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The Inspire Action Podcast

The Inspire Action Podcast

By Alara Vural
The podcast where we:
1) Teach you how to get people onboard with your vision
2) Share stories of visionaries who have inspired action
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Nurturing healthy team dynamics - Ft. Rhonda Delaney
Today we talk to Rhonda Delaney, a natural leader and a coach for emerging leaders within corporations. In this episode she gives us a great insight into what a healthy team dynamic looks like and breaks it down into steps we can take to nurture it. 
May 14, 2020
Disrupting industries - Ft. Dr Ai Addyson (Classroom Without Walls)
Today we talk to Dr. Ai Addyson Zang, founder of Classroom Without Walls and obsesses about teaching young adults what they're not learning at school to become future-ready. In under a year of being in full-time business, she's disrupting the whole education industry. Here's her story & how she does it. LinkedIn: Website: Workbook with more info:
May 1, 2020
Activate the brain out of paralysis - Ft. neurology expert Mo Abouelsoud
In today's Episode, we chat with Mohammed Abouelsoud - founder of U: The Brain Company (Noninvansive Deep Brain Stimulation technology for Depression, Anxiety & Bipolar) about the workings of the brain and how to use our understanding of the brain to take/inspire action. LinkedIn: Website:
April 28, 2020
Maximising your Social Impact - Ft. Corey Harnish
Corey Harnish, a "Social Impact Entertainment Specialist" - shares with us the key moments that have shaped the person he's become and gives us actionable insights from his extensive experience into how we can inspire action in others! Corey's LinkedIn: Fun Funding facebook page:
April 10, 2020
How to get investors & prospects to care about your product
Are you constantly justifying the NEED for your product?  Explaining what you do, how it works and why it's different repeatedly?  Telling your audience to "imagine" the problem so they relate to it more?   You're not giving a reason to CARE!  Youre giving them information, which speaks to their brains. But what drives actions is emotions, so you need to get them to FEEL something.  By doing this you don't only give them a reason to listen & inspire action but (short term memory + emotion = long term memory) you also get them to remember & recite you!   How? At the start of your pitch deck, website or sales script:    1) Share the disruption you're making to the world (or the change that is coming)   E.g. The gambling industry is broken (give examples of why)    2) Share the world you believe in creating.   E.g. We believe in a world where peer to peer betting is the only type of betting there is.    3) Share the approach/core values/WHY that drives your solution.   E.g. So everything we do is around facilitating fun & transparent connections.    THEN talk about what you do, benefits, how it works, why you're different etc.   👇 Was this helpful?   Let's chat!
April 2, 2020
How to explain how your (confusing) product works
"I need to talk to a specialist"  "That doesn't really make sense..."  "Well that's easier said than done".   Sound familiar?   Pitch decks, sales scripts or websites aren't the time to reveal the complex networks that make your product work.  There are only 2 key concepts people care about;   1) Understandable: Simple enough to comprehend   2) Believable: Not so simple it sounds like magic   Here's how to nail your explanation;   1) Establish a framework from the start:  Mind map the key elements that allow you to get the results you promised. For products - key "feature groups". For services - key scientific concepts. Keep this to max 4 elements and always refer back to this framework when explaining subtitles - it's your map!   2) Lay out the ways to utilise these elements:  For products - package options (e.g. Bronze, silver, gold). For services -process steps (e.g. step 1, 2, 3 etc.).   In either of these steps, if you need to use a word more complex than what a grade 3 kid would understand, use the "Kinda like" bridge.  e.g. So we do XYEH, which is "kinda like" [insert metaphor/example].   Need help implementing? Let's chat!
April 2, 2020
How to explain WHAT you do
The thing about these answers like:   "We do cybersecurity solutions"  "We are devoping this app that does ..."    is that YOU are the centre/hero of the story.- which kills the potential of the conversation.   Your audience see themselves as the hero of their own story and heroes dont need other heroes. They need guides.  In your answer frame yourself as the guide and watch the conversation evolve into an exciting flow.   1) Outline their pain. Show you're the right guide for them.   2) Clear solution. Show them this guide has a path.  3) Result. Get them excited about walking the path by reminding them of the destination.   E.g. Most businesses (pain & problem) waste resources and risk fraud on reactive, man-monitored systems. So at our company we (solution) automate and digitalise their security systems so that they spend less time focussing on the mundane and more time on what's important.   If you'd like some help applying this to your specific context, why don't we have a chat?
April 2, 2020
Stop hiding yourself & burying your potential
In today's episode I share with you the self-destructive message you give out when you hide your views, beliefs & personality from your audience...
February 25, 2020
Bring out the essence in others - Ft. Jon Thor Sigurleifsson
In today's episode we talk with Jon Thor about his experience as a creative in the corporate world. What inspired him to do something he didn't think he originally wanted to do (work in the corporate world). Why he ended up leaving that world and what he learnt from it that led him to set up his own business focused on bringing out the essence in people.  Hint: His "secret" to inspiring action - Passion filled people and mission filled companies.  If you would like to contact Jon Thor, you can do so here! Email: Website: Twitter: @ThorCorporate  Instagram: @jon_thor_sig
February 21, 2020
Welcome! My Story
For the first episode of The Inspire Action Podcast, I want to give you a warm welcome and share my story!
February 19, 2020