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MindsILike presented by CA Consultants Counselling & Community Practice

MindsILike presented by CA Consultants Counselling & Community Practice

By alethia
This podcast honours BIPOC Wellness Professionals that practice in the Health/Wellness Field(mind/body/spirit) This space is dedicated to Professionals who incorporate CBT into their therapeutic modality to achieve desired outcomes. Join me(Alethia) guests discuss strategies on activating the mind; recognizing limiting beliefs that hold you back; mindfulness; current Afro& Indigenous Foundation healing methods. Join the FB group MindsIlike! I will post tips from the interviews on IG @MindsIlike A change agent that is radical about self care/wellness/healing as part of a balanced life.
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Find Your Purpose! Developing an Attitude that helps you Achieve your Goals- Nakeisha Geddes;Entrepreneur; Business Coach; Author Get her Free Workbook Developing an Attitude that helps you Achieve your Goals Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities Nakeisha Geddes is the Co-founder and Director of Beyond Services – Choice Matters Inc. A vibrant individual, who is passionate about engaging with her community. She has dedicated her time and experience, organizing empowerment conferences and mentoring workshops focused around issues that affect the youth and women in her community. Nakeisha has worked with individuals with Developmental Disabilities for sixteen years and she is very passionate about her work and the people she supports. A strong advocate for fairness and equality, she often finds herself advocating for people who are not able to adequately represent themselves. Nakeisha Geddes is also an award-winning author. She was the recipient of the 2018 Woman On Fire Author of the Year award. writing is inspired by her life experiences. Her mission in life is to spread a message which will “activate the best in you.” She hopes to empower her readers with her writing, by motivating them to love themselves and alter their perception of life. Nakeisha is the Associate Producer and Story Origin of the documentary ‘W’AT ABOWT US’. She knows it’s going to change so much in the future for a lot of women. According to Nakeisha, “We, the privileged change agents, have to understand that there are still a lot of cultural practices and we must hold those responsible accountable.”
January 21, 2021
3 Minute Breathing Excercise
3 minute breathing excercise, reduces stress & anxiety; regulates the parasympathetic system
January 18, 2021
Interview with Diana Myrie, Life Coach, Motivational speaker, #1 best selling author Overcome Lack & Step into Abundance!
Author • Coach • Consultant – Empowering You To Walk In Abundance! ( Diana Myrie is a Registered Retirement Consultant® with the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners, Managing Partner at Eau Claire Partners Inc., and a licenced Financial Advisor in Ontario, with over 13 years experience in insurance and banking combined. She is also a certified Life Coach, motivational speaker, and writer who is a published bestselling author of “Overcome Lack and Step into Abundance! Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom”. Diana has written articles for a variety of local and international magazines and other publications. She has a B.A. (Hons) in English and a MSc. in Labour and Employment Relations, a member of the Niagara Chapter of the Human Resources Professionals Association, the largest HR Association in Canada. Diana is also a Director of the Board at Suitcase in Point Theatre Company, located in St. Catharines, Ontario.  She is the Creator, Host and Producer of her talk show “Conversations with Diana” where she shares inspiring real stories of real people who have made a significant impact in their communities. Passionate about helping to empower individuals and the wider community, you will find her volunteering at numerous events. She is married with four daughters and calls St. Catharines, Ontario home. Conversations with Diana: @dianamyrie Email:
January 14, 2021
Bringing Light to Black Mental Health Matters
This is a powerful conversation involving Alethia Cadore and Kimberly Cato on Mediation Station’s show on Sunday March 29, 2020. Enjoy! Bringing Light To Black Mental Health Matters With Alethia Cadore And Kimberly Cato – Mediation Station Radio Show Mediation Station-Gregg Fenten, AccFM (OAFM) Negotiation-Communication Consultant/Mediator/Trainer/Community Developer 647 227 4734 Twitter @11mediator and @FentenMediation Writer/Producer/Host-Mediation Station radio program Sunday 8-9 p.m. EST CHHA1610 AM
December 31, 2020
All about me & WHY I decided to have a podcast
A bit about me! Hi, My name is Alethia, I am a Registered Psychotherapist, MH Advocate, Educator & social justice supporter!  Registered Child Youth Practitioner with 20 years working in Mental Health, Teaching Trauma& Intervention& working in the Community I opened my Private practice in October-, providing 1:1 Counselling & Group work& registered on Psychology Today I hold this space in honour of my Black & Indigenous Health & Wellness Professionals who heal their Community Interviews will be from Professionals who incorporate  African/Indigenous methodology into their practice, CBT/DBT to address the limiting beliefs that hold you back so you can create a plan for success! Offering resources that are culturally relevant & represent the Diversity in Health Care! We are change agents!
December 31, 2020
Your thoughts & your actions
Hey! Sharing a quick intro with you. We will be talking about how your thoughts & feelings have a big impact on how you  act or react to situations. I am going live Thursday on IG @mindsilike at 5pm Let's talk about it! 
December 31, 2020