Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

Alan Bentrup
Stories of hope in the Church (and some sermons along the way).


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Nobody Dies Alone (A Sermon for Lent 5B)

Nobody Dies Alone (A Sermon for Lent 5B)
I suspect the Greeks in today’s gospel didn’t go expecting to talk about death when they showed up to worship. They just wanted to see Jesus. But Jesus talked about death. A lot.
March 18, 2018
The Hardest Commandment (A Sermon for Lent 3B)
Sabbath is taking time for God. It's more than not going to work, not working at home, not sitting at the computer, not working around the house—it's reminding ourselves of God's central place in our lives and being grateful. It’s also reminding ourselves that we aren’t the center of the universe and that work can go on without us.
March 4, 2018
Luke, Jesus, and the Hebrew Bible
A Lenten presentation for St. Stephen's in Huntsville, Texas, looking at how Luke connects the story of Jesus with the story of Israel.
March 1, 2018
Resurrection Over Survival (A Sermon for Lent 2B)
The way of Christ, self-denial, reminds us that our life is not our own. It belongs to God. It reminds us that we are not in control, God is. Our life is not about us. It is about God There is great freedom in knowing these things. We are free to be fully alive. Through self denial our falling down becomes rising up. Losing i​s​ saving. Death ​is ​resurrection.
February 25, 2018
Transforming the Ordinary (A Sermon for Epiphany 3B)
Casting and mending are realities of life. They are also the circumstances in which Jesus comes to us, the context in which we hear the call to new life, and the place where we are changed and the ordinary is transformed.
January 21, 2018
Beloved Children of God (A Sermon for Epiphany 1B, 2018)
Take a moment to remember the last baptism you witnessed. Perhaps you can recall the proud parents and godparents, dressed in their Sunday best, standing around the baptismal font. In their arms they hold their young, freshly-bathed child, hoping that she won’t create a fuss. Before them stands the minister or priest, neatly dressed in suit and tie, or robe, or colorful vestments. The font stands ready. The congregation looks on with curiosity and pleasure, wondering how the child will respond to what is about to happen. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene. It is a family occasion, a beautiful moment that will long be remembered.
January 7, 2018
Just The Beginning (A Sermon for Advent 2A - 2018)
Matthew begins with a genealogy linking Jesus back to Abraham. Luke begins with a short address about his research methodology. John begins with a mysterious poem about creation. But Mark just hits the ground running and never looks back. “The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”
December 10, 2017
Join the Team (A Sermon for All Saint’s Day)
Baseball has the power to unite us across differences that are so often used to divide. That sounds an awful lot like the Christian faith to me, doesn’t it?
November 5, 2017
Practice Loving Your Neighbor (A Sermon for Proper 25A)
So why should we read Leviticus? I believe that underneath all the rules about sacrifice and purity, all the strange regulations about food and clothes, there is a vision of holiness and harmony with God that is life-giving and has the potential to speak a healing word to our fractured and alienated condition.
October 29, 2017
Minted in Christ (A Sermon for Proper 24A)
God’s motive was freedom from bondage and a new opportunity to rebuild the community. Cyrus’ motive was expanding his territory by military might and increasing the kingdom over which he reigned. How could God rely on someone like that to further God’s intention?
October 22, 2017
Turn and Live (A Sermon for Proper 21A)
Turn and Live (A Sermon for Proper 21A) by Alan Bentrup
September 30, 2017
Generosity Over Jealousy (A Sermon for Proper 20A)
We all know somebody who never earned nor deserved what they got, right? They didn’t really deserve that job, promotion, raise, recognition, happiness, or success. We worked longer or tried harder, but that didn’t make any difference. More often than not, we view the world, ourselves, and others through the lens of fairness rather than grace. We view ourselves in comparison to others. That’s the exact opposite of how God views the world.
September 24, 2017
How Often Should I Forgive? (A Sermon for Proper 19A)
Forgiveness, for Jesus, is not a quantifiable event. It is a quality; a way of being, a way of living, a way of loving, a way of relating, a way of thinking and seeing. It is nothing less than the way of Christ.
September 17, 2017
Look to the Rock That Will Last
A sermon for Proper 16A August 27, 2017
August 27, 2017
Mary, Moana, and the Gospel (A Sermon for St. Mary's Day 2017)
Mary, Moana, and the Gospel (A Sermon for St. Mary's Day 2017)
August 20, 2017
Transformed for a Purpose (A Sermon for the Feast of the Transfiguration)
“Is it real?” That’s one of my boys’ favorite questions. When they encounter something new or different that is what they want to know. Reality for them is something that can be seen, tasted, touched, smelled, and heard. Reality was determined by, and limited to, the five physical senses.
August 5, 2017
Be Transformed - A Sermon for VBS Sunday
Be Transformed - A Sermon for VBS Sunday by Alan Bentrup
July 23, 2017

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