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The Weighting

The Weighting

For women who are not at home in their bodies.
I lost 40-45lbs and have kept it off for 20 plus years
Actress, Writer, Teacher ex Binge Eater ex Binge Drinker
The Struggle, Slips and the Solution
All the body positivity and “love yourself “in the world doesn’t work if you’re not feeling it.
Its not too late and you haven't tried everything.
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When The Thrill is Gone.
The episode Centers on the things we try to recapture, re-Kindle or Chase in order to have that original bliss one more time. Consciously uncoupling from the chase.
February 20, 2022
So you had too much ? Here’s the WHY and it’s beautiful.
If you’ve been over drinking or over eating lately, listen to this episode while you’re beating yourself up. My hope is that it gives you an understanding of your beautiful defiance. And that it softens your judgment about your behavior and the behavior of others. Pain and suffering are distinctly different. Let’s talk about that.
November 27, 2021
Listen to this BEFORE you eat. Guided 9 minute visualization.
Especially charged up about eating today? Well that’s normal. Make time for yourself to listen to this Guided Meditation before today’s meal/s or any meals. Prep yourself before you go into the fray. Let me know how it goes. No day is forever and no meal is forever.
November 25, 2021
EAT anything I WANT? Stomach Hunger VS Head Hunger
I learned a very simple tool on how to identify what my body was craving. My eating coach was Molly Groger who wrote a book called “Eating awareness training.” You can still get it on Amazon. Mind you it has the language of the 80s because it was the 80s. I remember my first time I got to decide what I was craving and what my stomach wanted without having any restrictions. I took a leap of faith bythrowing away the diet mindsets I had collected. There have been so many years of binge rebounding because I was forbidding and resisting certain BAD foods. Well. That never worked. Thank God.
November 15, 2021
When FOOD is your FU@K YOU.
Heading into The wildness of the evening or the weekend means more cravings for most of us. The impulse to escape or rebel is natural and needed. It shows you’re alive. That there is that spark inside that wants to break out and raise hell. Or maybe even destruct whatever you’ve built up. Because everything. Let’s talk about how to honor and accept and FEEL that impulse while moving towards your future self.
November 13, 2021
When it Hurts to Hope
The white hot fear of failing again. Thanks to everybody who signed up November 5th Q&A- WE ARE NOW FULL with a wait list. If you are interested  in the next one , simply email me to get the details.
November 03, 2021
The Underneath. What’s under all this eating?
Seeing progress in your journey to your natural weight is exhilarating. As you move closer and closer to your goal, the underneath will start coming up. The underneath is the feelings, situations, memories, wounds that live Underneath your compulsions. We must face the underneath or we will not be able to maintain long lasting change. You can face what has been hidden and you don’t have to do it alone. Thanks to everybody who signed up November 5th Q&A-  WE ARE NOW FULL with a wait list. If you are interested in the next one , simply email me to get the details.
October 28, 2021