 18, 2021
Joe Norman - The Dangers Of Civilization At Scale
You can support this podcast and get early releases at Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I speak to Joe Norman about the perils of running a civilization at scale, localism, and how small is not only beautiful, it's the only scale at which humanity works. We also chat about: - Being Luddites - The cheapening of "Lindy" and timelessness as a better concept - Jordan Peterson and his adventures with GMOs - Covid as a warning on the dangers of scale - The dangers of modeling society on one single level - the individual - Distributism as a potential political compromise re: scale - Deflating big institutions - How to cultivate options without getting trapped in infinite optionality - Libertarianism and its discontents His recommended subversives are Christopher Alexander (architect) and Robert Rosen (theoretical biologist). Joe Norman is the Founder and Chief Scientist at Applied Complexity Science, LLC, and one of the world's most interesting and outspoken voices in the field of complexity science. He's also the author of the brilliant Applied Complexity Newsletter. You can find this and his other work through his Twitter @normonics
August 11, 2021
Sohrab Ahmari - Wisdom at the Twilight of Liberalism
You can support this podcast and get early releases and bonus content at Or check out my writing and the early releases on Substack at I speak to Sohrab Ahmari about being an outsider to the Western Tradition, loving the West without needing to love liberalism, about "facts don't care about your feelings" and other wishful thinking, about Progress with a capital P, about the emerging coalition of (actually) diverse thinkers and the cross-pollination happening outside the traditional parameters of left and right, about Twitter friends, and our mutual love of Solzhenitsyn’s 1978 Harvard Address, where he drops a prescient assortment of pills on a stunned crowd expecting an ode to the triumph of the West. Sohrab is the OpEd editor of the NYPost, and the author of “The New Philistines”, “From Fire, By Water” and the new book “The Unbroken Thread” His recommended subversive thinker is 19th-century conservative political theorist Juan Donoso Cortés. * We had a little issue with Sohrab's mic picking up background sound in the first 10 minutes, but it is fixed after that.
August 4, 2021
Inez Stepman - Forgetting Nature On The Way To Utopia
I speak to Inez Stepman about our rejection of nature in the search for Utopia. We also speak about: - What it means to be an anti-feminist woman. - Demographic collapse, the fertility crisis, and anti-natalism - Politics on a simple axis: humanity is fallen or changeable? - Abundance as a double-edged sword. - Technology as a way to forget about nature. - Transhumanism and rationalism - The desexing of sex and the death of sexual tension - Rape, consent, and the unlucky draw of simply being an awkward man - Women don’t know what they want and that’s fine. - The insanity of “Catching feelings” vs. “Bringing your whole self to work” And much more. Inez is a Lincoln Fellow at the Clairmont Institute, a writer for the Federalist, a senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum and the host of the new podcast High Noon. You can find Inez's work on her Twitter @InezFeltscher
July 28, 2021
Sergiu Klainerman - Seeing The Future In The Past
You can support this podcast and get early releases and bonus content at Or check out my writing and the early releases on Substack at  Sergiu Klainerman is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Mathematics at Princeton, where he’s been teaching since 1987. He's also a fellow Romanian, an anti-communist dissident, someone who successfully fled the regime, and, recently, a fearless voice in what he sees as a rise in the US of the same forces he left behind in 1980s Romania.   We speak about: His story, becoming disenchanted with communism early on, falling in love with mathematics, and finding a way to escape. The spreading politics of grievance Romania and the eternal Transylvania vs. Bucharest beauty contest Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Address, "A World Split Apart" and how prophetic he was about what was already happening to a devitalized and self-consuming western liberalism. Faith vs. Reason in mathematics and beyond "The Scientific Consensus" and its discontents Covid and narrative "Science" His recommended subversive thinker is Galileo Galilei. You can find his recent essays in Newsweek, Quillette, and National Review.
July 21, 2021
Eigenrobot - After Rationalism
You can support this podcast and get early releases at Or check out my writing on Substack at​ This week I chat to Eigenrobot, prolific poster, podcaster, and unofficial king of post-rationalism (whatever we finally decided that is). We chat about: - Having babies, making families and community work - What leads to low trust societies and the drifting away from high trust in the west - "The conservation of suffering" - What is post-rationalism? - The American Cultural Empire and its consequences - Preference Cascades and how everything can change overnight - Echo chambers and internet hyperreality - The Scott Alexander witch hunt - Is there a real marketplace of ideas? - Wokeness as an ethical-managerial superstructure that will be hard to dismantle - Podcasting with friends Eigen's recommended subversive thinker is medieval philosopher and theologian Peter (Pierre) Abelard and his book "Sic et Non" You can find his work on Twitter, at @eigenrobot
July 14, 2021
Aaron Sibarium - Liberalism: Time To Sober Up
You can support this podcast and get early releases at Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I chat with Aaron Sibarium about our post-liberal moment. About how we can’t make sense of history and politics without understanding technology. The challenges of Online Localism vs Real Life Localism Is our future in competitive city-states? Identity and signaling in the “Marketplace of Ideas” The self-fulfilling prophecy of diversity programs The marriage of meritocracy & wokeism Aaron’s recommended subversive thinkers are: Derek Parfit - On the liberal concept of personal identity and the self and population ethics - “The Repugnant Conclusion” G.A. Cohen - On the liberal/libertarian idea that we can draw distinctions between corporate and state powers and a critique of libertarianism from the left. “Albion’s Seed” - David Hackett Fisher - Subverts the idea that the U.S. is a purely credal nation and the idea of universalism. “Collision Course: The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America” - Hugh Davis Graham Aaron Sibarium is a writer for the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from Yale University, where he was the opinion editor of the Yale Daily News. Before joining the Free Beacon, he was an editor at The American Interest. You can find his work on Twitter @aaronsibarium.
July 7, 2021
Dryden Brown - TradHumanism and Building the Future
You can support this podcast and get early releases at Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I speak to Bluebook Cities & Praxis Society co-founder and CEO, Dryden Brown, about a positive vision for the future, about foundational values, what it takes to build and maintain a community, frontier thinking, his concept of TradHumanism, cults, and what we can learn from them, sequester states and the magic of the internet and meeting your heroes.   You can find Dryden and his latest projects on his Twitter: @drydenwtbrown
June 30, 2021
Darren Beattie - Empire, Moral Fervor and Modernity
You can support this podcast and get early releases at    Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I speak to Darren Beattie about quaint Transylvanian towns and who has power in the politics of Eastern European backwaters, the Globalist American Empire and how narrative warps reality, color revolutions, who has the moral high ground and why it matters, the origins of our present derangements - philosophy, material emergence, or both, the question of "does voting even matter?", the impact of technology on how the game of politics evolves and about his dissertation on another subversive, Heidegger. Darren is an author, former speechwriter for President Trump, and the gray eminence behind Revolver News. He’s also one of the most incisive analysts of our current moment both in terms of US politics but also of the wider reverberations around the world. You can find his most recent work on Twitter @DarrenJBeattie
June 23, 2021
Ed Dutton - Genetics & Civilizational Collapse
You can support this podcast and get early releases at  Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I speak to Prof. Ed Dutton, aka the Jolly Heretic about how genetics can impact the social fabric, coordination, culture, and of course, politics. We speak about his new thesis on how feminism's interplay with genetics has shredded the fundamental building blocks of western societies. We also speak about the differences between liberals and conservatives, the great testosterone collapse, our adaptation to rape and rape fantasies, witches, incels, app dating, elite overproduction, ethnocentrism in Eastern Europe, the collapse of IQ, and life in London.
June 16, 2021
Angela Nagle - Politics Beyond Left & Right
You can support this podcast and get early releases at Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I speak to Angela about rootlessness as the price of empire, woke NGOs as the enforcers of global capital, hyperreal online spaces and the people that populate them, boring local politics vs. the dopamine rush of the 24/7 kaleidoscope of U.S. politics, having skin in the game of politics and what happens if you don't, the machinations of power at a global level, and the fertility crisis. Angela Nagle is the author of "Kill All Normies" and a writer for American Affairs and Unherd.
June 9, 2021
Alex Gutentag - The Great COVID Reset
You can support this podcast and get early releases at  Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I chat to writer and California public school teacher, Alex Gutentag, about the world we inhabit in the wake of over one year of continuous COVID restrictions. We talk about the greatest wealth transfer from the lower-middle class to the rarefied strata at the top, and about the impact social isolation is having on vulnerable people, especially children. Alex brings her perspective as a teacher through one of the most restrictive lockdowns in the US. Her recommended subversive thinker is Imre Kertész and his books "Fatelessness" and "Fiasco." You can find Alex and her most recent writing at @galexybrane on Twitter.
June 2, 2021
Justin Murphy - Get Married & Exit The Institutions
You can support this podcast and get early releases at Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I talk to Justin Murphy about building a platform and a career on the internet, Gen Z shitposters, academic defectors, getting married already, aging and attractiveness, fertility and pronatalism, cheating, casual sex culture, minors fornicating, Urbit, a *different kind of internet*, private communities. You can find Justin's work at @jmrphy on Twitter, at and
May 26, 2021
Geoffrey Miller - Mating in the 21st Century
You can support this podcast and get early releases at​​​​​    Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I talk to Geoffrey Miller about the problems of dating in the 21st century, how casual sex culture is a race to the bottom, about marriage, polyamory, the fertility crisis, incels, algorithmic dating, and other runaway algorithms, and about other existential risks to our survival as a species. Geoffrey Miller is an evolutionary psychologist best known for his books The Mating Mind (2001), Mating Intelligence (2008), Spent (2009), and Mate (2015) current book Virtue Signaling. He has a B.A. in Biology and Psychology from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Stanford University, and now a tenured associate professor at the University of New Mexico. You can find his work on and he is @primalpoly on Twitter. His recommended Subversives include: Darwin Sir. Francis Galton Sir. Ronald Fisher And Geoffrey's books: "The Mating Mind", "Spent" & "Virtue Signaling"
May 19, 2021
Delicious Tacos - The Finest Smut Peddler On The Web
You can support this podcast and get early releases at​​​​​    Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I talk to Delicious Tacos about women writers and the XO Jane confessional essay, the changing face of the pick-up artist community, dealing with feds, prostitutes, the demon of alcoholism, masochism, and God. Definitely the most raunchy, no-filter episode I've done, also the funniest. Subversive is generally not for small kids, but - this one - is radioactive for anyone under 16. Delicious Tacos is a pseudonymous writer, he is the author of "The Pussy", "Finally some Good News" and "Savage Spear of the Unicorn." His recommendation is "The Last Temptation of Christ" by Nikos Kazantzakis and "The Ice Cream Man" by Sam Pink. You can find him on Twitter at @delicious_tacos
May 12, 2021
Jason Snyder - LARPing Cosmopolitan Localists, Unite!
You can support this podcast and get early releases and bonus content at​ Or access my writing as on Substack at​ I talk to Jason Snyder about the problems of scale, urbanization, the complexity of the modern condition, and how you can still build an expansive life when everything contracts. We talk about homesteading, cosmopolitan localism, being LARPers and liking it, permaculture, and the option of homeschooling or the fight to reform public schooling. Jason is on the faculty of Appalachian State University's Department of Sustainable Development and is a great follow on Twitter if you're interested in localism, homesteading, permaculture, or the quest to live a life closer to nature: @cognazor
May 5, 2021
Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug) - Letter to a Young Dissident
You can support this podcast, get early releases and exclusive content at Or check out my writing on Substack at Papa Moldbug is imparting his hard-won knowledge about our moment in history - about how to be a dissident without getting your head chopped off and why it seems darkest before the dawn. We talk about the energies behind a counter-elite, rule-by-Basilisk/AI, the fertility crisis, religion, Martian colonies, toothpaste, and his biggest whitepill (i.e. reason for hope). Also includes dating advice and his *highly heterodox* views on women, finding a wife, and homeschooling your little dissidents or going Lord of the Flies on them in public school. You can find his latest work at
April 28, 2021
James Poulos - Tech Doomerism & Superhumanism
You can support this podcast and get early releases at​​​​      Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I speak to James Poulos, author, scholar, and master of the esoteric tweet about the promise, limits, and the sheer body horror of tech. We chat about the Silicon Valley counter-elite, technological slavery (the reality, not the book), the religious nature of man, the manly nature of religion and try to answer the question: "Does it sting more if your tyrant is a machine?" James is a delight to talk to and one of the deepest thinkers on the subject of the interplay between religion and technology today. James Poulos is the Executive Editor of The American Mind. He is also the author of "The Art of Being Free," a contributing editor at American Affairs, and a fellow at the Centre of the Study of Digital Life. His recommended subversive thinker is Norbert Weiner and his book "God & Golem, Inc." You can find James' newest cryptic but very rewarding output on his Twitter @jamespoulos
April 21, 2021
Rob Henderson - Sex & Mating During The End Times
You can support this podcast and get early releases at​​​    Or check out my writing on Substack at​ I've talked to student of human nature and the mac daddy of "luxury beliefs", Rob Henderson about the state of dating today. We chat about the role of evolutionary psychology - interesting factoids or unbreakable iron destiny? - about the cascading to hell effects of app dating algorithms, about polyamory as a luxury belief, about the probability that we'll see an incel-led insurgency, and a lot more. His recommended subversive thinker is Roger V. Gould with the book "Collision of Wills", where he "argues that human conflict is more likely to occur in symmetrical relationships—among friends or social equals—than in hierarchical ones, wherein the difference of social rank between the two individuals is already established. You can find Rob's work on his Twitter, @robkhenderson, and at
April 14, 2021
Samo Burja - The Power & Limits Of The Regime
You can support this podcast at​​  Or check out my writing on Substack at ​ Samo Burja has an encyclopedic mind, is an extremely broad thinker, and was a delight to speak to. We talk about how great founders are at the core of societal evolution, about bureaucracy, managerialism, the iron law of oligarchy, about building elites and aspirational societies,  about both of us being "children of transition" out of communism, about truth and prestige, the future of anonymity and the fertility crisis. Samo is a born speaker and a crystal clear thinker, so it was a joy to record this and learn from him. He is also the founder of Bismarck Analytics & a fellow at the Long Now Foundation. You can find his work at His chosen subversive thinker is Caroll Quigley, with his book "The Evolution of Civilizations"
April 7, 2021
Louise Perry - The Sexual Revolution And Its Discontents
You can support this podcast at​​ Or check out my writing on Substack at​ In this episode, we talk about frigid bitches, why Generation Z is definitely not "sex-positive," porn culture, ambiguous sexual norms, #metoo, the rise of BDSM as standard, sex trafficking, the "Aziz Ansari Paradox", the new polygyny in universities and cities and why "consent" is a necessary but not sufficient part of the dating landscape. Louise Perry is a writer, campaigner, and columnist for the New Statesman. You can find Louise's column at the New Statesman and you can find her latest work on her Twitter @Louise_m_perry. Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley​ ​Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
March 31, 2021
Zero HP Lovecraft - Women & Men in the Age of Acceleration
You can support this podcast at​ Or check out my writing on Substack at​  I talk to Zero HP Lovecraft about women, men, and the future of dating in the age of acceleration.  We also talk about toxic masculinity, bullying, how he has seen the dark heart of man, signaling, status, pick up artists, his righteous war with the Oatly intern, what "radicalized" him, and why incels won't get to have a Marxist class revolution.    Zero is a science fiction writer, a horrorist, and the unofficial King of Twitter.    You can find his stories at and his Twitter handle is @0x49fa98.   Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley​
March 24, 2021
Patrick Deneen - Liberalism & The Meaning of Freedom
You can support this podcast at ​Or check out my writing on Substack at I talk with Patrick Deneen about why Liberalism failed, about the frictionless society, being alone, technology and supernormal stimuli, why Libertarianism failed and keeps failing, the problems of scale, the West strip-mining the world for intelligence, fertility traps, and much more. We also cover what could come next, which will be the topic of Prof. Deneen's next book. Patrick Deneen is a Professor of Political Science at Notre Dame and the author of "Why Liberalism Failed." Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
March 17, 2021
David Reaboi - Narrative Warfare & The Need For Exit
I talk with national security and political warfare expert David Reaboi about the way the media shapes narratives, the wrong lessons learned from the cold war, the fact that universal values are a spook, about credentialism, and building new institutions.   You can find David's work at and on Twitter at @davereaboi.    David's new book, "Qatar's Shadow War" will be out soon as well. You can also support this podcast at​ Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley​​​​ Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
March 10, 2021
Yeerk.P - Freedom, Facts & Reeducation
I've talked to the extremely erudite and prolific Twitter poster, Yeerk.P We talk about reeducation with "facts", the nature of truth, freedom, individuality as a consumption pattern, sex as a social construct, family bonds, the problem with scale, expressing emotions, and using inner states as political tools. You can find his work at @PYeerk on Twitter. Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley​​ ​Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
March 3, 2021
GRITCULT - What is our future?
I speak with cultsultant, prolific poster, and esoteric Twitter personality GRITCULT about our future - we talk about tech, stonks, dating, traditionalism & returning to nature. You can find GRIT's sprawling empire here Or on Twitter at @GRITCULT You can support this podcast and my work at Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley​​​ Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
February 24, 2021
Default Friend - Tech Optimism under Pod Conditions, Sex Work, Wine Aunts and Incels.
Default Friend is a writer, cultural commentator, tech familiar, and, coincidentally, a friend. We talk about the future of tech and tech optimism under the dark cloud of a year of skepticism about technocratic forces at work in our world. We also chat about dating, sex work, Mormons, wine aunts, simps & incels. A fun conversation with a very smart lady. You can find her work at and on her Twitter @default_friend. You can support this podcast on Patreon: Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
February 17, 2021
Kwamurai - Making Sense, Being Right & The Rise of a Counter-Elite
This is a cozy podcast in the wake of the Capitol riots, featuring the formidable poaster also known as Kashiwagi @kwamurai. We talk about the Capitol riots as a reason for optimism and/or sheer terror, marketing memes, the influence of the fringes, face-posting vs. being anonymous & how things could shift with the rise of a new counter-elite. I'm being interviewed just as much in this one -  I tell the story of my time at Vice, the monoculture of Tech, ethnic tensions in Romania, and how we stumbled onto the darkness of fringe politics. Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley​ ​Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
February 10, 2021
Mary Harrington - Reactionary Feminism, Motherhood, LARP & Good Riddance to Porn
Mary is one of my favorite writers, but I've learned the most from her in matters of feminism, sexuality, and motherhood. We chat about Mary's concept of reactionary feminism - she almost had me applying for my membership card - about LARP-ing and our fractured, multipolar reality; about porn & censorship and the fact that it's high time to reckon with ubiquitous and often abusive forms; about not being sex-positive, and about the ravages of hyper-liberalism. Mary writes primarily for Unherd, and her Twitter feed is an excellent place to find her latest projects @moveincircles. Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
February 3, 2021
Pascal Emmanuel Gobry - Catholicism, Weak Men & Being Internet Weirdos
Pascal joins me from his lead-lined wine cellar via Ham Radio (Radio Jambon in French), so excuse the wild audió. It's partly his incessant smoking and partly my incompetent amplification. We talk about the consulting farms masquerading as College that we both attended, Catholicism, Neoliberalism (as always), weak men, and our love of, and pretty much existence as, Internet Weirdos. Pascal is a fellow at the Ethics & Public Policy Center and writes for all the big name brands in journalism and is NOT the France whisperer, so get that out of your head. You can find him at @pegobry on Twitter. Audio isn't ideal but workable. If you want to help me get a sound engineer, please consider donating to the show's Patreon:​  Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley​  Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
January 27, 2021
Geoff Shullenberger - The Spectre of Postmodernism, the return of Lasch and COVID Flexing of Power
Geoff Shullenberger is a senior lecturer at NYU, a self-described marginal academic, and one of the most incisive analysts of the current moment that I've yet to chat to. We discuss his analysis of Postmodernism in the context of the now-famous release of  "Cynical Theories" by Lindsay/Pluckrose, the rediscovery of Christopher Lasch & Rene Girard, and how power is flexing its beefy managerial apparatus in this time of *emergency*. We also cover the recent Mark Crispin Miller thought crime scandal at NYU, where Geoff lectures as well. Audio isn't ideal but workable. If you want to help me get a sound engineer, please consider donating to the show's Patreon: You can find Geoff's latest work at And on his Twitter @daily_barbarian Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
January 20, 2021
Indian Bronson - Good Riddance to the GOP, Exit as a Service & Dating Accelerationism
Recently unpersoned Twitter great, Indian Bronson, joins me in a conversation about the realities of being someone with a conservative temperament in a world with no guard rails. We talk about the dying gasps of the Republican Party, Voice vs. Exit, his work facilitating remote work and other exit opportunities, and the state of love & dating in the era of hyper-liberalism. IB is both extremely eloquent and dark-redpilled on the practical matters of navigating life, so definitely worth a listen. You can find IB's latest work on his substack: where his latest piece on Exit is an excellent read for anyone with subversive tendencies:  You can support Subversive at Any donation is greatly appreciated and makes the podcast possible. Thank you!   Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 
January 13, 2021
Gio Pennacchietti - Art, the Right, Postmodernism and the Neoliberal aesthetic
In this episode of the Subversive Podcast, I talk to Gio Pennacchietti, a writer, impressionist painter, and Jungian Traditionalist. He gracefully explains art to me without laughing at my ignorance once and delivers a searing analysis of why we're in the equivalent of aesthetic end times - and why it's not all bad. It's a longer podcast, just because it was incredibly fun.    You can support Subversive at Any donation is greatly appreciated and makes the podcast possible. Thank you!   You can find Gio's latest work on his blog:  His latest visual work:   And follow Gio on Twitter for continuous doses of artistic subversion & fun fun fun:  Music: Discovery by Scott Buckley Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 
January 9, 2021
Roko Mijic - Tradhumanism, Personal AI and Optimization Functions that are Eating the World
On the first episode of the Subversive podcast, I talk to philosopher and rationalist Roko Mijic about where we're heading and how to get there in one piece (maybe). Roko is more of a tech optimist than I am, but he gives me hope.    You can find Roko's latest work on his substack: And follow Roko on Twitter for continuous doses of subversion: Discovery by Scott Buckley Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: promoted by Audio Library
January 2, 2021