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ALAMak! - A Malaysian climate change podcast

ALAMak! - A Malaysian climate change podcast

By Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY)
ALAMak! is a podcast dedicated to talking about the climate emergency in Malaysia. We’re part of KAMY's ongoing efforts to raise awareness and create conversations surrounding climate change.

Klima Action Malaysia, better known as KAMY, is a grassroots climate movement led by Malaysian youths based on the principles of Climate Justice. KAMY facilitates diverse civil society groups in understanding climate impacts to mobilize the declaration of climate emergency in Malaysia.
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Climate Change in Malaysia: Getting Started
In this first episode of ALAMak! we spoke to Ili Nadiah, co-founder of Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY) and prominent climate activist. We discuss what climate change looks like in Malaysia, how REAL it is, the communities it affects and what the future looks like for this country. This episode will answer your burning questions: What are we supposed to know first about climate change? How long does the Earth have to sustain itself without humans acting on climate change? Do we see climate change in Malaysia? Why does this matter so much? What will happen if we don’t take climate action? What role does the media play in climate change education for us? Rapid Fire Round 🔥🔥🔥 Follow KAMY: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Sounds in this episode: Smack It - Soundroll Make It Work - All Good Folks
March 11, 2021