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Very Hicken Bros.

Very Hicken Bros.

By Alexander Hicken
Two brothers co-host, sharing their interests, experiences, and thoughts. Trevor and Alex will be hosting friends and family regularly on their weekly podcast. Among their many interests are technology and current events; plus, it’s Pokémon season!
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AT&T high speed internet to reach rural areas with Google's Loon

Very Hicken Bros.

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Sorry. I can't put in the description of the podcast at this time. I rushing off to see Raya and the Last Dragon, but Nick did join us for this episode.
March 6, 2021
OnePlus thrives at T-Mobile's Metro
Trevor and I spoke about the following topics: 15% of Metro customers use OnePlus (; Waymo, delivering people in San Francisco (; Mysterious massive holes in Siberia (; Blockchains LLC, petitioning for innovation zone ( We also discuss the BlizzConline (, Pokemon Presents (, CryptoTab browser v. Brave Browser ( &, and Cloud Mining platforms (, Pi Network, ByBee, Nodle Cash, & Crypto Miner for Monero XMR).
February 28, 2021
Astrophysicists rekindle 12 billion mile connection with voyaging spacecraft
We almost had a guest for this episode, but he was called in to work early on Friday. Trevor and I talked about the following topics: Wearable technology will no longer need batteries by the end of the decade (, Nothing's first product (, Aurora partners with Toyota (, OnePlus is the only phone company to increase growth from last year (, Motional to use Blackberry's QNX security (, LG's Rollable phone patent is submitted in China (, New modular nuclear technology to be built in Utah (, and Voyager 2 communications system was updated (
February 14, 2021
Net Zero Carbon Fuels are being commercially developed.
This episode is one defined by passion. We had more than 25 topics, and Nick Chao joined us. Trevor had 15 topics. They are the following: Sony, not making money of the sale of PS5s (; emongg, becoming San Francisco Shock’s official content creator(; Sega, spliting (; Sonic, getting a Lego set (; Upright, getting acquired (; FF14’s big update (; Argo AI, readying to launch (; Google Maps update (; Apple Watch, unlocking the iPhone (; Samsung Dex update for the S21 (; Carl Pei’s Nothing (; GM’s hydrogen partnerships, not including them manufacturing cars (; Rolling Samsung phone (; Net Zero Carbon Fuels (; Radio Loud Magnetars (I can't paste anymore links. I will post them on the YouTube Videos.); Sony A1; Fuji GFX100S; learning about backholes from a water drain vortex; harnessing energy from blackholes; and the universe’s Old Faithful.
February 7, 2021
"Silver Bullet", a Cyberpunk 2077 inspired song, by Nick Chao
Nick Chao joins us for the first episode of 2021. We discuss the following topics before he introduces his new song: video gaming is a bigger industry than the combined film and sports industry (, Demon Slayer takes the top animated film box office title from Spirited Away (, KFC to release a gaming PC (, Nick give his review of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5, Xiaomi's Mi 11 is the first phone with the 888 chip (, Nick gives his thoughts on the AirPods Max, LG pitches transparent displays for commercial uses (, LG and Magna announce a $1,000,000,000 electric car joint venture (, LG's droid sanitizes interior spaces (, Nuro is the first autonomous vehicle company to take their service public in California (, Nuro acquires Ike (, Trevor introduces recoiling black holes (, Black holes discharge energy (, and Christmas Star or Great Conjunction (
January 30, 2021
California to home Toyota's revolutionary hydrogen fuel car later this month
Trevor and I discuss the following topics: Vuzix and Topcon collab (, Among Us on Nintendo Switch (, ZeroAvia funding round (, Ubisoft+ on Stadia (, Zoox car reveal (, Carl Pei's new startup (, Toyota's hydrogent Mirai car (, New black hole powers (
December 20, 2020
Scientists hack photosynthesis in algae to produce hydrogen.
Trevor and I discuss the following topics: Streaming on Stadia, going live (; a new map of the Milky Way Galaxy (; a once in a lifetime planetary alignment (; Universtiy collab hacks photosynthesis to produce hydrogen (; Volkswagen to produce a $25,000 electric vehicle (; Cognixion develops an augmented reality headset, enabling disabled people, by reading their brainwaves (; BlissOS puts Android on PC (; and Ethereum 2.0 is live! ( Trevor's final three astrophysics topics have to do with a galaxy losing its dark matter (, odd radio circles (, and a black hole feast AKA a quasar (
December 13, 2020
Lightyear introduces their photovoltaic electric vehicle that you may never need to charge.
I am so grateful for Nick Chao, joining us for this one year anniversary episode of the podcast. I did not feel that my topics were a meaningful balance to Trevor's topics. Trevor and I reviewed our experience with the new Google Pay. ( The quick topics that we covered before getting into our more deep topics are the following: California's Public Utilities Commission is ready to approve autonomous taxi companies' services.( More Fast Radio Bursts are discovered. ( Introducing, the electric vehicle company, Lightyear is my first main topic. ( Nick Chao talks about Apple's introduction of M1 chip. Trevor discusses Moth's announcement to join the Gladiators. ( I added this topic in because I did not realize that Trevor was going to conclude with four more topics. It is Carvey Ehren Maigue's invention of suspending the "AuREUS" material from rotten produce. ( Trevor discusses the following four astrophysics topics: Shadow Beams (, Universal Warming (, Astronomers observe a merger of two neutron stars possibly creating a magnetar. (, and Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment discovers a fossil galaxy. (
November 28, 2020
Wind Generating Solar Tower to power millions of homes in CA and AZ.
This episode is a classic. We talk about developing technologies after Trevor talks about the new policies of transferring Pokemon to Pokemon Home from Pokemon Go (, and how Playstation 4 can be an extension console to the Playstation 5 ( The developing technologies are the following: self-healing wearable technology (, sound bubbles (, and wind power generating solar tower ( The astrophysics news is about fast radio burst (
November 18, 2020
Playstation app update enables remote game downloads and deletion.
Trevor and I discuss the Whoop ( and Playstation app ( after Trevor reviews LG K92 5G ( Waymo releases autonomous safety score card for Phoenix fleet ( Most isolated massive stars are kicked out of their clusters (
November 7, 2020
Klein Vision looks to sell their flying car within a year.
Welcome to season 3 of the Very Hicken Bros. podcast. The reason that it is season three is because Trevor is going to launch a YouTube Channel. Nick Chao joins us. We discuss the following topics: Garmin's new esports smart watch (, every PS5 launch game (, Nick's latest photography adventures, Google Play Music's death (, the October Apple Event, KleinVision's flying car (, and a possible planet's core floats in an asteroid belt ( Stay tuned for the bonus episode that is hinted in the episode on the Talk to You Later Show. 
October 29, 2020
GM to manufacture self-driving cars without in-person controls late next year
Trevor and I discuss the following topics: the plague of the red chocobo (, US Defense Contractor's second phase product develop with Vuzix (, HTC Desire 20+ (, LG's rollable TV (, GM, a self-driving leading pack member (, the Milky Way's clumpy halo (, and the Milky Way black hole spin determination (
October 22, 2020
Waymo takes public lead in self-driving car race from Tesla.
This episode was a little funny because Trevor starts with three third topics, and closes with two half topics, and we have three full topics in the middle.  The three third topics are the following: Final Fantasy 16's basic development completion (, Carl Pei leaves OnePlus (, Nest Thermostat includes Soli chip ( I cover Waymo annoucement ( to serve the public before Tesla. ( Trevor discusses IBM's new contract with Overwatch. ( Mineral is another Alphabet company that I join in introducing to the world. ( The following articles cover Trevor's astrophysics news: and
October 15, 2020
The quantum internet doesn't require an internet connection.
Trevor and I researched some in-depth articles. I learned about the quantum internet (, and Trevor dove deep into the operating systems of spacecraft. ( 
October 12, 2020
Atari takes lead on a universal gaming currency
The General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was so inspiring this past weekend that Trevor and I decided to make a new podcast, which we will be recording today. We discussed the following topics: the movie theater industry (, Final Fantasy's Collection of SaGa (, Google's Project Soli (, Atari (, the Nobel Physics Award (, Graphene (, and black holes ( Both Trevor and I had topics that we wanted to dive into, which were too long to research for this episode, so we are planning to record a bonus episode this weekend.
October 8, 2020
Nick Chao explains "The End of Us", a song sketch.
Nick Chao ( joined us to share his latest song sketch. I was planning to edit this podcast episode today, but I had two spontaneous job interviews. Trevor and I decided to publish the episode without editing because we know that our audience would like to focus on the general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this weekend. We want to get it out early for you. We had engaging conversations with Nick Chao, and Trevor and I had the following few topics: Final Fantasy 16’s trailer wasn’t pre-rendered because Square wants you to know it’s actually coming soon (, Starlink puts towns devastated by wildfires online for disaster relief workers (, It's official: Instagram and Messenger users can now chat with each other (, and Black holes so big we don't know how they form could be hiding in the universe ( We discussed the following topics with Nick: his birthday, his new Fuiji GFX 100, the GF 63 & 45-100 lenses, MacBook Pro Tips, the Apple event, iOS 14, and 'The End of Us.'
October 2, 2020
Twitter's decentralized, blockchain future
Sorry if the podcast editing feels off. Publishing and listening to many podcast lately, I feel that my ears are fried. They need a break. Before we alternating discussing Amazon's new products and tiny home companies, we discuss the following topics: Twitter, preparing to go decentralized (; Amaranthe, earning more money from streaming than touring (; the first commercially available hydrogen plane ( The Amazon products that Trevor discussed are the security camera drone of Ring ( and Amazon's new cloud gaming service, Luna ( The companies that I explored in the tiny house industry are Nestron ( Boxabl ( Lastly Trevor explains 6G.(
September 29, 2020
If Zuckerburg does all his meetings in virtual reality, we can.
Firstly Trevor shares his wisdom, ordering the PS5 without much frustration. After he covers the news about media of TikTok (, Playstation, Xbox ( , and Nvidia. Before we cover the announcements of Bose (, Facebook ( with Spatial (, Sony (, and Mercedes-Benz. Trevor was so excited about an off-grid tiny home article that I shared; we had to discuss it. ( Trevor and I bounce between each other topics of hydrogen fuel technology and video game studio to keep the topics fresh. They are the following: First hydrogen engine (, Bethesda (, Airbus (, Dreamhaven (, and Mercedes-Benz ( Trevor of course concluded the podcast with an astrophysics topic. (
September 26, 2020
Flying cars will have force-field protection.
After Trevor introduced the Sony's new flagship smartphone, we discuss the topics, which he organized that I found following themes: [I typically choose the topic order.] INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS; Nvidia to buy ARM for $40 Billion (, Solar Fridge helps Africans off-grid (, & Apple Airpods counterfeits seized in US customs (, TECHNOLOGY FINDS NEW APPLICATION; Hydrogen Boilers transform our heating systems- Energy Experts (, Battery Free Gameboy Runs Forever (, Hololens 2 to fix cars using Augmented Reality (, & Google Chrome OS lasts longer with huge changes in Chrome/OS separation (,  and NEW TECHNOLOGIES; These 120 MPH Electric ‘Flying Cars’ To Get Virtual Force-Field Protection ( , Huawei’s Harmony OS - what is it and when can it be expected (, & Autonomous food delivery in Tempe University ( Trevor's astrophysics topics was about Boson stars (
September 24, 2020
Join Pebble's Rebble alliance.
Trevor starts off the podcast with many short topics before we got into the main topics like Unlock Ubuntu using your face. ( The Andromeda galaxy has a huge halo that's already overlapping with our galaxy's. ( ZTE Axon 20 5G is the first phone with an under-display camera No bezel, notch, hole-punch, or pinhole. ( A Spider-Man Comic Was Written By AI And The Result Is Madness. ( The main topics are the following: Yandex and Uber spin out self-driving venture with $150 million investment (, Everything Nintendo Just Announced In Its Mario Showcase (, Rebble Alliance unveils grants to breathe new life into old Pebble watches (, Universal Mechanism for ejection of matter by black holes proposed (, California Hydrogen Station Race Winners: First Element, Equilon And Iwatani (, Some Quasars Actually Contain Two Supermassive Black Holes in the Process of Merging (, Cosmic Legos, Black holes Merge (, and Gravitational waves detected from massive, distant black hole collision (
September 6, 2020
Nick Chao shares his new song, "Neon Lights."
Trevor and I catch up with Nick Chao, who shares his new song 'Neon Lights.' Trevor shares his review of the Pixel Buds. We discuss the odd devices of the Amazon Halo ( and LG Wing ( The smartphone notch is almost dead, and I couldn't be more excited. ( We discuss the Apple app store and Epic, being banned from it. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is finally here, and the wait wasn't worth it. ( Submarine could explore seas of huge Saturn moon Titan. ( Fitbit launches new smartwatch that tracks stress. ( Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 reveal coming next week — here's what to expect. ( Breakthrough in Artificial Photosynthesis Lets Scientists Store The Sun's Energy as Fuel. ( Could Planet 9 be a primordial black hole? ( LIDAR startup Luminar is going public via ‘reverse merger’. ( There's a Strange Glow in The Centre of Our Galaxy, And It's Not What We Thought It Was. (
August 30, 2020
Newly detected fastest star orbits black hole at 53.6 million mph.
Trevor and I follow up on a few things before talking about the topics of the week. I introduce Tilt Five. ( These augmented reality glasses project a virtual running partner to help you crush your goals. ( Trevor talks OnePlus 8 pro. I follow up on my Trifecta experience, saying that I started Daily Yoga. The new topics are the following: 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys (, Rozetta Corporation Selects Vuzix Smart Glasses for Its e-Sense Productivity and COVID-19 Solution and for Hospital Healthcare Study (, Google Pixel 5 will have a Snapdragon 765G, 90Hz display, ultra-wide camera (, Apple reportedly acquired augmented reality startup Camerai 18 months ago (, and Fastest star ever seen is moving at 8% the speed of light (
August 23, 2020
Xiaomi's products announcement is more exciting than Apple's.
Trevor discusses his new phone, sharing his favorite icon pack. ( He got the green OnePlus 8 Pro that he wanted! Trevor and I talk health, planning to get into shape, as I begin my subscription with Trifecta. He shares his opinion of "Seven Deadly Sins" 4th season. I discuss my weekend exploration of Instagram instead of Ethereum, discovering Threads. AT&T might sell Crunchyroll. ( Nreal is not US based. ( Trevor discusses Xiami's product event. (,,, & Hyundai and Aptiv announce a joint venture. ( Motorola promotes the Razor by selling blow up chairs. ( The Microsoft Duo is coming! ( & Can electricity be converted into radiowaves and beamed down from space? ( The end of the universe is in year 10^3,2000. (
August 16, 2020
Nick Chao's "Dark Romance", a working demo tape song
Trevor hosted this episode because he had a lot of topics as he has in the past few episodes, transitioning between each other topic; however, his recording did not save properly, since his computer died. I had to completely reorganize the conversation to make it flow. We covered the following topics: Switching from Cash App's Bitcoin to Uphold's Eth, the Dark Romance Interview, PORTL (, Apple's new iMac, Yandex's self-driving team in Michigan (, Elon's regional level 5 autonomous vehicles (, a black hole's accretion disk direction reverses (, BlippAR enables the OnePlus Nord augment reality presentation (, and my review of "A Whisker Away."
August 9, 2020
Dhirubhai Ambani of Reliance Industries' Origin Story
Trevor starts us off with a review of the animated film "A Whisker Away". We talk construction, and Trevor introduces the new development of Studio Ghibli's theme park ( He has a lot of topics again, so I transition between them, telling my first experiences with Bitcoin and Cash App. Trevor's next topic theme is gaming and pop culture with the following topics: Pokemon's rerelease of their cereal (; a new handheld that can play Game Boy, Game Gear, and Neo Geo Pocket cartridges (; and SEGA's CEO resigning ( I transition to Trevor's stories about people, discussing Tesla's new gigantamax factory in Austin, Texas ( CES 2021 goes online (, and Trevor tells Dhirubhai Ambani of Reliance Industries' origin story ( I introduce Ubiquitous Energy of the solar energy industry before Trevor starts his phone segment ( Trevor talks about the Pixal 4A (, LG Velvet (, and Huawei ( I talk augmented reality, one of my favorite topics, introducing Rokid ( Trevor closes out as usual with his astrophysics news, discussing Perseverance's launch to Mars ( Trevor's "Oh yeah" topic is the best space observatory location (
August 2, 2020
All Lego's production uses renewable energy, and I am constructing a solar farm for them.
We discuss the following: Studio Ghibli's "Only Yesterday", Netflix on Google's Nest Hub (, Samsung's new bean pods (, Apple diversifying their production locations (, FCC's approval of Microsoft's Surface Duo (, OnePlus' Nord annoucement ( LEGO's construction of solar farms (‬​), MY THEME SONG, Elon Musk's Telsa auto insurance (, Elon's Neuralink (, Mira AR's success without extensive sensors (, Pokemon Underwear (,  Sega's Balan Wonderworld (, Kiwibots' San Jose services ( Gorilla Glass Victus (, AT&T's 5G (, BitPay, a black hole's anatomy (, a black hole and sun's collision (, and black holes' disappearance (
August 2, 2020
Reliance Jio, India's rising power house tech company, flexes.
In this episode, I review Pikachu's Origin Story (, UpRight Go 2, and OnWatch app after Trevor discusses Pokemon Season 2 and BabyBay retiring from the Atlanta Reign of the Overwatch League. The topics of this week are the following: OnePlus Nord (, Reliance Jio and Google (, Jio Glass ( , and a Black Hole "Blinks" ( Trevor's bonus topic is Ayreon's new album teaser (
July 26, 2020
Scientists and Robots Join Forces to Expedite Research.
Trevor & I spoke about the following topics: "My Journal is Written to be Read." - Alex Hicken | 15 July 2020 (, Pokemon Season 2 (,, Reliance Jio launches a Zoom knock-off, JioMeet in India (, Autonomous Robot Scientist Does in Days What It Would Take a Human Months to Complete (, Ninja starts streaming on YouTube after Microsoft shuts down Mixer (, Dr. Disrespect PERMANENTLY Banned From TWITCH, He is joining Ninja and Shroud to Develop NEW Streaming Platform Supported By Spotify (, Google And Ubuntu Join Forces To Make Desktop Linux Even Better (, Mobian is a Linux-based smartphone OS based on Debian (, Microsoft Executive Peggy Johnson Picked as New Magic Leap CEO (, Mega Man Franchise Gets VR Experience in Japanese Arcade (, NextMind's Brain-Sensing Wearable Is On Sale At $399 (,,, Scientists found the center of the Solar System, and it's not where you think (, Musk claims Tesla will have 'basic functionality' for Level 5 autonomy this year (, The 5 Autonomous Driving Levels Explained (, & 'Odd' Circles of Radio Waves Coming from Unknown Cosmic Source Discovered (
July 14, 2020
Google acquires North with Project Myo, which is Project Soli on steroids.
Trevor and I covered a lot of topics. I list them as follows: UpRight Go 2 (, OnePlus - New Beginnings Episode 1 (, Ubuntu (,, Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor (, The Pokémon Company Engagement Rings (, Google confirms acquisition of smart glasses maker North There's probably more to Google's interest than just glasses, though (, Thalmic Labs – Myo Retail Launch (, Niantic announces Catan: World Explorers, the fourth augmented reality game from the studio (, Autonomous bike bots to delivery grub and groceries (, Coca-Cola is shutting down Odwalla juice (, Dish has taken over Boost Mobile, as promised in T-Mobile/Sprint merger (, What Is Open RAN Technology? And What Does It Mean for 5G? - News (, Explainer: A theoretical cosmologist describes how large black holes really are, and the 'point of no return' (, and Astronomers Believe They Have Spotted the First Known Light Flare From a Pair of Colliding Black Holes (
July 5, 2020
Digital Heart: Are you a cyborg?
Nick joins us today, and we reveal one of his new songs. The following link will lead to my personal blog post about my week: We talk about the following topics: AMARANTHE - Viral (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (, WWDC 2020 (, Amazon acquires autonomous vehicle startup Zoox (, Volvo will use Waymo’s self-driving technology to power a fleet of electric robotaxis (, Microsoft’s Mixer streamers are sad, angry, and moving to Twitch (, Nick Chao’s YouTube (, Far-UVC light safely kills airborne Coronaviruses. More than 99.9% of seasonal coronaviruses present in airborne droplets were killed when exposed to a particular wavelength of ultraviolet light that is safe to use around humans (, Oura CEO Harpreet Rai: Our smart ring users found coronavirus detection (, and 'Black neutron star' discovery changes astronomy (
June 28, 2020
The Exotic Fifth State of Chemical Elements
Trevor and I discuss the following topics: The Hunt Is On for Elusive Ghost Particles in Antarctica (, Spotify is holding my favorite podcast hostage with its terrible app (, LG Velvet Unboxing and quick impressions! (, OnePlus Z aiming to undercut iPhone SE and Pixel 4a with $299 price tag (, Another company is giving up on AR. This time, it’s Bose. (, Google countersues Sonos for patent infringement (, Linus Torvalds: Linux kernel 5.8 is 'one of our biggest releases of all time' (, and Exotic, fifth state of matter created on the space station (
June 21, 2020
Google Currents is coming July 6th to keep businesses and their teams current
Trevor and I discuss the following topics: We've NEVER seen cooling like this! - Poco F2 Pro Teardown! (, A New Switch Game Has Unseated ‘Animal Crossing’ For The EShop’s #1 Spot After Three Months (, Google Currents launches July 6, replacing Google+ for good [ &]. I also review the iPhone XR and apps that are marketed to help you find new friends on Snapchat.
June 11, 2020
Elon Musk's Starlink to serve North America gigabit internet by end of the year
Trevor and I did two sessions of recordings because we were not satisfied with the first, discussing the following topics: The Internet of Bodies is here. This is how it could change our lives (, How THIS wallpaper kills your phone (, Waymo’s robot minivans are ready to roll in the Bay Area for the first time since COVID-19 outbreak (, Sega Game Gear Micro Announced, Tiny-Handed Gamers Rejoice (, How Sega hopes to use Japanese arcades as streaming data centers (, SoftBank Leads $500 Million Funding for Didi Autonomous Unit (, Ford Shares Gain After Volkswagen Closes $2.6 Billion Investment in Self-Driving Venture Argo AI (, SpaceX lands the same rocket for the fifth time [Updated] (, SpaceX nearing 500 Starlink satellites now in orbit (,  and Buterin Says Ethereum’s Layer-Two Scaling Development 'Basically' Succeeded (
June 6, 2020
Interviewing Nick Chao about his latest song "American Gothic"
Sorry that this episode is published late. We are going to have to figure out a new schedule, since I got a new job. This episode is the interview that I have been looking forward to since the beginning of the podcast. We talk about the following topics: Amazon in Advanced Talks to Buy Self-Driving-Car Tech Company Zoox (, Apple acquires machine learning startup Inductiv Inc. to improve Siri data (, and Scientists built a bionic eye that could give blind people sight (; furthermore, Trevor peppers the podcast with the following more fun topics: Boys let black widow bite them in hopes of turning into Spider-Man (, Pokemon Reveals Giant Lapras Pool Float (, and Genius Bees Force Plants to Bloom by Biting Them (
May 30, 2020
Microsoft embraces open source
Nick joined us today! We discuss the following topics: Tokenized cassette tape by Grammy winner DJ RAC launches on new Ethereum-based marketplace Zora (, Sony’s first AI image sensor will make cameras everywhere smarter (, Twitter is testing a way to let you limit replies to your tweets (, SnapChat, Jon Prosser Reveals Exclusive Info About Apple’s Upcoming AR Glasses, ‘Apple Glass’ (, China’s beloved QR code may make a global comeback through Apple (, Google's 'smart braid' wire lets users control audio with a squeeze or twist (, Intel is acquiring the company behind Killer gaming networking cards (, Apple bolsters virtual-reality capabilities with NextVR purchase (, Apple and Valve Reportedly Team Up on AR/VR Headset Project ( The New Windows Terminal Is Ready; Here's Why It's Amazing (, and Microsoft is bringing Linux GUI apps to Windows 10 (
May 21, 2020
AT&T high speed internet to reach rural areas with Google's Loon
Trevor and I discuss the following topics: Eric Schmidt leaves Google (; Loon: Release date, price, AT&T plans for Alphabet's balloon internet (; PS5's Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo: Check Out These Stunning Screenshots (; Spatial's VR Meeting Rooms Are Now Open to Everyone | WIRED (; Is Supernatural VR worth the subscription cost? (; and One of the largest uncontrolled pieces of space debris fell down to Earth today (
May 14, 2020
Facebook's Libra gets its first CEO
Trevor and I talk about the following articles: Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk win contracts for spacecraft to land NASA astronauts on the moon (, China launches new experimental crew spacecraft, testing out its deep-space ambitions (, Intel to buy smart urban transit startup Moovit for $1B to boost its autonomous car division (, Microsoft offers $100,000 to hack its custom Linux OS (, Facebook's Libra appoints HSBC chief legal officer as first CEO (, and Xiaomi's Black Shark 3 Pro gaming phone has pop-up shoulder buttons (, and Wireless charging via NFC is now a thing (  Donate Basic Attention Tokens at, if you want to support the podcast.
May 7, 2020
Clarifying my Ethereum newb explanations
Trevor and I discuss the following topics: trying Lubuntu 20.04 (, following up of my Ethereum newb knowledge (, Riot Gaming is taking over (, K-pop augmented reality concert (, EV charging network (, and Starlink ( If you want to support the Very Hicken Bros., you can without donating money. The Brave web browser has replaced the typical advertisement system with Brave Rewards, which is designed to be donated to content creators. Base Attention Tokens are rewarded based on your participation. Donate your BAT to us at You can download Brave at the following link:
April 30, 2020
Linux and Ethereum 2.0 newb? Me too!
Trevor and I discuss the following topics: microG (, Netflix's valuation (, Ethereum 2.0 (, Renault (, Lubuntu, and MMO virtual COVID 19 memorial (  You can help support the channel monetarily by using Brave browser, who is revolutionizing the advertisement ecosystem. In Ethereum, I learned that people can collect cryptocurrency designed to be donated to content creators called base attention tokens by using the Brave browser. Download the browser to support the podcast directly with the following link: When you do collect BAT, tip me at
April 23, 2020
Imagine flying a drone on Mars from Earth
Nick joins us, telling us about his progress on his music. I talk about exploring the Linux world. Trevor started the topics by reviewing the OnePlus event. Trevor and Nick talk about the LG Velvet and the 2020 iPhone SE. After talking about phones, we discuss the following things: AutoX, flying a drone on Mars, Nightwish's Human album, and Overwatch's Echo.
April 16, 2020
Qwant Quibi (Review)
We discuss the following topics: Wing (, Google launches free version of Stadia for anyone with a Gmail account (, Qwant (, Windows 10 is getting Linux files integration in File Explorer (, Nuro (, and Quibi (
April 9, 2020
The 200 Year Proclamation of the First Vision
Trevor and I discuss "The Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: A Bicentennial Proclamation to the World" given on April 5, 2020.
April 6, 2020
Making Nostalgia Food Extravagant
Trevor and I talk about the following topics: OnePlus 8, Trevor's new daily driver (; "Make it fancy" by Tasty, Lunchables (, Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding (, Flamin' Hot Cheetos (; Seven Deadly Sins, the anime, review; Xerox withdraws HP bid (; and Huawei store wants Google apps (  Check out my world news podcast. |
April 2, 2020
Talking creativity with Nick Chao
The following articles inspired some of the conversations of this podcast: No more cookies on the Safari browser (, one year of the Apple card (, Kenya contracts with Alphabet for balloon internet distribution (, and Pokemon Go ball shortage ( Thank you for listening this podcast is our longest yet.
March 26, 2020
Thai hospitals deploy droids
We discuss the following topics: Pigweed clarification (, Thai hospitals deploy droids (, DirectX 12 in PC gaming (, Baidu Self-driving Test Facility (, and Waymo in the Coronavirus Age (
March 22, 2020
Renault Morphoz: a two in one car
Trevor and I discuss the following topics: Renault Morphoz (, Google Advanced Protection Program (, Snapseed is updated for the first time in two years (, Tesla model Y started shipping on Monday (, and PS5 (
March 19, 2020
Drug Testing is about to be revolutionized.
Trevor and I covered the following discussion topics: Reminiscing about Usain Bolt, Usain Bolt's world record race, Chloe Dygert's world record race; Google Update: Pixel 4a price leak, Google Coronavirus employee policy; Verry Productions, Website:; Video Game Update: e3 canceled; Overwatch Update: Michael Chu leaves Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch League games canceled; Headline Article: Organoids will revolution drug testing.
March 12, 2020
Huawei aims to become China's Google
Before I get into the contents of the podcast, I would like to apologize to Nick Chao. Somehow the call cut out right when he began to tell us about his new video project. Trevor updated us on Google for the week with the following link topics:  Chrome OS upgrades to Debian. Google Stadia screenshots and videos Wear OS is more health focused. Google cancels I/O 2020 conference. I updated us on a couple Alphabet X project with the following link topics: Fully fitted Waymo Jaguar I-pace version 5 Waymo Via Tidal Other topics that we discussed are the following: Trader Joe's death Huawei Search Usain Bolt's e-scooter company
March 6, 2020
Blood, Sweat, and Sega
Trevor gives an update on Google, and I follow up on the Square conversation from last week; then, we talk about Sony Playstation and Sega.
February 27, 2020
Sonic the Hedgehog and The Mystery of Pigweed
Trevor and I discuss the success of Sonic the Hedgehog, TCL's Sliding "Folding" Phone, Huawei's Origin, Blizzard Leaks, Twitter CEO’s secret, and Pigweed/Fuschia.
February 20, 2020
Delain, Nightwish, Samsung's Unpacked, MWC, GeForce NOW 2020; & more
Sorry that we are late publishing this podcast. Trevor was sick. Trevor and I talk the new products of Delain, Nightwish, Samsung's Unpacked Event, Overwatch League and Mobile World Conference 2020.
February 14, 2020
Analysts believe that Facebook feared Whatsapp before acquisition. Nike's Next% is no longer banned.
Nick Chao joined us, and Trevor is back. I realized that we should have mentioned Whatsapp in previous episode together during our Top Ten Most Influential Things of the Past Decade. We also discuss Nintendo Switch's and Nike's VaporFly Next%'s success. 
February 3, 2020
Introducing Thomas Hicken: What is art? Theme Song Challenge
We have a surprise for you! Thomas provided a theme song for the podcast. He kicked off the challenge for us (meaning Trevor, Nick, and I) to record personal theme songs. After discussing that, I introduce him; then, we discuss practices of creative people, concluding with the topic of defining art.
January 26, 2020
Why Disney almost acquired Twitter, Xenobots, and Hydropanels
I had one last technology to talk about from CES before Trevor tells me of another cutting edge technology called Xenobots. Trevor was interested learning why Disney almost acquired Twitter, so Alex explained that to him. We saved that conversation for last, but Xenobots takes the show as mindblowing. Its 2020, and Xenobots are reality. We also talk about the valuation of Google and Tesla.
January 20, 2020
Predicting the Next Decade in Tech & Our Best of CES 2020
We talk about CES, revealing our best of CES choices, after discussing predictions for the next decade. We are on Apple Podcasts now! 
January 13, 2020
Loving CES 2020: Day 2
Trevor and I discuss wide variety of technologies from cloud services, battery-free Bluetooth chips, to WiFi 6. I hope that you enjoy today’s conversation.
January 8, 2020
Our favorites from CES 2020 day 1 after talking the YOUTUBE FTC Children content changes
Trevor and I talk about the YOUTUBE FTC Children content changes with COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act passed in 1998 put into effect 2000) before talking about our favorite things of the first day of CES.
January 7, 2020
Top Ten Influential Things of the 2010s
Welcome! We are excited to begin season 2 on the podcast with a new audio quality.  The year 2020 is starting soon, and the podcast discusses what we think are the top ten influential things of the past decade.  Nick Chao joins us, announcing his renewed focus of publishing videos weekly on YouTube every one or two weeks. Check out his channel at the following link:
December 30, 2019
Delayed 2020 Motorola Razr & FF Crystal Chronicles; Sundar Pichai’s first few weeks; Latercase: TTYL
We discuss the indefinitely delayed 2020 Motorola Razr until further notice and the delay of the Remastered Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles until Summer 2020. We also talk about the surge of updates and releases during the first few weeks of Sundar Pichai as Alphabet’s CEO. A new segment called “Talk to you later” is introduced with Trevor’s unboxing of the Latercase.
December 23, 2019
Stadia, Pokemon, and Resigning CEOs especially Alphabet’s Larry Page
There has been so many CEOs resigning this year. We discuss that, focusing on Google and Alphabet after Larry Page resigned a couple weeks ago.
December 16, 2019
Reacting to the Game Awards
Editing delays the publishing of podcasts, and I am still editing the fourth episode. I heavily relied on it to make the conversation sound smooth. I hope that you will still enjoy our early work as we develop our speaking skills. This podcast is very minimally edited.
December 14, 2019
Introducing Nick Chao
Nick Chao is a high school friend of Trevor’s, and he is going to be a regularly hosted guest. We are planning to have him monthly until he has his podcast going, since he is interested in creating one.
December 2, 2019
Pokémon Season Begins
This episode is Trevor and I, talking about the new Pokémon Sword and Shield game for the Nintendo Switch. The initial conversation follows up on a 80s and 90s dance party from the previous day. I hope that you didn’t mind us laughing. We hope that you find it humorous too.
November 24, 2019
Meet the Very Hicken Bros
In the first episode of the Very Hicken Bros, Trevor introduces Alex, and Alex introduces Trevor; sharing their personality, current efforts, experience, and interests. The introduction opens up the many types conversations that will be shared weekly.
November 17, 2019