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The Quipster Nerd 40K Podcast

The Quipster Nerd 40K Podcast

By Alexander Paternott
In this podcast, we talk to people in the hobby about all things 40K
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Josh Hill (Warhipster) - The Master of Contrast Paints and Blood Angels
This episode I chat all things Warhammer 40,000 (and a bit of Age of Sigmar) with Josh Hill, or as he's known on Instagram "The Warhipster". We covered soooo much in this one. Josh is a massive Blood Angels player (hes got 6000+ points of them and counting) and is also a commission painter whos painted armies for YouTube channels like Tabletop Tactics. He specialises in working with contrast paints so it was great to chat with him to really find out how to get the best results with contrast paints. (Honestly though, we really did go on about Blood Angels lore in this one...)   Podcast: You can also download this podcast over on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and where ever else you download your podcasts from :D    Social Facebook: Instagram: @dztv_Quipster   Josh (Warhipster): YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: @warhipster   The latest battle report that Josh's Death Watch commission have been in:
May 18, 2020
Karim Abu Seer (The London Wargaming Guild) - The Biggest Warhammer Club in the World
The Quipster Nerd Podcast Apologies for the drilling in the background guys! Also the state of my voice! we filmed this back in November and I had a terrible cold at the time... (Not Corona Virus dw ;)    This episode I talked with Karim Abu Seer, the community manager for the London Wargaming Guild and asked him what its really like running the biggest Warhammer club in the world! With over 2000 members!   Social  Facebook: Instagram: @MoarhammerQuipster   London Wargaming Guild:  YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: @LWarGuild  Karim Abu Seer  Instagram: @CreamOfTheBlackLegion   Also Follow:  Instagram: @Novus_sanguine (Best Blood Angels Ever)
April 15, 2020
Wilym St John (Bad Moon Cafe) - What Is It Really Like Owning a Board Game Cafe
Welcome to the very first Quipster 40K Podcast!    This podcast is a little different because rather than just talking about the game Im talking to people in the hobby about their experiences in the community.  Today we're chatting to Wilym St John, one of the cofounders, of Bad Moon Cafe, a boardgaming cafe based in Borough in central London.  I talk to him about his experiences in running this kind of cafe and how its been setting up a small business and building a hub for the Warhammer community in London.   We also go into how Wil used Warhammer to get over his near-crippling social anxiety and his relationship with Warhammer and mental health.   Social Media:  Facebook: Instagram: @moarhammerquipster  Twitter: @quipster_nerd   Wils Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: @wilymstjohn  Instagram: @badmooncafe
October 21, 2019