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The Mystic Within

The Mystic Within

By Allura Halliwell
As our planet catapults along its ascension timeline, individuals are anchoring in expanded levels of knowledge, intuition and drive to usher in a new level of human.

This experience will take you on a powerful journey into the minds, souls and hearts of these incredible individuals and inspire you to find The Mystic Within.

If you'd like to play a part in this journey, I invite you to join me each week for a live 11 Minute Quantum Meditation to anchor in the frequencies, potentials and access we collectively need.

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Downloading the Divine Feminine

The Mystic Within

Living Truth with Joel Rafidi
This empowering episode of The Mystic Within, delves into what it takes to leave the herd and to express your own unique spark of inner truth. My guest is Joel Rafidi. Joel has been on a life long journey of introspection and self-realisation. He has worked with 100s of clients from around the world to help reawaken within them the truth of who they are as individuals. Joel believes self-knowledge of ourselves as individuals along with the sharpening of one's use of reason is the foremost way to unlock our true potential and navigate these times. Joel’s work is to encourage each individual to live an authentic life deeply connected to their personal heroic journey. His focus is on empowering seekers of truth to reclaim their power and rise above the herd. Joel's Podcast and Personal links: Private Group Coaching Program: To find out more about Allura Halliwell head to
June 30, 2022
Love has absolutely no boundaries!
This episode will completely blow any ideas about unconditional love out of the water! It's a crazily, fun adventure into one of the most amazing mystical spaces I've shared in. My guest Natalie Ellis, one ordinary night created an extraordinary love affair that will leave no doubt that love is all around us. Honestly, who doesn't love a good love story, right? We also take a beautiful journey into what it means to be living in a conscious relationship, that may support you to take a deeper look at how you are experiencing your loving connections. If you would like to know more visit: The blog here To get to know Natalie Ellis on facebook @natalieellisart
November 09, 2020
Sacred Traveller
Nicholas Perrin is founder & Inspirational Change Maker at Lion Heart Coaching - The courageous path. He guides people to activate their highest soul blueprint. Stepping out of conditioning and engaging with the world from a beautifully, deeply connected place. Nicholas' gift is helping others see their divinity. For the last three years Nicholas has travelled the world visiting sacred sites and intentional communities, he shares some of the incredible wisdom he has gathered including, insight into ancient spiritual technologies. We delve into his inspiring, current project working with indigenous elders on Australian sacred lands to create a space for the new earth paradigm. A bridge for indigenous wisdom to flow through. Join us for a journey of the sacred spaces of self, earth and the galaxy. To learn more about Nicholas visit: Lion Heart Coaching or his facebook page The Lionheart Path To share in the mystical journey visit Open To Consciousness Facebook page or on Instagram To follow The Mystic Within Facebook page or on Instagram To check out the Blog go to
October 30, 2020
Blooming in the Love of Creation
Lisa Winneke is an extraordinary heart centred creator and I am confident you will feel inspired and uplifted by the vibration of our time together. A mystical moment connected her deeply with her divine heart space, setting off a cascade of creation. It also became the basis of how she shows up in the world, emanating love, vibrancy and attunement to self and others. Together we explore the power of heart guidance, creating coherence and stepping into bigger playing fields to activate real change. Continue to share in Lisa’s work by following the “The Good News Guide”. A life changing space where she interviews the best thought leaders on the planet. To find out more about me visit Open To Consciousness Facebook page or on Instagram To follow The Mystic Within Facebook page or on Instagram To check out the Blog go to
October 13, 2020
Personality and Processing of Mystical Moments
Are you curious about the role your personality plays in processing your mystical experiences? Dr Nicole Gruel certainly was. So curious she wrote a PHD about the subject and it's so fascinating.  This interview delves into the far reaching personal impacts of mystical experiences, looks at how as a society we need to provide more support for those who are integrating life changing events and some of the impacts Nicole and I experienced after our transcendent moments. But before we begin, here is a little more about Dr. Nicole Gruel, she is an author, speaker, mama, and specialist in spiritual health, who descends from a 700 year lineage of samurai. A near-death experience as a teenager and numerous other spiritually transformative experiences since have inspired her to cheerlead others through their extraordinary experiences towards life prosperity, joyful livelihood, and to become the Agents of Awesome they were meant to be. Nicole has a Doctorate in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology, is an advisory Board member for Spiritual Awakenings International, mentors coaches for the International Association for Near-Death Studies as well as the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, is a certified counsellor and life coach, and has trained in various healing and energy psychology modalities. But most importantly, she's deeply passionate about co-creating a more beautiful world where each and every person shines their quirky light anabashedly bright. Grab a FREE copy of her book: Join Nicole's tribe:
October 06, 2020
Thriving in a Life of Love
Personal transformation expert, breath work guide, and co-creator of The Freedom Project, Em Hollis is serving the planet through the expression of her light. This heart felt interview shares two enlightening mystical experiences that have supported Em to flourish in a life of love, service and a synchronising with the all. She shares how the mystical helped her to align with the experience of eternity and the understanding that consciousness never dies. When there is no fear of death, all that is left is to truly live. Find Em at  The amazing Freedom Project at To find out more about me visit Open To Consciousness Facebook page or on Instagram To follow The Mystic Within Facebook page or on Instagram To check out the Blog go to
September 18, 2020
Let Go. It's an Inside Job.
My guest has a very important message for all those seeking a mystical moment. Kasia Jamroz is a self-love and conscious leadership coach, personal transformation advocate, global citizen and Himalayan climber. Kaisa has led teams of people in retreats and watched many of them experience the transcendent, esoteric experiences we talk about here on 'The Mystic Within'.  However she has also seen and felt the frustration of wanting that elusive experience and it being just out of grasp. Listen in to her words of wisdom around this space and what will be most supportive for you to experience your own mystical moment. Kasia also insightfully shows the space where healing begins in relinquishing control of the internal environment and taking full control of the internal well being, “it’s an inside job” after all. Find Kasia at on facebook at To find out more about me visit Open To Consciousness Facebook page or on Instagram To follow The Mystic Within Facebook page or on Instagram To check out the Blog go to
September 12, 2020
Quantum Connections
Jovy Wan is a level 3 QHHT therapist. The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique she uses divinely connects people to their higher self for the ultimate in guidance and support. The way Jovy found her calling, was through a mystical moment of trusting intuition and being called by her teacher and guide Dolores Cannon, the founder of QHHT. The wisdom and insight that comes from Jovy’s experience in supporting people to connect in with their higher self is the magic on offer here in this heartfelt conversation. To find out more about Jovy's work head to or find her on facebook at To find out more about me visit Open To Consciousness Facebook page or on Instagram To follow The Mystic Within Facebook page or on Instagram To check out the Blog go to
September 06, 2020
The Playing Field Just Got Really Big!
Let's go! This episode is all about the Mystical providing a critical pivot point in life. My guest the Inspirational Daniel Mangena, CEO of Dreamers HQ and creator of the “Do it with Dan” podcast talks about how he really opened up the energetic playing field. When the mystical found him, he felt compelled to ask the question. “Am I really ready to dial up the magic in my life?”. The answer was a resounding “Hell Yeah!”. The transition point led him to a radical gratitude for everything that had led him to that moment and a profound expansion into the world of energetic creation. Dan has so much to offer around integrating the human and mystical experience and living life head on. So dive in! To check out more of Dan’s amazing work go to the Dan Mangena Facebook page or on Instagram His podcast is at: "Do it with Dan" To find out more about me visit Open To Consciousness Facebook page or on Instagram To follow The Mystic Within Facebook page or on Instagram To check out the Blog go to
August 26, 2020
Lucid dream. Lucid Life.
What if you could live like reality is a dream and you are awake in your sleep, living an invincible life? My amazing friend and guest Dominika Ferenz is doing just that. Ever since childhood she has cultivated a remarkable dream life. Utilising the skills of lucid dreaming she is able to experience untold adventures, while she sleeps. This art has made her waking life less pressured and overwhelming, she knows that magic is all around her, it just relies on her perception of reality. Join us as we wake up to cosmic consciousness! Also be sure to check out all the amazing art on the podcast. It's Dominika's talent and passion to bring the divine into visual form. For more of her work check out her instagram page @dominikaferenz  Or on facebook Dominika.ferenz To learn more about me or the podcast visit the facebook page @opentoconsciousness or @the.mystic.within Or check out the blog
August 25, 2020
"I love you"
My guest Simon Birch shares how he has connected into higher aspects of self; spirit animals, shamans, star beings, unseen aspects being embodying into life experience. This amazing team has guided Simon to be fully supported, intuitive and connected with different aspects of self. Unifying with all that is beyond and within is powerful.  Also, listen in as Simon fully embodies the vibration of love and brings that through to his daily experience. Simon shows us the power of three simple words that he uses all the time, with all those around him "I love you." This is one of the portals of true connection Simon uses as he walks everyday life, seeking to understand beyond the veil that people show with compassion and non-judgement. He also reveals how a powerful mystical experience healed his family on a deep heart level.  Visit the Blog to find out more about The Mystic Within Find The Mystic Within on facebook @opentoconsciousness or @the.mystic.within
August 16, 2020
The Rapturous Ecstasy of Life
This listening experience offers the vibration of being in a completely orgasmically whole state; spiritually, emotionally and physically.  My guest Matt Gardan shares his rapturous mystical moment and how he has mastered the art of the meditative state and is now using it to explore the nature of his waking and sleeping hours.  An advanced meditation student, dad and serial entrepreneur, Matt has found this exploration has allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the core principles that underpin reality.  The knowledge he shares will leave you with a fresh, inspired view of life. Visit the Blog to find out more about The Mystic Within Find The Mystic Within on facebook @opentoconsciousness or @the.mystic.within
August 08, 2020
Nurturing Within to Expand Out
How you can integrate your spiritual and multi-dimensional practices in relationships? How can we take the time to explore yourself as a sovereign being, before offering your time and energy to nourish others? My powerful guest Kelly Carthy, offers a remarkable insight into feeling worthy to create a sacred home within yourself with compassion and love. Focusing on consistency and dedication to the spiritual practice then becomes the foundation of entering into the flow state of creating the relationships you desire. To connect with Kelly visit: or join the Visit the Blog to find out more about The Mystic Within Find The Mystic Within on facebook @opentoconsciousness or @the.mystic.within
August 03, 2020
Mystical 101
This beautifully rich interview with Andrea von Oertzen explores a deeper understanding of the range and breadth of mystical experiences and how to get you there. We explore how we create our reality in the quantum, the vibrational relationships we create within ourselves and how that impacts others, rewiring the nervous system to experience greater mystical range, stepping beyond the control and joy of expecting the unexpected. If you'd like an overview of what is possible in the range of experience of the mystical, this is the interview to check out. To find out more visit @opentoconsciousness  or @the.mystic.within
August 02, 2020
Downloading the Divine Feminine
My guest Anne Ford, has a remarkable story of surrendering her body to a transformational, spontaneous Kundalini awakening. For two years after, the powerful energy led her body through what she calls “impossible yoga” breaking down all physical limitations of what she thought was possible. More recently, she’s been called to surrender her beliefs and identity. In turn she has opened to receive a flow of information about a new world paradigm that she offers through her sacred website 'Voice of Divine Feminine.' Stay tuned to the second half of the interview where we delve into the divine feminine, deep conscious relationship and tantric practice. To find out more about Anne Ford's remarkable work visit To find out more visit @opentoconsciousness  or @the.mystic.within Or to see an image of Anne, visit the blog:
July 26, 2020
Going Beyond the Limited Self
Making the commitment to cultivating a relationship with something greater than yourself take perserverance, dedication and an unwavering belief in the "divine intelligence" around us.  My remarkable guest Sansan Djuandhi shares how she made the commitment to meditation and how the miraculous unfolded through her and around her.  This is an inspiring story of healing through surrendering to something greater than the self. To find out more visit @opentoconsciousness  or @the.mystic.within Or to see an image of Sansan, visit the blog: If you'd like to connect with Sansan you can do it here or here
July 23, 2020
"Have greater courage than fear"
This episode is going to offer you a roadmap for integrating the divine, source, oneness energy into your everyday life. My guest Erin McElroy shows how she said a resounding yes to entering into the deepest truth of her experience and then discovered what it means to be both "human and divine". There is a profound energy of co-creation, pure potential and transformation in this discussion. Erin has seen through the illusion of reality into how we are able to live a remarkable life held in the vibration of love. If you'd like to receive more from this remarkable woman find her here: Instagram @erinkmac or facebook @erin.mcelroy To connect with me on facebook @opentoconsciousness  or @the.mystic.within
July 14, 2020
Dissolving into Divinity
This episode is very close to my heart.  My remarkable guest Andrea von Oertzen, synchronistically shares the mystical experience that was very similar to the one that began my journey into the unknown.  It radically transformed both our lives and was such an intensely unique experience of being both human and divine simultaneously.  The experience has become the template for how to embody both in this world.  I offer the vibration of transformation for you to sink into though this amazing sharing. To find out more head to the blog To follow me on facebook or To find out more about the mystical head to
July 11, 2020
Fractal Perfection
In one meditation, my guest Natalie Ellis radically transformed her view of reality. She visually experienced the fractal patterns that make up her entire being. This mind-blowing moment allowed her to understand the universe is working to create order and any challenge in her life is simply a distortion in the divine pattern.  Natalie is also a master manifestor and she shares with us the powerful way she downloads frequencies from the divine intelligence. These frequencies are the cornerstone of how she attracts into her life. If you would like to know more visit the The blog here On Instagram here or @the.mystic.within To get to know Natalie Ellis on facebook @natalieellisart To get stuck into the mystical visit
July 08, 2020
Opening the Higher Heart Realms
The heart is the portal to the mystical realms for my guest, Katie Kempster. Katie lights up the heart space and takes you on a fantastical journey into how she created a magical kingdom within.  This divine space then became the portal for her to heal, upgrade, receive divine intelligence and fall more in love with who she truly is. Come along and learn how to connect and create a magnificent, mystic heart space. Katie is a spiritual seeker and doula at Harmonic Hypnobirthing find her beautiful work at Get connected with The Mystic Within: The blog: Facebook: Instagram: Or if you want to reach out and become the Mystic Within's next guest, please email me at
July 05, 2020
Discovering Jewels of Self Love
How would it feel if you discovered your inner magnificence and fell deeply in love with the magnificent being you are? My guest Rachel did exactly that in a profound meditation where she discovered the powerful Mystic within herself and no longer questioned her self worth or denied her self love. This experience transformed her life. Listen in and connect to the vibration of self love. To learn more about me or follow the blog
June 28, 2020
Expand into your Higher Self
Expand into your higher self, as you are guided by the divine Yummii Nguyen, into a space of wholeness and inner connection. My interview with Yummii Nguyen, Conscious Parenting guide and creator of the podcast "What Would Love Do", shows how mystical moments have transformed her life and taken her into a new space of trust and expansion. To find out more about Yummii go to To find out more about me go to  To learn more about mystical moments follow
June 28, 2020