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Album of the Decade

Album of the Decade

By Julian McKenzie
This podcast sees artists, journalists, and tons more discuss their favourite albums of the 2010s.
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"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" by Kanye West -- Lucius P. Thundercat
This episode features Lucius P. Thundercat. He’s a Montreal rapper who’s done songs with OG Maco, Rayven Justice, and Skyzoo. (have Tempo) play underneath and have the chorus play after I say Lucius P. Thundercat Lucius’s pick for Album of the Decade is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West MUSIC: “Devil In A New Dress” (ft Rick Ross) - Kanye West “Tempo” by Lucius P. Thundercat
December 23, 2019
"Broken Little Hearts" by Norah Jones -- Mike Larsson of Lasers on the Ride
This episode features Mike Larsson aka CANNONHEAD. He's also a co-host of the Lasers on the Ride podcast on the Upford Network. Mike's pick for Album of the Decade is Broken Little Hearts by Norah Jones MUSIC: Norah Jones - Happy Pills Blue Note Cannonhead - Lasers Theme
December 18, 2019
"Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones)" by Jai Paul -- Erik Leijon of the Montreal Gazette
This episode features Erik Leijon. He’s a music journalist and critic who occasionally writes for the Montreal Gazette and Cult Montreal. He’s also a Polaris Music Prize juror. So that basically means he’s a pretty big deal. Erik's pick for album of the decade is "Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones)" by Jai Paul.  MUSIC: “BTSTU” - Jai Paul XL Recordings
December 04, 2019
"Some Rap Songs" by Earl Sweatshirt -- Tshizimba
This episode features Tshizimba. He is is an emcee, beatmaker and bandleader who combines his Hip-Hop, Rap, Ambient and Chillwave influences, entrancing you in a unique world. Tshizimba’s pick for Album of the Decade is “Some Rap Songs” by Earl Sweatshirt. MUSIC: “Shattered Dreams” - Earl Sweatshirt Tan Cressida - Columbia “Galactus” - Tshizimba Support Tshizimba’s fundraiser:
November 27, 2019
"25" by Adele -- Cinzia & The Eclipse
This episode features Cinzia. She’s the singer of Cinzia & The Eclipse. She’s got songs like “Roses” and No Matter, which has nearly two million streams on Spotify. Or maybe it already has by the time you listen to this. Cinzia's pick for Album of the Decade is "25" by Adele.  MUSIC: “Roses” - Cinzia & The Eclipse. 2019 “Send My Love” - Adele. 2015
November 20, 2019
"Kush & OJ" by Wiz Khalifa -- Green Hypnotic
This episode features Green Hypnotic. He’s a rapper based in Laval who’s worked and grown up alongside two very dope local producers High Klassified and Kaytranada, who’ve since grown to be stars. He has a new project called "Bando Midori 3" that's available to be streamed wherever you can stream music. Green's pick for Album of the Decade is "Kush & OJ" by Wiz Khalifa. MUSIC “Highway“ by Green Hypnotic “The Kid Frankie” by Wiz Khalifa Rostrum - Taylor Gang Bando Midori 3: 
November 20, 2019
"Nearer My God" by Foxing -- Billy Eff Le Chef
The first episode of the Album of the Decade podcast features Billy Eff Le Chef.  Or you may know him as DJ Ativan Halen. Or you may know him through his work with the group RAGERS. Or you may know him through his articles with VICE Quebec. Or you might actually know him as a guy working in a Montreal restaurant. Yes, he can cook.   Billy's Pick For Album Of The Decade Is: "Nearer My God" By Foxing MUSIC “Fools” - Ragers. Saboteur Records. 2018. “Nearer My God” - Foxing. Triple Crown Records. 2018
November 20, 2019