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ALBUM the Podcast

ALBUM the Podcast

By ALBUM the Band
ALBUM is a band and after being together for 13 years they started a podcast. Join the fun with Jason, Josh and Winfield (and the occasional guest) as they talk about Life, Music and Entertainment in general... Not to mention play games, eat and review snacks and check in with their off-the-wall sponsors
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ALBUM Halloween Crossover Bonus Episode
Season 3 / Bonus Episode     Join the party and enjoy the 2021 Halloween Bash with ALBUM, Live at the Royal Oaks in Youngstown, Ohio. The guys unroll a big bag of leftover candy and talk about their recent show; and as an ALBUM first, listen to it in its entirety!  Also, as a bonus to the bonus, stick around to the end for an exclusive post-show wrap-up, recorded in the van directly after the show! So crank up this unedited audience recording of ALBUM, recorded October 30, 2021. This is what you call Premium Bonus Content
November 12, 2021
Majestic SilverEye the album by ALBUM
Season 03 / Episode 9    ALBUM invites their close friend Andy Conrad back to the show for a Spooktacular Halloween episode of the podcast. They discus their 2nd full length album, “Majestic SilverEye” song-by-song; breaking down lyrics, song writing and production notes. In Segment 2, Jason takes the gang through his custom built Haunted House; full of squishy walls and chainsaw wielding maniacs! So put on your favorite costume, pour some Faygo and get Ernest’d, with ALBUM! Bonus Track: Band: Libcor Song: Less is more
October 22, 2021
Strictly Commercial
Season 3 / Episode 8    ALBUM interrupts your regularly scheduled podcast with a word from our sponsors. In this episode, the guys each bring in some memorable commercial jingles and talk about the good ‘ol days of Television. They also discuss hair, harmonies and Nelly’s band-aid. In Segment 2, Winfield is in the market for some new cologne, so after a few misdialed phone calls the guys watch some pretty convincing cologne commercials. So, grab a Genuine Birch Beer, a bag of Cheetos and get caught up in the CrossFire! Bonus Track: Band: SuperCorrupter Song: BFF
October 08, 2021
ALBUM Just Wanna Have Fun
Season 3 / Episode 7    It’s been a busy few months and ALBUM just wants to relax, drink watermelon flavored Mountain Dew and hang out. So they each pick 2 songs, and talk about everything from burning sage to eating cheese. Winfield spills a drink and Jason keeps chewing in the microphone! In Segment 2, the guys (and special guest!) swing down to Heady Vibes for a meet n’ greet with legendary roadie, Bigg Jon Grimmer. So crack open a kombucha, light a sandalwood and hang out with ALBUM! Bonus Track: Band: Orange Alert Song: Frontside Marketing Disaster and Born to Kill
September 24, 2021
A Lil’ ALBUM Ain’t Enough
Season 3 / Episode 6  ALBUM pulls up onto the sidewalk and takes a look yes... at Joe Shelby, their special guest! Joe talks about his musical upbringing from psych/rock to surf/country. In Segment 2, the guys watch the music video for David Lee Roth’s “A Lil’ Ain’t Enough” and question some of Diamond Dave’s decisions. Also, ALBUM receives a couple phone calls and tries to predict what will happen on October 10, 2021. Bonus Track: Band: Bob’s Country Bunker Song: 207 Miles
September 10, 2021
Addendum 03
ALBUM is strapped for time, so they power up the Tascam and record this season’s Addendum sitting around the table in the garage, listening to KISS and trying to get the NES working so they can play Jason’s new game. Join the circle and stayed tuned for the next full episode.
August 27, 2021
Reign in Pud
Season 3 / Episode 5   ALBUM has Heavy Metal Music on their minds, so they invite their friend Sam Bowlin over to talk about all things Metal, including a few Non-Metal Notable Mentions. Also, Jason installs the new in-studio phone system but not without a few shocking hangups! In Segment 2, Josh brings in a Metal Lyric Challenge for the guys. So, unwrap a Zebra Cake, crunch a strawberry wafer and WALK... What did you say?!? Bonus Track Band: Wild Wings Song: Gunzzzmenzzz
August 13, 2021
Just Another Laguna Sunrise
Season 3 / Volume 4   ALBUM is finally allowed to talk about Black Sabbath, and boy-howdy do they! Jason, Josh and Winfield bring in and discuss their current Top 4 Sabbath tunes. They also talk about how they got into Sab and how they still remain a relevant influence to this day. In Segment 2, ALBUM gets confused and frustrated when listening to Rob and Kirk of Metallica cover “Take On Me”. So grab a Sweet Leaf and go Into The Void with your friends, ALBUM! ...and is somebody at the door? Bonus Track Band: Queen of Hell Song: Street Fight II-Night
July 30, 2021
Hook City, Here We Come
Season 3 / Episode 03  ALBUM returns for an elite level episode with their 4th ever in-studio guest; Singer and Guitarist of Turbo Lovers, BJ Lisko! The Gang of Four talk about music, tell stories of playing live and reminisce about the glory days of VFW shows. Also, the guys receive a hard-hitting letter from Corporate. In Segment 2, Winfield brings in another exciting round of “KISS or AC/DC”. So Flick the Switch and Turn on the Night with ALBUM+1. Bonus Track Band: Turbo Lovers Song: Reasons That We Rhyme
July 16, 2021
Look at this FUNograph
Season 3 / Episode 02 ALBUM just wants to have Fun, that’s why they call up their friend Ringo Jones (of Cincinnati band, Mad Anthony) and share stories about taking Band Photos. The good, the bad and the brutally awkward. Also Jason tests out his latest intro theme song. In Segment 2, ALBUM sits down with photographer Mollie Crow of Little Blackbird Photo as their 3rd ever in-studio guest. So join the Fun, hang out with ALBUM and let’s find out exactly what the hell is on Joey’s head. Bonus Track Band: Mad Anthony Song: Sank For Days
July 02, 2021
Shows No Mercy
Season 3 / Episode 01  ALBUM is back for Season 3 and talks about the return of Live Music! They discuss what they missed most about playing shows and talk about some of their favorite concert memories. ALBUM also takes you behind the scenes on what their upcoming set list will look like. In Segment 2, Jason brings in an audio challenge for Josh and Winfield. So crack open a Pepsi Blue and get back into the podcast groove! Bonus Track Band: John Denver’s Body Double Song: ‘98 VFW
June 18, 2021
T.V. Party Tonight!
Season 2 / Episode 10  ALBUM is ready to P.A.R.T.why? Because it’s the fully loaded Season 2 Finale Episode! They listen to celebration wishes sent in from some fans(as well as a surprise celebrity cameo) and ALBUM discusses their favorite tv show theme songs. Also, they call their friend Adam Berry for his thoughts and to sing a special song. In Segment 2, ALBUM goes to a Season wrap-up party, and you’re invited! So pour a drink, grab some snacks and get down with ALBUM! Bonus Track Band: Super Predator Song: Evil Tree
May 28, 2021
New Friends and Familiar Faces pt. 2
Season 2 / Episode 09  The season is coming to a close and ALBUM is Doing the Dew in an extreme Mountain Dew flavor review. ALBUM also talks about some of their favorite bands they’ve played with in the past (Rocket Radio, Super Predator, When Particles Collide, Face Blaster and Mad Anthony) and talks about the friendships along the way. In Segment 2, ALBUM listens to a song Josh enjoys by Beach Fossils. Bonus Song Band: TurboLovers Song: Some Kind Of Freak
May 14, 2021
ZEPHANIAH the album by ALBUM
Season 2 / Episode 08  ALBUM gets back to story telling mode and breaks down their second release “Zephaniah”; sharing stories about song writing, lyrics, the concept, our “deal” with High Roller Records and more! The guys also eat and review two kinds of Drakes Cakes while listening to Peter Gabriel. In Segment 2, ALBUM listens to a song Winfield enjoys by Prof. Bonus Track Band: Z’creamin Hott Song: Silver Diamonds
April 30, 2021
Unstructured Format with Josh Weiss
Season 2 / Episode 7  ALBUM is all jacked, relaxed and ready to go in this week’s episode. Winfield introduces a new game called, “KISS or AC/DC”. Josh scats. And Jason deals with a schmuck with a laser pointer. Also, the guys call up their friend Josh Weiss to talk about his new band, “Leisure Beams”. In Segment 2, ALBUM listens to a song Jason enjoys by Reggie and the Full Effect. Bonus Track: Band: Leisure Beams Song: Lickity Split
April 16, 2021
The Andy Conrad Story, Pt. 2
Season 2 / Episode 06 ALBUM and Andy finish the conversation from last episode discussing his collaborations with ALBUM as well as his most recent projects. Josh brings a new game to the table, “Name That Crunch” and Jason throws down the last round of the Black Sabbath guessing game. In Segment 2, ALBUM risks backstage heat by listening to the Deftones and discusses why the song “Knife Prty” from the album ‘White Pony’ is just not for them. Bonus Track Band: Me Time and the Raging Crush Song: My Buzz
April 02, 2021
Not Just Any Comrade: It’s Andy Conrad! Pt. 1
Season 2 / Episode 05 ALBUM invites long time friend and unmentioned 4th member of the band, Andy Conrad to the studio. Andy talks about his love for writing and recording music and walks us through his musical journey; starting with his first bands in the late 80’s, all the way to his current projects. Jason prepared another exciting round of the Black Sabbath guessing game and Winfield answers some of Josh’s questions about Star Trek. In Segment 2, the guys listen to some of Limp Bizkit’s first album “Three Dollar Bill, Y’all $” and analyze Fred Durst. Bonus Track Band: Meza Cloverleaf Song: Angel of Light
March 19, 2021
Cake Bytes
Season 2 / Episode 04  The guys celebrate Josh’s birthday by eating Cobra Kai themed snack cakes and reviewing them live. Video game soundtracks have always been a huge influence on the band so ALBUM selected a couple of their favorite tracks to discuss the importance and genius of the music behind the game. Because Josh has turned the page on another birthday he wants to see if he likes the band Korn and chooses them for Segment 2. “Dead Bodies Everywhere” from the 1998 release Follow the Leader. Jason tries to stump Josh and Winfield with a classic game of name that tune, Black Sabbath edition. Bonus Track Band: John Denver’s Body Double Song: Number 17
March 05, 2021
Addendum 02
ALBUM merges calls to see what’s new and who slipped on that winter ice. Josh finds out that his solo album John Denver’s Body Double will be released on all streaming services February 27, 2021 at 4:20a.m. and winfield finds it a little fishy. Thanks for dropping in for the phone call and stay tuned for the next episode of ALBUM the Podcast.
February 26, 2021
Rogers Part I - Part 2
Season 2 / Episode 03  ALBUM and Nate pick up the story from Rogers Part I - Part 1 and discuss their tales from the past. Sam Stanley has a body built for sin and an appetite for podcastin’ and makes his presence known. The guys take a suggestion for Segment 2 and review “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” performed by Black Sabbath featuring Tony Martin on vocals. Always a "Good Time Party Yeah" on the explosive Season 2 of ALBUM the Podcast. Bonus Track Band: Clock Eating Planet Song: The Viking Worm
February 12, 2021
Rogers Part I - Part 1
Season 2 / Episode 02  ALBUM invites Nathanial (Nate) Dray, long time friend and Winfield’s brother over to the podcast studio to share his story of growing up in Rogers, Ohio and getting involved in music. Nate is an influential person to ALBUM so he was asked to join the table to do some talkin’ and hangin’. Jason challenges the guys to a Paul Stanley SFX Challenge to put the Paul vs. Sam (Sweet Starchild) debate to rest. Out of curiosity, Segment 2 features the second track from the award winning album Crest of a Knave by Jethro Tull, “Farm on the Freeway”.  Bonus Track Band: Kill the Hippies Song: Neon Toilet
January 29, 2021
Under the Influence
Season 2 / Episode 01  ALBUM the Podcast is back with an all new season, Season 2! The guys catch up with an evening espresso and share their New Year’s Eve events. Jason, Josh and Winfield discuss some of the bands that influenced them and helped make music a big part of their life. Ozzy stops by the studio and Josh grants the request of friend BJ Lisko with a new Jampack for the ATP-SFXboard. For Segment 2, ALBUM chooses the opening track “Steel Monkey” from the award winning best metal album of 1989, Crest of a Knave by Jethro Tull. ALBUM is excited to start a new season and ready to make 2021 a Good Time Party Yeah! Bonus Track Band: Church Hill  Song: Witches Ride
January 15, 2021
Rogers Part II - Christmas Special
Rogers Part II Episode 05 - The snow has melted and ALBUM the Podcast has resumed control. There’s a special holiday feeling in the air as Jason, Josh and Winfield share their Christmas lists and try to not talk about Wayne’s World. Ozzy chimes in and informs everyone about his night time snack. ALBUM discusses where they grew up, the Rogers Sale, discovering music and what made them want to pick up an instrument. Confusion sets in as “Law Maker” by Black Sabbath from the album Tyr isn’t as bad as expected. Grab a snack and settle in as ALBUM continues their story in this audio journey. As always, have a Good Time Party Yeah! Bonus Song: The Rydells - Ballad of Jack Hill (2000)
December 24, 2020
Addendum 01
A sudden snow storm grounds ALBUM and they cannot get together to record a podcast or practice their newest songs. Jason calls up Winfield and Josh to see how it’s hanging and discuss current happenings. The guys talk about getting “heat” from their stance on the Waynes World movies from Episode 04 and flashback to the early days of ALBUM the Podcast. Listen in as ALBUM gets excited about making a 3-way phone call. Stay safe and have a Good Time Party Yeah!
December 18, 2020
Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?
Episode 04 - Tune in and get side tracked with ALBUM as they compare story lines, soundtracks and Tia Carrere’s hair style from Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2. Find out who the real villain is and one of Winfield’s least favorite songs ever released. Josh almost quits in Segment 2 during “Ancient Warrior” from the album The Eternal Idol by Black Sabbath. Jason gives an ALBUM update on future material and reveals an ALBUM the Podcast Rewind segment. Join ALBUM as they hit up The Gasworks, get some coffee and crullers and PARTY!
December 11, 2020
New Friends and Familiar Faces
Episode 03 - Join ALBUM as they reach a milestone of the third episode and update the listeners on current ALBUM news. ALBUM dives into their first year of shows (2008) by focusing on the bands they played with (Rebreather, Turbo Lovers, Grand Fury, Grey Dealer) and how they helped them break into the music scene of Youngstown, Ohio. A new sponsor is presented and ALBUM unveils a special addition to the show. Segment 2 features “The Shinning” by Black Sabbath from the 1987 album The Eternal Idol. Stick around to the end for a bonus song from ALBUM’s past. -Bonus song- Band: Slam Song: Tie Die
December 04, 2020
ALBUM the album by ALBUM
Episode 02 - Hangout with ALBUM as they run down their first album and discuss lyrics, band psychology and hear about Winfield's Korean cuisine dinner. In Segment Two the guys review "Angry Heart" from the album Seventh Star (1986) by Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi. Don't forget to stick around 'til the end for a bonus song from ALBUM's past. 
November 27, 2020
Episode 01 - Jason, Josh and Winfield of ALBUM tell the origin of the band, from hanging to playing.  
November 16, 2020