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Alanton Astros Podcast

Alanton Astros Podcast

By Alanton Astros
Student created podcasts from Alanton Elementary School in Virginia.
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Sara - How to be a good citizen?
Sara is in Mrs. Turner's 3rd grade class.  She has been studying about American citizenship.  She would like to share some of the things that she has learned. 
October 31, 2019
Reese - How to be a Good Citizen?
Reese is a 3rd grader in Mrs. Turner's class.  She is would like to share a few ways that you can do to be a good American citizenship. 
October 31, 2019
Hudson - How to be a Good Citizen?
Hudson is in Mrs. Turner's 3rd grade class.  He is going to tell you about American Citizenship. 
October 31, 2019
#1 - Welcome to Chocolate City!
Hattie Friedman uses media message tools to advertise her chocolate shop.  This podcast was the final project for a DefinedSTEM lesson called The Baker. 
October 9, 2019