Life And Drawing With Tracer

Life And Drawing With Tracer

By A K Tracer
Aktracer is a realistic digital painter who paints sexy, powerful women.

This is a podcast in the life of the artist that leans towards drawing, learning and positivity.

This podcast covers painting process in Procreate on the iPad along with the mistakes I make, the weekly critiques I get on it from my teacher Matt and an insightful account of how I am striving to improve as an artist each week.

I am @aktracer on Instagram
My website is and it features a multimedia + written copy of my painting process.
More places to listen

More places to listen

Zbrush for 2D artists and Bouguereau copy critique
Did you know that you could 3D Scan your friend with your smartphone today? I talk about my initiation into zBrush, which is a 3D sculpting program which you could also use to pose models and statues. I talk about the absolute basics of the basics, so basic that you probably won't find anything like it on youtube. Lastly I talk about the critique I got from Matt for my latest Bouguereau copy, my best painting yet. I am @aktracer on ig, artstation and deviantart.
August 14, 2019
My new breakthroughs in digital and all about skin texture
First, some stories about Eakins and Waterhouse. I just finished watching their masterclasses at DTO and I mention things I learned. I talk about the new breakthroughs I made in digital painting with my Bouguereau study. - The importance of painting translucently - Limiting the opacity of brush - The watercolor approach to digital painting - The types of skin textures all over the human body in the different areas. - Glazing with texture - Importance of overlap in drawing This is an episode that will open your eyes to a lot of different but important aspects in drawing. This is the longest episode in my podcast series so far, it is about 17 mins long and packed with some of my favorite topics so far.
August 11, 2019
Touching a graphite pencil after 3 months - procreate brush guidelines for the perfect graphite pencil
I share some points fresh out of my renewed graphite pencil experience: -Things to consider in creating a perfect pencil brush that behaves like a real pencil in Procreate. Yes you do need prior brush making experience for this as these are just more of observations and possible solutions to those. -The reason why I did not draw traditionally for almost 3 months
August 7, 2019
Thoughts on Instagram cheaters, paint translucency and Bouguereau analysis
This episode is divided into 3 sections. First is a rant about Instagram cheaters who take advantage of people's inability to know who unfollowed them, they mass unfollow a lot of people in order to seem like they follow very few but gain a lot of followers themselves. The second part is about translucency of paint in paintings. My teacher has said to me that paying attention to paint translucency will take my art to the next level. The final part is a segment where I analyze the storytelling elements in 3 of Bouguereau's paintings. Bouguereau often pushed one or two of these elements per painting for maximum impact. 
August 4, 2019
Bouguereau's 6 fundamental storytelling elements and some drawing tips
I start off with an inspirational quote by my Instagram friend @drawingbyivy on how important it is to follow your dreams and I share some drawing tips that are applicable to traditional drawing and digital. The second half is about the 6 compositional elements that Bouguereau used for his storytelling mechanics. I talk about the attention element and also how you could make one element dominate by altering the other elements of the picture.
July 30, 2019
Billie process, critique and my Margot portrait analysis of what worked better
I talk about the mistakes I made in my latest Billie Eilish portrait process. I talk about a few points from the critique I got for it from Matt. In the second half, I talk about what really worked for me in my Margot Robbie portrait vs the Billie portrait. Some great points discussed. Both of these paintings can be found at @aktracer on Instagram
July 27, 2019
Compositing in Procreate - detailed and going beyond photorealism in your art
I carry over from the last episode and talk about my compositing experience in more detail in this episode. Most of compositing is about matching values and colors in the images and making them work together. I talk about how to achieve this in Procreate with curves and compare it with Photoshop. In the second half, I talk about my insights in how to advance your craft once you can execute and produce a fair amount of realism. This section is called 'beyond photorealism'.
July 25, 2019
My new experience at compositing in Procreate and a rendering tip
I talk about my new experience at working on my Gal Gadot x Cyberpunk composite which is meant to be a reference for a new painting.  I also quickly touch upon a key technique in rendering which I never thought was intuitive initially but completely improved my quality of rendering in Procreate. I figured out this technique by reverse engineering paintings by Stam Quito I talk about my vision for success for me personally and end with some things I absolutely love drawing the most!
July 24, 2019
Random 01
We start by jamming on pairs of words, a great way to brainstorm on artistic ideas. We discuss some random points from the book "Steal like an artist" by Austin Kleon.  - Faking it till you make it,  - In the beginning obscurity is good - Gary Vee's concept of the 'zit', how to find the guts to share your vulnerability - sharing your dots, being in a vibe And a few more random rants
July 21, 2019
RED Process
In this podcast I share my process for the painting RED in audio form. I made it a point to eliminate redundancies with the episode titled Process as much as possible and try to bring something new to the table. The progress slides complementing this audio will be up at
July 19, 2019
My markmaking philosophy for digital painting and Taylor critique
Today I fully explain my markmaking philosophy as it relates to realism in digital painting. There is more to it than just a soft edge, hard edge and textured edge and using corresponding quality of brushes for each one. I talk about how to get ANY brush to work for you in realism even if you had to use just ONE brush.  In the second half of the episode I share the points from the critique Matt gave me, of my last Taylor Swift painting titled R.E.D. I made a TON of mistakes, believe it or not and there are fixes to it. Some really great points that will go straight in my front pocket. We end the episode with my 2 cents on Procreate vs Photoshop for digital painting.
July 16, 2019
My digital painting journey in 10 minutes, right from zero.
The first half of the episode talks about the mindset of mastering something and I share my appreciation for seeing depth in tasks in an almost meditative way, the way Elicia Donze sees it. In the second half, I talk about how I started digital painting from scratch, I share pieces of key information that I caught from tutorials, Skillshare, YouTube, the trends in my journey up until the point of today where I now do pure realism art. Catch my chronological progression in digital painting and the artists and courses I learned from, I share a ‘mark making’ philosophy for Procreate: the 3 types of brushes you need in digital painting that you could accomplish any art style with. 
July 14, 2019
The drawing process I've been documenting on Instagram, now repackaged in audio form.  Discover my holy grail of portrait drawing, along with bits about replacing the nib of my Apple pencil. I am currently nearing the end of my Taylor Swift piece for Lauren and I might title it "R.e.d". When you hear me talk, that's the piece I'm talking about. Check out my Instagram July 14, Sunday to see how it turned out.
July 13, 2019
 Creaturization is a drawing technique that helps in seeing abstract shapes easily and reset your eyes. We also talk about how practicing any technique enough can hone your drawing skills considerably.
July 12, 2019
This is an intro episode where I share my background and my biggest vulnerabilities in life right now. I talk about how and where I got my drawing skills from, where I studied art.  This episode begins with the negative and transitions into positive.  This is my documentation of one of my lowest of lows in my art career.
July 12, 2019
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