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The Alan Barr Show

The Alan Barr Show

By Alan Barr
A podcast on topics and themes I am interested in related to technology, business, self-improvement, and many others.
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Product Strategy
Act 1 - Alignment Act 2 - Product Thinking Act 3 - Agile is not enough
September 27, 2021
Public Speaking
Practice and find opportunities to give talks Use pauses for effect Connect with your audience Tell stories Use your tone Be you and tell your stories Prepare for uncertainty and let hiccups wash past you Use words like imagine and call out names of people in the audience Every talk cannot be perfect if virtual ask for people to use reactions. If in public practice in the venue. Take the feedback and apply what makes sense for the next time.
September 19, 2021
Abundance Mindset & Courage
Act 1 - Abundance Mindset Act 2 - Life is a Journey Act 3 - Be Courageous and Kind
September 13, 2021
Leveraging Your Gifts
Act 1 - Developing Self-awareness of your gifts Act 2 - Tools to Reflect on your and others strengths Act 3 - Leveraging your gifts
September 6, 2021
Selling Technical Products
Based on how to sell technical products via a pitch deck. Use a nexus Explain that the status quo is no longer tenable. Present the value of adopting your solution to solve the pain. Tell a story about others that had the pain and the value they unlocked from using the solution. Present data comparing the old world and new world. They'll assume you have the best solution if you can explain the problem better than they can.
August 30, 2021
Overcoming Adversity
Act 1 - Learn from Failure and Move Forward Act 2 - Overcoming Obstacles, Roadblocks, and Identifying Failure Act 3 - Leverage the Skills and Abilities of Others to Help You Succeed
August 23, 2021
Be a Great Communicator
Act 1 - Communication is sales Act 2 - Mediums, methods, and repetition Act 3 - Writing is the ultimate vehicle for communication leverage
August 16, 2021
Relationships are the key to your success. Nurture them and learn from others.
August 9, 2021
Identifying and Overcoming Fear
Act 1 - Noticing and Observing Fear Act 2 - What the Fear is Telling You Act 3 - Harnessing Fear
August 2, 2021
Organizational Change
Act 1 - Preparing for Change, Unlearning, and Learning Act 2 - Training and Communicating the Change Little by Little Act 3 - Transform Yourself
July 26, 2021
Defining a Vision
A vision will make your journey easier. Deferring the creation of a vision is like saying. I want to make this as hard as possible. Visualizing the future. Feel it in your body and share it out. Help people see the journey and their part in it. Act 1 What's the point of a vision? Defining an outcome helps lead you to a more successful future. Act 2 How to craft a vision? Cameron Herold's Vivid Vision Act 3 Marketing the Vision Share your message in groups of 3. Use imagine, you, because in your marketing communication.
July 19, 2021
Change and the Internal Developer Platform
Kubernetes is the abstraction layer for infrastructure standardization. Act 1 - Advocating and starting the change for a new platform. People Process Technology Unlearning and learning. Communicate and engage leadership to advocate for your platform. Act 2 - Marketing, Education, Training Training is a great investment that communicates the value and gives everyone a baseline to understand. People using your system will have old mental models they will need to update. New patterns will be discovered and it takes time to understand and change how to apply. Encourage new habits and behaviors. Constantly market your product because people will not know and may see communication but not engage. Act 3 - Completing the change and monitoring the results Use metrics to advocate and promote the change. Be prepared for the next horizon to change. The journey is constant and there will always be a new place to go. The cycle will repeat.
July 11, 2021
Todays Topic is Recovery Act 1 Breaks Take breaks! Act 2 Vacation Take a vacation and recuperate Act 3 Sabattical I like the idea of a sabbatical I think it could provide an opportunity to learn new things.
July 4, 2021
Your Learning and Knowledge Management System
Today's Topic is Your Learning and Knowledge Management System. Table of contents Act 1 - Second Brain Tiago Forte Notion and Organization Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives Collect, organize, distill, express. Or Find assemble speak teach. Act 2 - Smart Notes Elaborate on what you are learning, space it out over time, vary the context, and actively retrieve that information. Act 3 - Make it a habit Atomic habits. Identity change. What habits do you need to be a constant learner? Make your learning a system
June 28, 2021
Writing and What It Is For
Todays Topic is Writing. Table of contents Act 1 - Writing is for communicating ideas to others that add value Writing as thinking FAST, CRIBS. David Perell and his articulate thoughts on writing. Act 2 - Writing for others Software Documentation four types of documentation. Writing in context. Act 3 - Writing to Persuade and Align Visions, Decision making, clarifying thoughts, taking a stand, constructing a narrative to illustrate a good decision. Structuring reality and a framework for thinking. Illustrating how decisions are being made. Conclusion Writing is for communicating ideas to others. It adds value or it moves a conversation forward. In some cases, it provides a framework for others to think and to do their work. 
June 20, 2021
The Importance of Persuasion and Techniques to Try
Act 1 - What is persuasion and why should we be persuasive? Act 2 - Low Stakes Persuasive Techniques Act 3 - Higher Stakes Persuasion Conclusion Add tone, mirroring, and labeling as part of your daily low-stakes practices.
June 13, 2021
Lessons Learned Building Dev.Lab Internal Developer Platform
In this episode, I explain the lessons I learned in making an internal developer platform built on Kubernetes.
June 6, 2021