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014: UnMastering Motherhood - Let's Talk Hypnobabies!

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By Alena Conley
Reminding you that everything you need is everything you got! Alena Conley, Wife, Mom of three and full time Entrepreneur brings you into her world as a woman committed to being the best version of herself by not forgetting HERSELF and inspiring others to do the same.
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020: Remnant Seasons. [Bonus Episode]
On the most recent episode of The Reminder Remedy with Alena Conley she shares a bonus episode before she kicks off the second half of season two. It's a full life update on what's been going on with your favorite podcast host!
April 12, 2019
019: Why Faith Belongs in Your Business with Ashley Rouse
On the most recent episode of The Reminder Remedy with Alena Conley she chats with the Founder and CEO of Trade St. Jam Co, Ashley Rouse.  Ashely shares how her culinary background coupled with an amazing husband/support system and a whole lotta Jesus allowed her to walk away from a successful career into full-time entrepreneurship.  Ashely was recently featured on Viceland's show Hustle where you can see first hand some of the steps needed to grow her business. Not only is this episode going to encourage you to reflect on your own personal faith walk, you will be dying to get your hands on some of this jam as your mouth waters over some of the recipe ideas Ashley shares. Ashley and her company be found online at IG/ @tradestjamco
April 5, 2019
018: "The Adjustment Effect" with Dr. Patrice Thompson
On the latest episode of The Reminder Remedy with Alena Conley she welcomes her chiropractor Dr. Patrice Thompson to the show.  While attempting her first VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), Alena was advised to seek chiropractic care to help increase the chances of her desired outcome. She was introduced to Dr. Thompson and the world of chiropractic care in 2016 and was fascinated by how impactful a spinal adjustment could be on our overall health and even more intrigued by why so many of "us" are still uneducated on it's benefits. Dr. Thompson shares a ton of client testimonies that will simply blow you away, from infertility issues being resolved after three adjustments to children with severe migraines being completely cured. Dr. Thompson's practice information can be found at IG - @touchoflifechiro
March 29, 2019
017: A Day in the Life of a Momprenuer with Mel White
In the latest episode of The Reminder Remedy with Alena Conley, she chats it up with mom and mogul Mel White, founder of Melanie Marie. Melanie is a creator, jeweler and author and does all of it with her mini me AnnDrew by her side. On this episode learn the behind the scenes of what it takes to balance babies and business. Learn more about Mel at IG - @melrwhite and @_melaniemarie_
March 22, 2019
016: Can Women Have it All? A Conversation with Lauren Grant
On this episode of The Reminder Reminder Remedy with Alena Conley she kicks off women's month with Lauren Grant.  Lauren curates memorable experiences for her clients, ranging from professional conferences and galas to sponsorship activations. With high profile clientele and sponsorships including the National Association of Investment Companies, REVOLT TV, Fox, Google, and Pepsi, The Grant Access’ impressive and highly satisfied portfolio of clients are a testament to Lauren’s commitment to cultivating a memorable, five-star experience. Lauren’s exemplary service acumen comes from a 10 year career in media and advertising. Her positive attitude and dynamic energy help to put clients at ease and ensure smooth planning and flawless day-of execution.  Her collaborative approach has allowed her to build a vast network of vendors with whom she’s able to negotiate in order to maximize value for clientele at all budget levels. She is attentive to the needs of her clientele, taking a hands-on approach in understanding and ultimately executing their vision. The Grant Access, founded in 2014 is the manifestation of over 13 years of event planning experience.  Lauren is also the co-founder of HBCU SPRINGCOMING, AN ANNUAL FESTIVAL HELD IN NEW YORK CITY. INITIALLY DESIGNED AS A HOMECOMING IN THE SPRING, IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL COLLEGE GRADUATES TO REUNITE AND SOCIALLY ENGAGE WITH ONE ANOTHER THROUGH A WEEKEND OF EVENTS. IN ITS THREE YEARS, SPRINGCOMING HAS REACHED NEARLY 10,000 PEOPLE. This year's HBCU SPRINCOMING is NYC APRIL 18-21, 2019.
March 4, 2019
015: "The Breakout Year with Melissa Butler"
in the latest episode of The Reminder Remedy with Alena Conley her gal pal and boss babe Melissa Butler joins her to discuss all things Lip Bar, life, black folks and more. Melissa's baby The Lip Bar turns 7 in a few days and Melissa shares why 2018 was their "breakout year". Tune in now to get your exclusive promo code on all products!
February 18, 2019
“My Circle”: Meet Melissa
I kicked off my newest series “My Circle” to share some of the stories of my bomb a** friends! I hope to inspire listeners to remember that your network is your net worth and that relationships are a two-way partnership. Be a fly on the wall in some of my most intimate convos. This episode I’m chatting with one of my closest friends Melissa Butler, Founder & CEO of The Lip Bar.
February 17, 2019
014: UnMastering Motherhood - Let's Talk Hypnobabies!
In the most recent episode of The Reminder Remedy, Alena chats with her Hypnobabies coach Stephanie Banguilan. Alena shared in episode 012 during her birthing story how Hypnobabies was a game changer for having an unmedicated vaginal delivery. Learn all about this fascinating birthing tool on this episode.
February 13, 2019
013: UnMastering Motherhood: I'm Having a Baby, Should I Hire a Doula?
In the latest episode of The Reminder Remedy Alena chats with her doula Tomecas of Omorose Blessings.  Are family planning or expecting and wonder if you should hire a doula? Or maybe you've heard the term mentioned by still are unclear on what it actually means? Get all your questions answered in this episode.
February 11, 2019
012: 3rd Times a Charm! Our VBA2C Birth Story
During the latest episode of The Reminder Remedy with Alena Conley she shares her healing birth story. After two previous cesareans, Alena was unsure if she should even attempt a natural vaginal childbirth. Everything you read says it’s not possible right? Well with the supportive midwives and OBs at See Baby Midwifery in Atlanta, she was reassured that she could in fact have the birth she dreamed of. Alena decided to take a Hypnobabies course to help prepare her for their birth, tune in for all the details!
January 9, 2019
011: Transferable Skills: Make Anything You Touch Turn To Gold
In the latest episode of The Reminder Remedy Alena shares details about her recent resignation from her company of five years. During those five years some of her greatest life lessons, skill sets and financial goals were achieved. She discusses a few transferable skills that she believes will allow business owners to be successful with anything they do. Links Mentioned in Episode IG - @alenaconley
July 20, 2018
010: Investing in Your Personal Growth is Not Optional with Arian Simone
In this latest episode of The Reminder Remedy Alena shares the role conferences, retreats and masterminds have played in her personal and professional growth. She explores how to find the perfect event for you, discusses how much you should invest and how to make the most of your experiences. Special guest and former PR Exec turned Lifestyle Mogul Arian Simone joins Alena in sharing her own journey and how these types of events played a role in her life. Arian also tells more about how her journey ultimately led to launching the Fearless Conference experiences for women to attend around the world. You can learn more about Arian Simone at and, or on IG @ariansimone.
July 6, 2018
009: UnMastering Motherhood Pt 2: Plans Never Go as Planned
Alena shares her most recent attempt at UnMastering Motherhood after finding out that she is expecting Baby Conley #3. Four years ago Alena and her husband Prince shared a video on YouTube called "Plans Never Go as Planned". Alena uncovers how even four years later this mantra is helping her keep her sanity as she prepares for this next phase of life.
June 18, 2018
007: Harnessing Your Greatest Power Pt 1 with Chasity Logan
During this 2-Part Episode Alena Conley continues her My Circle Series with Chasity Logan and Tiffany Williams as they explore what Alena considers to be one of our most untapped powers when digging into our "secrets to success" arsenal. These episodes are sure to REMIND you of one our greatest gifts.
June 1, 2018
008: Harnessing Your Greatest Power Pt 2 with Tiffany Williams
During this 2-Part Episode Alena Conley continues her My Circle Series with Chasity Logan and Tiffany Williams as they explore what Alena considers to be one of our most untapped powers when digging into our "secrets to success" arsenal. These episodes are sure to REMIND you of one our greatest gifts.
June 1, 2018
006: What is The Reminder Remedy?
Alena celebrates 1000+ listens with a self-titled episode debuting her "self-care" methodology The Reminder Remedy that has bee so powerful in her life and she hopes will be a game-changer for all who apply it!
May 16, 2018
005: My Circle Series: Meet Ashley Fox
During Alena's third interview of her "My Circle" Series Alena has a conversation with her friend and colleague Ashley Fox. Ashley, a former Wall Street analyst, is the CEO and Founder of Empify. Empify is the merging of the words EMPower and modIFY. Their fundamental principle is to educate, empower, and modify the mindset of every individual inspiring them to achieve career, life, and financial success. Empify focuses on the creation of life-altering curricula, informative digital content and interactive events curated to teach the basics of financial literacy. Ashley is rolling out her newest online course "Money Moves: Ways to Invest Outside of Stocks" and is telling us exactly what to expect during today's episode. To take advantage of our special discount code visit and use code ALENA to receive $25 off. Learn More about Ashley: FB/IG/Twitter - @_ashleymfox Website -
April 24, 2018
004: Getting UnStuck: The Art + Science of Thinking
Alena rolls up her sleeves and digs deep as she addresses one of her most frequently asked questions. "How do I get UnStuck?". Beyond motivation, inspiration and affirmations, Alena uncovers what the actual brain requires for us to work from a space of true mental abundance. After having two extreme moments of "stuckassness" Alena wanted to understand why she can have amazing months and then feel like she's back a square one. In this episode she shares how she's creating permanent change for herself and how you can too!
April 7, 2018
003: My Circle Series: Meet Chloe
During this series Alena encourages listeners to not only network laterally but to build with peers. Knowing that your network is your net worth this series explores how to grow your network while valuing your existing one. In this episode Alena interviews one of her best friends, Chloe Williams. Chloe is Director of Communications and Public Relations, REVOLT Media & TV and lives with her fiancé Jose Duverge in Harlem.
March 19, 2018
002: UnMastering Motherhood
Alena Conley, mom of 2 comes out of the closet as she shares why talking about motherhood gives her anxiety. She shares how she overcame Postpartum Depression and some of her favorite mom resources. Enjoy this podcast? Join our Facebook community for further discussions and resources.
March 7, 2018
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