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Tech Realty Media

Tech Realty Media

By Alexander Sung
Hey this is your boy Alex Sung the East coast guy with the Midwestern vibes and the charm that will cause much harm to your ear drums because you've been addicted to my content too much!

As the city's ONLY foremost expert in Real Estate technology, I will be able to help you navigate in uncharted waters as we know it today!
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Episode 7: Analyzing the Lumber Chart in Real Time!
I was processing my thoughts in real time and this is by no means an accurate assessment but I do feel like as you listen to it it gets good. I used Lumber PRICE Today | Lumber Spot Price Chart | Live Price of Lumber per Ounce | Markets Insider ( to analyze how lumber might effect supply of homes in the long-term and how it effected new construction presently! for more information on real estate and how to subscribe to my YouTube channel!
August 20, 2021
Episode 6: Should or Shouldn't You Buy in NYC Right NOW?! (Or Sell)
In this episode, I will cross examine listings on Zillow and tell you my thoughts about some of the homes for sale on Zillow for the area code 11102 (Long Island City). Alex Sung is a New York City based Realtor who specializes in residential homes. Contact him for any questions today!  Alexander Sung Real Estate Salesperson | Real Broker NY LLC Work: 646-435-1975 Text: (262) 888-7258
November 30, 2020
Episode 5: What Is The Pareto Law? (80/20)
How can you reach success by employing the 80/20 law into your life, not only in New York City Real Estate, today? Learn more about it in this week's Tech Realty Media Podcast! Reach me at: Alex Sung Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Real Broker NY LLC | REALTOR® (646) 435-1975 sms: (646) 389-3454
November 08, 2020
Episode 4: Condominiums vs Cooperatives in New York City
What are the pros and cons of Condos vs Co-ops in New York City? Let me tell you more!  Reach me at: Alex Sung Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Real Broker NY LLC | REALTOR® (646) 435-1975 sms: (646) 389-3454
October 11, 2020
Tech Realty Media Ep. 3: "Riches ARE In The Niches!"
Today I speak about the renewal of the mandate by Governor Cuomo about no cold calls to the general public due to emergency status and how we have to pivot as real estate agents!  Also I shed some light to our clients about what goes into the process of lead generating and how we have to earn your trust!  Alex Sung is a local Real Estate Salesperson operating in the Queens & Manhattan Metro!  Alex Sung Call: (646) 435-1975 Text: (262) 888-7258
September 15, 2020
Taco Tuesday! & A Re-Mandate From Governor Cuomo?
All of that and more on this weeks Anchor FM podcast with your host Alex Sung of Tech Realty Media!  Alex Sung Call: (646) 435-1975 Text: (262) 888-7258
September 08, 2020
Introduction to the Podcast! Real Estate Technology | Alex Sung NYC
What is this podcast about?! For more content visit: Alex Sung Call: (646) 435-1975 Text: (262) 888-7258
August 25, 2020