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Skerratt Media

Skerratt Media

By Alex Skerratt
Alex Skerratt produces books, audio and animation. He's worked with the likes of Sooty, Doctor Who and Darcy Sarto, and currently works for Lovarzi, the Doctor Who scarf people! His upcoming novel 'River Still' is inspired by shōnen manga.
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River Still by Alex Skerratt - preview

Skerratt Media

River Still by Alex Skerratt - preview
A preview of the opening chapter of River Still - a cyberpunk, shōnen manga-inspired novel written by Alex Skerratt. 
May 24, 2021
Menston Green
A full-cast radio comedy starring former Doctor Who Colin Baker. 'Menston Green' also stars Wink Taylor (Basil Brush, The Sooty Show) Wendy Abrahams (Theo the Mouse) and Bob Mallow (Emmerdale), along with Warwick St. John, Vicki Glover, Hannah Robson, Anne Newton, Gillian Barge, Sam Chipman, Jenna Skerratt and Kenneth Barker. Written by Alex Skerratt.
September 23, 2020