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The ALD Podcast

The ALD Podcast

Audio output of the ALD. Discussions about the work of members, events and issues.
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In Conversation... Peter Mumford (pt2)
The Q&A session from the 'In Conversation...' event with former Chair - and newest ALD Fellow - Peter Mumford held at the National Theatre in December 2019 and hosted by Victoria Brennan.  Presentation by Lucy Carter.
February 19, 2020
In Conversation... Peter Mumford
Celebrating 50 years working in theatre, former ALD Chair Peter Mumford sits down with long time collaborator and programmer Victoria Brennan to discuss his career at a live event held at the National Theatre in December 2019.  The Q&A session that followed is available as a separate podcast.
February 14, 2020
@ENTER - July 19
 Lighting programmers Victoria Brennan, Andi Davis and Sarah Brown discuss how they started their careers, working with lighting designers, the expanded role of the programmer, and working conditions.  
July 1, 2019
Forty Years of Lighting Design
In light of PLASA’s 40th anniversary, the ALD will look back over the last forty years of lighting design in the UK, considering how the role of the lighting designer and the practice of lighting design have changed in that time.  Panel members:  Coral Cooper, David Hersey, Richard Pilbrow Chaired by Kelli Zezulka Recorded at the PLASA London trade show on Sunday 17th September 2017
September 17, 2017
The Challenges of Lighting Performances in Non-traditional Spaces
Leeds is home to many theatre companies that make and explore performance outside the confines of a “traditional” built theatre. Three weeks prior to PLASA, Leeds will host the Transform Festival, which presents theatre work everywhere from arts venues across Leeds, to city sites and outdoor spaces. Outside the festival, Leeds companies Slung Low, RashDash, Unlimited, Riptide and others specialise in making site-specific work in public places. This panel will explore the challenges of lighting for non-traditional spaces, using work based in and around Leeds as case studies.   ALD Seminar at PLASA Focus: Leeds - Wednesday 10th May 2017
May 10, 2017
‘Encouraging Diversity in Design and Technical Theatre’
The PLASA Technician Survey in 2014 found that 93% of its members were male, with most considering lighting to be their specialism. A quick survey of the ALD membership suggests roughly the same gender split amongst its professional members. Although female representation in design and technical theatre has been increasing in recent years, ethnic diversity remains a problem. Anecdotal reports suggest very few BME candidates apply to training courses or entry-level theatre jobs, and technical theatre is all too often a white, middle-class preserve. What might be the underlying reasons for this, and what can be done to encourage more diversity in design and technical theatre – particularly in terms of gender, race and socio-economic background?  ALD Seminar at ABTT Theatre Show - Wednesday 22nd June 2016
June 22, 2016
Fringe Lighting Seminar
“How do the limitations of equipment, venues and money as well as the increased requirements of additional jobs in small scale theatre affect the creative role of the lighting designer? Do they limit the choices that can be made, or does it allow creativity to flourish? How will the developing technologies impact on choices and working methods in the medium term?” A recording of ALD 2015 Seminar at PLASA Focus: Leeds. (12th May 2015 - Royal Armouries, Leeds)
May 12, 2015