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Alayne White Unleashed

Alayne White Unleashed

By alayne white
Join Alayne as she talks all things she loves- beauty, business, lifestyle and her happy collection of typewriters. She will share readings from her blogs she affectionately calls BLOGcasts, conversations with women from her Facebook group Superchick Business Owners and anything else that spins out of her brain. Alayne’s Brain unleashed, vulnerable because vulnerability is the new superpower.
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Time Will Tell
This week’s Tuesday Blogcast of the letter I read to my son at his very small socially distanced college graduation gathering. Graduations during Covid make us rethink life’s disappointments for sure.
May 26, 2020
Living Without Beauty
Alayne talks about the reopening plan of hair salons and the last eight weeks of living without beauty. She talks openly about feeling sorry for herself and her business. This is a little Wahwahwah.
May 19, 2020
Fighting For Beauty
Alayne talks again (and again) about the fight for her business and the business of beauty during Covid and after - will there ever be an after? This is part of the question. The many questions as she tackles the curious business of beauty and spa.
May 7, 2020
Without a Camera
My second episode- another Blogcast. I am bringing out the retro travel to the beach, hard to believe it was two months ago I wrote this essay and am feeling a little melancholy about the travel that is no longer. I am hoping this Blogcast makes you smile and not cry, remembering the beauty of the beach where I hope we will get back to someday. Post Covid. Please. I hope. 
May 5, 2020
Without A Camera
Reflecting backward just two months ago when everything was “normal” and I was at the beach with actual people writing about leaving my phone at home to escape technology . Retro travel. This is what it has come to during Covid.
May 4, 2020
Let's Face It
This is my first attempt at creating the podcast I have been thinking about for a procrastinated two years. I am starting off safe. By reading a blog I wrote today for the people who don't feel like reading another blog on another screen. I am calling this episode a BLOGcast. I will occasionally ready a blog i have written to give it another voice out there in technoland. I hope to add interviews with like minded Superchicks out there and throw in some talks and thoughts about life, business, and beauty along the way. If you like this let me know. I am just playing around with life and seeing what sticks. Thanks for listening. Tell all your friends if this speaks to you.1
May 2, 2020