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Trojan Focus

Trojan Focus

By Sword & Shield
Sword & Shield’s official podcast, Trojan Focus, offers a platform for students to focus on themselves in a way that encourages community in our school. Interviewing people from the school, including students and staff, Trojan Focus will aim to collectivize the voices of University High School. By focusing on a specific topic for each episode, we hope to achieve one of these four goals: familiarize students with normal life on campus, showcase a student or staff member, bring attention to an upcoming event, and/or help students in general.
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Getting Your Feet Wet with Jean and Mila
In the second installment of Trojan Focus, host Siara Gunawardhana will be discussing the idea of making the most of your time here at UHS by getting involved and trying new things with our ASB President Jean Meyer and Vice President Mila Nenadic. 
December 14, 2021
Teen Spirit: An Interview with Mr. Garcia
In this inaugural episode, "Teen Spirit: An Interview with Mr. Garcia," host Sage Lamott discusses the high school experience with popular teacher, Mr. Garcia.  Together they discuss the trials and tribulations of being a teenager, student mental health as well as balance for young people in this day and age.
November 19, 2021