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Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership

Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership

By Alexis Monville
Le Podcast equips you to unlock the power of emerging leadership in your organization. Each episode turns insight into actions that you can use straight away to build momentum and create lasting change from yourself to your team, from your team to other teams, and from other teams to the entire organization.
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Season 3 Trailer
For the last two seasons of Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership, we featured people who make a difference in their field thanks to growing themselves as leaders, either individual contributors or people managers. Coming up in the all-new season, season 3, we will focus the episodes on specific leadership traits you want to develop to increase your impact and satisfaction. How to manage your energy, handle conflicts, shape the future, get things done, and provide meaningful feedback that supports growth, just to mention a few of the topics we will cover. In each episode, you will hear the perspective of different people who become your mentors for the duration of a short development session. Join us for a whole new adventure!
November 07, 2021
The Gift of Play with Portia Tung
Portia Tung is an Executive & Personal Coach, an Executive Agile Coach, a Play Researcher, and a Keynote Speaker. I had the pleasure to have her on Le Podcast for an amazing episode on the gift of play. In this episode with Portia, you will learn: a lot about the kind of question a coach can ask, about The Dream Team Nightmare, a novel where your decisions determine the outcome of the story, how to efficiently introduce each other in one-on-ones, what a dream job can be, the connection between play and creativity, Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul by Stuart M. Brown Jr. the 5 Rs of playful leaders, and why they can be offered to lead transformations, how to introduce play in a serious work environment (spoiler, you can use other words, like simulation for example), the XPGame, the Deming Red Bead Experiment, and how I played it during a conference, about bringing your whole self at work, working assumptions on leadership, and much more! Find the transcript and more in the companion blog post.
May 11, 2021
Delivering Delight with Avi Liran
Avi Liran has been a CMO several times, an entrepreneur, a trade commissioner, an investor. He admitted in the podcast having lost all his money 3 times. There is a lot to learn in this episode, you will learn: How a simple day to day question can transform your perspective, How to be a delightful leader and why it matters to you! How authenticity could make your decisions better, Why it matters that you know why you do what you do, How to ask something from someone, Why it matters to listen carefully to what comes after a NO answer, How to deal with toxic people, How your engagement level is your brand, And much more! Check the transcripts and the links to the references in the companion post.
April 27, 2021
Build a Product with Gojko Adzic
In this episode, I had the pleasure to host the product builder and book author Gojko Adzic. Building Products is what we explore in this episode of Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership. In this episode, learn from Gojko: How to build the perfect product, How to avoid waste when building software, How to waste 75 Million in an agile way (does the currency matters here?), Is Impact Mapping simple or easy? How to measure anything, a book by Douglas Hubbard Four Disciplines of Execution, by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling The Art of Business Value, by Mark Schwartz How to run control experiment with Microsoft, How to collaborate to built products, Pair programming, of course! How to deal with conflicts, How to give a promotion to your number two problem :) Software and IT is evolving in an upward going spiral! Find out the transcript and much more in the companion blog post!
March 23, 2021
Hiring and Diversity with Lucinda Duncalfe
In this episode of Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership, I am pleased to welcome Lucinda Duncalfe, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO at AboveBoard, to discuss hiring and diversity. Find the transcript and links to the references in the companion post.
March 04, 2021
Leadership and Teamwork with Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown is Chief Product and Technology Officer at Traveldoo, Expedia Group. We discussed leadership and teamwork in this quite emotional episode of Le Podcast. In this episode, you will learn how Jeremy: How Jeremy ended working on his passion, What leadership really means to him, How he tried to learn with his team in the current crisis they face due to the pandemic, How individual incentives and rewards drive the opposite behavior of what you want to bring when building a team, How to replace meetings, or instant messaging, with more asynchronous means of collaboration, How both of us miss the opportunity of connecting with people offered by travels, conferences... [which made me think of an idea to create those opportunities, I will go back to that in another post] What gives or drains his energy, and his tactics to avoid the energy drainers, The importance of knowing yourself and knowing the people around you, learning to use personality profiles could be a good first step, using the Clifton Strengths Finder is an example, How to provide useful feedback, How to manage the relationships around you, and make sure you don't stay stuck with the wrong people. Check the companion blog post for the transcript and more!
February 19, 2021
Community and Leadership with Scott Amenta
In this episode of Le Podcast, I have the pleasure of having Scott Amenta joining. Scott is a Community Builder, co-Founder of Propel, and the Chief of Staff Network. We explore Community, Leadership, and the Chief of Staff role. The other topics we discussed: What is a Community Builder? The evolution of Communities The Chief of Staff role The Chief of Staff Network The importance of community in personal and professional development How to build a Leadership Team Culture-fit, culture-add, and exponential-add through diversity Alexis Ohanian as a leader to look-up to in Community building You can find more references and the transcript in the companion blog post.
January 09, 2021
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
In this episode of Le Podcast, I had the pleasure to receive Ally Kouao, Developer Advocate and Solution Architect at Red Hat. We discussed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Find the references and more in the companion blog post.
December 13, 2020
Can Software Teams learn from Sporting Teams?
In this new episode of Le Podcast, I had the pleasure to have Chris Foley joining. Chris is a Principal Systems Design Engineer at Red Hat and a sports coach. Together we explored what software teams could learn from sporting teams. Find all the references of the episode in the companion post.
November 27, 2020
Agile and Open Innovation with Mary Provinciatto
In this episode of Le Podcast, I was lucky to have Mary Provinciatto, an author passionate about lean and agile, and an Engagement Lead with the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs provides her insights about agile and open innovation. Mary is the author of Sprint a Sprint, a book about the mistakes and successes in the cultural transformation of an agile team. We covered a lot of ground during the episode on how to build a bridge between technology and business, the importance of sharing clarity on why we are doing things, and a lot more on how to build a team. Find all the references in the companion post.
October 25, 2020
Radical Focus with Christina Wodtke
In that episode of Le Podcast, I had the great pleasure to receive Christina Wodtke. Christina is an author, lecturer at Stanford, and speaker who teaches techniques to create high performing teams. Christina is the author of four books, including Radical Focus and The Team that manages itself. Find all the references in the companion blog post.
October 07, 2020
Human-Centric Agility Coaching
Geof Ellingham, a Business agility champion and leadership coach, gave his insights about Agile Coaching in this new episode of Le Podcast. Find out more about the episode and the references in the companion article.
September 07, 2020
The Job of an Open Leader - Preethi Thomas
Preethi Thomas, Software Engineering Manager at Red Hat, joined for this episode of Le Podcast to give her insights about the job of an Open Leader. Find the references and highlights in the accompanying post.
August 27, 2020
Grow your Software Engineering Career with Emilien
Emilien Macchi is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is French and lives in Canada. He contributes to OpenStack nearly since the inception of the open-source project. I had the pleasure to get Emilien on Le Podcast to discuss how learning and sharing were essential ways of growing his career in Software Engineering. Find out more about the episode here.
May 09, 2020
Jason's Thirteen Rules of a Team
In this episode of Le Podcast, I had the great pleasure to receive Jason McKerr. Jason is the Engineering leader for Management and Automation at Red Hat (great things like Ansible, Insights, Satellite...) My objective was to have Jason explained his Thirteen Rules of a Team which I discovered during one mentoring session with one member of his team. The thirteen rules are in the companion post.
April 26, 2020
All about OKRs with Bart
In this episode of Le Podcast, I had the pleasure to discuss Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) with Bart den Haak. Bart is a Software Engineer who fell in love with OKRs at a startup more than 10 years ago. He continues to use OKRs since then and he is now advising companies on how to use them. Find more in the companion post!
April 18, 2020
Do you want 10x Engineers?
In this episode of Le Podcast, I had the pleasure of discussing with Julien Danjou. Julien has more than 20 years of experience as an open source software hacker. Julien wrote two books about Python. I wanted to ask him about the myth of 10x Engineers and what advice he could have for Engineers who want to grow their skills.
April 07, 2020
The Anatomy of Peace
In this episode of Le Podcast, John Poelstra and I had a conversation about the book The Anatomy of Peace. John recommended the book in our previous conversation on how (not) to provide feedback. I read it twice and fell in love with it. John mentioned that in Changing Your Team From The Inside, I said that Change starts with you, it seems The Anatomy of Peace pushes it further: change starts with who you are. Click here for more about this episode!
April 04, 2020
Psychological Safety
Psychological Safety is the term coined by Amy Edmondson, the author of The Fearless Organization. I already talked about Psychological Safety, when I presented the work of Google on the project Aristotle, and how it was a very good conversation starter for my team. Tell me what you think!
March 21, 2020
When your team is distributed
John Poelstra, Michael Doyle and I talk about how to make distributed teams efficient. We had that conversation while we were spread over 15 timezones: John in Portland, Oregon, Michael in Brisbane, Australia, and me in Boston, Massachusetts. The conversation is republished from the John's show. Let me know what you think! Happy to connect to share remote facilitation approaches!
March 10, 2020
Changing Your Team with John Poelstra
I had the opportunity to have a great conversation about the book, Changing Your Team From The Inside, on John Poelstra's show. John proposed the idea to cross-publish our conversation on our respective podcasts. In order to do that, I had to re-listen to the conversation and I really enjoyed it. Yes, of course, there is some Ego involved in that, and this is one of the topics we covered in the podcast, among the other aspects of what makes a team great and how to get your team to be a great one! Give it a try! And let us know what you think!
March 06, 2020
Coming to terms with terms - Michael DeLanzo
In this episode of Le Podcast, I had the great pleasure to receive Michael DeLanzo to discuss the importance of coming to terms with terms. Michael and I met at a Boston Spin event when I gave a talk: The Change Starts Here. You can find more about speaking engagement here. More details in this post.
January 26, 2020
How (not) to provide feedback - John Poelstra
In this episode of Le Podcast, I had the great pleasure of having John Poelstra to discuss a very personal experience about providing feedback. Mode details in this post.
January 20, 2020
How to deal with your stars
In this episode, I had the great pleasure of having Frank Jansen join Le Podcast to discuss how to deal with stars. We started the discussion referencing how Kim Scott defines Rock Stars and Super Stars in her book: Radical Candor. Rock stars are a source of stability for the team, people very talented, and they will keep doing it for years. Superstars are a source of growth for the team; they want to change everything; they are looking to grow at their next level. More on the blog!
December 14, 2019
Do cultural differences influence the adoption of agile?
In today's episode, Jérôme Bourgeon and I will explore the question of cultural differences and their influence on the adoption of agile. Spoiler, we don't think that cultural differences are the real problem. Jérôme is an agile coach with Zenika. He is based in Singapore. Together we discussed: build trust take a different amount of time culture of companymatters more than countries (Jérôme used the model proposed by Frederic Laloux in his book Reinventing Organizations) beliefs of people matter more than anything else the power of appreciative inquiry and how to use it accepting differences that are important for people I am eager to hear your feedback, so drop me a note at, on Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also use those channels to propose the next question you want Le Podcast to answer. We can even record the answer together!
June 30, 2019
How to create great goals?
In today's episode, I will answer one questions I have been asked several times over the past weeks: How to create great goals? And more specifically, how to create great goals using the OKRs approach. OKRs stands for Objectives and Key Results. In the episode, I used a simple example and the Impact Mapping approach, to walk you through the process of creating great OKRs. I am eager to hear your feedback, so drop me a note at, on Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also use those channels to propose the next question you want Le Podcast to answer. We can even record the answer together!
June 23, 2019
About the Audiobook with Michael Reid
In today's episode, we celebrated with Michael Reid, the narrator, the availability of the audiobook edition of Changing Your Team From The Inside. Among other topics, we discussed the importance of: making the work visible, invest time to play learning games, buidling lasting relationship, and clarify the goals of the team. We concluded on the note that the book is for all practitioner and not only for managers, and that the book really equips you to make positive change in the team, from the inside.
June 21, 2019
How to form a team?
Today I had the chance to sit with Valentin Yonchev and Matt Takane from the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. Wanting to benefit from their vast experience of building cross-functional teams, I asked them a question: How to form a team? This episode of the podcast is their answers to that question. You will find a lot of practical things to apply in your context whether you need to assemble a group of people only for a meeting, for a short engagement, or longer term.
June 06, 2019