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Welcome to AlcheME Chic! A creative space where women can talk about their journey in spirituality, business, finance, life and love! ūü§ó
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12 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Dr. Nicole!!!

AlcheMe Chic

40 - AlcheMe Chic Influencer Of The Day...Tamara!!!!
Tamara Crespo-Hyson is a beauty entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, education and team building. She has won the Wella Studio Young Artist of the Year, been featured as a Wella Top 10 Colorist of the Year and most recently added the internationally coveted, Certified Master Color Expert with Wella Professionals.  In this episode she talks about her journey as a mom of two sets of twins, dropping out of school to pursue her dreams and transitioning her business during questionable situations and difficult circumstances, most recently being COVID-19. She shares how her connection with God and serving others has helped her to grow and sustain her business. This AlcheMe Chic influencer is a spiritual power house that you must know! ENJOY!!!! P.S. Follow Tamara and her team on Instagram: @ego_trip_hair_salon and go to her website:
September 16, 2020
39 - AlcheMe Chic Influencer Of The Day...ElishaMonique!!!!
Elisha Monique is a beauty entrepreneur and salon coach. She's grown and reinvented herself many times over her 20 year career. Her work has been published in top industry magazines which led her to her position as an artistic director of Matrix L'Oreal. She owned and operated her salon where she not only helped many stylist become top notch stylist but to also understand their craft and individual creativity. She also took a special interest in teaching her stylist how to understand the business of the beauty industry. Elisha has taken the time to expand that vision to teach and consult other salon owners and beauty professionals through her membership program, Build Your Salon Business. In this episode we will discuss how to build your clientele as a beauty professional, how and when to raise your price, and what it takes to make realistic growth in your career and finances. ENJOY!!!! P.S. You can find Elisha Monique on her websites: or Instagram: @elishamonique_educator Facebook: @ElishaMoniqueSalonStylistCoach
August 17, 2020
38 - AlcheMe Chic Influencer of the Day...Kimberly!!!
Kimberly Bush is a producer, content, creator, social media maven and spiritual seeker who loves inspiring women through candid and playful yet soulful conversations. Sharing her spiritual journey and lessons learned along the way; her main focus is to create and curate inspirational content to empower women to live limitlessly and authentically. Kimberly's openness to talk about her journey/adventure in self development and self awareness has made her a voice of positive leadership that women need, hence why AlcheMe Chic is crushing over this bad ass, spiritual seeking, woman of influence. ENJOY!!!! P.S.  You can find and follow Kimberly's lifestyle blog: and follow her on all social media platforms @mizzezola
May 09, 2020
37 - We're In Season Three Y'all
Hey my AlcheMe Chic fam! We are in our season three opening! This is the first time, although it's only been two years, that  I don't really have a plan for what I want to share. I have a very strong feeling though that this will make for the most impactful season yet. I have personally gone through some serious changes and I'm planning on sharing every detail on ways I'm making the best out of where I am right now. In this episode I explore and talk about the unknown and what I may or may not do with this platform moving forward! Everything and nothing is up in the air for now and what a beautiful way to show exactly how the AlcheMe Chic mantra and manifest!  ENJOY!!!!
April 29, 2020
36 - AlcheMe Chic Influencer Of The Day....Kandi
Kandi Watson is the founder of Love Works TV. She started this Love empire with a passion for singles, the purpose was for singles to redirect their perspective in a positive way. Using her own journey in being single and NOT enjoying it, she combined her spiritual growth and challenges to help other single women that are experiencing similars upsets. Kandi was not a willing participant in going down this path but through her journey of opening up to what God wanted for her she was able to find a deeper meaning and purpose for her journey. Now married, Kandi shares from beginning to present about what it takes to renew your mindset and focus on your purpose, even when you're being stubborn about it. Our journey is more than the destination it's the journey, listen in as Kandi shares so great wisdom of what it takes to love your singlehood and beyond.  ENJOY!!! P.S. Follow Kandi and her Husband Dwayne Watson on their vlog Love Works TV:
January 28, 2020
35 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Nichomi!!!
Nichomi Higgins, also known as Nikki,  is a wife, mother, mental health advocate, business mindset coach, entrepreneur, licensed psychotherapist and passionate communicator with a powerful will to help uplift and encourage the lives of women around the world. Nichomi has utilized her past battles with depression and emotional trauma to mobilize her ability to be supportive and effective in creating a positive change in women. In this episode Nikki shares some key reasons why women suffer from mental blocks, as well as discuss how her own spirituality helped her get on her feet to follow the path of her purpose. Although her beginnings was in Corporate-America, she has transitioned through the metal health field as a marriage and family therapist, and one of the few professionals of color that specialized in treating eating disorders and negative body image amongst women of color. Having the experience of both Corporate-America and psychology, makes her the best psychotherapist and business mindset coach to tackle any obstacle for any woman of ambition. Nichomi's mission to help other women align with their purpose makes her an AlcheMe Chic badass!!! ENJOY!!!! P.S. If you're looking forward to advancing your career, become an entrepreneur or just simply advance your current entrepreneur venture make sure you contact Nikki!! Websites: (California residence only) , (Worldwide)  IG: @solcentered_solpowered
December 11, 2019
34 - I Only Want God
I‚Äôve had another Judas moment this past weekend that is forcing me to choose becoming better instead of bitter! I was going to wait until the new year BUT after this weekends conversation I was heart broken and left to say God I ONLY want you. I think I‚Äôm not the only one so I am doing a virtual bible study group via Zoom. The bible study will be ‚ÄúWhat Happens When Women Say Yes To God: *Live More Fully *Love More Deeply *Experience God's Best for You‚ÄĚ by Lysa TerKeurst. I will be hosting an introduction Zoom call Sunday November 24, 2019 at 7pm eastern standard time. To access the link you can follow and send a DM to the AlcheME Chic IG page @alchemechicpodcast. I am looking forward to meeting some of my AlcheME Chic family should you all choose to join! ENJOY!!!!!
November 20, 2019
33 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day....Adrienne!!!
Adrienne Leak is a wife, mother, commercial and editorial hairstylist and beauty brand consultant, educator, beauty entrepreneur and spiritual seeker. In this episode we talk about how beauty and spirituality work together to create the best you. Many women fall into the comparison trap and lose who they truly are. Learn how Adrienne used her personal and professional experience to help uplift other women. Also we learn about how her battle with anxiety and depression led her to discover the ever growing ways her purpose keeps expanding. Even in her most depressed state she was given a divine deposit to share the stories of women as it effects their own anxiety about "beauty".  In her upcoming docuseries entitled "Also Me" Adrienne explores the multi viewpoints of women suffering from their own beauty hang ups; the women that never wants to leave home without makeup to the women that never wants to wear makeup. In all actuality both suffer from the same fear of being seen...could this also be you? ( See what I did there?!?!) Adrienne's ability to keep reinventing herself and continuously seeking and growing makes her an AchleMe Chic BADASS!!! ENJOY!!!! P.S. Follow Adrienne on Instagram @aleakhairstudio or website if you're interested in sharing your story and receiving a makeover on the docuseries "Also Me"
October 24, 2019
32 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Stefanie!!!
Stefanie Moore is a wife, mother, author and occupational therapist. A little over ten years ago she authored a book entitled "What You Should Know About A Man After The 3rd Date: 50 Questions You Need To Ask To Really Know Who A Man is..." This workbook helps women navigate the dating world and escape the fantasy into a healthy reality of what you really want, who you are and how to truly get to know the man you're with. In this episode we discuss ways dating has changed with the new social media/online dating era and how even after being married why this book still keeps the spice brewing in any relationship. Stefanie has always been a champion for women growing and developing, which is why she is PERFECT for our AlcheMe Chic family! ENJOY!!! P.S. You can find Stefanie's book on Amazon under her Authored name Stefanie Jane Helms! P.S.S. A little under two weeks after this interview Stefanie gave birth to beautiful twins! Talk about BAD ASS!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 
October 15, 2019
31 - Purpose Leads To Love
In this episode I dive into a possible answer to the forever question of: "When will I ever meet my husband?" or "When will I find a man?" I personally and wholeheartedly feel that there are a group of women left out of a possible narrative that would be THEE answer. I believe following the path to your purpose will lead you to love. I talk about some women I've followed and admired over the years and I've noticed something each of their love stories have in common; all of them were well on their path towards their purpose. I know you're thinking "How do I know what my purpose is?" and no worries my friend I have a lead that will help you get there! Follow us on Instagram @alchemechicpodcast and download the Anchor app to leave us a voicemail to be featured in the next episode. ENJOY!!!!
August 26, 2019
30 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Ashley!!!
Ashley (Jacobs) Poole is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, published writer, and political activist. A decision made out of fear would land her incarcerated and six months pregnant, Ashley had no clue that she would end up changing the lives of so many women through her tragedy. In this episode we learn how Ashley went from a fearful pregnant mother, to being behind bars while pregnant, to later becoming a political activist in prison reform for pregnant inmates. Did you know that up until 2010 women incarcerated in the United Sates were shackled while giving birth? Ashley story helped to change the laws to make that a practice of the past. Through her testimony at the state capitol, women who give birth while serving their sentences no longer have to do so under such stressful conditions. She shares her story in two books "Inside This Place, Not Of It" and "Say It Forward: A Guide To Social Justice Storytelling" both available on Amazon. ENJOY!!!! P.S.  To learn more about her ongoing efforts to give voices to the those that don't have a platform; follow her as she builds her business Speaking On Purpose Inc. You can contact Ashley via email: or follow on Facebook: @Kennethandashleypoole 
August 05, 2019
29 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...LaToya!!!
LaToya Keys is an entrepreneur, proudly self proclaimed daddy's girl,  and for me personally, one of the best social media entertainers I know! LaToya has become in some ways my very own "Carrie Bradshaw" of my Facebook friends. She unabashedly shares her encounters with dating in this new age of unrealistic expectations and ever growing lack of self-awareness. She breaks down her perspective on dating and how us as women can take accountability on our own personal growth, observe the truths that men give us and how we can improve on our spiritual connection as it pertains to our dating life. As a wedding/event planner Latoya also shares with us what she has observed as the true secret behind a successful relationship from the process of couples planning their nuptials. ENJOY!!!!  P.S. Connect with LaToya via her website or IG @ellekayevents   P.S.S. The first three minutes of the podcast has some technical difficulties but it gets better! SORRY! 
July 22, 2019
28 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Talina!!!!!
Talina Smith is a wife, mother, beauty entrepreneur and prayer warrior! In this episode Talina shares with us her faith in taking major leaps in entrepreneurship. The same journey that has challenged her and has allowed her to grow into the beauty mogul that she is still becoming. The life of an entrepreneur is not easy but in spite of the hurdles Talina remains steadfast in keeping God first as she walks out her path in creating beauty one woman at a time! Learn about how she used her faith to build a clientele from nothing and create a makeup line in the midst of family turbulence. Talk about extraordinary! ENJOY!!!!  P.S. Follow Talina on social media- IG: @dportierbeauty  Facebook: @dportierbeauty
June 23, 2019
27 - An Open Letter to My Absentee Father
In this episode I continue to share the journey that I've decided to go on in healing my past with my absentee father. I decided to venture out and read a book by Gabrielle Bernstein called Judgement Detox: Release the Beliefs That Hold You Back from Living a Better Life. In this book she talks about judgement being fear based and when we judge we exchange love for fear. The emotional battle I had with my dad, I thought I "handled" it years ago. Until last October when my grandmother passed away and the flood gates opened and I found myself emotionally closed off and angry all over again. This book helped to dig to the root of my anger, address it and continue on this journey of forgiveness. In this open letter to my dad I have taken on his perspective in order to begin to develop compassion for him that can be on going. I have made the commitment to chase after love and peace and this is only the beginning. ENJOY!!!!! 
June 12, 2019
26 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Rashon!!!
Rashon Monique Jefferson is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend to MANY! Rashon shares her story with her diagnosis of Lupus, Endometriosis and Thyroid cancer. Rashon gives love and support every moment she can, all while pouring into her community as a nurse at Children's Healthcare Of Atlanta (CHoA) . In this episode Rashon teaches us what it means to learn to take care of self...even when your natural instinct is to be there for everyone else. Rashon's light, fight, grit, practicality and overall jovial presence in the midst of challenge is exactly why she is a MUST for our AlcheMe Chic community to hear from. ENJOY!!!! P.S.  If you'd like to reach out to Rashon for support or need someone to ask questions about your journey you can email her:  
May 14, 2019
24 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Holly!!!
Holly Jackson is mother and making a difference with her passion to serve the deaf community as an interpreter. In this episode Holly helps us to gain perspective as well as educate us on the bold world of the deaf. Holly details her journey and how her faith kept her grounded and encouraged her to keep moving forward to help others, in spite of her own fears of how things may unfold. Find out how Holly pushed through challenges by completely changing her career path as well as challenges in mastering the American Sign Language (ASL)! Holly is a prime example of how we can add good to this world, serve others and still be a kick ass woman about her business. ENJOY!!!! P.S. To find out more on how you can help with supporting the deaf by emailing Holly: 
March 27, 2019
23 - Hair Growth for Life?
Hey my AlcheMe Chic FAMILY!!!! This episode is strictly me having a super deep moment for NO REASON! While studying for my continued education course, I made a correlation between the stages of hair growth and how it can mirror the stages of personal growth. While I have a feeling that only my beauty industry people will actually understand how intuitive this is; I HOPE that you all can get a good nugget out of this episode also. Head over to the Anchor app to tell me what you think about this post! ENJOY!!!! 
March 12, 2019
22 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Erin!!!
Erin Jones is a mother, sister, therapist, singer and spiritual motivator. Erin and I discuss the importance of therapy and what it's like to be completely changed by loss. Erin, and the rest of her family, had tough life lessons to learn when both her mother and father passed away 9 years, 364 days apart. She created an open support group, Onward, to help others sort through the process of dealing with grief and loss. Her faith mixed with her professional background along with her life experience has lead her to become a well rounded, life application therapist and support group leader. In this episode learn some small yet life altering gems that may help you to live your best self yet! Welcome to our tribe Erin, you are amaziballs!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!
March 05, 2019
21 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day... Cathy!!!!!
Cathy Torres is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and wellness coach. She shares her weight loss journey and how her mental fortitude, combined with the desire to want better and more for family, lead her on a path she would've never imagined! She shares some vulnerable details of how unlearning some false stories she use to tell herself effected her children and how she turned that around. Cathy and I never met prior to us recording her story, but this episode is the best example I've ever experienced that displays how two strangers can still do great things together and NOT know each other at all! Cathy is DEFINITELY our tribe member and a transformation BAD ASS!!!! ENJOY!!!!!  P.S. Contact Cathy via: IG: @hazeleyedandgettinfit Email: Website:
February 20, 2019
19 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Angela!!!
Angela D. Young was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, by a supportive family with whom she is still close. She attended college at Clark Atlanta University where she received her Bachelor‚Äôs degree in Mass Media Arts, with a concentration in TV, radio, and film. Upon graduation, she was immediately offered a job as a manager at the renowned Patchwerk Recording Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. During her tenure there, she had the opportunity to work with some of the most prominent Hip Hop and R&B artists in the industry. It was there that she came into her own and learned how to be a business woman. Later, she self-published her first book of poetry for young women in 2014. The book is entitled Pieces of Me. Angela also understands that part of her purpose is to be of service to others. A couple years, ago she turned her passion into reality with the ‚ÄėLittle Black Box Project‚Äô. The goal of this annual project is to give hope during the holiday season to women and children in need. She continued her feminine activism through the NAKEDGURL pledge. Her beNAKED campaign is her desire to make women feel empowered, beautiful, and confident. The beNAKED Campaign seeks to empower, inspire, and enlighten women and girls of all ages to know that no matter how the world defines beauty, true beauty comes from our heart and soul.¬†How could this powerful woman NOT be an AlcheMe Chic Influencer of the Day! ENJOY!!!!! P.S. Follow Angela on Instagram: @iam_angelayoung Website:
January 29, 2019
18 - I'm A Fraud...And Growing!
Have you ever heard of Imposter Syndrome or Imposter Phenomenon? Neither did I until I heard a recent Marie Forleo episode that helped me to identify and articulate some feelings that I've had in the past! I reference an article that I found which highlights a woman by the name of Dr. Valerie Young where she gives a brief synopsis that she has found in decades of research on high achievers feeling like a fraud! In her book "The Secret Thoughts Of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer From Imposter Syndrome And How To Thrive In Spite Of It", she goes over 5 different personality types to suffer from Imposter Syndrome.  ENJOY!!!! P.S. The article referenced in this episode: Marie Forleo Episode: Elizabeth Cox Ted Talk Video:
January 22, 2019
17 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Ashley!!!
Ashley Johnson is a Senior Product Strategy Manager. While that is a pretty important work title, it doesn't hold a match to the most important title of MOTHER! In this episode Ashley and I talk about emotional health, self inflicted spiritual bondage and the power of the subconscious mind. Self awareness and self development has made Ashley a better mom and a better co-parent. Becoming a better you is not only the best love you can give yourself but it is also the best love you can give to those closest to you! ENJOY!!!!!
December 25, 2018
16 - MY Financial Cluster F#@k (Part 2)
****I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR, OPINION ONLY!!!!!!***** In this episode I really lay it all on the line about my personal financial journey and hurdles! Getting out of debt and/or supplementing your income can be a major fear factor for most. I hope that I can give courage and inspiration to someone to know that maybe their financial wellbeing is worth saving! The book mentioned in this episode is Dave Ramsey's book entitled The Total Money Makeover. ENJOY!!!!!
December 02, 2018
15 - MY Financial Cluster F#@k (Part 1)
****I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR, OPINION ONLY!!!!!!***** This episode is all about my financial journey so far. I'll expose my journey and how I shaped my financial identity. Find out how to identify your money type by taking the money type questionnaire at I also share a few websites to help with your financial goals. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!
November 05, 2018
14 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day... Karima!!!
Karima Adkins is a wife, new mother, entrepreneur, educator and supportive family woman. Her powerful presence has ignited a movement for woman struggle underneath it all....struggling with undergarments that is! Karima Adkins is an expert in undergarments for women. Karima noticed that there was a gap between when we get our first training bra and when we become women and buy bras on our own. That gap is the lack of education of what we need to do to take care of our breast health. Introducing her business as the first and only mobile bra fitting business, Karima takes her time educating women on the best way to find a quality bra that fits and supports each woman as an individual. Her passion for positive self image combined with her passion to educate makes her a perfect fit for our AlcheMe Chic family. ENJOY!!! P.S. Facebook: @thephillybralady IG: @thephillybralady Website:
October 15, 2018
13 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Vonetta!!!
Vonetta Greene has her bachelors in Business Administration in Accounting from Georgia Southern University. She has a Masters in Accounting from Kennesaw State University. Her giving spirit has lead her to philanthropic efforts as a fundraising chair for a nonprofit organization that has raised $50,000 annually to sustain operation. If that's not enough she keeps the giving going by overseeing the distribution of $25,000 for scholarships for the city of Atlanta students. Professionally she is a certified fraud examiner, as an auditing and accounting professional she makes the perfect person to dive into the scariest topic most cringe at the sound of it.....FINANCES!!!!!!! Vonetta's funny, loving, and compassionate approach mixed with her professional and philanthropic background makes her the perfect person to show our AlcheMe Chic family how to take charge of their financial world! Finesse your finances with the beautiful AlcheMe Chic illuminant! ENJOY!!!!
October 01, 2018
12 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Dr. Nicole!!!
Dr Nicole Rankine has her Masters is Biology and her PhD in Public Health. While climbing the corporate ladder she quickly realized that her ladder was on the wrong building. She bravely and prayerfully took a leap into the world of entrepreneurship and has started her journey in building and cultivating leaders in our youth. Her bravery and leadership expertise is what makes her an AlcheMe Chic bad ass!!! ENJOY!!!! P.S. Follow Dr Nicole Rankine on Facebook: @DrNicoleRankine IG: @DrNicoleRankine Twitter: @DrNicoleRankine Email: Website:
September 09, 2018
11 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Nicole!!!
Nicole Keaton is a single mother of three, corporate executive, mentor, entrepreneur and investor. Nicole's journey is the epitome of what AlcheMe Chic is...if there's anyone I know that has created something from nothing in her own way it would be this woman. Building the life she wanted while raising three young boys, working, and going to school full-time! This is NOT a rags to riches story; this is a grace to strength story! ENJOY!!!!
September 03, 2018
10 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Arianne!!!
Arianne Price is a shaman, spiritual healer, activist, writer, actress, soul investigator, emotional regulator and mother. Take a deep breath as you listen to this verbal mediation in unloading spiritual blockage and shedding the bondage of codependency. Arianne takes us on her journey while at the same time illustrating step by step how to start your own journey to be spiritually and emotionally free! This influencer is a free spirit that invites you in, lifts you up and submerge you in truth and love! ENJOY!!!! P.S. Follow Arianne on Facebook: @theblackmothermonologues IG: @theblackmothermonologues Email:
August 20, 2018
9 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Kimberly!!!
Kimberly Womble is a wife, mother and life coach. After being let go from her job in human resources, Kimberly took some time to learn about self-care, self-love and self-acceptance. This journey has led her to become a beacon of hope for others as she leads them down the similar path of self discovery. Kimberly has taken her life from an angry, feisty teenager to a woman that has established herself in an unshakeable state of compassion; not only for herself but for all of her clients that she takes time to support as a Transformational Coach. This inspirational woman took her life and has followed her path in her own way, which is why she's an AlcheMe Chic Influencer! Enjoy!!!! P.S. You can find Kimberly's information as follows: Email: IG: @Kimberlywomble
July 10, 2018
8 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Jenise!!!
Jenise Durham Belay is a wife, mother, singer, entertainer, entrepreneur and "momager"! Needless to say she is a woman that has seen, heard and lived it all!!! She has seen the ups and down of three vastly different industries (music, corporate america, and entrepreneurship) and has used lesson's learned in each one to create the life, love, business and family that she wants. Sounds familiar...OF COURSE IT DOES!!! This is exactly why she's an AlcheMe Chic Influencer!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!! P.S. You can find Jenise's contact information as follows: Email: Office: 770-225-8075 IG: jd_star2k Daughters IG: 2belaygirls
June 19, 2018
7 - Love, Sex and Conflict
This episode is more about self awareness! Grab your notebooks!!!!! When we learn how we receive love, what our sex language means and how to deal with conflict resolutions; it can only be beneficial for the best relationships we are looking to establish in the healthiest way! I have utilized three experts in each topic to help navigate for you guys the love, sex and connection you want. Go to,,, to learn more about each topic and learn more about..YOU! ENJOY!!!!
June 04, 2018
6 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Juanita!!!
Juanita Fortune is a Wellness Coach, a Writer and a Minister; but her most prized roll she's ever taken on has been being a single mother. Mama Fortune, I affectionately call her, has helped dozens of men and women understand the importance of being aligned mind, body and soul. Her biblical and historical knowledge has made her influence, to those that have the privilege to meet her, unmatched. She has recreated her life and those that meet her by allowing them the grace to go through their journey with compassion and encouragement. She has helped others build something out of nothing but doing it with the elegance that she only she can possess, which is why she's an AlcheMe Chic influencer!!! ENJOY!!!!
May 22, 2018
5 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Whitney!!!
Whitney Bond is a proud Spelman College alum! She received her Bachelors degree in drama with a concentration in dance. From there she went on to earn her Master of Divinity with a certificate in Black Church Studies at Chandler School of Theology at Emory University. Currently she is attending Chicago Theological Seminary earning her PhD in the field of Theology, Ethics and Human Sciences. Whitney's bold, unique and timely approach to spirituality and human sexual liberties is why I've chosen her to be this week's AlcheMe Chic's Influencer of the Day! Whitney has always had an outgoing personality and she is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the best up and coming world game changers! Just you watch and take notice of this influencer's gracefully hilarious stride on to this world's stage and humbly command your attention! ENJOY!!!!
May 17, 2018
4 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day... Jae!!!
Jazmine Hudson is a beauty entrepreneur! She shares with us the joys of advancing her career as well as set backs that worked out in her best interest. Knowing that the beauty industry was her path at the age of 12 she shares with us what her purpose is, how she has grown a successful and faithful clientele, and how she will become the "Oprah" of the hair industry by setting a new standard and expectation as it pertains to healthy hair in the beauty industry. She is a mother, business owner, mentor, teacher, certified Trichologist and and an all around AlcheMe Chic badass!!! ENJOY!!!!!!
April 28, 2018
3 - AlcheMe Chic's Influencer Of The Day...Tareia!!!
Tareia Williams is the Director Of Communications with Turner Sports! In a male dominated industry Tareia has created her own lane, even when there wasn't anyone there that looked like her to help her along the way. While she hasn't done it completely alone she shares how having mentors AND mentees has helped her to feel fulfilled in her mission to teach others how to do what seems to be the impossible for women! What's that you ask??? Creating something from nothing and doing it in her own way!!! A true AlcheMe Chic Influencer to the core! ENJOY!!!!
April 19, 2018
2 - Judas? Seriously?
This episode is about betrayal and how to make the choice of using betrayal as a moment to become better, not bitter! ENJOY!!!!
April 16, 2018
1 - Coming soon...AlcheMe Chic!
This episode is an introduction to the beautifully brutal forum that is AlcheME Chic. Learn what AlcheME Chic is and how this weird/funny/quirky/smart/hot ass mess podcast began! Enjoy!!!!
April 04, 2018